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Creative Reformer Flow

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You will challenge your whole body in this creative Reformer workout with Melissa Connolly. She focuses on unilateral exercises so you can build strength in both sides of your body. She ends the class with wonderful stretches that will feel amazing on your body.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm Melissa Connelly and I am excited to share with you this reformer class. I have my springs set to start with on three red springs. The springs that I'll talk through are just used to be as a guide. They're the springs that I like to use. Feel free to use more or less. So starting with foot work. Let's go ahead and lie down on our backs and place your heels up against the foot bar.

We're going to have the feet parallel hip distance apart, connecting to your body to start with, rotate the palms up to the ceiling and see how that opens across your chest. Now keep that with the cross the collarbone, but just pivot the palms down. Feel your heels really pressing in contact with the foot bar. Toes straight up to the ceiling. We're going to take a nice deep breath. Inhale to prepare and exhale.

Press the carriage away and resisted in ax. Help her SOA resist and as we push out, feel the connection in the back of the thighs thing. Those heels to the SIP ohms per acing out. Control it in last five per us. Sing out. Four.

Exhale three and two and last one. We'll return the carriage to the stoppers. Bring your feet together on the balls of the feet. High heels. Press all the way out and control it in keeping our heels high and stable. Ankles are together, thighs are together.

We push all the way out so the lights go to straight but not locking into the knee joints. And exhale for four and per us out. Three last two and one will bring the carriage all the way in. Turn your feet out, heels together, toes apart. Press the carriage away and bend in.

The heels are lower than they were for high heels. And then just bring awareness to keeping them stable, having the balls of the feet, the Metta tarsals over the foot bar. And as we press back, if those inner thighs, top of the inner thighs, a little bit of us squeeze three more pressing out, control it in last two and n last one and in we'll take the heels out to position equally pressing into your feet. Push so way, control it in. Feel the heels pressing down and jarring inwards. So we create that nice inner thigh connection and exhale out five and exhale for last three and two and one.

Return the cares to the stoppers. Go back to your toes. Heels are high. Once again, push the cares. I'll just straight pause for a moment. Engaging into the glutes, pulling your abdominals in low the heels. Raise the heels. Full range of motion for attendance. Stretch. Inhale, lower. Exhale left as the heels left. ABS pull in deeper.

Exhale left and we left and three and two. Now stay lifted. High heels go into running. One heel down. Other heel, high full range. Three, four, switch five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10 will raise those heels up nice and high and bend the knees, placing your heel down right in line with the hip. Raise a right knee in line with your right head and push the carriage away. Control it in. Exhale, push and control squeezing into the back of the thigh. So right here, feel that sip onto heel connection, pushing away and then pulling it in.

Last Five, control it in and four control it and need tracking street up to the ceiling. Not Rolling in, not rolling out. And last one, return the care says stockbrokers. Let's place the right heel in line with the hip. Left knee in line with the hip. Push Away, control it, and exhale, push reassessed. Exhale, push, resist, and for God again, really feeling the back of your thigh working. Then peress out need to the ceiling and per us control it and form or and and last three and two more.

Last one, bringing the carriage in. Now raise the right leg up. Transition. We're going to raise the head. Swing my legs over to one side. Take off a red spray. I'm down to two red springs on the ball of the left foot. Extend that right leg out. We'll start slow. Then pick up the pace.

Push the carriage away, bending the right knee. That left heel is high. Lower the heel. Raise the heel and then bend and return. Press back. Lower live length in the right leg to return for counts. One, two, three, four. One, two, three. Pause for a moment. We're going to add on. Press back now. Stay here. Stretch like to the ceiling. Bend the knee.

Lower the heel, lift the heel. Return. It's a six. Count One. Stretch to bend three. Lower the heel. Four. Raise the heel. Five read. Six. Two more. One and two. Three lower four. Lift. Five. Return. Six. Press one, two, three, four, five. Hold in, eight counts. Our next press back in. Stay. Stretch. I got.

Keep your hips square. Open the light out. Bring it to the center. Bend the knee. Lower the heel. Lift the heel. Return a counts. We press one. Stretch to open the leg. Three. Center four. Bend the knee. Five. Lower the o six lifts. Seven. Eight. Two more. It's one and two. Three, four, five, six seven reach eight last time when one stretched to open.

Three center four. Ben, five, six, seven and a. Get that brain working. Here we go, right ball the foot on the foot bar. Left leg long. We press it out. Lower the heel, lift the heel. Return, press to lower down. Lift up return, and it's four counts. Two, three, four. One more. One, two, three. Let's add on, so Presad out. Stretch the leg, bend the knee, lower the heel. Lift the heel or reach it long.

