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Advanced Mat Flow

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Work on challenging transitions in this advanced Mat workout with Sally Anderson. She starts the class with a warm up to activate the center of your body. She then works on flowing through advanced exercises, sprinkling creative variations throughout.
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Nov 21, 2017
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Hi, I'm Sally Anderson, from Pilates ITC, and we're going to do mat work. It should be reasonably challenging, but what I'd like to do is just keep moving. There'll be a couple of points where we might just slow it a little to get some precision, but otherwise, we just wanna move. So I have lovely Lanit and Victoria here, from Australia, they're going to help me out in the studio, you have a lovely time, let's go. So starting with a roll down, I'll have, stand at the front of your mat or on your mat for me.

Vic's going to be up on here, so we'll leave her where she is. Now, I like to start with the roll down, really just as a release kind of preparation exercise. Start by taking a big breath in, right up through the crown of the head and the legs, hair roll up and over, peeling the spine forward, but not pressing back through the hips, so I want you to roll forward, allowing the torso to take the stretch, knees can be soft, hamstrings engaged. So that hamstring connection through the heels to the pelvis is really important, breathe in at the bottom, breathe out, allow those hamstrings to stack the pelvis, stack the spine on top, grow tall and take another inhale. Breathe in to prepare.

Right up through the crown of the head, breathe out, roll up and over, staying forward, staying slightly unlocked in knees, just so that you're not pressing back, I want the hip extensions really active. Heels into the ground, breathe into the back, and then breathe out, use the hamstrings to draw the pelvis back upright, stack the spine on top of it as you get to the top, inhale out the crown of the head, we'll have this one plus one more. And exhale, roll forward. Allow the arms and the head and neck to hang forward, so I want that sense of, even wriggle your ribs up over your head, let the shoulders go, breathe into the back. Exhale, let the hamstrings initiate that draw down of the pelvis, stacking, growing taller, breathing up out the crown of the head.

And last one, we're exhale, rolling forward, and remember that sense of letting the shoulders go, let the neck hang, let all these tissues just drop and release forward so that you can get some access to the internals. Inhale into the back. Exhale. Glide the pelvis up. Stack the spine on top, getting taller with each.

Portion of the spine ... Lovely, we're ready to go onto our backs on the mat into pelvic curl position, please. So set up with your feet. Hip width apart, knees bent, arms beside you, shoulders engaged into the mat. We'll start with four pelvis curls here, breathing in.

Now, let's just hold it for the breath in into the crown of the head, into the pelvis, then exhale, find the abdominals deepening, imprinting, and rolling you up into your bridge. Find the shoulder stand in that upward position, breathe in at the top. Breathe out, allow the ribs to settle into the mat, so they settle down into the scapular, lengthen the spine out along the mat. Tailbone comes down, breathe in at the bottom, lengthen through the spine, breathe out, roll up. Good.

At the top here, engage those triceps, back of the shoulders to set your shoulder stand, we'll need it later. And exhale, rolling back down, articulating and lengthening the tailbone towards your heels as you come back down. Two more like this. And exhale, for the full duration of the movement. Stay at the top, lengthen the knees over toes, inhale, exhale, roll it away.

Very nice. One last one. And exhale, gets that deep connection to abdominals, feet press into the floor to help lift the pelvis, breathe in at the top, and exhale. Lengthen it all the way back down. We're doing four more, but with a different arm position, take the arms up overhead into a diamond position with the hands and with the elbows.

Press back into the mat, breathe in to prepare, breathe out, scoop and roll. So peel that spine up, knees go over toes, find the connection of the back of the arms as you inhale. Exhale. Ribs into the scapular, into the bed, all the way down onto the tail bone. Good, three more.

Now really focus on that breath. Exhale for the whole duration of the movement up for me. Inhale. Go out through the pelvis, out through the crown of the head, then exhale, full duration of the movement. Really start that flow of oxygen.

It helps get the blood moving. And ... Good. Work the arms, so now, find the upper arms, back of the palms or back of the hands pressing into the mat, exhale away, and we have one more after this one, so all the way down. Let the toes be spread, let your feet really work into the mat to help press you through hip extensors.

Inhale at the top. And now exhale, lengthen as you come down. Good. All the way out, now, once you're down, extend both legs out along the mat, extend your arms out overhead in line with your shoulders, and I want you to take one long stretch, aiming to draw abdominals into the spine but not tuck in the pelvis, you're going two directions. Now, I want toes and hands just to float one inch off the floor, but bringing your head shoulders with.

So you're coming up what I call a hollow rock. So pull in and just set that position. Lay it back down. Hollow rock. So find a hollow here as you bring the arms and legs slightly higher this time.

Find that hollow under a big rock. And lay it back down, so we're just activating really the center of the body and preparing for our levers, so it's a very short time in the air, keep the fingertips and toes trying to be in the same line, back down, I'll have one more. And one more hollow rock. Good. And lay it back down.

