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Flowing Mat Progressions

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Challenge your whole body with this flowing Mat workout by Melissa Connolly. She starts with a nice, thorough warm up and then gradually picks up the pace through a series of progressions. She includes fun variations to the Series of Five, Teaser, and so much more!
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Hi, I'm Melissa Connolly and I am excited to be back here at plottings anytime. To film an intermediate level math class. We'll start with a nice, thorough warm up and the piece will gradually intensify and pick up. So let's get started. We're going to be on our backs, so ladies, light on your backs, your feet facing towards each other. And we're going to bend our knees.

We're going to start just checking into our bodies. So feeling where your feet are, toes, heels are in line with your knees, hips and shoulders. We're going to take a nice deep breath. Inhaling through the nose as we exhale, bring awareness, a lower abdominals, pulling them in Nice and tight. Take another full breath in here, like spanning the ribs front side and back.

And exhale, drawing the abdominals in a little bit deeper. One more breath. Let's think about the length of the knack. And as you exhale, gently pull the shoulders, dad opening across your collar bone. And now breathing in, we're going to act. So going into a pelvic tilt, curling the tailbone under, rolling through the lower spine and to a small arch. And using your exhale to curl the hips under and rolling through into a small arch. One more Bu.

Draw the abdominals in and roll through that lower spine and to the small arch and then settle your pelvis down. Finding a nice, nice weight through your tailbone. Pull the belly in. We're going to raise the right, like up to a tabletop position from here. Lower that leg down, toe ball heel. Exhale. Let's float the left leg up and lower it down. Toe Ball heel this time as a right leg lifts, raise your left arm straight up in line with the shoulder and lower everything down and exa.

Reason left like right arm up and lower down. Fill your abs, pull and as you raise the arm and leg and lower down, exhale, let's raise and holds it here. Bring your arm down to the mat, lift your right leg up to meet the left and flex the feets. We'll tap the right heel to the mat. Exhale, pull the stomach injuries, the knee left heel to the mat and exhale left. Add the opposite arm. Left arm raise. Is that that right?

That goes down and find your center. With an inhale. We lower with an exhale deep in the core connection. One more on both sides and I center last one. And exhale. Pause right here. Let's point through the feet. Stomach is pulling in.

Lower your feet down to your point of control without arching. And exhale, pull the knees up. Inhale lower and exhale. Lift up. Those shoulders are down. The collarbone stays wide and Xcel the next three.

Raise your arms up in line with the shoulders. Exhale, press the arms down. Knees lift up. Inhale lower and exhale. Raise up last one and lift the knees up. Keeping the knees lifted. Stretch the arms straight up to the sides in a t position. Bring your legs over to the right, the inner thighs. Stay connected.

Axle ring out through the waist and knees through the center. Inhale, knees over to the left. Exhale, pull center and he'll feel your opposite. Shoulder. Left shoulder anchored to the mat. Exhale, center, and over to the left. Pull your right shoulder onto the mat. Exhale, center one more on both sides and ruling it out. Last one and I exhale. We're going to add on and bring those knees over to the right pads.

Extend the leg straight out. Long. Bend the knees and exhale. Pull the like center legs to the left. Exhale, bend the knees. Exhale, center again. We rotate. Extend, bend and center and rotate. Extend, bend and center. Let's bring those arms down by the sides.

Place your feet down just like we started so toes, heels, knees, hips, shoulders lined up. Push into the feet and press your hips into a straight bridge. Lift the hips right up. Lower the hips without articulating just lo or them to the mat. Again.

Press the hip straight up and low or to the man and exhale. Press up and PAS. Feeling the glutes and the hamstrings engaged abdominal muscles pulling in. We're going to keep our hips in Nice and still as we marched the legs right leg lifts up. Lower that foot down. Toe Ball heel. Keep the stability in your pelvis. Lift the left leg up.