Press back. Extend Bend, lower lift, read six counts. One, two, three, four, five and six. One more. One, two, three, four, five and six. Last one. Here we go. We Bent, stretch, hip squares. You Open Center bend, lower lift, return and per us stretch. Open Center bend, lower lift. Return a counsel. One, two, open three, center four, bed five.

Lower the heel if the heel return and it's one, two and three, four, five, six, seven and eight police effort. Foot down. Let's pick up our straps. Okay, great. Shimmying away from the shoulder rests about an inch or so. We'll take those knees in line with the hips. Arms to ceiling, preparing for the hundreds. Breathe en acts. The arms go down. Your chest curls up. Keep the knees bent. Breathe in. Two, three, four, five.

Exhale. Two, three, four fat. Inhale to four. Five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five, three, two, four, five. X a legs to the ceiling. Four, two, four. Fat XL, two, three, four, five. Lower two inches. I feel. Two, four, five, lower, two more inches. XL Two, four, five. Turn out the legs and exhale, two, three, four, five. Now lower two point of control. Exhale, two, three, four, five.

Last breath. Exhale, two, three, four, five, pause. Empty. Your lungs have all the air. Then journeyers raise arms. The head goes, yeah, press arms down. Raise up with control per us Dow. Float them up. Lower down, lift up, hold the arms down. Bend your elbows, keeping the elbows connected to the map. Harass down, and then exhale, press and bend. Exhale, press, bend, and press.

Now keep your elbows bent. Stretch your arms up to the ceiling. Pull your arms down as if they're sliding down an imaginary wall. Left. Control that down. You should be feeling it in the back of your arms here, controlling the carriage so it stays stable and steady. Now keep your arms down, curl headed. Head neck, shoulder blades, up.

Stretch, arms and legs out for some coordination. Squeeze likes together tight. Bend your knees and then your elbows. Stretch it out. Squeeze. Bend the knees and elbows. Inhale. Exhale, knees, Axa, elbows. Inhale, stretch and squeeze. Exhale, knees and elbows and reach. Squeeze, knees, elbow starts. Everything. I'll hold her right here.

Scoop your abs as you lift the legs up and down. Three more and down. Two more down last one. Now lower two 45 or so. Open the right leg, a couple inches center. Try to keep those hips still switching sides for four and center. Switch three center. It's pretty tiny so your hips don't move.

Bend your knees, raise your arms and relax your head down. We'll place the feet onto the foot bar. Push the carriage away so the fee can go into the straps. Toes in heels together. Stretching the legs out long again, keeping the collarbone open. Knack is long. We'll raise the legs up until you feel a hamstring stretch. Exhale, lower the legs down in Hillary's legs. Up.

Exhale are warming up in the back of our thighs here. Left lower the legs, heels together, toes apart. Ben into a frog. ABS. Pull it in. Send the legs away. Inhale, bend. Pull the ABS in. Send it away one more and send it away.

We're going to bend those knees. Keep the carriage stable. Unfold from the knees. Open the legs, squeeze lights together. Swimming Frog. Ben then means open squeeze to gather one more in this direction. Stabilize that carriage and send your less reverse. Open the legs. Keep the carriage still as the knee as bend per ass.

Forward open bed per us forward. Open Bend. Press forward now bending your left knee. Open the right leg, hip. Stay Still Peter Pan. Bring those likes to gather Ben the right knee, keeping tension equal on both straps and send it out. Inhale, open.

Exhale legs to gather Peter Pan. Exhale together. One more on both sides. Feel the back of the pelvis equally weighted and center. Bend the right knee way on the right hip. Way on the left and center.

Toes and heels together. Lower the head rest flat down. Lengthen through your neck. Take your time. Lifting the leg straight up for short spine. Pull your abs and rural up and over. The carriage touches. A stopper is the knees will bend and we're going to roll down away from the feet. Keep the feet where they are for as long as possible.

Then pull the heels down and send the legs out. Lift the legs up. You know, go up in over. Bend the knees and pull the abs into. Roll down and send it out last. It's fine here. Free of tension in your neck and shoulders.

Bend the knees and roll down a way from the feet. Pull the heels down, stretch it out. We'll take those traps off of the feet and place the straps over the pegs. Heels go onto the foot bar, hip distance apart like we started. The head is flat down. Push into your heels.

