Class #3215

Wunda Chair with a Twist

30 min - Class


Add a bit of a twist to your Wunda Chair routine with this fun workout by Blossom Leilani Crawford. She works on adding more three-dimensional movements to the class so it is not too linear. She encourages you to keep your ears open because she throws in a few surprises throughout the class.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Fitness Ball

About This Video


Hello, welcome to Pilates Anytime and my friend Julie Franks and Cynthia Bamani. We are gonna do a little wunda chair situation, not too long so hopefully you kinda get it in and get it out and get a ...

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Great class with lots of twists and energy! Thanks Blossom, I love these quick 30 min classes.
We have an abundance of riches with so many new Blossom classes! Love all of the twists, love your teaching style and expertise. Thanks for enriching my life. Blossom is a perfect name for you!
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Tres bonne classe avec beaucoup d'humour
Hoops it's French Ahahah
Love the class Blossom. I often do twist on the chair but now I will add in pumping the arm. Side bend is much much harder than it looks. You ladies made it look great! Be proud you made it all the way through.
Love this class!!!!
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Love you Blossom. Can’t wait to see you when you come down under x
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Love your classes Blossom and the 30 min quickies are perfect for busy Pilates instructors. Thank you!
Amazing! Thanks a lot, very good inspiration!!
Can I ask a semi relevant question. I have been looking for a wunda chair and found a used Scott combo for sale but it's 10years old - used in a home studio - would it be silly to consider something so old .
I love these 30 minute, challeging classes using the chair, my poor chair gets forgotten sometimes, so worth getting on. My back feels brand new! Thank you Blossom!
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