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Hotel Bed Workout

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If you're traveling and want to do a workout in your hotel, then this Mat class by Blossom Leilani Crawford is perfect for you! She teaches movements that you can do in your bed so you don't have to get down on the ground. This is a great class to do so you can feel good while you are away from home.
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This is, this is serious. But this is really, a hotel, a workout for you in your hotel room. I'm starting this way, because I know it sounds funny, but sometimes when I travel I don't really want to lie down on the floor. I can be very Asian in that sense. When I'm like, "I want it clean." And so I like to stay up high sometimes.

And so this is my little routine for you, in your hotel room. And I have to say, I've tried it on different beds, so far so good. But please exercise caution, 'cuz you are, you know, up above the ground. Alright, so here we go. It's, in theory, morning and you're gonna stretch.

So, I think of this as X's and O's. So you make a letter X of your body, in your reach. And you lengthen in all directions. Hug your knees into your chest, any old way. Bring your head up and breathe.

Let's do that a few more times. So, big X, flex the feet, whatever feels good. (growls) And hug the knees in and pull. Oh great, my back on the vinyl makes a fun sound. Reach.

Reach, reach. Hug the knees into your chest, and pull. So from here, rest your head down. And what also feels good after traveling is just getting your legs up in the air. (laughs) And just hold here.

So if you want to be here for a while, pause it and just rest here. But just so feet up in the air would be great for your circulation. It'll just move things around a little bit. So from here, let's start with some foot circles. I like to circle both feet in the same direction.

And then the other direction. As you circle, try to keep the knees from moving around. Good, and now, let the knees open, bend. Straighten the legs, let the toe, big toes come together, heels come apart. Knees come in.

So just a little bit of a, knees open, straighten the legs, heels apart. Alright, just to really warm up the hip sockets a little bit. And if that's too hard, you could also just do heels together, heels apart. Heels together. And heels apart.

Come back to straight legs. And you can always support the back of your legs with your hands. And you're gonna draw a circle of your feet. And yes, my hips are moving around, but on purpose. 'Cuz you kind of want that nice circling action going.

And I'm thinking of drawing. If there's a wall in front of me. By where my feet are, I'm thinking of drawing a circle on that wall with my feet. Reverse it. And you're gonna feel how one side's a little tight, especially if you have been traveling.

There's always sort of one stickier side. (exhales loudly) And that's enough. Hug the knees into your chest again. Give yourself a pull. Extend the legs along the floor and just do a few head lifts.

So, you know, the squishiness of the bed matters. But not so much when you're just gonna lift your head up and breathe. Press the legs together, give yourself a nice little hug toward the center line. And, rest. Inhale, as you exhale, lift your head up.

Stay here, count out loud to five. Say one. Two. Three. Four.

Five. Inhale again. (inhales loudly) Exhale to lie down. One more time like that. Big exhale to lift your head. The energy goes all the way down toward the navel, toward the heels.

Hold here, count to five. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Inhale, and as you exhale, lie down. Adding on, reach the arms over your head, inhale. Exhale, lift your head, reach forward. Right arm reaches back. And forward.

Left arm reaches back, reach it forward. Both arms reach back. And stretch. Last time, lift your head up, reach both arms forward. This time both arms reach back, inhale.

Pelvis lengthens away from the arms. And reach forward, one more time. Reaching on back. (inhales loudly) And rest your head down. Circle the arms around, hug the knees into your chest.

Pull into that nice little O again. Put your feet down. Now, this one's a little tricky. Because the pelvis is heavy and the bed is squishy. So, if you just pushed into your feet, curl the pubic bone up to the ceiling.

Press that waistline into the floor, that's enough. I'm feeling my butt, pressing the arms. I'm only, also, even pressing my head ever so slightly. And, release. So, depending on how squishy the bed is, maybe you can lift a little higher.

You'll want to feel the back of the legs engage. The belly curl in a little bit. And release, and just do a few more. You gauge how high up you, can, lift. By how much you can press into the feet.

And how squishy the bed is. And to counter sort of this feeling that can happen with a squishy bed, push into your feet, curl, and maybe give it counter press with the head. And, release. So from here, let's go and do a little bit of abs, lying backwards. So, let's talk about this for a second.

So, I'm gonna let myself lie backwards over the mat. So take a peek, and so you can see how it looks, before you actually do it. So here we go. I am aiming for my shoulder blades to be almost at the edge of the bed. Now this is, much more stiff than a regular bed.

So just be careful going back. And I have found sometimes I feel like I'm gonna fall off the bed. But I haven't fallen off yet. Okay, both hands behind the neck. Elbows are up to the ceiling.

You're gonna wanna go here, but please don't. Go elbows up, and you're gonna think of reaching the points at the elbow's back, toward, the, floor behind you. Now that you've seen it, I can. And now that I've done it, I can. I know that I can go a little farther.

