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Hotel Bed Workout

15 min - Class


If you're traveling and want to do a workout in your hotel, then this Mat class by Blossom Leilani Crawford is perfect for you! She teaches movements that you can do in your bed so you don't have to get down on the ground. This is a great class to do so you can feel good while you are away from home.
What You'll Need: Mat

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This is, this is serious. But this is really, a hotel, a workout for you in your hotel room. I'm starting this way, because I know it sounds funny, but sometimes when I travel I don't really want to l...


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oh yeah!!!!!!! thank you , Blossom Leilani!!!!! i felt this stretch, even , when i just watching !!!!)))))
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Totally needed this when I was in Japan, and walking all day long. Hotel rooms can be very small so sometimes all you have is your bed and 3 steps to a wall. So this is perfect for anywhere!
love this!
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Blossom, really: either here, or on Pilatesology - you are just ONE an ONLY:) Thanks:)
Love the energy! Thank u :)
Loved hanging over the edge, thank you!!! Love your classes n
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I just love you. Love your classes and your beautiful personality. Great start to a day on vacation. Such lovely soothing exercises. Thank you from Lani in South Africa. Bye.
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yum lovely warm up for the day....I love the joyous energy that emanates from you!
Really lovely thanks:) Psoas stretch is always useful for me, travelling or not. Also, I know that Pilates should not be a fashion show, but interested to know where your outfit is from - lovely colour!! Best wishes from the UKx
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Packing involves so much thinking...thank you Leilani for planning my workout!
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