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Barre and Floor Work Flow

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Mix up your Mat routine with this Barre and Floor work class by Tracey Mallett! She teaches simple movements that combine a bit of coordination with strength. She flows from one movement to the next so you can keep working your entire body throughout the entire class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Portable Barre, Table Chair, Overball

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Hey guys, Tracy Malheur here. We're going to do a um, bar and floor workout today. So we're going to mix it up. And for those that don't have a bar, which is most of you in your homes, why would you have a bar? You can use a chair or a counter top. So which is exactly why we have no boss today because I wanted to make it more realistic for you guys at home to follow along with me. You don't need a buy, just need something to hold on to. And we've got these little nice color by the way. Very nice. Like that color. We've got two little lines and I've got one bigger one here cause I'm the tall girl out the three count yourself. No, I think you've got me on that anyway.

So grab something that's a little sturdy and we're going to do half standing bar work and half floor work for this class. Obviously, like I said, it is something sturdy, but you also gonna need a ball. So grab a bowl as well for when you get down onto the floor. Okay. All right, so we're going to start with a feet hit with the part. We're going to take a deep breath in. Exhale, roll down through the spine, feel that length in the hamstrings and we're going to roll all the way up. Okay.

And again, one more time. Inhale accepts into chairs, roll down to the spine and then slowly roll all the way up. Awesome. Let's take you feet into second position here. Nice and wide. You just put your hands on your hips and we're going to go into our lovely plea. A down and up. Now why are we moving? I'm going to cue you as we move because the whole idea of this class is to go through flow.

So you're moving as your actually doing the exercise. So I'm not going to stop and start. I'm going to try and continue the movement. Now think of where your shoulders are, the shoulders of your hips. Good. You've got the imaginary wall behind you. Now press the heels into the floor and your knees are going to have your first and second toe, right Dan up. That's it.

So we're going to go down and up and down and up to the shows over your hips, down, Anna. Good job, former four and up and three and up and two and ab. No one more than just hold that please. [inaudible] we're going to take the hands and we're going to shoot the hand straight up. Reach up and go a little bit deeper. Pitch your body forwards, hold that stretch and then come back to center and then extend. We plead a hinge forwards, back to center and come back up again.

We go down and reach center, extant up, pull the shoulder blades down as we extend forwards is the biceps and lift and down and reach and up. How to again, keep breathing shoulder blaze, pull down, elongate one more and we hold the elongation. Hold it there, hold it, and we're just going to hit your eyes. You're going to move with the hands moving at the shoulder joint. You're going to feel those legs start to heat up. All right ladies, the heating up four and three and two and hold it here. Back to new rep position here and back up again. One more time. We come down, reach forward, elongate.

Now put your palms flat. We go onto the head and then reach and elbows are going to the directly to the side of the body. Good, so you open up your chest, four and three and two and hold it here whole. Now we're going to rotate to the side and center. Rotate and rotate and rotate a little faster. We go side and side and side.

Get your balance and side rotating in that torso and four and three and two and one. Back to center. Elongate back up, palms facing outwards. There we go. Lift Up v position andW and up v. That's it. Now, whereas you all gone, don't lose your wall. We call this in B palace. We call this the spider man or the spider woman. There we go.

So we're going down and up. Now we're going to try and go down and see if we can rise and he take us on that. My after shift you feel a little bit close together. Good. Well then don't do it. Just keep your heels on the floor. So just go with me. Keep the heels on the floor, but Amy's going to balance cause she can do it. There you go. Amy. And up. Four more. Four new and OPA.

External rotation of your shoulder joint. Two more last time. Hold and see if we can balance there. Good lawyer heels play Hanzor palms in which forwards Illangelo Englade can get in going gates. Hands down. I was your laying there rule k a hands on the full extent. The hips up high. Alright, we are going to bend now. Look out at me and then extend band. Look out at me and extend just a couple more Bandon lockout and one more bend and look out.

Bring your feet together and then slowly feet hit with a pot roll all the way up. Had his last two curl it. Step up to your bar. Your chair. This is your bar. Your chair. All right, we're going to put your feet together. Hand on your hip or Whiz on your hip. Depressed. We Relevate we band, we extend, we go down. We Relevate Ben.

Now in that Relevate don't go too high. Keep the way over the ball of your foot and over the five toes. Easy, not so easy. So don't go down so low there and keep those in the size connected together. So it's up. Squeeze those in a size, up and down.

