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Get the blood flowing through your body with this energetic Mat workout with Adrianne Crawford. She works on creating a nice flow while maintaining your control and precision. She encourages you to listen to your body throughout the class so you can keep your technique clean.
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Okay. So, hi, I'm Adrian. And this is, these are my two students who are going to be doing an intermediate to advanced mat. Let's go ahead and begin. I'm going to have you guys step to the front of your mats and I are you guys familiar with crossing your arms and sitting down? Very straight. Pretty good. Let's go ahead and have you lie all the way down so you're gonna lie down. Any, extend your legs out, make sure your heads are on the mat and good. All right, so we're gonna start very simply.

I'm going to have you just take your arms up, stretch them behind you. Take a breath in, take your arms back up to the ceiling. Exhale, lower them down to your side. I just want you to start to Kinda get yourselves here two more times. Just the orange stretching back, coming back down, and exhaling.

Start to think of reaching or legs out long, getting those spines to really linkedin while you're there are, this is your last one. Arms come down and arrest. We're gonna do just a little modification by stretching your arms forward into a hundred position. So your arms are gonna come about six to eight inches above your hips of fairly high, a little bit higher for both of you. You're gonna lift your Chin's, curling your heads up and take just one leg off the mat, reach it forward, pull your bags down and pump the arms. Breathing in to five and out. Two, three, four, five. Keep your breathing.

What I want you to think about is really expanding your lungs on that inhale and really exhaling, getting all the air out on that exhale, tumor and getting nice and warmed up. You're really thinking of those legs being long backs, being anchored and rest. You're going to switch legs, other leg comes up, heads can remain up and breathing in. Do feel centered. Are you leaning on one side or are you on both? Shoulder tips? Are you on weighted on both hips? Two more so we're not doing too many of these.

Just kind of getting that sense and that powerhouse working. Good. Last one. Breathing in, breathing out and rest. Now that you've done that, let's put it all together so both legs are going to end up off the mat. So before you do that, Cecilia, I want you to think of those legs reaching out long start that wrap in the thighs. So you're squeezing your seats, getting those inner thighs to work. Curl your chins up, reach the arms, lift the legs and deep breath in. Doing a full hundred here. At any point, if you feel like your legs are not supporting your back, want you to lift your legs up higher, but listen to your own bodies here, 20 in through the nose, out through the nose.

Ideally. Feel that deep in to really get those arms moving. Good. Keep the breathing going and keep the pumping going. You're getting that energy moving through your body, getting that blood flow. Oh five three more. Use your seats. Oh, she's getting tired. You can bend your knees if that helps. Good job.

Always listen to your bodies. Do what works for your body. One more time for five hours. Go ahead and drop everything. Stretch your legs out. Take your arm straight up. Going right into the flow of the roll up, arms up to 90, curling up all the way over. Bend you. I want you to bend journeys as you come up and go back.

So if you have any trouble coming up, you just need to bend those knees and possibly even grab onto your thought. So ready, you're going to bend your knees, reach for your, if that's it, then stretch for your toes. Nose to your knees. Ready? Let's keep moving. Keep the flow going. No plopping down. Control it. Art Of Control Two more times. So let's see that control coming up, scooping and stretching. Good.

So the more warm you are, the the looser you become. Last one, an up and forward. You're gonna finish lying down. One leg will go straight up. You're ready for your circles. Keep those hips still five times each way. Circling up one, two chest is broad. So I don't want to see your shoulders tensing.

I don't want to see your hips moving all around. Have you reversed now? So only five each way. One at this level, you should know your mat by heart. Two or was that three, four, and five. Okay. All right. Onto the other leg. Bring that leg straight up and circle what make that accent on the up to. Now, if you're going wide, you want to make sure that your hip, your opposite hip isn't following you so it's not popping off the mat. Now, if you've finished with your five, you reverse that set and keep checking that you're not using those shoulders. All right? You're going to rest that leg. Both of you sit up, lift your seats, and sit at your heels for rolling like a ball, grabbing your ankles.

Heads are down. You're going to do five to six of these. Go ahead and begin. This is a centering exercise. It's also to help teach you that see curve. That's it. It helps you to really find where that center is and in your body and yeah, as you can tell right away, it'll, you'll one way if, if you're stronger on one side. So that's where you get that lesson and that's enough hand on the mat.

