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Reformer for Traveling

30 min - Class


You will open your chest and hips with this Reformer workout by Gia Calhoun. She teaches exercises that will give you relief after sitting on a long flight or being on your feet all day sight-seeing. She flows from one movement to the next with exercises that will lengthen your entire body so you can feel good while you travel.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Hi, I'm Julia. We're going to do a reformer class today. I recently went to Australia and the long flight and walking around the city took a toll on my body. So these are some of the exercises that I ...


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Thank you Gia, I did not travel, but we had a family wedding and it was very busy. This was perfect as I woke up feeling so out of sorts! Moving is a perfect remedy!
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Wonderful class Gia, so nice to see you teaching us so beautifully!!
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This was such a perfect class after a weekend of playing in the outdoors. I feel longer and more open. Loved the pace and smooth transitions. Thank you!
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Lovely class! Very clearly demonstrated and cued.
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Great class! Especially love cueing for stretching your feet on running and “prayer” ab work was fabulous! So happy to have another great teacher on this site. Going into regular rotation for me and can’t wait for another of your classes!
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Very nice feel-good class :)) I found your calm tone of voice and straight-to-the-point cueing very pleasant. Thanks a lot Gia :))
Yay Gia!!!!! Lookin’ great girl! Awesome class!
Thank you Gia ! You have a lovely teaching voice and the class was delicious :)
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Very nice workout Gia!! A short but very effective and yummy class! You should teach us more classes, the cueing and tone of your voice were perfect!
Gia, (moderator) and teacher! Clearly multitalented. A great short class, perfect before or after a run. Thanks.
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