Let's take four and down and up and three and two more and two. One more. Guess what we're going to hold here. Hold. Now find that neutral position. No talking, no tilting, neutral. And we do a little pulses. Look at the heels. Kitten, baby hill, no stiletto heels allowed. Okay, let's do eight and seven and six and five and four and three and two. Hold it. Then neutral spine, extended work without moving your heels.

Extends Quad, pulling away from your knee and then come back down first position and we go. Relevant. Plea a up and down. Make sure it's a small v position. So for those dances out there, let's reign that turn out in a little bit. Think of the knees going to the corners of the room.

Good. The hand is on your hip town, up and back and lift and back and lift up and lift. This time we are going to hold it there. Hold it. Little teeny, tiny pulses. Impulse. Good. The lax, the head, neck and shoulders. Those legs are shaking. I can say that's a good thing. That means you're working nice and hard. I can see the cheeks going pink.

It compliments your beautiful top and Amy's beautiful pants and 5:00 AM poor and three and two and hold it there. Now don't move your heels. [inaudible] stand all the way up and then come back Relevate up. Bring the heels together, plea a down. We're going to go a little combination now so we're going to go front, side, back together. So let's go slowly. We go front, side, back together. So it's kind of like behind like that.

Ready and back side, front together, front side, back together kind of leg is like in a third position and back. Front, side, back together, back side, front together. Got It. Friends. So back, a little coordination there. Boom to thi you got it. Good job. One, two, three together. Keep the weight center front side back one more and back and side and front to gather and then calm down. All right, that's turned to the other side.

So now we're going to take your little, am I going to go shut them in this way? Okay. First position, back to power. Allow already hands on hip. Relevate band. Up and down. Relevant. Bend up and down.

Left. Bend Up. There we go. The second side is always a bit easier because you've had a rehearsal on the other side, right? Good. Shoulders over the hips. One, two, up and left. Good. Now the next time we're going to hold her plea.

Plead down already. Find that neutral position and pulse. Pulse. Good. Keep depressing. Keep that new short positions. You want to keep that new tool position as much as you can and keep the heels elevated. The hair we go. Good. I can see him shaking. Nice job. Add four, three, two. Hold it here and there. Extend without the heels.

Moving left lower. First position, small position. Ready. We go and [inaudible]. Bend up and down and lift. Relevate up. Small the position and you're smiling because you are happy, you're working. Your lower body feels good. And app flea a down at. Nice turnout.

Girl, can we do a few more? One more. Ready. Hold here. Hold little pulses. Go. Teeny. Tiny pulses. Try not to go high on that relevance. So everybody out there, try not to go higher on that relevant way. You want to keep the way over those five toes. Keep the integrity of your foot. Good. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. And hold it there.

Hold [inaudible] all the way up and slowly bring the free together. Okay. And everything else up front. Combination for inside back together. All right, so bring the heels together. All right. Starting a little Demi Pa, let's go. We go front, side, back together. Back side front. Squeeze together.

So you're transitioning your weight, so always your pubic bone is in the center. Can see a transition. Your weight. So you go front, side, back together. Okay. Back side, front. You got it. Front side as why this is girl. Because Polaris in general is about coordination. We're just adding coordination and strength together. Good.

And back side. Front looking good. Got It. One more back side front. Squeeze. Beautiful. When the legs together parallel and start to walk through the legs, walk you through it.

Now we're going to transfer and then what we're going to do is take your this little guy and we're going to move it back. So we're going to walk through the feet like this. All right guys. So now we're going to put your hands onto the bar. And from here we're going to slowly reach forwards. Ben, both knees. Now we're going to take the outside leg to the side and we're going to do is lift that leg up and down, up and down.

Now you're reaching out to the crown of the head. So where they would go, up and down, up and down. Your hips are facing forward both hips and up and down. Pretty easy, but not easy, right? Four and three and 2:00 AM one.

Hold it there. Pulse. Up and up and up and up. Eight and seven. Six, five, four, three, two, one. Holy here, take he back. Hold it pointed to the floor. Elbows pressed down. You Ready? We are going to go lift and tap lifts.

You parallel. Keep the elbows bend and keep your body still Amy. That's it. And lift. You got it up and down. Good. So you just moving at the hip joints. Good, simple, simple. And for XL, three XL two. Now holy here. Band your knee in and out. So you're hamstring.

You're firing now in and out. So you don't need to do fancy cargo fee to burn those muscles. This is simple car graphy. Burt's hard in strength for more. We go four and three and two and won.

