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Quick Reformer Flow

30 min - Class


You will maximize your experience in a short amount of time with this Reformer workout by Meredith Rogers. She uses the Magic Circle and Jump Board to intensify movements that you already know so that you can get the most out of each exercise. You will enjoy fun variations to the Series of Five, Down Stretch, and much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Jump Board, Magic Circle

About This Video


Okay. How many of you have zero time for yourself to workout? So we're going to use the jump board and this magical circle to maximize our experience in a short amount of time. I have got the jump boa...


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Yeaaaaahhhhrrr! I love your workouts! You are so great! THANKS
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Perfect use of time! Loved every minute of it
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Great class Meredith. As always. Now I’m off to hike as you warmed me up. 👍😊
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Awesome workout! Just what I needed after a busy morning at work. And I too love the pelvic curl. What’s not to love....pelvic floor, spinal articulation, glutes, hamstrings. Oh my! Thank you!
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Loved this class! Almost didn’t work out this morning because of time constraints, but this was the perfect amount of cardio, core, strength and stretch! Thanks Meredith!!
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awesome! just what I needed today! Thank You
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Great fun quick class. . . .loved it!
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Perfect for a quickie! Thank you!
Thank you all for taking time to work out with me and sharing your feedback!
I appreciate you!
Love it! Thank you Meredith Rogers
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