Good, now we're going just from the legs, drawing in, so bend the knees, slide the feet along the mat, hold. Now as you press your upper body into hundred position, legs extend from there. That's part two. Bend the legs down, part three. Extend out, part four.

Now do that with the feet slightly off the mat, so we're working our hollow rock engagement. And press to the hundreds position. Bend the toes back down. And extend it out. Now, we'll add just a nice flowing pace.

Legs, and hundreds. Legs and extend, all from the center, two more. Legs and press. Good. Tiptoes and extend, your hundred position legs can be wherever they need to be for you.

Good. Legs bend and extend and we're into the hundreds, legs and press, hold that position there, send the pelvis long, send the legs long, and let's pump, inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five and in. Good, try and find that inhale into the full length of the spine, exhale deepens the abdominals. Deepens the chest lift. Your legs can be extended, they can be slightly bent, whatever helps you find the most work in the hundreds into your center.

Good. We're gonna do four more sets, we might chop a couple off, we'll just keep it moving, you can always add more, but we might do 80s today. Good. Last two. And last set.

And hold it as you get to the end of that pump, now, lower the legs straight down to the floor and roll up. Straight from the line out, all the way forward, arms over legs, stay there, breathe into the back. And exhale, now you're going to just control gravity through abdominals, hands in line with the shoulders as you roll back down, reach out. Now, remember that hollow rock activation. Upper body, keep all that scoop and lift as you come over.

I just don't want arms too high, I want those shoulders down, and on the way down, just use abdominals to control gravity. That's all you need to do, is lay that position out. Four more, inhale, lead with the fingers, chest lift, scoop and roll, stay rounded in the back as you inhale, spread, exhale, reach the legs away as you roll back, so there's your, reach in the direction of the toes while you're controlling gravity. Good. Inhale, now inhale into the upper back as much as the lower back, exhale, abdominals control you.

We'll do one more after this one. Good. Fingertips lead. Use the exhale, scoop through, reach over the toes, everything nice and energetic. Breathe in all the way through the spine, exhale, roll it back down.

Finish with the arms over head, then circle them around beside you for leg circles. Right leg straight up to the ceiling for me. Good. Now, soft toes and just take a moment to find the setting of the pelvis, and then we'll have six circles each way, crossing the leg and up. Cross, and two.

Exhale, hold, round two more, round hold, last one, reverse. And breathe out. And out, I'll have an exhale on each circle. Good, three more. And that underneath leg of course is staying nice and stable.

And hold that last one to the top, we're gonna do a scissor change, to change legs. Hold. Now toes along ... Energy, but down through the femoral head into the bed, and across we go. Leg goes across.

And two. Good, keep that underneath leg setting you really stable, pelvis rock solid, leg is circling in the hip joint. Good, and reverse. And two, we're just doing six each way. Three, lucky I've got good counters here.

Last two. One, and hold. Lower that leg straight down, sitting up to the front of your mat, so ... Pull forward, and we're going into rolling like a ball, so one hand on the front of each ankle. Take your balance position, now I want you to hold your balance position for a moment.

Toes are off the floor. Abdominals are deep and you're off your sitting bone, so come to the back of the pelvis a little more, forward between your knees. We'll do six. Inhale, roll back, lifting the hips to the back wall, and come back, hold that balance. Rounding the spine, inhale, lift the pelvis to the top of the back wall.

And think of lifting the pelvis, not just rolling back. Good. And ... We'll do two more, for me. And last one.

Oh, sorry, one more. And hold that balance, stay there for me, deepen into the tummy, now, you're going to just sit up with your legs extended, you girls will probably just have to sit back, so sit, go back to extended legs, hip width apart, and have hands behind your head. We're going into a little short box side over, so going to the right first, we're gonna lift up into lateral flexion, staying on those sitting bones as you inhale, take it as far as you can, you're almost off that opposite sitting bone, and back. Inhale, to the left. Up and over, really stretch and lift the ribs to the ceiling.

And back, so stretch the flesh, like Kathy Grant used to say. Inhale, take it up and over. And back. Good. And this is number four, we've got one more each side.

Good. And lift that top elbow right up to the ceiling, right over. And center, good. One more. And good, so now, we're going to do one more each side with a little variation.

So you're lifting up and over to the right, and then scoop into flexion to bring that right elbow into your right knee, stay there, breathe into the back for me. And then exhale, stack back to center, to the other side, one more. Up and over, then scoop, draw back like you would with the spine, stretch scoop in to bring that elbow around, and then stack back up to the center. Lovely. Now you're going to bring your hands down onto the mat.

Fingertips pointing out, a little bit behind your hips, and bend your knees into a tabletop position. Good. And they're just hip width the apart. Now, we're doing a preparation for back support or back support one. We're gonna press the hips up to the ceiling.

