Barre and Floor Work Flow<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 3376

Barre and Floor Work Flow
Tracey Mallett
Class 3376

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Lina S
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Your classes are always fun and effective!
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Great class!! I know my abs and booty will be sore tomorrow! Thank you:)
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I have always admired your work Tracey. So once again thanks for a great class!
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Yay!!!! More barre from Tracey!!!!
Marlisa E
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Beautiful barre sequence! Can't wait to try some of these new exercises with clients....also, abs on fire!
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Felt it in my booty the next day! Definitely worked! Thanks 😊
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Great class - it's a rainy day and I was so glad to see this posted! No run for me but this was perfect. Thank you Tracey, always love your sequences.
Great class! Hope there are more barre workouts with Tracey to come! It's so much more relaxing to watch these than the ones with pre-recorded music.
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oh Yes! another yummy burn, love it! Thanks Tracey!! More please!!!!
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Lovely, purposeful flow to the whole class. Will be sore tomorrow :)
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