Lower Toe Ball, heel. Breathe into. Float the leg out at. Exhale lower and left like floats up. Exhale, hour. Just one more on both sides and lower. Last one, lift and lower. Now from here, raise the right light to table top. Hold it there. Feel the work in the back of the left thigh hip stays.

Still lower the hips to the mat. Press your hipstery up. Two more lower to the mat per address. Last one per press up and let's place that right foot down. Tool ball heel. Raise the left leg. Oh, pause for a second to feel that engagement in the right Luton hamstring and let's lower the hips. Exhale up her ass up.

Lower down per us up. One more per us up and let's place that left foot down. Toe Ball heel. Stretch your arms all the way back overhead. Reaching back to the fingertips.

Let's rule the spine down this time through the upper spine, the middle spine, the lower spine, the tailbone. Now as we roll your hips up, bring the arms down so the arms are going to raise up. As we roll up, press the arms down to the mat, lift those hips up nice and high and let's roll down. As you roll down, stretch the arms up to the ceiling. Keep stretching the arms all the way back to the opposite side of the room and rule the hips up again, raising the arms up, up, and all the way down. If you're the opposition, pressing down through the arms as the hips are, raise high, and let's roll down, stretching the arms all the way back and again, rural your hips up per assessing the arms down. Now we're going to hold this bridge for a moment, but lifting to more of an extension. So raise your hips high from here, lace your fingers underneath your back. Press Dad into your arms, maybe rolling those shoulders underneath you. And just a few breaths here.

Think about lengthening back to the crown of the head, so maybe taking your eye gaze a little further back, lengthening through your Nav, opening across your chest and your color biome. And then let's release the arms and roll the spine. Now against stretch those arms all the way back at articulation through each part of your spine. Once your table attaches the mat to the hands behind your head. We're going to lace the fingers and bring your elbows up into the peripheral vision. Exhale, curl head, neck, shoulder blades up.

Inhale, lower down. I can act. Feel feeling that head nice and heavy in the hands and lowered. Yeah, and X. Haleigh. Inhale, lower. Three more. Exhale left. Inhale, Lauer. Two more. Sliding the ribs down to the hipbones. Belly pulls in and up and lower.

Last one, exhale and lower. We're going to do an old bleak twist. Rotate to your right side. Lift up and lower down. We're going to go to the opposite side. Axial lifting up and lower. So some key points here.

Feel that the back of your pelvis is saying equally weighted onto the mat and then get that cross pattern. So your shoulder, your right shoulders going towards your left hip, bone and down. Try not to over twist, just left and lower. Last one, exhale left and lower down. Good from Sherman. How do you lie on your side? Feast towards me. I'll face towards you.

We're going to stretch that arm all the way out. Benji is the music going to come right up in line with your hips and pull your heels back towards your glutes. Take your top hand in front of you, rast, your head down the feet. Stay connected. We're going to open up. There needs to be a little clamshell theories out and lower down. Exhale, rotate and lower down. Feel about length of your knack releasing any tension. Three more. Rotate and lower.

Two more rotates and lower. Last one. X, Sam. And though we're adding on, we're going to go into the external rotation. From here in turn, rotation, knees touch and the feet touched. Turn out and turn in. Exhale out. And in three more. Turn out and into more. Turn out and and last one. Turn out.

Now stay turned the end. Raise your bottom. Fuzz. The feet are connected. Keeping the leg, the feet in that position. Rotate the knee out. Lower down. Good. So repeat here to am hour working the outer glutes. Three lower exhale, four lower, two more. Five lower last one, six. And now adding in that extra layer rotation followed by the internal rotation.

Go add that bottom foot. Stay stable, out and into and turn out. And in three turn out and for two more, five and six go. Let's release the like down wherever you are, just turn right onto your stomach. Okay, good. We're gonna separate out legs about hip distance apart. Bring your arms down by your sides.