Now, as you press up, feel like you open the hip joints, here's your chance to get a nice little opening of the hips. And then lower the pelvis back down to the mat, and pause. And we've got five more. Press up, open the hips, just keep the chest lift or the sense of chest lift that you connected in the upper body, and back down. Feel more of the articulation of the pelvis, opening the front of the hip joint.

And drawing up into the front of the body. And down. We have three more. Good, articulate up, open the hips, use the hip extensors, where you're hitting that nice, open hip position. And last two.

Exhale as you come through. And come back down, now, this next one, we're staying up there, and we're going to add a little dynamic swing through, so from the top position here, you'll swing to straight legs, hips going back through, and press up. Good, we've got six, back through, now think of this as the tendon stretch, I want you to scoop the belly back, keep the pelvis under. Good. And then shoulders are open, pressing out through the arms.

Good, we're gonna do one more. And finish in the up position, back and good. From there, just lower your hips straight down to the bed, bring your knees into an elevated position, we're rolling back down for our abdominal five. So, arms can go forward, and scoop and roll down, setting your curled position, keeping the chest lift, drawing your knees into your chest, getting a little deepening, I want that hip flexion, I want the sacrum down. Here we go, and for ten, one, and keep the pace, let it flow, four, and five, six, seven, eight, last two, good, both knees back in for double leg stretch, inhale, extend arms and legs away, and scoop and bring it back, now try for your hollow rock.

Inhale, you're lifted through the upper body. Hands and feet are in the same plane. And, so not lower than each other, arms and legs even, and around, two more. And we know we're scooping from the tummy, we know it's coming from there, and hold, now scissors. Right leg to the ceiling.

Good, I'll have the right leg up, left leg down, now really want the pelvis into the mat, so you're not lifting that off. I want the underneath leg pressing into the floor. Straight arms. Good, so you can be behind your heel if you need to, and pull in, one, two, change, two, two, and three, two, and four, good, we'll do four more. In, pull, draw in from the abdominals to bring it in, tail bone long.

And that should be eight. Good, both legs to the ceiling, connect the heels, hands behind your head, deepen your chest lift. Three counts to lower, to your position, and lever off the abdominals, and back up. And low, one, two, three, and drop the tail bone, two more sets. Good.

And up, good, make it your lever, it's just levering off the tummy, and up, we're ready for criss cross, go to the right and hold for me. Hold, good, now, before we get started with pace, I want you to lift the chest, bring the elbow to the knee, and bring the back elbow up off the mat more. Good. And come left. And find that lift of the upper body towards the knee, that's the point I want you to bring it in, and then lift that underneath side as well, now, with pace for ten.

And keep that lift. Two, and hip flexion. Good, sacrum is long. Very nice. Seven, eight, last two, I bet you're glad, good, back to the center, hold that, deepen the chest lift a little, try and put your forehead between your knees, but your pelvis long, so that doesn't lift you here.

Alright. And then lengthen the legs up to the ceiling, head, shoulders back down, arms beside you, we're going to do a roll over. So just find a moment there where your feet are above your tail bone, we're going to do a flex at the hips to take the feet over, like you're dipping them in the well at the back. Good, so it's a flex of the hips, a variation on the roll overs. Now flex the feet, so the heels go away from you.

They open to shoulder width apart, and roll down and circle the legs around, I just want four roll overs in this direction. Good. Lift, now flex at the hips, and feel like you tip your toes into the water to bring it over, and it drags the spine with you, then send the heels away. Open them, and roll down, so shoulder width for that opening, and then bring it down and your circle finishes around, and back to 90. Good, two more.

Flex at the hips. You will use the upper body, so the back of those arms, that shoulder stand position is starting to get a little more challenge. Flex the heels, open, and roll it back down. Good, bring the legs around, we've got one more. And flex at the hips, take it over.

Good. Peel the spine over, send the heels away to connect all that work, now as you bring this one down, you'll bring the legs around in the circle to 45 and sit up with the chest lift, so as the legs come around, come straight into chest lift, and lower the legs as you come back to the floor, there's your little transition to work on. Good. Separate the feet for spine stretch, please. We're gonna do a few variations of spine stretch, starting with our regular arms forward.

And up and over, flexing forward, pulling back into the lumbar spine, but all the spine all the way through, going forward, but drawing back in abdominal, stay there, breathe into the back. Exhale, stack back up, like you're going up a wall, at the back. Good, and again inhale, grow taller. Exhale, do as much work coming back through the spine as you do going forward through the arms. And breathe into the back, then exhale, stack it back up.

Good. One more like this for me, so you really get a lot of juice out of this if you get deeper all the way through the spine, resist those upper traps coming up. Good. And then exhale, stack the spine. And bring your hands behind your head.