Press your hips up for three. Lower down per ass, up to lower down wholly here. Now feel that care just pulled into the stoppers. Those hamstrings should be on fire to hold it there and he'll slide the carriage away. Exhale, pull it in and until you touch the stoppers slide away. Pull it into the stoppers. One more.

Pull it into the Stop Burns. Roll down through your spine. Keeping the left here where I is, raised the right leg. Press those hips up for three and Dan Hib Square. Lift up to and down. Hold it up, Garrett into the stoppers. Slide the carriage away.

Pull it in, siding the carriage away, only to that point where you feel no stream, so the knee may straight and it may not straight in. Pull it into the stoppers. Roll the spine down, right heel onto the foot bar left to table top, and we press our hips up one. Tap them down. Press up to tap them down. Hold it up on three in hillside, the carriage back. Exhale, pull, pull. Pull it in side back.

Pull it in one or pull into the stoppers and rule down slowly. That left leg isn't tabletop. Raise the right transition. The head comes up. Let's swing the legs around. Okay, good. So we're going to take this foot bar down and we're going to come up onto the hands and the knees here for kneeling. ABS, friend, I prefer to do this without a spring, but feel free to use a light spring such as a yellow or a blue. So we have the hands on to the runners. Our hands are under the shoulders, knees under the hips. Pull the ABS in, slide the carriage back from the hip joint. Exhale, pull in from your abs. Upper body is still in stable.

Pull in. Inhale. Exhale. Just making sure that that next day is long and not looking down. Now hold the legs back from here. Move from your shoulder joint, sliding the carriage away. Exhale, pull yourself forward and he'll side away. Pull forward feeling that glutes just lightly engage, pulling the ABS and deep. Two more.

Exhale forward. Last one. Exhale forward and unfold at the knees. From here I'm gonna add a blue spring and pick up the straps behind me. Okay, good. So coming up right onto the knees. Stomach is pulling back. Lutes are engaged. Shoulders or back. Chest is open.

Axa We scoop forward. Inhale our exhale, scoop forward and lower. Last one, just three. Let's hold it right here. Hug a tree, but open the arms. Hug It, and feel your stomach muscles draw in as you hug. One more axial hug. Combine the two. Let's lower down scoop forward. Inhale, open. Exhale, hug and lower.

And we scoop and open and hug. Just one more. Exhale, pull the ABS in. Exhale, hug. Let's open those arms. Bend your elbows back of the hands to the forehead. Press into the straps for the salute.

Press one and then for us of two, and then for us three and hold it here. Just one arm presses up and Ben stabilize the opposite shoulder to exhale. Three trying to keep those shoulders nice and square. Two more. Last one to come out of the exercise. Arms raised. Open the arm. Sit back to your heels. Okay, so from here we'll just take those traps into one hand. Turn around.

Now we have the knees right up against the shoulder rest. I'm going to sit down to the heels, holding onto the flat part of the straps. Pull the stomach and draw your shoulders back. And once we per raise yourself up, pull the arms by the sides, pull the stomach and keep the lower back. Long as you hinge back, lift up to the center, sit down to the heels, control the arms forward. Pull yourself, abs and glutes are tight. Hinge back Singh.

Strong through the center. Lift up. Sit down. Reach forward. Just one more like this. Lifting up and hinges back. Lift up to the center. Sit down, reach forward. Now from here we're going to criss cross our straps. Okay, same position.

Holding right above the metal palms are facing down. Lifting up. Bend your elbows into a row. Sit down, reach forward. Exhale, pull. Draw the shoulders back. Exhale, two more here, filling our thighs and back muscles. Warming up. Last one. That's stay lifted. Reach the arms forward. Turn your palms bow and Arrow. The left arm is going to lengthen as we pull the right elbow back and rotate and center. Exhale, pull the laugh.

Double back and center, feeling that laugh. Right shoulder pulling back and center. Family, left shoulder, pulling back and center. Exhale and center and rotate. And sensor. Just two more. And last one here. Left shoulder pulls back. ABS are n and s and dirt. Good. We'll release those straps down and set up for the next exercise. So bringing your knees back, we're going to place the left hand down to the headrest.

So you want your knees underneath the hips, the shoulder, and the hand in line. We'll pick up this job. This will go into a little bit of a balance work. So starting stable that right arm as long we're going to pull the arm back by your side. Reach the arm forward with control again. Pull it back to the side. Reach forward. Last one. This is where it gets to be balanced. If you have the balance.