Feet down, seats, stretch back, lie back down, one knee and getting ready for your single leg stretch. So right hand on her ankle, left hip on your knee. If you got that right leg in, just like that hundred position, if that leg is out, you're gonna make sure your backs are down. If they're not, and I want you to lift your leg up higher. Switch leg, switch arms and begin. One, two, two, three, three. You're working here. You're pulling into that mat and think of staying tall so you're not hunched long and flat. That's it. Tumor, right, left both knees into double leg. Stretch arms, legs together on the out. Stretch. Big Circle. Come back in. You're going to do two more like that. Keep your gaze at your navel.

And then I'm going to have you skim your neat heels on the mat and come back up. And so heels go down, arms go back, circle them around, bend and come in. Keep your head up. Don't let your head drop arms. That's it. And then come back in. So heels go down, lift the legs up, circle heels, go down, stretch circle. So you go down up with the legs to one damn, ah, in Walmart, down, up and one leg up. Scissors, pulse. At any point, if you're next get tired. I want you to put your heads down, but continue moving. Two, two.

This is a stretch. So I want to see you actually reach for your ankles here. Both of your arms are long enough to do that and both of you are flexible enough to be able to do that. Getting warmer. We three four for, well, I should speak for [inaudible] speak for you, right? All right. Hands behind your head. Legs, back up. Double leg, lower, two to three inches and left.

So I want to make sure while you're doing these that you're not popping off the mat. So go to the level that you have that control. That's it. I might challenge you here. Now you're gonna do three Cecilia all the way down. Tap and come back up. If you feel strong enough, you may. But otherwise I want you to stay where you are. It's hard enough as it is.

Walmart and Chris Cross elbows to the knee. Good job. One one. I don't want to see you falling off those hips as you twist. So as you go to the side, don't let the hip follow you. It stays down and you lift from the sternum up, up. Double Time. One, one, two, two, last one, three, three. Both of you sit up to stretch. Very nice. Series of five.

Alright. Legs apart, feet flexed, spine stretch. So there's a whole series here that you were doing. So that's why I say if you know that the repetition, the curriculum, then you, you'll be able to move through your map. That's the point, right? To sit up tall so that you can get yourselves moving. Arms Up, deep breath.

And think of those ribs lifting up off the hips as you go down. Scoop those ribs way back Cecilia, and come back up. So you go into a c here, up here, squeeze. Keep going. That's it. So feel how I'm pulling you. Feel that as you go forward, then come back up tomorrow a little bit quicker now.

Up and lower. That's it. Last one. Can you get your heads all the way down? Hold. Grabbed the back of your legs and just give yourself a nice little moment to stretch. Alright, this one I would suggest moving forward for us, you're open like rocker. All right. Legs are going to go up. You're balancing. Now. The higher you hold, the more control it takes.

So if you need to start your hands a little lower, drop your heads and begin to roll. You'll do about five to six of these. That's it. Find that balance. Then once you're up, I want you to try to lift your back. Relaxing into these. That's it. Stay in control. Okay, very nice ladies. Two more centering [inaudible] stretch. Last one back up. You're going to keep the legs up, feet together.

Lie on your backs for corkscrews. So you slide your hands down. Legs stay up. Get the legs to 90 to start. Chest is open. Circle to the right, down or out and center. The lower these go, the more powerhouse it can that you need. You're reversing each time.

So don't just go right circle to the left center to the right around and center. Little Jack Knife. I want you to get actually take the hips off the mat up and control it down. And that's it. Two or three inches. You don't have to go very far and center as you come down and around, all round up. So when you go back, you're not going to take the leg so low while more time.

So don't want you to pass this mark that a girl, that's it and sit up for your saw legs apart. So those are really easy to to go back too far with the leg. So I want you to make sure you don't do that. All right, I'm going to get out of the way. If theater flexed, you're going twist. Does it matter which way? Just make sure you the opposite direction the next time and center and turn.

When you go down, I want you to pause nose to the knee. So go down and stay there. Are you on both hips? Thank you. Pull in and come back up. Center and turn. So make sure your hips don't follow. That's the stretch, right? And one more set. Teats each side.