We're doing a little reverse spine stretch. So the hands are connected in behind the head and the head leads. So now, as much work going up and over, head into the hands, to take you back, but as much work in the length of the abdominals, as you did in the scoop of the abdominals. And then, connect from the center ribs back to pelvis, upright, two more. Head leads, lifts the sternum up and over, but the abdominals are lengthening, you're not just releasing ribs.

And bring it back. Good, one more. Lift up, very nice, so the lift is really important. And bring it back to the center, excellent, hands down onto your thighs for a little preparation for spine stretch, but adding extensions, so straight arms on the legs, and you're going to exhale, roll forward like you just did with the spine stretch, but reaching forward to your ankles. Now hold the ankles, use the arms to extend you from the sacrum forward into a nice, long, long, long active back supported from the front.

And then exhale, scoop back, roll back up, hands slide along the legs as you stack the spine. Two more. And up and over, arms stay straight as they slide forward, grasp the ankles, send the sacrum forward first, and you can take as much extension as you want, so long as you're not releasing through the front of the body. And in. Scoop and curl, slide the straight arms back along the legs as you stack the spine.

One more, but we're going to take this one into open leg rocker. So hold the front of the ankles. And lengthen forward. From the sacrum, the same length. Good, good.

Now, as you scoop and contract back, you're going to take the legs with you, bend them in, bring them up into your open leg rocker position, holding the front of the ankles. So I'm quite certain about this, I want the front of the ankles, I want straight arms, I wanna lift through the torso, better connection through the lower abdominals. Alright, so now, we're going to do six open leg rocker, keeping the feet in line with shoulders for me. Inhale, roll back, lifting the pelvis, like we did in rolling like a ball. Bring it back, find your balance, and hold.

Good. Inhale, lift the pelvis to the top of the back wall. And back, it's just rolling like a ball with long legs. And lift the pelvis. And beautiful.

Nice balance, we have three more. If my counting serves me well. And last two. Good. And you should be nice, you should feel that connection of the hamstrings to the pelvis as much as the abdominals and upper body, hold that balance.

Bring the legs together for me. Bend then down, extend them out, and come up with the arms wide for a source, so once you're in your upright position, yes, you can bring the legs out just off the mat, I don't want it too wide, but be off your mat except for Vic, who will be on her mat. Good. Arms in alignment with the shoulders. We're going to do a little pacey sore, we're gonna rotate around the other right for me, and now slice off the little toe, one, two, and stack, back to the center.

Rotate. And off. Two. Stack, and back. And rotate, two, three, and four.

And rotate, two, three, and we've got four more, keep that pace but keep working from abdominals. Two, stack, and back. And rotate, keep that sense of being even on both ischial tuberosities, or sitting bones, last two. And reach, two, center, and up, last one. Good.

And hopefully, you're feeling nice and stable in the base of the pelvis. Good, bring the hands in behind your head. Slide through the inner thighs, bring those legs back together, softly flexed feet, right together, and move into a spine twist with more pace, and rotate to the right, and rotate, to center, and lift, to center, and lead with the elbow. Four. And five, we've got five more, six, try and go a little further, seven round, and eight.

And last ... Two. Good, back to the center and hold, arms reach forward, bend your knees in, and we're rolling down into the mat for a corkscrew. So exhale, roll back down. Find your pelvic curl position.

So where feet are in close to your hips, hands beside you, and then extend legs up to the ceiling. Good. Now, I want you to roll up five vertebrae. So we're just going to pick up the base of the spine five vertebrae, and then roll down to the right with your corkscrew around and pick up five vertebrae. And to the other side, around, we'll do two more each way after this.

And yes, so it's small, but it's quite precise in those lower abdominals, four. And just five. And last two. And up. Good.

And lift up, hold, and then slowly place that sacrum back down, bend the legs to the floor. Now you can take the feet slightly apart, back to your pelvic curl position, arms tucked in nice and tight. And roll up into your bridge, we're going to do shoulder bridge, but I just wanna do a little pelvic curl first. Stay there. Find that sense of the shoulder stand again, into the back of the shoulders.

Use an exhale just to roll back down. Laying the spine out, finding your sense of where your pelvis is again, take another breath. Deepen the tummy, exhale, roll up. And we'll hold at the top. Good.

With the right leg, slide out along the mat, we're going to start from the bottom, so there are variations, where I want you to reach there. Now, stay there with the long toes. ASI, I see even pelvis up, we'll do six shoulder bridge kicks, and kick up, flex, and reach. And two, good, keeping the pelvis nice and high, working on that standing leg. Feel like that standing leg's doing all your work.

We got two more. Good. Last one, finish at down, slide that leg back in, we're ready for the other side, extend the leg. Good. Take a moment there, to set the pelvis nice and even, we've got that right ASI's probably wants to be a little higher.

