Class #3375

Athletic Reformer Flow

30 min - Class


Get ready for a challenging but fun class on the Reformer with Tracey Mallett! She teaches an athletic flow, adding in unilateral exercises so you work the entire body evenly. She also includes many movements that will test your balance like Planks, Lunges, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Hand Weights


Hi there. Tracy Mallee here. How are you today? Um, I'm in Sunny Santa Barbara is anytime with my friends. Very excited to be here. The beautiful, gorgeous sun. Anyway, we are going to do a reformer w...


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Wonderfull, creative class. thank you
I learned some new and invigorating exercises. The stretches felt awesome.
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Great class. We worked everything in 30 minutes. Love the short intensive classes. I will definitely feel my booty after the straddling the reformer series. Ouch! Thanks Tracey.
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I was totally sitting on my couch thinking about how I needed to work out...and there you were. I really like the swan-plank combo. Felt great! Thanks for the positive energy you bring to every class.
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Loved the flow of this - had so much fun doing it & super challenging!
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You look marvelous Tracey!
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Short and intense. Loved it. Thank you Tracey 😊😊😊
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You always look respectable to me Tracey! Curly or straight! Great workout! Thanks so much! I would love to see you do a challenge!
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Fun, challenging class...thank you, Tracey!!
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