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Athletic Reformer Flow

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Get ready for a challenging but fun class on the Reformer with Tracey Mallett! She teaches an athletic flow, adding in unilateral exercises so you work the entire body evenly. She also includes many movements that will test your balance like Planks, Lunges, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Hand Weights

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Hi there. Tracy Mallee here. How are you today? Um, I'm in Sunny Santa Barbara is anytime with my friends. Very excited to be here. The beautiful, gorgeous sun. Anyway, we are going to do a reformer workout today and I'm going to name it a little bit more ever. Flow, athletic flow, in other words, a little bit more challenging, but fun as always. So remember, do as much as you can. You're going to need some lightweights. I've got some light dumbbells here. I believe these are actually two pounds.

I wouldn't really go any higher than two pounds. If you're strong and bath and you want to go for three pounds, then go ahead. But not really any higher than three pounds. I'm going to stick to two pounds a day because I'm cuing and I'm doing along with you. And I think two pounds is just fine. So, all right, so we're going to walk to the end of your, um, we format. We just got a warm up. So what I'm going to ask you to do is facing the reformer and we're going to tap on top of the reformer. So we're just going to tap like this.


How much is going to walk in place? Easy. March. May Eve, you may have been sitting on your couch and decided that you know it's time to work out. So we're just going to warn that buddy up just a little bit before we get moving. So tap it up and to swing those arms. Okay. And smile. Yes. Four, three, two. One more.

Take the right leg up at just your foot. Make sure everything is in alignment. Hands on hip. We're going to abandon extent. Bend and extend. So now never got a little bit balanced challenge going on. Here we are. Hands on your hips and you're depressing. As we press down, opposition reaches up. Let's do four more, four and three and two and one. Now we're going to try and rise up and down.

Single Leg Plie

So use your front foot to balance. Press down on that front foot. So we're just balancing working our calf muscles to warm up four and three and two and one and down switch legs. Ready? Get yourself in alignment and we'll shift forward a little bit and bend and down and up. Every time you bend, knees over your first and second toe, and that wall is behind her head.

Single Leg Releve

Back of your upper body. Say crumb down and up and scoop out Lowe's apps. Formal four and three and two and one that's relevant. Yeah, up and down. Good. So you use that front foot. Beautiful work in those camps. Okay.

Single Leg Plie

Breeze or I, should we do four more, four and three and two and won a little balance. Come back down, bring it back and it's just a little trot. Okay, ready? Now we're going to get on to the reformer. So we're going to turn around the back of your former. We run one red spring.

Single Leg Releve

We're going to come up onto your knees and start with those obliques. Place the hands on the bar. I know we're going to do is push away and then come back. Now focus on depressing your scapula. As you push away, depress your scapula. Let's take the hand behind the head. So now we're gonna do side flection and back.

Kneeling Side Single Arm Press

So the focus is your obliques, breathing and back. Keeping the shoulder blade depressed in that lateral flection. Just a couple more. One more hole. The here, rotate center, bring it back and out. Rotate Center and back. So push out, rotate, center and back.

Kneeling Side Single Arm Press w/ Rotation

Be Mindful that your shoulder is depressed all the time and you're breathing. Yeah, good. And out. One more and out. Good. From here we're going to lift up, take the hands to the side and step back. Yeah. Before we move on, we're going to look down, we're going to add a nice blue spring if you want to make it lighter, stay with one red, but I'm going to make it a little bit heavier for me.

Single Leg Press

Hands or forwards. Take your foot right to the side, knee in line with the ankle joint and we're going to push out. So we are pushing out an in, out in, in, so it's not a huge range of motion, but my heel is back, my toes are forwards, the knee is in line with the toes. My hands are forwards and I'm reaching out and in and controlling. Get. Okay. The how we go control for more for three, two and one more. Boogie back, control it back from here.

We're going to try and lengthen that leg out to the side. Now we're going to try and lift it. Now if this is too challenging, you can take it underneath and lift up to the top, but I'm going to keep it here and I'm lifting it here, four and three and two and hold it there. We're going to take it around, hold it there and then bring it back. Once again, if this is too challenging, stay with our previous exercise and keep lifting that leg to the side and around and back. Now we're going to add road challenging. Reach their arm in opposition.

Single Leg Lift

Come back and around and back. Reach down. You haven't got much support here. I've just got my knee on the carriage, but my Shin is off the carrots so it's very challenging, so you've got to really zip up through the core and reach and back and let's do one more. Hold it there. Bring the knee down, shift the hands over again. Now won blue spring. Okay. Grab your handle here.