And then flex up, one. And reach. Keep that shoulder stand working so that you've got support through the standing leg and the upper body. Is that four, last two. Good, and finish this next one, down, lengthen and slide it back in.

Exhale, long exhale for the duration of rolling that back down, let the breath go, legs up to the ceiling, we are going to do a combination of jackknife, teaser. Rolling from the jackknife through to the teaser, we'll do four sets. Good. So start with jackknife, going at a high roll over, with the feet, so the feet come overhead, and then press up to the ceiling. And then you're going to roll down, halfway down with the legs, you roll up into your teaser.

So continue through with the body, reach for your toes, and on the way back down, you're going to scoop and roll, bring the legs to 90, arms are down, you got over into your jackknife. And up. And feet above the face as you're rolling down using the shoulder stand, arms and shoulder girdle, roll the legs through, lift up, good. And scoop it away. We're doing nice work here, I hope you're enjoying this at home, roll over, feet up above your face, and keep them above your face for the duration of the movement down, all the way to one more teaser.

Good. Now we have one more jackknife and we're going to stay there. And exhale, roll up and over. Hold. Now place hands in behind your pelvis.

So try and think of putting one palm across each sacroiliac joint. Now at that point then, I want you to sit your pelvis into your hands, we're going to do scissors bicycle. The way I do this is a little more sitting the pelvis into extension like you're up and over a spine corrector. So, aim for that, legs a little more parallel if you can, and we'll go into the scissors first. Right leg reaches away, or either leg is fine.

Stay there for me. Now, I want both legs stretched, the knees don't bend, and bring them back up to center. And the other side, reach. And out, now with a little pulse, and pulse, two, together, pulse, two, good, it's like a little reach. Reach, up last one, hold.

Bend your knees into a tabletop position, little more aware, I want you in your hands, I know, it's right where you don't wanna be. So we're going to go into our bicycles, starting with the right leg, and reach that leg away, one, and over, the leg's gonna reach over, now aim for the floor, you've got four more. Reach. Now it's more away from you than overhead. Where you can work on that over time.

Last two. Good. And reverse, leg goes scoops under. Good, you're trying to get to the mat with that leg scooping under, four more. And keep the legs away from you as much as you can, as you work on this.

Good, last two, one, and two. Good, bend the knees back in. Now you're going to take the right leg down to the floor first, so the bent leg is going to press itself down to the floor, you've still got your hands there. Place that foot on the ground, on the mat. Take the left leg down.

Another thing that might be a work in progress, just do it bit by bit. Now, release the arms long, and roll down. Lengthening the spine out all the way. Now extend the legs away from you, so legs extended, and you're going to roll onto your right side with the underneath arm underneath your head, we're going to do some sidework. So.

Once you're on your side, extend the underneath arm, legs straight out or ever so slightly in front of your hips. I want the top leg to reach up to hip height. And externally rotate, so you're going to be really long toes, externally rotated in the hip joint. I want five leg raises. Now, the pelvis stays stable, the leg raises, and squeeze it down, using the inner thighs, let's just keep the foot long, and it's up.

And work the inner thighs. Drop that femur into the hip join as you come up, don't let the pelvis go. And good, one more. And hold. Now, the leg's going to come up in line with the hip or ever so slightly higher.

And I want ten circles, going back in hip extension as you draw, dinner plate size. Three, good, everything else stays connected, and it moves in the hip joint. Six, seven, eight, dinner plate, ten. Good, and reverse. And one, I can't be upset if they don't count, 'cause I sometimes do that.

Four. Five. Six, four more. Good. Close the legs together into parallel for me and come up on the underneath the elbow for your side kicks.

So underneath elbow, top hand behind the head, and you can bring the leg slightly forward in that position, so if you're in the middle of the mat, just bring them forward of your hips a little more. Set the upper body, nice and long, and lift that top leg to hip height again, but now it's in parallel. I'll have six sets of side kicks, and kick forward one, two, and reach it back, and give me reach. Two. All the way back.

And hinge. Two. Reach it back, little pulse at the front. Two. And back, two more.

And reach, find that extension through the front of the hip and reach it back, hold that there. Take a little more stretch with those toes behind you without sacrificing the connection of the abdominals, and then bring the legs together. And we're going to change over to the other side, so you girls can switch your head to this end for me. So we'll go back on this side to do our side leg raises. Circles, and then side kicks.

So at the moment, this first set up, your feet are either in line with the torso or ever so slightly forward, front hand down. So the top leg is in external rotation, and we'll do five raises, hinging at the hips. Up, and squeeze it down, and hinge. And down. Keep it externally rotated, and squeeze, two more.

Good, last one. And hold, now still in external rotation of this leg up to hip height, find the extension part of this dinner plate circle. Two. Good, connect it through the front. And four, you've got ten.