Turn and stretch up and center. Turn and stretch up and said your, let's have both of you lie all the way onto your stomachs. So another it's foot. Bover lie flat legs, long hands underneath the shoulders. Neck roll. You're gonna push into those hands. Rise up off the mat so your chest will lift your hand. Stay down.

Ribs lift. You can come all the way up if you're comfortable, but I want you to make sure you're not collapsing. So I want you to lift. Lift, lift. There we go. Okay. Look to the right. Drop your heads and stretch the next year. You're circling. Get up in here more. Keep those ribs up. Look to the left down around and center. One more time.

Look right through up your head. Stretch the next looking center. Last one. Look left down around to the right center. Lie Back Down. [inaudible] alright, you guys get to love this one. You're going to go into your swan dive. You're going to rise back up.

We'll do about five or six so the palms are going to end up facing upwards. Ready? You're going to dive into it. Falling down, feet up, arms up, feet up, arms that med. Don't put your hands down. Have you done this before? You go down and rock data, girl, three, two, one, and sit back on your heels and stretch. Taji you love those ones? They're humbling exercises, aren't they? You guys did great. Hmm?

All right, I'm going to have you lie back once again onto your stomachs, but this time you're up on your elbow. You're getting ready for your single leg kick. So let's make sure you're not clasping the fingers, but there you're in a fist position. Okay? We call it your springs position. Those ribs are backups, so you don't have any collapse in that lower back. You want that support. You don't want to feel any ache in your spine. All right, take your right heel, your in. Kick your seat two times. Kick, kick, switch, kick, kick. So keep going. I'm going to pull you up more boy up here even more.

That's it. Not keep those. Yeah. If you have to move your arms back, add one more each side. Right? Get those ribs up. See this Cecilia? There we go. And now I want you to lay all the way down. Hands behind your back for AA kick. So you'll need to turn your heads for this. The higher you can bring those hands up towards your shoulder blades, the better gives you good range in your shoulders. All right, elbows are down. Both feet are getting kick three times. Keep those seats from lifting. One, two, three feet drop as you stretch back. Really enjoy that stretch.

So pause into it a little bit longer next time. And now stretch back. Good. And switch. Now kick one, two, three, stretch. I want to come over and give you guys a nice little stretch and switch one, two, three and stretch and we'll finish with that one. You're going to end up sitting back again onto your heels and just let your backs relax to stretch. Good.

Like I said, this is a little bit of more intermediate, but there's also some advanced thrown in here. Let's go ahead and lie you down on the mats again so you're back onto your backs. Legs are long, hip with a part, so you're getting ready for your neck port and let's make sure your legs are no wider than your own hips. There we go. Flex your feet. They're going to stay flex the whole time. All right, you've just been on your stomachs, which makes this a little challenging to first come up. So if you need to bend your knees or have your arms straight first, that's you might want to start with that. Otherwise you're ready.

Start with your elbows into your ears. Use that energy from their heels. Use your seat, deep breath and start to rise up. I'll help you. Good. Pull in and now notice your knees sit up tall. We're going to keep the flow in this curl back down. So as soon as your heads touch, you're coming back up and keep those feet flex. Sit up tall.

Articulate. So I don't want to see you just sit up. I see you round up, right? And former. Cool. Yeah. Over tall and down. Control. No momentum. That's better. And all the way over. You can bend your knees. Sit up tall.

No forcing the movement and down a little bit crooked. Quicker. And two are up. Oh, bend those knees over tall. Down last one. And Ready? You're going to bend, girl. There we go. Then you can straighten the legs up and all the way down. All right, let's have you guys get recentered but lie on your left side.

So your right leg is on top. Getting ready for some psych kicks. [inaudible] allied herself set up with the back of the Mat. All right, you're lying all the way down. Hand is supporting your head. Good. Other hand is in front of your ribs. Feed off the mat. So you're in like a boomerang position. So you're going here. Your legs are resting hips on top of each other, shoulder on top of each other.

Make sure you're nice and long so you're not hunching that position, but you're really thinking of heading nice, long back. All right, one leg comes up hip level. You're going to begin with the front kicks too. Kicks forward. Kick, kick, stretch back. Kick kick eight times to kick. Kick three. So ready. Stay together and together. Forward, forward, forward, back bats, kick, kick back. Don't let your back sway. Keep those ribs together to [inaudible].