The palms are going to face the mat for headed down the map if you have the activation in your legs, but keep them on the mat and start to raise your chest, arms and hands. Inhale, raise up. Exhale, lower the spine down. Inhale, raise up energy back through the fingertips and exhale low. One more. Let's lift in. Pause at the top. Really stretch those arms out long they carry out to the sides. Now we're in a t position with the arms lower down. Inhale, raise up energy out through the fingertips and exhale, lower. Inhale, lift up and exhale lower.

One more. Raise up and pause. Let's stretch the arms over. Head, shoulders down and low or three times here. Inhale, lift up, exhale, low. Where would the arms overhead? It'll be your smallest range of motion. And exhale lower. One more.

We're going to lift PAS here. Now Bend your elbows into a goalpost position. Keep your body where it is. Stretch the arms overhead. Inhale, reach. Exhale, pull the elbows down. Two more. Stretch out. Exhale, pull down. One more out. Exhale, pull now holding up goalpost position.

Lower the chest and the arms down. Keep your left hand onto the mat. Raise the right lift up into an extension and a small rotation. So the iFocus looks towards your right hand and then lower down. That right hand is on the mat. Lift the left side.

I focus on the left hand and lower down. And as we lift that right Satoshi, I feel the right shoulder reaching towards your back, left pocket, and low. And now the same thing on the opposite side. Left shoulder to the back, right pocket, and lower. One more in both sides. Breathing in and exhale. Lower. Last one in here. And I see a lower good hands by your shoulders.

Briefly sit into a child's pose just as a transition. And from here, roll yourself up and let's do our clamshell series on the other side. So just turn to face me again. Okay, good. And bringing those knees right in line with our hips. Stretch the arm out, heels pulling towards your glutes. Chin is up and here we go. Rotate out and down.

Exhale to and down and out. 30 and down. Two more, four down last one, five and now turning the leg out, rotate out, rotate it in. Extra rotation, internal rotation out three and down and out. Four and down. One more five. We're going to keep that foot raised app. Lift the bottom foot and then rotate the top leg out and down.

Exhale too. And now giving that outer good. Just a little school ease at the top, engaging that muscle. Exhale and lower too down. Last one and I'll adding and we have an external rotation followed by internal and out. Turning in. Turn out three. Turn in, turn out for turn in and out, five in and out, six and an n, lower down.

Come on to your stomach again this time stretch your arms over. Head palms facing down, legs, hip distance. We're going to slide the hands in, lifting your chest up, so left into a small mini swan and an axial low. Or let's bring awareness to the back of your neck and he'll find that reflection from the crown of the head all the way down to your toes. Exhale, lower. One more. Lift and pause here. Stretch your arms and legs up in this superman position, length and fingers to chose for ten nine eight seven six five, four, three, two. Hold it. Circle the arms all the way around to the back.

Laced her fingers. Lift your chest a little higher. Try to keep that height. We're going to place our forearms onto the mat. Tuck your toes underneath. You left up into a plank feeling again, length, head to toes, abs and strong for a ten nine eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one. Let's go onto our right arm and pivot to the side for side plank.

Feel free to have those speeds staggered or stacked. Stretch your top arm straight up. Hold it for 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. We'll just transition through the center. So come through your center plank. Pivot to the opposite side. Left forearm, feet stacked or staggered. Raise the right arm. Really draw that left shoulder down for 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Go to your center.

Plank. From here we lower the knees and then just sit back. Good. Alright. Face towards each other. Have a seat. Here we go. We're going to roll. Our spines are right down. That was our warm up. We're going to get right into the hundreds from here.

So setting the body up. Let's lift our knees to a tabletop position. Knees over your hips. Stretch your arms, so lift them. Hover them off of the bat. Energy for the fingertips. Take a nice deep inhale to prepare. Exhale, curl head, neck, shoulder blades up. Let's keep the knees bent for the first three as on your belly.

Let's breathe in. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale. Now visually see your abs. Pull in on the exhale. Inhale too. Three, four, five XL stretcher, license, ceiling. Inhale to four. Five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Lower the likes, two inches to four.