Four extend your opposite leg, your left flag back. Reach the right arm down and press set back. Reached down per ass back one more. Now whole to the back, into triceps. Bend your elbow and your knee x.

Stand to more xn. Feel free to keep that left leg down. That was three. Let's bend the knee and elbow and carefully place the strap down. Kat. Good. Let's go to the other side. So right hand on the head rest, knees under your hips, feeling that length of the spine.

Let's pick up the strap. Starting Nice and square. Let's pull the arm down. Aback. Reach forward. Nice and controlled. Gliding the left shoulder down, reaching forward. Last one. Okay, good. So take a moment to find your balance. Extend the right leg, reach the left arm down per us set back and pera sip one more.

You might feel that one side is harder than the other. Let's bend the elbow and the knee or just elbow press. Sit back and harass back. Last one, bend the knee, bend the elbow and release. Placing the strap over the peg. Sit into a brief child's pose before we move on.

Sitting to your heels for head down to the headrest and then roll yourself up. Okay, good. So I'm going to stay with a blue sprang and grab the box. So placing a long box onto the carriage. I still have a blue spring. I'll often do this with a red spring as well, but for today we'll do a blue. We're going to come onto this stomach and kick up this time a little higher.

So I'm going to loop my hands through the straps and hold onto the rubber part of the ropes. Separate the legs, hip distance apart. The arms are long. Let's bring the head down. Chest is off of the box. Going into an arms circle, pull the arms back, lifting the chest from your back muscles. Open the arms out to the sides and lower idea again, pulling back left into the extension. Open the arms. Hello word. One more in this direction. Pull back, left open and lower. Let's reverse.

So open the arms out. Pull back and lower down again. Open out, pulling to that t press position and down. One more pull and lower down. Lifting up into a long street spine.

Pull the arms by your sides. One, five wraps Axa from your back muscles to pull back. Three. Exhale four. Let's hold those arms nice and strong by your sides. Open the arms. Exhale, pull in. See if your palms can be facing towards the floor.

Pinky is pulling in towards the body one way and let's round down over there. Go. Good. We're going to hold onto those straps. Step off to one side and as a transition we'll sit up on our box fee onto the head rest, and then take your straps. We'll play some up above your knees onto the thighs. Okay, rolling down onto the back.

Straps are nice and level and even with each other and the hands will go behind her head. HABS are pulling and we're going to go into an a version of the ABS series with reverse abs. So lengthen out that right leg stretch. Pull it back in line with your left. Stretch your left leg out. Pull it in. Axial and center. Exhale and center and reach and center and reach and sender.

Just one more. We need to stabilize through the center. Last one and center. Stay here. Reach both of the legs up to a high diagonal exhale. Pull it in. Feeling where the lower back position feels the most comfortable. So if that means your knees need to say soft or high, feel free just taking out to your point of control than pulling it in with control. Two more.

Pull. Last one, pull in. Send the leg straight up. Lower the right leg down. Exhale, scoop in, left lower. Exhale, left lower. Exhale, left lower. Exhale live. One more to get down. Pull it up and down and lift and those legs out.

He'll see other toes apart. Make it diamond shape with your legs. Feel those lower abs. Lower the legs. Exhale left, like there's this tight band from hip on the hip on pulling it in tight with every rep. Exhale, lift again, lowering just to your point of control. Lift two more. Good. Last one. Now Bend those knees. We have the Chris Cross. Reach your right leg long. Bring your right elbow up towards the left knee center. Switch sides, rotate and center and rotate.

Center. Breathe out and ax fill in here. Exhale, that's enough. Let's hold the back of your thighs. Transition with control. Roll that up. Okay, God. We'll take those straps off of our legs. Play some over the pikes. Okay. Next transition.

We're going to come off of here. I have a blue spring on. I really do prefer this one on a bloom, so we're kneeling. It's another balance exercise similar to the arm one. This time our foot will be in a strap. Okay. Before we get the foot in the strap, I like to prepare the alignment so the hands are going to be under the shoulders by the edge of the box. Okay. Now, depending on your height, you're gonna bring those knees back in line with your, um, hips.

And then bring your left knee in towards the center. So it's like a triangle position and we'll take that right strap and I find the best transition is to swing that foot off to the side. Carefully place the foot in and then place your hands back down. Okay. Stretch the body long. Reach the right arm straight down. We're going to pull that leg back and sweep it down and forward.