But, you know, go cautiously when you begin. Now that you've seen it, pause me. And, you know, join me when you're ready. So here we go, this is delightful after a day of traveling. That's plenty, but, to add on, you're gonna lift your head up.

Come up to spine alignment. (breathes loudly) And, rest it, back down, a couple more times. Head up, spine alignment. (breathes loudly) And come back, down. Last two.

Lift your head up for spine alignment. (breathes loudly) And rest, back down. One more time. Come on up, now stay here. You're gonna reach your right arm up to the ceiling.

Look at the right hand as you reach out to the side and let it fall. Open the chest and maybe let your head fall back. (trilling teeth) I'll see you in 20 minutes. Reach back, hand behind the neck, head comes up. Left arm reaches up.

I'm following, my hand, with the focus of my eyes. And I'm turning the torso, and I'm letting my body twist. I'm hopefully getting an openness across the left chest. Arm goes back, (laughs) behind the neck. And come up, one more time.

Reach up with the right, arm falls. Head twists, lean back, and yummy. Hopefully. Circle the arm back, hand behind the neck. Come up, reach up, follow the head with your eyes.

Which, believe it or not, is a skill. Yes, reach the arm back, another stretch awaits you there. Both hands behind your neck. Lift your head up and hold it there. If you can, sort of shimmy down this way.

I can do it pretty easily by propping myself up on my elbows and shifting down. Now, let's go and add a little something in here. The hands are behind the neck. You're gonna lift your head up. And bring your left leg up to the ceiling.

The right leg is gonna reach across the body and you're gonna twist forward now. Hands behind the neck, and rest your head, yeah? You're gonna twist, reaching up left hand to right leg, scissor and a twist. And come back down, just one more time. Reach up, scissor twist.

And it's not about coming up high. It's just about getting that twist. You'll feel your belly kick in, right? And if this is too hard with the straight leg, bend it. I don't care, just twist.

Yes, and come back down and rest. Take another stretch, find length in the spine. And just breathing. (inhales loudly) Deep breaths helps you find length in your spine. We're gonna flip onto our tummies next.

So kind of similar to when we let our head fall off. (laughs) Hmm, maybe not fall off. Reach off, dangle off. I use my elbows, sort of at the end of the bed. Come forward to a place that's comfortable-ish.

And you're gonna let yourself find spine alignment. I am pressing down into the bed to find the lift. Hopefully, that is it. I hope so. From here you're gonna look side to side.

Just a little bit. (exhales loudly) And then maybe a little circle. And circle in the other direction. And let your head dangle. (exhales loudly) Lengthen out of the top of the head to lift up.

And dangle, (exhales) last time. Lengthen out of the top of the head. Keep the length out of the top of the head, put your hands on the edge of the bed. And maybe lift up a little bit higher. I'm gonna scoot back a touch, you can as well.

From here bring your elbows to the edge of the bed. And you're going to bring that left hand closer to you. Push down into that hand and twist. And take it down, change sides. Elbow down, right hand down, and twist.

As you twist, hopefully the hip stays still. But the torso spirals, one more set. Elbow down, hand down, twist. Oh yeah. And take it down, other side.

Elbow down, hand down, twist. And take it down. Now, you can do this next series on the elbows. Or forward here, whatever you wish. I'm gonna go for the forward position.

And now just bend. And straighten. Right, this works our back of the legs a little bit. I'm working so that back of the head, because we're often sort of crunched forward. And hopefully you're getting a nice stretch across the front of the hip.

Pause if you wanna add a little stretch here. But this is hard for a lot of us. But if you wanna do it, go ahead. You can give yourself a nice little pull. Take a moment and then do the other side.

And then press play again when you're ready. But if you don't want to, you can just do a couple of the bends, and release. The thing I would like you to end with is you're gonna bend both knees. And I call this, the swizzle. So, I think of a swizzle stick really.

And I'm just stirring, and I'm letting my hips do whatever they want, right? They're just going go. And I kind of let them swing side to side. 'Cuz it feels really good on my back to sort of let that natural motion kick in to my lower back and pelvis. Mm-hmm, just one more.

Swizzle. And rest. If you can, put your hands on the front edge of the bed. Push back, sit on the heels. Yoga, Pose of the Child.

And breathe. (breathes loudly) Alright, we're almost at our grand finale. So, from here we're gonna go for a little bit of a Half Moon stretch. So you're gonna lie on your side, on your bed, like so. You know what, reach one arm forward.

Reach up to the ceiling, one more twist. Keep the knees together, that should feel delicious. (trilling teeth) And then to the other side. You just roll on over. I love a roll over in the bed.

(laughs) Reach forward, up, and just a nice twist. Keep those knees pressing together. And get a nice, big, twist. Yeah. I'm gonna stay here for a while, I'll be right back.

Coming right back at 'ya. Okay, that's enough you guys. From here, come up to standing, any way you wish. And let's go for this bit. So, it's a little bit of a psoas stretch.