Five. Exhale, maybe two more inches to four. Five acts scenario for more. Extend your exhale. Inhale to four. Five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, six, seven, two more sale. H, last one. And axial, two three, four, five, six, seven extra a eight. Bend your knees. Hold the back of your thighs.

Rock yourself right up. We'll separate those feet hip distance apart. Holding the back of your thighs. Lifter chasse into a slight extension. Taking the eye gaze up. Now Scoop your abs in. Let's round the spine back. Reach your arms forward. Just halfway. Exhale.

Pull your stomach in. See it Polan hold the back of your thighs left. Do yourself up. Extend looking above the horizon. Scoop the ABS, and let's round the spine back. Reach the arms forward. Breathe in. Exhale. Pull the belly in. Round forward and left.

Lengthen annex one more like that. Sacks. Yell, roll back. Reach forward. Breathe in. Exhale, pull the ABS and hold the back of the thighs. And left. Let's reel half way back. So rolling halfway down. Stay here. Take your hands, lace your fingers, nose as a mind with a center of your hands. Axial. Rotate to the right. Inhale Center. Keep those hips still. Axa. Rotate to the left and center a really spiraling.

Draw the ABS and as we twist to one side center good. Just feel that those knees are tracking. Stree they like to roll in or out and center. Last one, rotate and center. Whole the back of your thighs yourself up. Go ahead. Your last leg is going to extend out. Flex your left foot.

Hold her right side. Lace your fingers. Lift that right like app to a table top so nice and straight. Activate your left thigh. We're going to roll down here with control, so abs pull and we roll down through the lower back, the middle back, the upper back, the shoulders and the hat. You can keep that left leg pressing down. Now raise head. Press your right thigh into your hands.

Roll yourself up and he'll sit top again. Let's roll it down through the low back. Roll through the mid, back the shoulders. Now your head. Raise your head. Press into the thigh to rural up and last one here. Rule Down with control. Let's hold her head down. Keep that left leg active.

Extend the right leg straight up for three then then me stretched to Ben and me. Last one. Hold it straight. Profess your arms down to the mat. Pull your stomach in. Three like circles across, down, around, and center. Inhale, exhale, center. Inhale. Exhale, center. Reverse in hand. Exhale, center to exhale. Center three. Pause right here in the center. Take your left knee, bend it, push into your left foot. Raise your hips up.

Three tee. Any time you'd like circles are around and around and too around and three ravers out and left. Two and left one and pause. Lower the hips down. Take your hands onto that right leg. We're going to walk the hands up to like lift your head. Stretch your left leg.

Oh, give yourself a nice little stretch here and then bend that right knee. Hold the back of the fast. Flex your left foot, rural it all the way out. Nice. And let's stretch that right leg down. We'll repeat on the other side. Right foot of slacks. Sit Up Street. Pull the belly back and we roll it down.

Lower Spine, middle spine, shoulders follow by your head. Raise the head. Press the hands into the thigh. Thigh into the hands again. We roll it down through the lower back, middle back. Shoulders had, and lift your head Axa and lift. Last one here. Rolling down. Push out through your right heel.

Pull the belly back and stay on your back. Reset. Left like to and bend Norris straight as it goes. Acts, sail. Stir Rach. Last one. Let's hold it there. Anchor the arms into the mat. Anchor the right side into the mat. Take the leg across, down around center one a cross down around.

Center to inhale. Exhale three reverse and half. Exhale, one out a cross. Lift to a cross. Pause threes. Slide your right foot up. Push in to the right foot. Press your hips up. T knees. Circle a cross around.

One a cross around two. Inhale. Exhale. Three, reverse out around one hour and two, three. Let's lower the hips. Straight down. Lift your head. Walk the hands. Up the leg. Slide the right leg down for a nice hamstring steroid. Bend the left knee, flex the right foot. Rule yourself up. Good. And then from here, let's slide that left leg down. Point both of your feet. We're going to flow through three roll-ups, so the arms reach forward. Let's round up and over the legs.