Exhale, sweep it back in. Hale, forward just three. This is three. Hold it back. Bend your knee and reach it back. Bend the knee, reject back. One More Ben. And stretch now lower the like straight down. Press the leg straight back. Stay there, bend your knee and press set back two more down per us back and bend and lengthen last time. Lower. Sweep the leg back, bend the knee, press the leg back, and then just place that knee down onto the box.

We'll take the foot out of the strap. Okay, good. Other side. So we are set up with the um, body position, the length, but swing that left foot over to the side, placing the strap onto the arch of the foot. Okay. Hands the edge of the box. Right knee comes into the center, left leg reaches back. Here we go, abs or, and we sweep the leg one and forward. Sweep the leg two and forward. Hold it back on three Ben.

Then knee press what Ben and he with control per us too. And then hold it back on three. We're going to combine with a straight leg. Go down, straight leg, press back, bend the knee and per a straight leg, sweep it down, sweep it back, bend the knee and per us last one, go down and back and bend and per us careful transition play said knee onto the box. Take the foot out of the strap, close the carriage. All right, and then step off to the side. Okay, good. We'll go to short box next. So go ahead, turn that box. I like mine over the shoulder. Rats.

We'll add some springs for stuff to keep the carriage still. And I'm going to use a wooden dowel here. Okay, so sitting up onto our short box. Okay, fico underneath this safety strap. Okay, so the knees are bent. Making sure that strap is nice and tight. We're going to stretch the arms up and overhead.

Draw the shoulders down for your that length from the sip. Phones up through the bar and now pull the stem again. We're going to round the spine into a letter c shape. Looked down to your belly. We're going to start with just little pulses, just spice. Scoop the ABS in one. Scoop them deeper to exhale. Three, exhale four and five. No STI there.

Lift the arms up her. Step one. Good as if you're down on something heavy to push. As you pull the ABS in. Three push scoop in four and five. Now from here, rolling onto your lower back. Touches the box.

Stay there, pull the abs and round forward over the legs. Roll up, stack your spine and roll down. Find out letters, see CAEP roll down to lower back touches a box. If it's available, press the Bart's, the thighs arch back sack thats into the chest. Exhale, keep pulling the belly in as you reach forward. Roll the spine up and just one more.

So take your time feeling every part of your spine. So we're going to touch that lower back down the bar. Touches the thighs rolling back, extending through the spine, opening the chest. Chin comes in first. Use Your x hole to reach forward and stack that spinal right back up.

God. Okay. Place the bar down next. I have a side set of your eastern for you, so I'm going to keep my right leg underneath the safety strap. Left knee to the edge of the box. Okay. Really secure that foot into this drought. We'll place the hand down to the headrest. Rolling your soldiers back, keeping the chest open. Bring the top hand to the head, bottom hand to the head. Inhale, lower axial left lower.

Exhale left. One more. Stay lifted. Left arm out, right arm down. Go down. Exhale, left lower. Exhale left. One more stale lifted. Bring that top arm over. Head low or increasing or intensity. Two and left. One more. Stay lifted.

Bring the hands to the heart. As you rotate an open heart. As you bring it back to the side, bring it in and rotate to the heart. Open out. One more in open and I'll let that take you all the way out. Bring your right hand across the rib cage side stretch.

Reach out through the left arm. Dive down into the wall. Stretch over. Exhale, lift all the way up through our mermaid and again, reach out and lower down and reach and side Bat. Last one, reach out into the well. Lift up and mermaid. Good coming all the way up. Turn arounds left underneath this strap wearing your left oblique so please sat right hand downs the headrests. Now feel this length in your legs.

Engage the glute open across the chest. Chin is up. Hands to the hat. Their hand to the head. Here we go. Inhale. Lower lifts up. One lower exhale to hold it through. Researchers arms on an opposition. Lower lift up. One low. Lift up to lower.

See lifted on three both arms. Reaching over hat down, up one, down. Lift two. See lifted three hands, the heart rotate, open and back to the window. My window. Anyway, go back to the ocean. One more center and side. Now pull yourself all the way up into a nice side mermaid, strat. Reach out through the right fingertips. Dive into the well, lift up and into the mermaid and reach out. Dive down, lifting up and stretch. One more.

Reach out. Lower lift and mermaid. God coming all the way up. Okay, great. We're going to step off of there. I'm going to get rid of my doll and I'm going to move this box next so that it is in front of the shoulder ass. It's okay. We're going to change the springs so we have a red and a yellow spring attached.

