Athletic Reformer Flow
Tracey Mallett
Class 3375

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More like a level 2 rather than 2/3. I thought it was not as challenging as I hoped except for the end which burned met quads! Definitely can go up to 3lbs. with the weights.
Loved this class!! Although I found it really hard to straddle the reformer as I have sort legs , do you have any suggestions?? Thank you :) 
Dear Tracey, I am so happy that you shared this class.  Have used it  more than several times and variations of it--you have made things interesting and challenging and sometimes the interesting part is very hard to do.  Thank you
Thank you Tracey for a wonderfully challenging class. You have an awesome personality.
This was probably one of my favorite workouts. Thank you, Tracey!
Just loved this, what fun!!!! You are delightful Tracey, thank you!!!!
Haha...I loved the ponytail comment at the end. I was thinking when I saw you, how glam you looked and how unglam I am when I work out! My thighs were burning...thanks very much ! xx
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