Keep the belly pulling back. Shoulders down, and let's roll it down. So flowing down. Here we go. One Vertebra at a time. Flex your feet, raise the arms, roll yourself up and stretch forward, pointing your feet. Roll it down and nice and fluid and control through this spy. Flex the feet. Lift the arms and head.

Exhale and Stern, yet again, rolling down. Feel the opposition toes reaching forward as your belly pulls back. Flex the fee. Anchor the back of the thighs onto the mat. As you rule out, transitioning into roll overs. Keep the feet pointed. We're going to roll down the arms this time. Press down into the mat, the legs lift up. Take them overhead. Keep your legs together, flex your feet, roll down. Feel that opposition again. Heels. Reaching back is your tailbone reaches down points to the feet, lower that likes to 45 take those legs up and exhale overhead.

Flex the feet less. Roll down, pressing back through the heels, rolling down. And one more time till those points. Lift the legs. Exhale, take them overhead. Flex the feet, abs, pull and we rule down. And then from here, bend your knees. Hold the back of your thighs. Lift your head, neck and shoulder blades up. Scoop that belly and deeply. We're going to roll app. Try Not to let your feet touch the mat. Just balance.

Good. So keeping the hands here. Elbows wide. Scoop your stomach. N as on the roll, like a ball on this position three times, and he'll roll back. Excellent lift, balance. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, lift, balance. One more. Roll back. Exhale, pause here. Now separate the knees slightly. Take your hands to your ankles. Try to pull your elbows and your knees together so the arms will be on the outside of the legs that said, eyes on the belly three times here. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, lift, balance, and he'll roll back. Exhale, lift pounds only to the shoulder blades.

Pull the stomach and pause right here. Bring your knees together this time. Wrap your arms around the legs. The tighter you hold, the more challenging it is. Tuck it all in and here we go. Roll back. Exhale, lift, balance. Get that scoop in the valley. Roll back. Exhale. One more.

Exhale, Paz, good feet. Go down. Sit Up tall, holding the back of your thighs. Okay, we've got a little ab series combined with some teasers, so stretching the arms forward. We're going to transition. Take your time. I want you to reach through your fingertips as your belly pulls back. We're going to pause once we get to the tip of the shoulder blades and take your hands behind your head. Knees, raise Ab, knees in line with your hips. We're going to keep the head in the hands for the first single leg stretch.

Reach your right leg long and pause. Stretch up leg out long, tight in the back of your right thigh. Switch that loft like reaches long eyes on that belly. Pull it in deeper. Let's flow. We're going to breathe in. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe out. Inhale through the nose. Deep. Exhale through the mouth. Only one more. Breathe out.

Now Bend your knees. Take your hands onto your shins, keeping the chest lifted. Extend your arms and legs. That would hold it for three, two, one. Circle the arms, pull it and stretch it up for 32 one exhale and stretch it up for the three two, one. Exhale. Reverse the arms. Stretch them out to the sides, up and over ahead to one. Bring the arms down. Stretch it out for three, two, one unpolished, and last time stretch. Three to want and Paulet in.

Now length in your arms and legs. Roll up into a teaser position. Pull that belly and shoulders are down. Slowly roll it down. Touching low back, mid, back. Now floats are like straight up. Hold the right calf.

Send that left leg down. Gently pull the leg. One, two, scissor. Pull one to six of these. This is three and it's four and it's one more. Pause on six. Now lifting the body up. Roll yourself up.

Reach the arms forward into a single staggered teaser. Let's roll it down with control. Float the left leg up. Hold the back of the eye and scissor. One and two. Switch one and two, three pull and four pull and five pull. Laos. One six. Okay, good. Stay there, holding that right leg. Lift your chest, rolling it up into a single leg. Teaser reach forward.

Inhale, axial. Let's roll at you. Lift both of those like straight up. Hands behind your head. Breathe in as you lower to your point of control. Scoop those abs deep and lift for six. Inhale or dig right into those abs and lift up two and lower.

