Class #3429

Flowing Mat Progressions

65 min - Class


Challenge your whole body with this flowing Mat workout by Melissa Connolly. She starts with a nice, thorough warm up and then gradually picks up the pace through a series of progressions. She includes fun variations to the Series of Five, Teaser, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm Melissa Connolly and I am excited to be back here at plottings anytime. To film an intermediate level math class. We'll start with a nice, thorough warm up and the piece will gradually intensi...


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Fabulous flow class, very inspirational... And so many exercises covered
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Great flow, lovely class!
Brilliant class, thank you!
Great Mix and flow! Love it! Excellent workout that went by toooo fast! Thank you! More please!!!!
Such a great class.I injured my back and this was exactly what I needed today.I feel so much better­čÖĆ­čÖĆThankyou you are amazing as always!!!!!
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So wonderful to have access to the exceptional pilates teacher that is Melissa Connolly! Brilliant matclass although definitely not for beginners.
Awesome class Melissa!!!
So good!!
Beautiful class. Wish there were more mat classes. Thank you.
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That was amazing! I am so impressed with Pilates Anytime, absolutely excellent instructors. I have learned so much in just two months.
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