Good. So you should feel it moving the hip joint, moving the gluteal fold there. And then reverse. Still a dinner plate and still getting all parts of the circle, so it's usually this back part that gets sacrificed, and I wanna make sure you're getting that in. Good.

Are we up to eight? Ten, and close, good, so parallel legs again, and we're going to bring them slightly forward. Up onto the elbow with the underneath side, so you're supported on that under this side there, top hand behind the head. Raise that top leg in parallel. And we're going forward.

And kick. Two, reach it back, good. Not too much adaptation of the torso, you're allowed to have a little adaptation, but not release too far. So it needs to just have that connection, I like to think of the leg starting at the sternum, all the way through. Good, I think we have two more.

But I can't count and talk at the same time, one more. And reach it back, stay there. Now, take this moment to get that length right to the back, so you're extending across the hip, but connecting it through the center of the body. Good, now we're going to go onto our backs for high bridge, so roll onto your back, go swing around. And go back to your pelvic curl position, feet hip width apart.

Hands are going to tuck in beside your neck ears, so tuck in as close as you can, be there, then you're going to articulate through the spine as you press through the arms, so articulate to press up as though you're going to a pelvic curl and then continue through. Good. Stay there, take a moment. Now as you come down, allow the crown of the head just to tip towards the mat, and then tuck the chin as you roll through, so arms are very important to control that movement, and hold. We have one more.

If you're fine for it. If you wanna just stay at one, and build up, perfect. So one more, pelvic curl, the pelvis leads, the hands are very active or arms are very active, into that press through. Feel like you open the hip joint, open the shoulder joints, evenly, now coming down, tip the crown of the head and be ready to tuck the chin. And roll back through sternum, articulate all the way down, good, give yourself a little hug of the knees to the chest to reverse that.

And then we're gonna do a fun little rolling to squat sequence. Give it a go, and then you can get better at it as we go, 'cause it takes a little while just to kind of put it all together, but we'll give it a good shot, all of it. So, you're going to come just allow yourself to do a little rolling, like a ball. So start with the legs, going back, and come up, good, and hands can come beside you. Just to try and get you onto your feet.

Yep. And roll. So we're gonna do another four or five, just roll. Good. And you don't have to come up high, all I want is that your weight gets over your feet.

Beautiful. We've got, let's do two more. On the next one, you're going to stay forward. And hold. Good, hands down onto the floor.

Send your legs back into front support position. Beautiful. So there's our little transition into front support. Now, I want piece of steel, head to heel. Heels reaching back.

Head reaching forward, hold that front support and give me two big breaths, inhale the length of the spine, exhale, co-contract without letting the pelvis lift. Press away through the arms, not through the pelvis. Good. And on the next exhale, you'll come into pike position. So press the hips up to the ceiling, lengthen out through the back, open the shoulders, now think of externally rotating these arms, so that you've got active arms right up into the shoulder girdle.

Back is long, tailbone's high, heels are pressing down. Now we're going to do a pike to swan, which moves through the front support into a swan position, elevated off the mat. So the girls will go first. Lengthens you into your front support position. Now, without aiming to drop the pelvis, lift the chest into a swan or an extension position, the pelvis adapts a little, and then exhale from the belly, bring it back, into a pike position.

So I wanna feel that breath and abdominals pull you back. Inhale forward and lift the chest so you're extending, and then exhale, the breath scoops you and brings you back. Good, we've got three more. Inhale, lengthen forward, and lift sternum up, and exhale, scoop and bring it back. Heels down.

Good, last two. Inhale lengthen. And exhale scoop. Good. This next one, inhale lengthen, take your extension.

Now bring it back to your front support position only. You're gonna use the arms to lower yourself in one piece to the mat, elbows tucked in all the way down. Oh. Very nice. Then you're going to bring your hands in front of you, we're getting ready for single leg kicks.

So little bit of an extension endurance sequence here. So find your single leg kick upper body, I want the neck engaged, upper back engaged, not releasing too much, now, I just wanna set the hip position, so let glutes be a little free at the moment. Tuck your toes under at the back. Good. And the thighs adjust on the mat.

Now, before we start single leg kick, we're just gonna take a moment to set this position up. Send the heels back while the femurs go into the pelvis, or the head of the femurs, there. So I want you to feel like you get that open hip position. And then just soften the thighs down, we'll do one more of these, good. So ...

Not squeezing with the glutes, we're allowing this movement of the heels to go back, femurs to go in, open the hip join at the front, and give me that little bit of extension, the sacrum, that relates to sub-occipitals and sub-viacle extensions. So, there is now ... Extend the toes in line with the heels. That's where I would like your extension through the lower part of the body, so hold that there, we're going into single leg kicks, four each side. And kick, two, and change, two, and in, good.

So it's a little tougher to keep it at that position, open front of the hips, sacrum extended. Good, last set, and good. Extend both legs out, keep them there, go down into your double leg kick position. So the body comes down, arms come behind you. Nice, so I want hands clasped as high up the back as you can, elbows wide.

