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Primary Teacher Training: Joseph H. Pilates

Kathleen Stanford Grant (August 9, 1921 - May 27, 2010) was a dancer and first generation Pilates instructor. In addition to dancing, she has been an assistant choreographer on many projects, administrative director for the Dance Theatre of Harlem, and on the board of different programs for the arts. She is also one of only two people who was certified to teach Pilates by Joseph Pilates himself.

Kathy was referred to Joseph Pilates by dancer Pearl Bailey, after knee surgery. After just a few years, she began to teach at Carola Trier's studio and then later ran the Pilates program at Henri Bendel's Department Store. At Bendel's she taught the stores affluent patrons, as well as dancers from many companies in New York.

In 1988, she began to teach at the Tisch School of the Arts. She trained students, professional and retired dancers, and non-dancers. It was at Tisch where she developed her vocabulary for students to learn about and strengthen their bodies before doing the Pilates work.

You can learn more about Kathy Grant by looking at her Timeline or watching her Biography to see her many accomplishments.

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