Class #3374

Reformer for Flexibility

35 min - Class


Flexibility is an important part of functional movement. In this Reformer workout, Tracey Mallett teaches a combination of static and active stretching to improve mobility. She goes through different movements in all planes of motion so you can find length in your entire body.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Theraband

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Hi everybody. Tracy Mallett here. Always a pleasure to come back to plot is anytime and what a beautiful day. I have to say this, which is look at that gorgeous ocean. It's like it's j...


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I was originally just going to watch this one and do it later. However, it looked so wonderful that I had to do it. It lives up to the hype in my head. Just fabulous! This will become a regular part of my workouts. Those traveling hamstring stretches are just the best! (In addition to all the rest of it.) I feel so much better now.

Thanks so much! I’m always excited when you post new classes because I know they will be a new take on things.
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thank you Tracey; it was a great class!!! Feel weel, look beautiful !!!!!
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Awww! Can't get enough of the stretching! I feel great! Thank-you!
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Love you Tracey ! I love all your classes !
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Thanks for creating a class to improve flexibility, Tracey. I enjoyed it immensely.
A note to PA: It would be useful to label this as a post-workout class. While it is 35 minutes in duration, it is not a true workout.
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Very good stretching ! Feel so much better after this session ! Will do it tomorrow in my class!thank you so much for sharing !
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Thank you Tracey, you made it so easy and enjoyable, thank you for sharing your happiness with us too.
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Loved it, great way to start the day 😊
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Love this class! Thank you Tracey💗
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