Looking to the left, we are, at the moment. So, kick the legs in three times, and one, two, three, extend, reach the arms back, hold. Now, ideally fingertips together as you come back here, so that's making the arms and shoulder girdle do the work, and now pull down to the other side. If you need to do an open position, you can work towards the fingertips, and reach. Good.

Good, let's hold that there, now I want that leg position where you've got that hip extension. We'll get a little faster. And pull it in, two, three, extend, two, three. And in, two, three, find that hip position, open hips, and in, two, three, extend, feel like you pull it in, pull, two, three, extend, one more each side, and in, two, three, keep those shoulder scapular wide, and in, head in line with the spine, and hold, so stay there. Now, make sure your eye line is extending through so the spine's one long line.

Now, release the arms, and bring them all the way around in front of you for the swimming. It's endurance of the extensors, good, so I want that same hip position. And with me, we'll do a little faster, and, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten building, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, last set, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, hold that position, arms long, legs long in line with each other, lift a little higher, and then place that back down onto the mat and sit back into your rest position. Good. Take a little moment just to stretch out your back.

Good, now we're going to press forward, lying back into your prone position, or onto your tummy. Hands in beside the shoulders. And what goes down must come up, so now, tuck your toes under at the back in one long piece of steel, you're going to press yourself back to front support. Uh-huh, like that, beautiful, I'm sure you did just as well at home. Excellent.

Five leg pull front on the right leg. And lift the leg up, and two, keep the pelvis stable, and move from the hip. Four, and five. Change sides, and left leg up. Good, find those extensors, stay in one long line.

Sternum forward. And hold, place that leg back down. Now, left hand into the center and rotate to face the open side with the top arm to the ceiling, we're going to do three twists. So exhale, bring that upper arm underneath as you pike up and reach to the back ankle. Good.

Back to the side. And then lower your hips halfway down, bring them back up. Good. And twist under, scoop to that back ankle. Bring it back to the side.

Lower straight legs halfway down, you can bend the knees if you need to, but straight legs is a nice challenge. Scoop it under. And bring it back one last lower lift. And then all the joys, you get to bring the underneath knee underneath you, or we're just doing three. Underneath knee, underneath you for side kicks kneeling, hand behind the head at the top, lift that top leg, flex the foot, and we'll do five.

Kicking forward, one, two, reach it back, connect it, and two, forward, and bring it back, good. Third one, good, keep the pelvis forward, four, reach, last one. And good, reach it back, back, back, back, now bring it in line with the hips, and reach it out as you lower it down to the mat, bring the underneath leg behind that foot, so stretch back to your side position, top arm to the ceiling. And then turn to your front support. Good.

Stay there. Take a breath. And then we're going to the other side, so bring the right hand to center. Turn to your side open position, and three twist, exhale, scoop under, reach to that back ankle, and bring it back, if you can, straight legs as you lower down and back up. And scoop it under.

Good. Hips get that nice twist up into an almost pike. And you can pivot under, bring it back to the side, hold, we're gonna do one last lower lift, down, and up. And ready for side kicks kneeling, bring that underneath knee under the pelvis, so I want you to line it up under the hip pelvis open, lift the top leg up, hip height, four, five. Forward.

Two, and reach, connected from the sternum, forward. Two, and back. Good, keep the line forward if you can, but allow the neck to be easy as possible. Good, we have one more. And reach it back, take that moment of really getting the length out of it, bring it back to the side in line with the pelvis, reach that top leg down, now, the underneath leg is going to go forward of this foot now.

Good. The top arm to the ceiling. And you're going to do a very graceful little flip over into your back support. Uh-huh. Very nice, good, legs extended.

Alright, we're just going to do three back support, you're lowering the pelvis while you feel like you're lifting through the arms, and then press the pelvis back up. You're nearly there, lower, but stay tall. And up, and perfect, fingertips are faced in this time. And last one, up, stay there, take a little extension through the upper back, look back, extend, press the hips up, all the way, enjoy that, and then bring it back down to the mat, arms forward. Cross your right leg over your left, slightly externally rotated, for a boomerang.

Seal puppy. And then you're almost done. Almost, a little stretch. Good, now palms down, arms forward, as you come back with the hands coming beside your hips, lift the legs and go over in your boomerang. So it's over, now, in this roll over position, it's open close.

Roll back down to your teaser position, hands come through, reaching to the toes, stay there. Now, take the moment to reach out, open the chest, bring the hands together. Squeeze back, and then up and over as you lower the legs all the way back to the start. Good, we've got three more. And lift the legs as you roll.

Open, close. Roll back through. Find your teaser, take the moment to open the chest, reach back, engage, and lengthen up and over as you come through. Good, arms back to your dying swan, two more. Lift those legs as you start to go back, is my preference.