Hold it out slowly lifted up. Now we're here. We're going to go back into that position. Two counts up, two cans down. So we pitch one to lift and one to lift and reach over the bone and bend the knee and lift. So it's kind of like a single leg squat and lift and the elbows are pointing down to the floor and lift. Feel that glutamate burning and up.

Two more elbows bend last time. And this is holder here for good luck. Can we think we can balance, which is the hands out to the side for three, two hands back onto your bar. Extend and let's walk it out. Walk it out, walk it out. Little ponies. All right, let's try the other side. So bend your supporting knee, leg out to the side. Shoulder brace, pullback.

Now Ready? We're going to go up and down. So your toe and Uni a pointing forwards. There we go. And lift. Breathe. Go deep into those external rotators. It feels good into the glute medius. You was just stabilizing.

Now it's moving now. All right guys, can we do four more? Four and three. Whoo. Two. Now we're going to hold it here. Now we're going to pulse the up, up and up. Ben, just supporting me as much as you can. Eight and seven and six and five and four and three and two. How did that take you? Behind the body? Elbows point down her ready?

We're going to lift that leg up so we go lift and lift and up and up and down. Good for now. Now your hips are square, so imagine you've got like little lights attached to your hip bones and they're actually zooming forward. They're going forwards and down because your hips are square, right for you. Okay, there are three. She's shaking too. Now hold our leg up, bend and extend. Bend and extend. Bend and extend in and out.

There's the rhythm in. We're going for flow in and out and four and three and two and one. Hold it there. Slowly lift up. Ready? We're going to go down for two, up for two. Ready down, foot to up for to down and ups. We're trying to all move together.

Down for to up, for, to work in deep into that glute. Now you're going to feel the heat in those ties and up and down and up. Keep breathing. Reaching over the chair, over your bar. Can you do one more there holder and can we balance arm out to the side like a little airplane for three to bring the hands back. Extend and lift up and shake it out. He'll that. Yes, he's simplistic. Where are we going for challenge? Okay.

And slowly. Now we're going to take your right for in France. Just pull back in that glute stretch, hold that stretch, and then switch to the opposite leg. Glute stretch. Hold it there, and then BRAC. All right, we're going to come to your side. Now we're just going to put your elbow, turn your foot out so there's your foot turned out. And we're going to try and lean over as much as we can. So your elbow is going to be bands. Your forearm won't make it.

It will probably be about there. Okay, turn that supporting leg out. This leg is going to be parallel and you're just going to lift that leg up and down and your sideline up and down. So elbows going to be off and we're going to try and keep that leg straight. Keep going. So lift up and down. There we go. So you want your quad pulling away from the kneecap so that underneath leg is working really hard and she's depressed in a scapular feeling the lot's feeling those obliques. And for three, you can keep it low too narrowly. Hold it here. Now.

Little circles circle. So you're in a circle with your toe. Now reverse it. Circle four, three, two. Hold a here slightly behind. Flex the foot. Bend the supporting knee and frog and frog. So you're pushing Ben as supporting knee. That's it. Ben and Ben.

This smiling here you could see a gorgeous face and push and push a little froggy and four and three and to hold it, point the toe, bring it back to the side, finish it off. Thank you. [inaudible] Paul over if you can and let's see, we can rotate into our mermaid and then side and then back. All right, so let's turn it around to the other side. Okay. Okay, so you guys were going to turn your supporting leg out, leg is parallel and then the elbow is going to be slightly Benz. If you've got it higher, you can put your elbow down. But for right now, these guys are low, so we're just going to lift that leg up and down.

Up and down. Good. Okay, now watch your head. So you're listening to your bar and you're not upright. Like this is going to kill your neck. So we're going to go up and over. They're good. Yeah. So you stabilize inside is really important.

Your quad is pulling away from your knee. You Oblique. So engage your lats pressing down. Okay. And you have a huge smile on your face because you just love this exercise. Okay, one more. Holy here. Hold it.

Now we're going to do a little circles and circles. Circle for bend the elbow a little bit more. Now we verse it and up and up and up and up. Good and for you looking great. Three, two, hold here Ben. Both. That's a pen that's pulling a, take it behind. Now, frog, frog, frack, diagonal, diagonal. You guys would go a little harder because those chairs are when stable. So you're working even harder to just to tell you that, that and out and out frog it at eight mile and eight and seven and six and five and four. Three and two oh one finish it off, turn to the side, hold it and then come up.

Cross it in France. Mermaid out and then rotate and pull back as much as you can. And then back to the side. And then all the way come into a squat position. Just reach forwards. Take the hands down, elongate the leg and stretch them out.