Actually we'll do a red and a blue or red and a blue as gut. Okay, so place your right foot onto the platform. Stabilize that leg, place the other foot right up against the box. Sitting up straight. Grounding for your feets. We're going to start with the squat, so bend your knees, Bend your elbows, come down, press app. Try to keep that carried still. It doesn't move. Lift up. Inhale lower. Press up. Two more on this last one. Stay down. Hold it here.

The hand position. I have my right hand on my glutes, my left hand on my right thigh to keep my leg still engage those muscles and push away skater. Push out to just five. Push away. Three. Feeling it more in that right leg. Four, five. Now bring the carriage to the stoppers. Stand up and open the arms. Push the carriage away equally. You both legs control it in per ass outs and exhale and just two more push. Last one.

Add a rotation. Try to keep those hips still as we rotate and send her two more. Pull that left shoulder back as you're dressed, keeping the left hip forward. Now come center. Keep the chairs out. Lean forward. Find the greatest length of your spine. Head to tail. Tailbone reached down, holding the frame of the reformer. Let your head relax. Let's see. Oh, roll ourselves up, up, up, raising the arms straight up over hat.

Press down now. Get the weight over the right leg. Stay here, lifting that left leg up if it's available. Otherwise, find some balance that works. Arms down by the sides. We're going to start to lean forward. Reaching your left leg back. Pause for three, two, one. Soften the standing leg and then step behind you and walk around.

Okay, good side too. So we step onto the stable platform. First. Step up onto the cares. That foot is nice and support against the box. Ground your feet. Inhale, squat down. Press it in. Hair X, lower three. Press up lower for last one.

Stayed down, left hand to the glute, right hand to the back. You'd be like, still, we push away. One and speed. Skater two and three and four. Left leg does move an inch. Five bring it in. Stand up Brian. Arms reach out. Push down to push away and in both legs.

Press away equally and en. Exhale three and end two more. Last one, pulling it and growing. Nice and tall. Add a rotation. Rotate. So right now I'm thinking about keeping my right hip forward as my right shoulder pulls back. That's it. Just three. Open the arms. Lean forward.

Head to tab on lengthens. Reach down, drop your head heavy, picking up the flowers, rural the spine up. Arms Up. Open the arms. Close the carriage. Okay, we get the way over the left. I feel free to just balance on this leg. Otherwise I lift my leg and lean forward. Pause for three, two, one. Soften the standing leg and then step to the back.

All right, next we're going to take our foot bar up. Just a hair. Okay, so it's at the lowest setting right now and I'm on one red spring. We're gonna do a plank with the box, so coming down onto our forearms. So please the forms down onto the box first. Then step that inside foot up onto the platform. Once it's there, I'm going to push the carriage away to step the other foot up onto the foot bar and then lift up both feet. Okay, good.

One solid straight plank position. We're going to shift from the shoulder joint out and in, out, and in. Just one more. Hold it stable. Then your knee is bringing the carriage into the foot bar. Press. Sit Away, lengthening out. Stir away. One more. Hold it there. Pike your hips up to the ceiling. Gently close the hairs to this Tom Perez.

Bring it back into your forward plank. Lift up pike and plank. One more. Lifting up into the pike and out into the plank. Transition. Bend your knees, sub one foot down to the platform. Set the other foot onto the floor and that carriage is closed.

So let's lift the foot bar to the highest, not the highest point, but up to your higher point. Like you did foot work at a yellow spring. So I have one red, one yellow spring attached, and we're going to take this box away. Okay. And then coming back through, we're going to raise the headrest up. Going into long stretch hands. We'll go onto the foot bar. Let's swing that inside like ups are in the ball of the foot to the headdress crease. Swing the other leg up. Finding that length, just three reps. Inhale, push away. Exhale, glide forward.

And two X. He'll forward one more. Three, hold it for three pushups. Lower in three counts. One, two, three and push two, three and lower to three and push to three and lower to three and push two, three. Soften the knees, lower them to the mat the same exact time. Close the carriage. We'll place our feet against the shoulder ass. Bring the hips forward. Open through your chest, down, stretch. Slide the hedge away. Exhale, come forward.

Opening through the heart center. Press it away. Tighten through those glutes. Press your hip bones forward. One more and lifting up. Open across the chest, and then send your hips back. Okay, good. One red, one yellow is attached.

Sly the LEFA over to the shoulder ass. Place the Rifa down underneath the foot bar. The left knee is going to lift off of the carriage. Bend your right knee down so the right knee is directly over the heel. Feel this length in the front of your left hip flexor.