So sit toward the front edge of your bed. And all you're gonna do is slowly lower down. I use my elbows, right? Hug your left knee into your chest. And just, now, of course, your head's gonna be on your bed because you're sitting toward the front edge of your bed or the side.

And you're just gonna let this leg open. And now if this is hard on your knee, hold on to the back of the thigh. Alright, and you're just going to hopefully get a nice opening across the front of the hip. Now, I've noticed that beds are kind of low. And you can even bend the knee more.

And if you, or it's available to you, toes. And you get a nice little stretch across the front of the foot/high arch. Ooh, I'm gonna flex my foot to come outta that one. Change sides when you're ready. Hug the other knee into your chest.

And just let the other leg dangle, let that hip open. Now as you're letting the hip open, try not to twist in the hip, right? I'm trying to keep my hips square and let the front of that thigh open. (exhales loudly) And then from here, tops of the toes on. And you take a moment here and breathe.

(breathes loudly) Cool, and then when you can, hug both thighs into your chest, lift your head. And if you can, press yourself up into a seated position. Or, you know, get yourself up there. Alright, so, from here we're gonna do a little bit of squats on the bed. So, don't panic, right?

So, you're gonna come up to standing. And, I use my arms, you're gonna reach forward, clean. And it's nice, the bed's right there. It's gonna catch you, uh-oh, there it is. But I can feel the bed with my sitz bones.

But I'm not actually sitting. And you can, I'm using those legs. And you come up to standing. Just a few more times. You know, balance, working those legs.

Because you've got a lot of sightseeing to do, maybe. Or just walking. And come back up, one more time. Yes, or you know, whatever it is that you like to do on vacaciones, (in foreign language). And slowly come up.

Now, the, I sometimes when I'm feeling like having fun. I sort of, squat down. Roll back. Come up. And, whoa.

I know, but, you know, that's me. That's when I'm feeling energized, which is usually at the end of my vacation. Okay, last little bit. Let's balance for a moment. But let's do it after we stretch our calves.

So, you need a wall of sorts. I'm gonna use this leg of the Cadillac. And so what you're gonna do, is you're gonna bring the ball of the foot sort of high-ish up on the Cadillac, or the wall that you have, anything you can. And you're gonna slide the foot down. And when you slide the foot down, it really gives me a nice lift of my arch.

And the back leg is somewhat back. I bend knee toward the wall, and just, that's enough. I'm getting a huge stretch on my back calf, right? And on my foot. And then if you have a wall in front of you, you can just lean up the wall.

Really take some nice deep breath-suh. And maybe even take the focus up. (breaths loudly) Amen, it's what it feels like. Alright, (laughs) put the hands down. And then do the other side.

You're gonna bring the foot on. Slide it down, oh yeah, that's my foot that needs it. Make sure your back leg is getting a nice stretch. And you don't want to be turned out, because then you won't get the stretch. You want it, slide that heel.

Bend the front knee forward and hold. Hopefully the hips are aligned. Crawl your hands up the wall, if you're at a wall. (exhales loudly) A few deep breaths. Maybe look up.

(breathes loudly) Yes, and then if you're gonna do a balance in a hotel room, it's nice to hold onto a wall. So, I'm gonna pretend this is our wall. And you can just hold onto the wall. 'Cuz you were just there. And you're just gonna stay here.

Maybe take one foot off. And if you're feeling good, right? You could maybe close your eyes. Wow. Or not.

Or put your hands down and just balance. That's it. And take it down, regroup. Here we go, hands at the wall. That's right.

And when you're ready, one leg. And then. Maybe, wow, is that a difference when you close your eyes. Thank goodness I'm faux holding on. (growls) No, that's for later.

But that's it. (exhales loudly) Hopefully you got a nice stretch. And look, we got to do it all on the bed. And the dirty stuff stays down there. That's it you guys, thank you.

Have a good day.


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oh yeah!!!!!!! thank you , Blossom Leilani!!!!! i felt this stretch, even , when i just watching !!!!)))))
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Totally needed this when I was in Japan, and walking all day long. Hotel rooms can be very small so sometimes all you have is your bed and 3 steps to a wall. So this is perfect for anywhere!
love this!
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Blossom, really: either here, or on Pilatesology - you are just ONE an ONLY:) Thanks:)
Love the energy! Thank u :)
Loved hanging over the edge, thank you!!! Love your classes n
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I just love you. Love your classes and your beautiful personality. Great start to a day on vacation. Such lovely soothing exercises. Thank you from Lani in South Africa. Bye.
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yum lovely warm up for the day....I love the joyous energy that emanates from you!
Really lovely thanks:) Psoas stretch is always useful for me, travelling or not. Also, I know that Pilates should not be a fashion show, but interested to know where your outfit is from - lovely colour!! Best wishes from the UKx
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Packing involves so much thinking...thank you Leilani for planning my workout!
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