Bend, look up and then stretch out last time bend, look up and then stretch out. Ooh. And then slowly we'll all the way up. All right, feel toasted in your legs. All right, so we're going to put the bar away or your chair. We're going to grab a mat and grab a ball to finish off with some app work. So Wella, the chairs have gone and were on the floor with eyeballs. Wouldn't life be so simple if you happen just like that? Oh, I grab a ball. We're going to put the ball just by where your bra line is, a your thoracic spine and shifts you feet close together.

All right, so from here we're going to take the hands, palms up. So in that lovely seeker position, make sure it's in the right position. Before we start. Now we're going to circle the hands around and then clasp your hands and then just to the bottom of your, your head and you're going to just lift up and traction up and out. And as you traction open out, you're looking towards the pubic bone.

From here, we're going to close and rounds and now you're going to feel a stretch to the middle, upper back. And then we're just going to open again and then we're going to go all the way back. So we come up, hold it there first round, second. Nice stretch back and over the ball and it don't confuse that little close of the, as a young king of your neck is just moving your shoulders down and back and the elbows coming together. Just to stretch out your back. This let's do one more. So we come up first. Find your position. Elbows together. Round traction. Up and out.

Back to center. We're going to go down foot two, up foot two and for two and up. Foot to down. Keep breathing and excelling. Breathe guys. Two more. [inaudible] one more.

Now. Heel with the right foot. We're going to slide the foot out and then slide it back. Slide the foot out. Now use the floor, press into the floor for resistance. Reach and out. Now press dig down deep down. Axelle depressed your shoulder blades and pull those abs in one and two.

Back and lift last time down for two. Yeah, hold it there. Slowly transition, heal. Now Ready? We're going to extend the leg and come up and over the bowl flax and bring it in where you go all the way out XL, dig that heel into the floor and use it for resistance down for two. [inaudible].

Feel those abs shaking. Exhale, round and up. Just a couple more. Ah, one more. Ah, how old are you here in his eyes together. We're going to go from here. We're going to extend back all the way back and extend the legs in that nice stretch.

Hold it there and then slowly bring the head, neck and shoulders off the floor. Look towards your feet and then come back down again. That's continue that for eight times. [inaudible] and XL. Seven slow and controlled. Four more. Keep those elbows nice and wide.

Okay? Sure. Tomorrow, last time, how old did there come back? Bend your knees, lift your head, neck and shoulders off the floor. Take your hands, palms facing upwards, forwards, back into that stop position. Now from here you're going to grab the back of your knees. Am I going to pull up a little bit more?

Draw those abs in a little bit higher and then come back and again, lift up a little higher and then back. Lift up a little higher and now the feet are gonna come off. And then back this time. Can we come all the way up and ah, how old did that? And slowly transition. Put your feet down nice and tall. Grab the bull behind you cause he waited patiently for you.

You're going to place it in between your ankle joints and to reach the hands forwards. Depress, slowly round back. Okay. Alrighty. We're going to dip it down and lift and down the lift. Yeah. So you just moving there. If you feel the pressure in your shoulder joint, then you can come all the way down flat. Okay.

Let's just do four like this. Good. So you just moving, get the shoulder. So he had not the shoulder because that's your shoulder. Now your hip joints. Exhale three just in your ankles. Two. And then one more holder here. Now slowly transition. Come back up and then elbows come back down again.

So you can see I'm transitioning, coming up and then down again. And then lift up. Keep Your Shins Palau to the sky as you're lifting up in that transition and bringing you back down again tomorrow and back. One more and back. And then slowly come back up again. Put your feet down. Transition Ball to knees.

Reach forwards narrowly. We're gonna roll down slowly. Well down. Squeeze the book. Um, so over your head. Keep your scapula depressed. Inhale, sly, pause XR, roll up. Reach through the crown of the head retreat forwards, and then back down again. He inhale, slight pause. XO, continue that roll up forwards, which in the abs in opposition and then back down again.

And you squeeze in the ball. Guys, make sure that ball, he trying to pop the ball. Roll Up. There we go. And then come back down again. I'm going to put your palms facing inwards of each other slowly. So in that external rotation, you shoulder joints. Good. Now cause you guys nicest strong.

We are going to come back to where you feel those abdominals. Feel them start shaking. Yes, I can see you Amy. And then we're going to continue that roll down over your head. That's well back up again. Rich, you ready guys? We're going to roll back to where you feel those apps. Hold it there. Hold Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and continue their wheel down. Keep squeezing that ball. I'll help you.