Forward and Back

Now make sure your handle is in between your shoulder rest and you rounding and you're going to thread the needle underneath and back. Can you see on my arm is rounded, but I'm gearing it to go in between the shoulder rests, so your hand is in between your shoulder rests. Now I'm going to concentrate on the outer oblique, the left Oblique. I can feel the one closest to the springs. Keep that arm rounding. Keep pushing away to the crown of the head.

Single Arm Thread the Needle

Scoop out those apps. Lead with the elbow as he goes back just to a couple more, one more and back. Brewing it down gracefully and that's going to our child's pose here. From here, we're going to step back. Place your forearms down onto the carriage and just hold it here in that lovely forearm arm position here. Now we're going to lift that right leg and that for a home position and just hold it there.

Forearm Plank

Slowly come back into a downward dog position and then roll yourself all the way up to move onto the other side. So now we're going to be on one red spring [inaudible] so make sure you get close towards you. Ash, take the hand in the middle of the press. So set yourself open to that side. Oblique. Sidedly that has add the arm. Sidedly yeah, breathe in that side. Oblique.

Kneeling Side Single Arm Press

[inaudible] a couple more. One more. Now hold the here. Ready for the rotation. Rotate side center, rotate and center. So we push out, we rotate side pull in, we push out. Rotate side Paul, we push out, we rotate side. Draw the shoulder blade down last time. One rotate center pull in.

Kneeling Side Single Arm Press w/ Rotation

Nice work. We're going to take, add a blue spring on, take the hands over and then place the foot slightly in front. Knee line with ankle joint hands to here and we're going to start to push out an aim out and in. Now if this is too light for you and you want to do a little lecture, then obviously you can go to two reds. Right now I'm on a red and a blue and this feels pretty good. It's a good challenge.

Single Leg Press

Be Mindful that the knee stays in line with the toes and it's not turning up so you're parallel not in external rotation. Okay, love this exercise being the booty queen for more four XL three exhale two, exhale one and then come back. You're going to reach the leg out. Now we're going to take it behind and then back out the side and behind and back out to the side and behind. Keep reaching out and then back. Now this time we're going to try and add that balance.

Forward and Back

Remember the balance is pretty challenging. Reaching the arm lifted forwards back and around there. Draw into those abs, lift up and reach back and join up through those abdominals and balancing, reaching out and elongating and back lift. Keep drawing in through those apps there. Okay, and let's just do one more and then slowly bring it down.

Shift your weight over, take it back to blue spring. Take your front strap. Now remember we guide it through the shoulders. He had a shoulder lifts, ish, and we are slowly bending the elbow and we are going to rotate down and back. So I call this like thread the needle, the elbow lifts, pull the scapula down and then slightly rotate and back. Ah, huge amount of cowork into your obliques.

Single Arm Thread the Needle

Made up a back posterior deltoid chorus stabilization. You got the whole unit of your core working to stabilize here. Okay, let's just do a few more. One more [inaudible] and then slowly place it down. Place your elbows on the Mat, step back into your plank position and just have them hold that plank position.

Forearm Plank w/ Lateral Toe Taps

Shoulder blades down, which after the crown of the head you can hold it. And now we're going to add some side lifts side side, and you're just going to tap it to the side and side. Now look to the side. Keep reaching out so you're not sinking between the shoulder blades. Okay?

And four and three and two and one more. Hold it here and then coming to you downward dog. Roll yourself all the way up. Now you're feeling a bit of heats cause I'm feeling heat right now. Yes, we're going to take it down. Place the bar down here.

Standing Lunge on Reformer

Now we're going to go onto one red spring. Okay, you can be on one blue, but I'm going to go for one. Red Spring is a little bit of resistance, was also a little bit more of a support. So I would suggest you going for one red and then later on you could go a blue be a little bit more ad doc to work. So as I go along, I'll explain that. Now optional, I'm going to do it with some dumbbells because I'm going to work the upper body. If you don't feel comfortable, you don't have to use the dumbbells.

So I'm going to stack up. Now remember you step up onto the stationary side, not the moving side. So I'm going to come up, I'm going to turn around now and take my right leg behind, right on the edge here. And I'm going to slowly push back and bend that front knee. So now I'm in that balance position here. Now we're gonna come up and down. So what we're gonna do is go up, press back up, press back. So it's very challenging because the platform in front is not very big.