Keep us I really straight. Really still in strong. Just lift up, softening the right knee to straight and pressing down. Lift up and press it down. One More and press John. Now from here we're going to lift our hips. Point. Your right foot down to the floor. Scoop the abs left and lower.

Round in your spine. Scoop two and lower. One more pause. Take it to a passe. Bend your right knee. Say and lower down and lift the hips lower. One more pause here. Take it to an era of Basque, right, like kicks back and step forward. Keeping your back leg. Your left leg straight. Last one. Now start to bring the carriage in. Slowly.

Pause with your knees in line with each other. Hands come off of the carriage hands. Go behind your head. Squeeze this left glute and little pulse. Five, four, three, two, one and bring it in. Okay, good. We're going to take off our red Springvale. One yellow can do it with a blue as well, but I'm sticking with a yellow today.

We're gonna pick up the strap. Stand with your feet in line with the shoulder possible way slightly from the carriage, the lot. That strap is in her left hand. The left leg steps back, right hand on your waist. Come down into a split squat position. Right knee over your heel. ABS are in. Keep our left shoulder back and let's punch one and bend.

Press two and per us three. Exhale four and five. Bring the carriage in. Now standing up, I'm going to walk a little bit closer, so now I'm in second position in line with the carriage strap is in my left hand. Come into a [inaudible]. Hug the arms in one and open. Exhale to open. Hug three and four five open the arms length and your legs pivot around so the left leg is forward, right leg is back. We'll place the left on your waist. Palm Up.

Come down into your split squat and a bicep curl. One. Exhale to plug that ratio shoulder back. Three and four five length in the legs. Stand that right foot next to the left and play strapped down. Whooo. Other side. So we'll add that red spring.

Come around, set up here, left foot underneath the foot bar, right foot against the shoulder. Asked. We're going to come down, finding the length and the right hip. Pull the stomach in. Lift, keeping my left knee soft. Sync it down to stretch. Lift, sink it down to stretch. Left and pike your hips up. Exhale and lower. Relax the head down.

Pull the ABS in and up. Pause for a second to get to passe and lifted up and down. Lift it and down. One more. Pause for a second to get to our bass kick. Get back, step forward and to Steph over and three forward. Now control the carriage in n N. And so the knees are in line.

Come up, right shoulder, stacked over your Hap sans behind the hat. Pulse for five. Four. Really engage in that glute to one. Rang it and okay, good. That red spring comes off. You pick up the strap. Okay, so a good gauge is to start with your feet in line with the shoulder as if you want more resistance or just go closer to the foot bar. Okay. Right?

Like subs back left. Get on your waist, hold the strap in the thumb, come down, exhale, punch forward one and exhale two and punch three and four, five and bring it. And okay, good for hug a tree. You want more resistance? So let's step those legs basically to the edge of the carriage. Please. [inaudible] and hug in one and axial to feel both arms pulling in equally three, four, five. Open the arms length and the legs and our pivot around keeping the legs where they are. Right like forward, right hand to the waist and by sub curl. Nice and stable. From shoulder to elbow. Squeeze and three, two more. Four five and release. We're going to lengthen our legs.

Bring the feet together. Okay, good. So for the next series I'm going to be on two red springs starting with an elephant. Place your hands wide on the foot bar. Stand up. I have my feet in front of the shoulder. Ras, a couple of inches or so. Curl those toes up to the ceiling. Ground into your heels. Let's round the spine, really tucking that sin, scooping the stomach in and he'll slide the heres away. Exhale, pull in from your abs. Exhale, pull in from the ABS.

Exhale, pull in and hold it. Step your feet back. Lower the chills and length the new table into the ceiling. The ears are lined with a biceps back is flat. Slide out. Pull in this time feeling a nice hamstring strapped and pull in and hold at there. Rise your heels up please. A left heel up against the shoulder ass. We're going to take the right knee up towards the nose. Rounding your back, sled the hairs out. Pull in, pull in one more close the carriage.

Start to reach the leg back, keeping your hips square, ears and mind with your arms side out. Pull in out. Pull in and in. Now as a carriage goes back, tap the foot to the head. Wrasse lift the app. The leg doesn't lift too high. Just in line with your hip transition. We're going to bend the knee. Round your back, looking towards the foot bar.

Step that right leg up. Slide the carriage back until you feel a nice Duran and bend the knee. Bring it in. I again, slide Harrish back and stretch and bring it in. One more here. Strfat match. Now bring in the next series is our Russian splits balancing.