Inhale. Exhale, roll all the way up. We're ready guys. Let's come back one last time. Squeeze that bolts. Go a little bit deeper. Press your weight into your feet of your can. Amy. That's it. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one a roll down. Bring the arms all the way around. Palm, still facing upwards so you've got a beautiful external rotation, shoulder joint and then slowly bring the knees into your chest and then give yourself a nice hug.

Slowly take the ball away. Have you ball right in front of you for single leg stretch. We're going to use the ball for resistance. Okay guys, now that Swan hadn't showed us off the floor. Reach out. Sure. Press press. You're resisting the knee.

The knee is coming to your chest and you're resisting it with the Bush and for okay. And three and two. Okay. And one chair rolled down. Ankle joints, pelvic tilt.

So knees over your hips. Ready. Exhale, tilt. You are tilting now if you guys feel comfortable, you can lift the hands off, palms facing inwards so you can just use your abs and not use your hands. Okay, Xcel [inaudible] last time. Reach your hands up. Take your hands all the way around the clasp your head now already hadn't. Shoulders off the floor. Pelvic tilt, tilt.

Extend out. Tilt out. Sure. And out. Good. [inaudible] couple more. [inaudible] one more.

[inaudible] hold it there. Lift up, lift your head. Shoulders off the floor. Look at your pubic bone. Pelvic tilt totes. Very small. Keep looking at the pubic bone and schoolies in apple. [inaudible] former guys [inaudible]. Ready? Hold it. Eight seven, six, five, four, three, two and come down and row, row, row, row, back. Turn your feet out, lower your legs and come back up.

Lower your leg XL. C'Mon. You got a few more that. So inhale right XL, Timo, [inaudible], all the, the lawyer had parallel. Bend your knees and hold your knees. Go habitable. Reach your hands over your head and just lengthen.

And I'll slowly pull the rib cage and pull those abs in. Lift your arms off of the mats, pull your shoulder blades down. Really engage with your abdominals. You're not hyperextending to the mid back. Neutral spine. Ready? We're going to lift up for here and then down now knee.

So you're alternating one leg, one knee, one leg, one knee, one leg and knee, one leg and knee. The last time. Straight leg and knee holding their arms elevated off the floor already with the other side. So straight leg bent leg go. And Ben. Yeah, last time.

Sure. And hold it there slowly in how here Exa we're gonna rose up all the way up. Reach forwards. Take the bowl and see if we can put them on your toes and stretch and then slowly roll all the way up in that extension. Now we're going to come up, we're going to come onto your quadro pap position and you guys can face him was of each other. That's it. So you can look into which is loving guys.

Okay, so we're going to grab your ball. How are we going to do wear booty blaster? I right. So soon as we were at the bar, we are going to make it a little bit more booty blast effort. Booty Buh arms show the with the part and now we're going to lift that leg up. Drop your hips so your hips are parallel, your lights are shining down to the floor.

Now flex that top leg and we're just going to pulse it. Little simple pulses. But what's really important that we maintain instability through the mid upper back. So you're not sinking between the shoulder blades and what you're lifting with as your glute Max. Right? And your opposite hip is stabilizing. Good.

Let's do a few more and four and three and tuna holder here. Now can we bring the heel to the butts? Squeeze. So now you're trying to work those hamstrings. That's it. So try and bring your heel towards the glue. That's it. Heel to Ba. That's it. So you're trying to squeeze the ball in the field.

Those hamstrings Kinda like start to burn. Perfect for pure hamstring work. But the thigh has got to stay still, right? They still four, three, two and hold it there. Nice and strong. Hold it there. And then slowly we're going to come down and we're going to go to the side.

So we go side and back. Side and back. Perfect. Keep pushing away from the floor. Sure that's it. Girls do full. No, four and three and two. Now one more. Hold it up there and a little pulses. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

I were going to cross it. Oh VA, that's it. Hung out there. Can you fail? So your knees down. Ready? We're going to go out to the side and back again. Go. So we go out crust down, lift slightly back. So you're shifting your weight kind of forwards and back.

Good. So it's like there and back there. Now feel a little bit of view or belief. Good. Left and back. Sliding forwards and back. Shifting your weight forwards. Hey, I'm back. I'm back.

And hold it there. Hold it and then come back. Bring it down. Grab your ball hole. Stuart it out. Okay. All right guys. Ready for the other side?