Forget that neck is long. Head is heavy in your hands. Good working from our core, releasing tension everywhere else. Exhale, lifting up. Last one, lifting up now, lower the legs, reach the arms, roll up to your teaser. Pull that belly and shoulders down. We roll it down from here. Good you guys. Bend your knees, hands behind your head. Shoot the right like forward. Rotate, switch sides and weave low. Here we go, twist and with exhale, breathing em for two and exhale two last time and x here. Hug both knees. That was kind of a killer. All right, very good. We're going to bring the knees over to the right so knees are together.

Stretch your left arm straight out to the side. Take the right hand on top of your right Fi. Look towards the left hand. Now pause. And here just getting a little bit of shoulder mobility. We're going to circle the left arm back overhead. Rotate all the way around and again, bring it back in the same direction you want. So I guess a half circle. Yeah, up and around. Open it. Three dots to the side. And again, just take an overhead, bring it out.

So it's basically stopping in line with your left shoulder and then bring it back and around. Opening up one more open and big circle around and bring it back and stretch on that tee position. Now extend your left like so your knees are in line, you just reached out like owl. Flex the foot, so increases the stretch all along that left side of your outer leg. Okay, good. And then bend the knee. We're going to bring those legs up through the center.

Drop them over to your left side. So side to get a nice stretch here. Take the left hand on the outer thigh. Stretch your right arm out long and starting to circle that arm. Let's say, get over behind your head all the way around. Pause and in line with your solar.

Bring it back up and around. Ice. Big Stretch. And again, bring it overhead around in line with the shoulder and bring it back. Circle an open. One more overhead in line with the shoulder. Stretch it back and open. Get that nice stir, Rach.

Let's reach the right leg. Long breathe in. Stay there, exhale, and then bend your top mean. Bring those legs up through the center. Go ahead from here. Let's just transition. Hold the back of your thighs. Rock yourself. Good feet are going to be flat. So feet are in line with your hips. Please. Straight hand speed change.

You okay? And then lift your hips up. Pause here, widen across your chest. Pull your stomach in. We're going to bring those hips back behind you. Flex your feet, left scoop from your belly. Just two more. Raise your hips up and switch cable top and then pull your abs and eyes. Switch your belly, curling that Chin in. And again, lift the hips up. And last one here.

Let's pull this down again. Lift those hips and then lift your hips and pause. Bend your elbows. Only five tricep Deb's bend. Lift One Ben prs up to lower prs up three lower prs up four and five. Let's have a seat onto our mat.

Extend those like straight out so the legs are going to open in line with your hips. Reach the arms straight up overhead. Draw the shoulders down so for spine stretches inspired by the push through on the tower. So visualizing have that bar that you're holding onto with your hands. But we're going to keep our fingers long. Lean forward just slightly so where the long, high diagonal feeling that work in the mid to upper back. Now from here, lean back, bringing the arms down, hands in line with your shoulders.

Tuck the chin, pull the ABS and round forward. Eyes on your belly. Let's do three pulses forward. Exhale, one deep in your abs, two and three. Roll yourself back from here. Raise your arms up, come back into that hinge point. Flat Spine. Two more. Lean back, lower your HUD to abs and around. Forward and pulse. Three, two, one that's rural Alba, and then raise at fighting that length. Fingertips to shoulders to hips. Lean back again.

Last one here. Pull the belly in. Really a scope. Really deepen n one. Exhale, two, three. Roll yourself up. Stretch to arms to that feeling. We're going to open the arms out to the sides. Place the right hand down onto the ground. Reach your left arm overhead and a nice lateral side stretch.

And then lifting up. Let's play some left-hand down lateral sides to Rach and then bring yourself up. Good. Come on to all fours. Face towards each other. Okay, good. So we have the hands directly underneath the shoulders, knees under the hips, pulling the shoulders down. Soft elbows lengthen through your spine. When should I feel that long? Straight line from the crown of the head to the tailbone.