Why more [inaudible] ad leg on top of like the breathing is always smooth, so there should not be a, you should s really in your walking through the park. These, this should be nice and controlled. Take that right leg, hip level again, getting ready to go up towards the ceiling up. Reach those legs out. Think of it growing long as it comes back down. Meeting the other foot all the way down. Keep those hips on top of each other and a reach. I'm, and I'm push on you because you're falling back. Most hips, eh, lift and lower. So I'm going to move here. I want you to squeeze here, drop your bottom a little bit so that table and flat earth timing up. That's it.

I got that down. I want to give you some, some pressure. I want you to come down and push me down here or bottom. That's what you're missing. And so what she was missing was using her seat much better up there. It is. Very nice. Now you're working and it's not just the lake going up and down. So whole body involved. One more.

Very nice little circles. Both of you. Little ones. One, two, three, four, five reversal. Same here. Squeeze back here. Two, three, four, five, rest that leg. Let's do 'em. Let's go ahead and put you in your getting tired on your, you can always lie your head down if it gets too much and then you are going to still be up on the palm or you can lie all the way flat, whichever is more comfortable. All right. Ideally you're up on the palm ribs together. You're good. [inaudible] yeah, so your head is support. All right.

You're going to take that leg into a hot potato, so take your right hand in front of the other foot and you're do five light taps in front of the foot. Ready? Five Times, same, same side. One, two, three, four, five. Accent the lake up. So you're here and I earned you five back. One, two, three, four, five up now. Foreign Front. One, two, three, four up. It's going to start to get faster. Three, four, up. Three. One, two, three, up. One, two, three up. I shouldn't hear it. It's nice and soft. One, two, up. One, two, up. One Up, one up. One more. Up. Last one. Up. Add, rest. So we're really working on that control.

You have to be really aware that when you're moving to keep your bodies from wiggling. So it's hard, right? Lions, your stomach's palm on top of palm for head on your hands going into your transition beats. We call these. So thank once again. I'm being really tall here. Even though you're lying down on your stomach so you can still be tall. Lift those legs, reach them out long, clapped. And together for 20 counts, one to five are you still reaching? Six, seven, 10, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, four, three, two and one onto the other side. Get yourself lined up.

Both feed off the front of the mat so you have that support. So remember shoulder on top of shoulder, hip on top of hip. Let's um, I was saying I have your legs a little bit more forward. There we go. So you're more in a nice boomerang or are you la? Are you tall? Are Your ribs together? Are you lifting? Take that left leg up. Hip level, front kicks, eight times. Kick, kick.

There are lots of variations here with the fee. You can have the feet pointing, you have some flags you can point and flex or you can just keep the feet soft. Ribs together. Keep those bags top. Use your seat. That's better. One more. And that's enough leg on top of leg going up towards the ceiling and back down. Pull in. Now remember where you're working.

You want to feel your inner thighs squeeze. You wanna feel your bottom. Squeeze. But you're also stretching on that down. Especially you're reaching three more out and long. One more into your circles. Five Times. These are small.

It's really easy to miss where the work is reversed. That five times makes you feel it in your hip and your bottom. Three, four, and five. Alright, ready for your hot potatoes. So you start with the leg, hip level, those slightly forward of the other foot and you're getting tapping lightly. Five Times. One, two, three, four, five. Kick it up.

We'll be behind. One, two, three, four. Up. One, two, three, four. Up. One, two, three, four. Upstate gets faster. One, two, three, one, two, three. Get that accent up. One, two, up. One, two, up. Tommy's up. One Up, one up, one up and rest. Very nice. Yeah. You started to feel it more on this side more. Oh, we all have the hard or different weaknesses, right? Alright. Lie Onto your backs. We're going to get ready for your teasers. I'm going to, she said, oh good. I love like the enthusiasm. All right, let's start with teaser one. So what I'm going to have you do on these is with have your knees in. So I'm going to have you do teaser one, two and three.