I know, it takes a little work. But once you've practiced this a few times, it'll be perfect. Good. At this point, reach back really open the chest, then scoop the belly to bring you over as you come around with the legs or come down with the legs, last one. Last one.

Over you go. Open close. Roll it back through. Find that teaser, stay there. Now, undo the legs to be together.

Just parallel. And then you're going to bend them wrap your hands around the front of the ankles, you get to do the seal puppy, six of them, and roll to stand at the end, please. Good, so we've got clap, clap, clap, using the inner thighs. Roll back lifting the pelvis, clap, clap, clap. Good, and then add a little pace.

And, one, two, three, roll, one, two, three, roll, one, two, three, good, that's three ... Good, make sure it's inner thighs doing that work, last two. I'm getting a nice little sway, it's very nice. Last set. Good, and on this next one, you're going to roll to stand.

And up you come, all the way to standing. Good, and we might just bring our lovely Victoria down, onto the floor. Good. And you're going to finish with a standing lunge. So we'll leave Lan standing there, and facing ...

Good. Vic, come into there, good. And start with the arms out. And take your right leg back into a lunge position, so the left leg will bend. Good, make sure you've got a nice, wide position, broad position back.

And this front leg is knee bent over the ankle. Good. Alright. From there, you're going to straighten the front leg, so press back with that front leg, and then bend it all the way into the lunge, so that back leg needs to be far enough back that you get a hip flex to stretch. And press back, we've got two more.

Forward with the knee bending. And exhale back. Now, hold this fourth one forward. Going to bring the arms and the body forward to place your hands beside that front foot. Good.

Alright. Now, send the hips up to the ceiling, stretching that front leg, extending the back. Don't worry about dropping the head, just go for the tail bone, so think caterpillar or think lengthening out through the hips, and now, lift the forefoot off the mat. So press the heel and send the toes up. Lengthen the back.

Into your position, just go for where you're moving from at the moment, it doesn't have to be forced. Good. Now, that back leg, the heel is also just aiming to be down, where it can be. Alright, lower the forefoot down, bend that front knee. Good, stay there, just hovering the chest off that front leg, hands behind your head.

Good. And then you're going to press the head into your hands to bring the torso upright in that lunge position, good. More, more, more, more, more. And then change legs to the other side. Good.

And we'll take the arms out as we go into part one. Alright, so a nice, deep lunge. We'll have four. Exhale, stretch that front leg to bring you back. Good.

And the torsos are nice and upright. Bend that front knee. And exhale, press up. Good. Try and keep this back heel as far back as you can.

Wherever your position is. But feel like you've got that length in it. Good. One more. And bend forward.

Stay, then lower the body, so you're hovering just off that chest, place the hands down, stretch the front leg to bring the hip back. So start by getting that first extension of the hamstring back long, sending the tailbone high, now bring that forefoot up off the mat. Good, and send that side of the front leg, keep sending that hip back. Good. I'm sure I don't need to tell you again, you can feel it, right?

Good. Another breath there. Alright. And then lower the forefoot back down. Bend the front knee.

Good. Hover, and bring the hands behind your head. Just stay long for that hover first, for that hands behind the head. Now lead through the head into your hands to bring the torso back up over the pelvis. And then bring the back leg forward.

Standing there, release your arms down, we're gonna finish just with two roll downs. And exhale up and over, just like we did at the beginning, curling you through. Staying easy through the back, easy through the head and shoulders, now, stay hanging forward with the knees a little soft, and get that sense of wriggling your ribs up and over, so you kind of shuffle the ribs over, just lets everything release, breathe into the back for me. And then breathe out, roll the pelvis up. Stacking the spine.

Good. One big breath in. Inhale, take a breath in. And you can use your arms or not, it's fine. Exhale back down, and roll one more down, so arms come back down.

Things can get kind of too necessary, right? And roll it back forward, let the heads hang, to really release the neck, you've done a lot of beautiful work. Good. Breathe into the back, and exhale, roll up to standing, no arms. No free forming.

Just stacking the spine. And you are done. Thank you, I hope you've enjoyed moving. (applause)


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Terrific class Sally! Had fun rocking out those funky moves with those Aussie beauties!!! Go Lan & Vic!!
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Such a nice class! Gonne try it out Tomorrow .so sweet transition between the exersices. Tank you
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Loved it Sally!! Have taken note of some your awesome cues, thank you :)
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Very good class Sally, I will be using some of the cues in my own classes today, thank you.
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Awesome class! Challenging but your cues help me to get there!!
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Fantastic. Thank you. Love the cuing
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Brilliant class! Thanks Sally! 🙌
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Such wonderful work , really good to watch you both.
Wonderful transitions and cueing of anatomy!
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Loved it! Great transition, wonderful flow! Thank you!
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