Squeeze it. Liberal. Okay. Hands Forwards. Get yourself into position. Knee underneath. Hip. Scoop out through those abs. Depression, scapular reach. Okay, now we're going to lift that leg up and down. Oh, he can flex that top foot if you'd like or pointed. We had it flexed before I was just a small lift.

Okay, so focused on the hips being square. Everything in alignment. We train the body to be in alignment. Perfect. Alignment. Strengthening. Okay, good. Let's do Fomo. Four and three and two and then hold it here. Ready, squeeze, go. Squeeze.

So you should be keeping your face still and you're trying to get your heel to your butt, right Hilda? That's it. Keep pushing out for the crown of the head. Four, three, two. Hold it now pointing the toe. Bring it down. It's go to the side. So we're going to go out to the side and back.

You want to make sure your knee is going directly to the side. Keep pushing away from the floor. Cause by now you guys are getting tired. So the upper body, upper shoulder girdle starts to suffer. So remember, this is not just about your booty. This is about your core. This is about your upper body stabilizing, allowing you to disassociate at that hip joint. So don't forget about everything else. He has his total body.

All right, one more. Hold it. That little pulses go. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Hold it. Cross it behind and see how I'm shifting my white back a little bit. You Ready? Let's try and shift back down.

Shift back down. So just moving at that shoulder joint to look to your back foot. Look [inaudible] good. And out and cross. Two more and out. Can we do one more guys? Woo Out. Hold it there. Come back. Bring the leg down. Ooh, and bring the ball forward and stretch it out. Okay. I was just going to put the ball away.

I'm just going to put the ball down and we're just going to come all the way down flat here. We're going to read the hands forwards, palms facing downwards that lengthen up for the fingers of the tips and your toes and reach out in that elongated position. Hold it there and then back down again and lift it up. Open the arms back to serve center and then down. So we go up side, forwards and down, up side and look like across one. We'll let a tee position and lift.

Imagine someone's pulling your arms and your feet into different directions. You want to stretch in. Work one move. Hold it there. Hold, lift up a little bit higher. Bend the elbows in and press out in and press out. Press out directly to the side of the body. Palms the flat. One more. The here v position.

Remember the VW WV there we go. I remember we did this standing and now we're doing it. Lying down. Feel that mid, upper back, elbows in line with the palms. Your feet are lifted. Press your pubic bound down is the floor. Can feel your glutes and your hamstrings are working.

To now relax the lower body and just keep the upper body moving. There we go for a little break. Then two, one or holy here. Now open back and bend. Open back and bend goods. Your palms are facing downwards now.

External rotation, the shoulder joint. Watch your neck. Hyperextend in the neck. Relax the lower body. Couple more. One more wholly here. Lift up a little bit. Far Farther. Keep going. Four, three, two. Now Holy Halo. Just to tat you're still extended.

Bring the arms all the way forwards. Back to where you previously were swimming, swimming, swimming. Eight please. Shoulder and hip. Hm, Eh, and relax. Bring it down. Pull back child's pose. Stretch.

Hold that position in that lovely stretch. Take your hands to the right side. Take your hands to the left side compared to the center, and then slowly roll all the way up. Quickly turn to face the front. We're going to put you right, like in France. Put your right leg and just push your knees out and stretch forwards and that lovely stretch. Take the leg out diagonally forward.

Reach for the toes and stretch. And then back switch with the other leg in front. There we go. And just stretch forwards. It feels good to open up those hips. Always good to stretch because you know what? We like stretching cause usually at the end of the class, but maybe I could fake them out. And now we could do our cardio.

Drill the like we still like out and stretch up and over and then come back. All right, bring the legs together. Let's stand up guys, if you can for me, if you can, if you can walk. I'm kidding. In hell here. XL tinter Chesboro yourself down through the spine. Oh, and Holly here hung out for a few secs and then slowly articulate royal yourself all the way up and show the place. Pull back. Oh, doesn't that feel good? How'd you feel? Good. Good. You stop shaking now, so that's good. Good job, you guys. Yeah.


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Yeeeaaaa!! I can‘t wait to do this!!
Thanks tracey!!!
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This looks wonderful. I'll try it later today. Thanks for keeping those of us at home in mind !!!
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Awesome class as usual! So many amazing sequences... Thanks Tracey!!
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What an amazing workout. Great legs, abs and booty burner. Thank you Tracey..
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I can't wait, I love your classes
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I like your classes
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This is great allrounder , also very transferable to the SUP for summer! Thank you, Tracey.
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Great full body workout, tons of fun!
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Going into faves! Need to do this weekly!
Lisa V
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That was fun and challenging. Thanks, Tracey!
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