So if you are lucky to have like a platform to add, that would be great. If not, then you can follow me with a little bit more challenging, which is good cause it's a lot of balance. Challenge going on here. All right, so now we're going to add the arms. So we're going to come up and back and up. Scoop out those apps and back and Lyft and Uber and Lyft. Let's do four more and four.

Standing Lunge w/ Arms

Scoop out those apps and back and balance. Use that hamstrings up and up last time. Holy here. Pitch your body forwards. Bend your knee in and out. And it's at the arms. The arms come naturally with the body and you're just pushing back. The elbows are lifted, scooping the arps in and your body is slightly pitched forwards as you in and extends.

Standing Lunge w/ Knee Pulls

Go ahead. Let's do four more like that for [inaudible], two [inaudible] and one slowly brewing it in and then take a rest. Yes, I can feel my leg shake. So use must be shaking. Give more. All right, so let's go with the other side. Take that leg back on a toe. Okay, so we're going to put it back here. Get your balance and we're just going to push back and then extend up.

Standing Lunge w/ Arms

So find your balance first. Push back and lift. Now we're going to add the arms, shoulder raise in up. Ooh, a little balance there. The reason I choose to do these somewhat at the beginning of towards the making beginning of your class, the middle of your class is because your legs get tired and you in a balanced position. So it's that you are a little bit more fresh with your legs when you're doing this balancing. So don't start putting this at your end of your class. There we go. Let's just do one more and let's come back here.

Now we're going to bend and extend now easy. We're going to add those arms and that trace of Extension Scooch your body slightly forwards and that lovely extension, whoo Bree and smile. Feel that heat in your body. That means you're burning calories. Yes. Yeah, to a couple more. I asked a two more for good luck last time. And then slowly we are going to come home all the way up.

Standing Lunge w/ Knee Pulls

And then back to center. How you feel? Good. I'm going to get off this thing before I fall off and let's put our weights down. Alright, so now we're gonna move on to a plank series. Perfect. Now we've got it down here. We're going to go on to one blue spring, okay. And I put the shoulder rest down. So we're going to step up. The hands are going to be shoulder width.

Plank w/ Knee Bends

The part so kind of level with your shoulder rest is a good gauge. Shoulder rest hands are just going to be just below the shoulder rests. So I'm going to place the hands there. We're going to step up, step up. So my feet are here and I'm just going to push yourself out and why you in this position? Get yourself into a lovely plank position. That means you rest on underneath your shoulders and you reaching out.

So everybody's going to come with me now. You're going to hold that plank position. Those apps are engaged now, easy. We're going to control this position with your legs. So basically the legs are coming forwards.

Now I'm trying to keep my hips in line with my shoulders. So a good cue is to think of the knees coming towards your chest, keeping your hips in line with your shoulders. Okay, please. Yeah, four more like this. Wow. Hold it there. Bend the knees, tap it forwards.

Give yourself a little stretch, but don't move your hands again. Very few are next. I'd rather you do it well. Then keep going and going into fatigue and losing form. Ready to push back out into your plank here. Ready? Push out. Lift the nice.

Twisted Plank w/ Knee Bends

Now I'm going to rotate to the side and we're going to go into our side obliques. Now it's the underneath oblique. The, I'm focusing on the oblique closest towards the Mat. Look at my shoulders and putting my scapula down and I'm smiling as do formal. I know it's not easy. Four and three and two and one plank position. We rotate and push away. Keep your knees underneath your body.

Hips no higher than your shoulders. Look in the direction that you're moving in. Work that underneath. Bubbly. Four more guys for and three and two and one. Back to center. Bend your knees. Give yourself a break.

Now, even though we're working the core, don't you feel your upper body, a lot of upper body. You're gonna feel a lovier. Your lats used the Raiders and your triceps. A burning. Okay, because you've got the resistance. You're pushing with the resistance of the bed. Now next exercise. We're going to get back into our plank, into a swan. Back into a plank. A lot of core work. Ready? I didn't move my hands. Okay, let's move. Lift up. Push out.

Plank to Swan

All right, I'm going to adjust my hands just a tad. Now I'm going to brewing the carriage back. I'm going to go into I swan now. Push, push, push back into a plank. Press the hands back up. I'm going to go a little bit further back. Push, push, push back, and again, depress. Push up. One more.

Who is up? Have you guys, you can come with me. Don't give up. Depression. Scapular. Reach out. Hold four, three, two, one. Bring it down and rest. Good job, you guys. I wish I could see you doing that, please. If you can only do one next time we going to two.