So both knees into your chest, legs up to 90 degrees. Arms are reaching forward, out long. I'm sorry, I should've said arms are reaching behind you. Take your arms straight back. Take the leg straight up. All right, turn those hips out. Great. You're gonna lower the legs to 45 degrees and then you're going to begin to rise up. So arms will come up like your roll up.

You're gonna keep the legs pretty much high. Come on up, reach for those toes and then sit up tall. Reach for your ears. Keep those legs up as you go back down. You're ready to do two more leg. Stay up, arms go and chest and arms go back. Ready? Right back up. So don't pause. Forward, reach, go back down. Keep the legs up though. One more time. You're going to stay up there now just leg.

So ready to get yourselves up with control. Holt just legs a little bit down and up. Three times. One, two. The arms can either be forward or straight up. Three, you hold everything together, everything goes down. This is a roll up roll up. And then at the legs, that's it. Get the legs up with you. So they kind of come together and then come back down. So upper body. Yeah, that's it. Go ahead.

Now reach and come back down. So remember, remember that wrap on the up that will help you. Last one are up rich. You can soften those knees. That'll also help lift. Beautiful. Calm back down. And you guys are going to go into your seals. So let's go ahead and have you set up, actually no, I'm going to have you do one exercise extra here. We'll do your spine twist. So legs are straight theater, flex and arms out to this side. So the task spine twist, the idea here is to sit really tall.

You're on top of those hips and you don't want the feet shifting forward and back. You want to keep them perfectly line. You also don't want to fall back into your hips. You want to try to lift them. So that's the difficulty of this. All right, so you're tall, you're gonna breathe in as you twist to the right and exhale two times center to the left center. So I don't want to see the feet shift. Keep growing. Tall. Pulse Center, pulse, pulse centric. Don't let them move. That's it. Keep lifting your back. Paul Postal. Let me see.

Deliberate Paul Paul pulse past Walmart set, right, right. Or whichever side. Past, past. Reach for your toes. Stretch. Good. Let's have you now go to your seals. So you're gonna lift your bottoms to sit at your heels. Our hands inside, grab onto the ankles or your archers heads are down. You are now getting back into that c curve. This is a great hip flexor exercise. We'll loosen those hips up. All right.

Lower back stretch as well. Three claps. One, two, three, three to come on. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Yup. Ramana used to have us balanced back there for two counts. It's not easy. You guys want to try it.

You're more than welcome and that's good. It has two, three, two or N. Check. One, two, three. One more time. One, two, three back. If you can cross your legs to San. Do so. Otherwise just stand. It's okay. I'm going to have you both turn around so you'll face the opposite directions for some pushups. Both arms come straight up to the ceiling. You're in a nice long and tall, strong position.

You got everything lifted and walked down the legs. Dropping your heads out into a plank or push up position. Get yourself prepared. Heels are up. I'm going to have you do three elbows into the ribs, bending down, pumping up one to get those ribs up. Hold. Walk back to the feed. Walk up your legs, arms.

Go straight up here and do two more sets. Arms up and walking down. Walking out. Keep those heels up. Squeeze your seats, lift those ribs and bend and lift. What too? [inaudible] three, walk back. You've got one more set. Round yourselves up to stead. Beautiful. Last one.

All the way doubt I would into your plank and pumping. One, two, three, walk back. This is your finish around yourselves that take a nice deep breath in. Exhale. Give yourselves a hand. You guys are done. Very nice job.


Perfect here -no problems with the video :)
No problems
Video worked perfectly well for me, thank you! Oh, hot potato...haven't done that in a while, loved the accentuated kick up. Harder than it looks to keep getting that leg up high!
Terrific Class, smooth cues, excellent workout for the entire body! Loved it, Thank you Adrianne
The very first Pilates routine I did was from Romana's Dvd set and it's what made me fall in love with the classic mat routine. So HAPPY to have this on here!! Still a challenge!
Only sound, no visual! Otherwise I enjoyed the flow
Mine worked just fine! seems that this is working for some and not others...oh joy ...I am one of the ones it is not working for ...not really sure what to do as have tried every day since it was put up to no avail and was assured it would be watchable ASAP ...HELP :(
The video is not working. Only audio.
It works if you use Chrome. I typically use Safari but I tried Chrome and it's working. Good luck.
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