So slowly lifting the body up, reaching the arms forward. Press the carriage, open the arms, lift the arms, open the arms, bend the right knee. Come forward. We open it out, lift up lower and en. One more. Open and left lower. Bring it in. Place your hands down onto the foot bar.

Close the Harrison stoppers. Taking that foot up, bringing it up. This time to your highest arabesque position. Stretch that like nice and long. Bethany, open your hip up even more. Peeking over your left shoulder, looking towards your foot stretch like out to the window side. Looking at that fucked. Place it down.

Other side. We're going to stay on the ball of the right foot. Pull the left knee to the nose. Round your back. Side out. Pull in scoop. Exhale two and three. Close the carriage. Start to reach the leg back, keeping it square. Slide out. Pull in one and two and three.

Tap The foot to the headdress. Lift the leg one, lift up, two and three. Close a carriage. We're gonna bend the knee. Pull the stomach in. Round the back. Look at the foot bar. Step it up. Stretch side, lie the carriage back, bend it and per us and stretch and, and one more. Okay. Going into some balance. Work here. Slowly transition up. Reach the arms forward. Open the arms as you press back.

Long legs, take you up long legs. Bring you down. Bend. Return per us it. Oh and left and lower. Return. One more. Press out left lower return.

Lower the hands to the foot bar. Close the carriage. The knee comes into the nose and then you bring it back back, back as you reach your chest. Was that right? Thigh left the left like up. Then the knee peek over your right shoulder. Send that like out to the left. Bring that leg down and let's lower those knees to the carriage.

All right, take off a red spring. Sit on your right side. We'll place the left shin up against the shoulder. US right hand to the foot bar starts to slide. Here's my answer. A Beautiful Mermaid side stretch. Lift up and open. The arm again are reaching up and over and left.

One more sides directs. Find a rotation. Place the hands on the foot bar. Push the carriage away. Lifting up into an extension and a rotation per ass. The carriage away. Lifting up one more and lifting up. Transitioning outside the carriage away.

Bring the right hand to the center of the foot bar. Left arm overhead coming all the way out. We'll place that left hand down to the PAG. Reach up and over and lift up through the center. Now take your back leg, your left foot underneath the foot bar, right foot against the shoulder ass. Just slide back to stir.

Rotch and left pushing into your hands. Press back through your right foot and left. One more. Stretch and lift. Good. And then from here just pivot so that now we have our right shin against the shoulder ass left like forward and mermaid side stretch. Reach over and lift up. Exhale, side stretch. Lift up, filling up the right side with an inhale. Now Steve Add.

Let's rotate hands to the foot bar. Push the carriage away. Look down at this spring, lifting up extended neuro teats. Exhale, press so away. Lift and rotate. Exhale Preso way. Shoulders down, square with the foot bar and then slide the carriage away.

We'll slide that left hand to the center of the foot bar, right arm overhead. Close the carriage. Hold onto the pag as we reached up and lifting up through the center. Take your back leg underneath the foot bar, left foot against the shoulder. Ras and sink down is when I sow as stretch and pull it up. Sink down and stir hatch. Lift lifted up. One one.

Okay, lift all the way up. You're going to change to be yellow. Spring last stretch. We're going to stand to the front of the reformer. All we up against so FYS are touching the foot bar. Pull the stomach in. Ground your feet. Inhale, raise the arms overhead. Exhale, pull the ABS and roll down the hands or to the edge of the carriage.

We slide the carriage away. Get the greatest length of your spine, and then Kat stretched in. Flex your spine. Send it away. Flex the spine. Inhale away. One more. Pull it in. That belly is pulling in Nice and tight. We're going to roll ourselves up to standing. Inhale, raise the arms up and over. Hugged. Exhale, lower the arms, and thank you so much for joining me for the reformer class.


Love the energy, flows and transitions. Thank you so much.
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Melissa this was really a great class. You hit all the body parts and I liked the transitions. Thank you!
I forgot how much I enjoy the stork! Thanks for a great start to the day!
Liana C
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Thank you so much! This class is amazing. Great transitions and clear cueing!
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Just what I needed! Thanks so much!
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Love the transitions, pace and the challenge! I know you will always make we sweat! :)
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A fantastic class Melissa! Thank you 🙏🏻
1 person likes this.
Just lovely! Thank you so much for a perfect hour!
3 people like this.
It was like a movement poetry. Thank you soo much.
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As always...
Melissa delivers a great class, nice flow, good easy queues with her nice relaxing voice
Thank you Melissa
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