Next time you get to train time, you go to floor. I know it's not easy. Comfort. Gradually take your hands behind your head and rotate. So there's your Hashtag goals, right? And back release. All right, we are on a blue spring. Don't make it any higher. One blue spring, we are going to come back, open your legs and we're going to sit back in that pleo position. Okay?

Rotation Release

So before we start knees over your first and second toe and you're pressing down with the heels, engage in your adductors pelvic floor abdominals. So we're going to pick up our lovely straps. Okay. Now from here we're going to pull, I'm going to pull an elevate. So let's come back down again. So I'm pulling and making sure I've got some resistance there. So that's where you've gotta be way back at the edge of your reformer, not too far forwards, otherwise you don't have any resistance ready?

Bicep Curl in Wide Squat

So I'm lifting up Lacroix. I am on the reformer. Take note where I am on the reformer and then back. Okay, we ready to go now. So lift up. Press the heels down. All right guys. So get your core engaged. Get it going. Draw the pelvic floor up.

Get your keigo action going. Abdominals pulled in. Sit bones drawn together. I can feel I'm shaking. My pelvic floor is on fire. You're ready. Bicep, curl and back by sip, curl and back. Don't let the carriage crash last time present there. So we're going into our lovely supinated row. Palms are facing upwards that says so don't come too low. Otherwise you will crash.

Supinated Row in Wide Squat

Come a little bit higher. Press the heels down, lift the toes so you can see I'm trying to lift my toes off the floor. Press the heels down there. A couple more. One more. Now we're going to try and rotate. I'm back. Ready, rotate. Lift the other arm up and back.

Row and Reach in Wide Squat

So all the time you're fighting with your core to balance. Lift it up. Supinate and rotate. And again, two more for good luck. You guys are strong. Okay, hold it there. Now we're going to walk forwards and take hold of walk with your hands. Hold it there. Okay, so it's making it shorter. We're going to go down and up and down and up. Slow and controlled downs. Who? Seating down and up?

Arm Pull w/ Wide Squat

My hamstrings are touching the top of the reform. I don't know if that feels good or whether it feels bad. I don't know. We look good afterwards, so that's the positive, right? Keep going down and Abner. Holy here. Hold, lift up, press up, elbows. Zain, press up. So I've got resistance of the reformer and I'm pressing back, formal and four and three and two and hold it.

Wide Squat Pulses

Relevate, Anna and Anna. 8,000,008 and seven and six and five and four and three and two and one. Lower reach, reach, reach forward. Put them down. Who lower your hips and collapsed forwards. Oh, it feels good. Take a deep breath and exhale. Well then slowly roll all the way up.

Rowing in the Well

We are going to come over one wet spring, nearly finished. One last exercise. We're going to step in and round. One of my new favorite exercises to do. We're going to bend your knees, grab hold of it. You and your role in position, extend through the spine and pull in and out. So you're pulling your scapula down, you're slightly extended forwards and you're slightly in an imprinted position and ready [inaudible] form four x three x two x l one hold it. Awesome. Reach forward, stretch it out, and then slowly royals off all the way up.

Step forwards, right leg hinge forward in that stretch. Hold it there. And that beautiful stretch you deserved. It's for that stretch. Remember, the stretch is always the cream on the top of the cake. So what's the point in the cake? If you don't eat the cream on the top and all that stretch and then come back, switch it forwards, elongate awesome.

Hamstring Stretch

And then come back and that's come off. Okay, that's finished off with the lovely roll down in how here, access into chess world down to the spine. And then we'll go all the way up. Nice deep breath in and exhale out. Well, I hope you enjoyed it. I don't recommend you wear in your head beautifully code like this and doing that workout because it's not very practical.

Standing Roll Down

I think you should put your hair in a ponytail. However, I want it to look respectable for you, but I wouldn't recommend it. Anyway, have a great day. I hope you enjoy the fun class. Bye guys.


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Wonderfull, creative class. thank you
I learned some new and invigorating exercises. The stretches felt awesome.
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Great class. We worked everything in 30 minutes. Love the short intensive classes. I will definitely feel my booty after the straddling the reformer series. Ouch! Thanks Tracey.
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2 people like this.
I was totally sitting on my couch thinking about how I needed to work out...and there you were. I really like the swan-plank combo. Felt great! Thanks for the positive energy you bring to every class.
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Loved the flow of this - had so much fun doing it & super challenging!
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You look marvelous Tracey!
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Short and intense. Loved it. Thank you Tracey 😊😊😊
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You always look respectable to me Tracey! Curly or straight! Great workout! Thanks so much! I would love to see you do a challenge!
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Fun, challenging class...thank you, Tracey!!
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