And now slide your right hand in your left like along the mat so they stay on the mat. Now raise them up. Lower down to the mat. Slide it back in. Heat the hip steady. Let's switch sides. Left arm, right leg sides out. Raises Up. Tabs down. Slides in just one more side. The right arm, left leg.

Lift up. Tap down and stay. Arm and leg. Raise and lower. Lift up and lower. Raise up and lower. Raise up and lower. Stay here. Place your right hand onto the mat.

Flex your left foot so you the hands will be in line with each other and our reads that left like one. Tap it down. Lift two, tap it down. Lift and hold it up on three from the inner thigh. Cross that like over the center. Bring it across the body and send a just three times. Cross two and center. Cross three and center.

Now combine the two. Lower the foot down, lift the leg up, cross the center and bring the leg down. Left Cross Center and lower down. Lift Kras Center. Let's do one more. Trying to keep both types really stable cross centers to here. Length in your back foot. Point the toes.

We're going to round the back nose to me. Exhale, send that leg back. Lift the chest, look forward. Exhale round the back, knows to knee and send it back. Lengthen. One more. Exhale round. Inhale, lengthen. Now we're going to step that left leg through. So round your back nose to me. Transition.

Step your left leg forward into a lunge. We have the knee directly over the heel. Hands flat on the Mat. Take a breath in and as you exhale, SAR to raise your arms up. Stay there. Inhale, shoulders down. Take your eye, gaze up. Exhale. Bring those arms down by your sides onto the sides of the foot. Good. We're going to walk the hands back. Flex your left foot now for a moment here.

Just look forward length in your spine on the inhale and then on the exhale round down over that left leg and they're going to switch the other side. The left knee is going to come down. We're back on an all fours position. Slide your left hand and your right leg straight back. Slide it out, lift it up, tap it down, bring it in. Switch sides, slide and raves and lower and in. One more left arm. Right leg and left.

Now bring it down. And now raise the arm and like so left arm, right leg. Raise up one and down. Raise up two and raise up three. And now place your left hand next to the right flexor, right foot to raise a leg one and down. Raise up two and I'm holding the three cross, the midline, cross center, cross center crux and combine.

Tap The foot down res Cross Center. Tap it down. Rave, cross center. One more down, raised, cross central. Point your foot round the back XL nose to me. Lengthen back. Extend.

Exhale around in scoop and stent. One more x down. Let's bring that knee through and step it forward into a lunge. Hands on either side of the foot and knee. Over your heel. Breathe in accent, reis, arms. Inhale, look up. Excellent. Rally's the arms down. Take your hands back, flex the foot, breathe and look forward. Lengthen your spine. Exhale round down over the leg. Yeah, take that right knee down. We're going to sit into a child's pose here.

So sit your heels, stretch your arms out, really actively stretch your arms. All that is important. You want your elbows to be straight energy out through your fingertips. Now we're going to shift the body all the way forward. So shift forward. You're in a kneeling plank like so. Okay, good. Your abs, your glutes are engaged. So pull this stomach in. Ben, elbows by the rib cage.

I go little pushup and impress yourself up, and then sit back into a child's pose. So we're going to shift forward so the arms are outstretched. We bring the shoulders directly over the rests. Then lower the body down. Press yourself up and sit back into child's pose. And three more coming forward. Bend your elbows.

Exhale. [inaudible] sit back. Stretch two more forward. Bend by the rib cage. Press up and stretch. Last one. Come forward. This one's gonna take us to our stomach.

So bend your elbows by the rib cage and land on the belly. Okay. Legs are hip. Distance. Hands are somewhat by the shoulders. We're going to hover up off of the mass. So lift your chest. Hands are off the mat. Place your hands on the mat. Glaive his shoulders down as you left into an extension.

From there, slowly lower your spine down. Take your time. Inhale, we have her off of the mat just to connect to the back muscles. Then place your hands down, GLI the shoulders down, lifting up into whatever extension feels good in your back and then we lower it down. And just one more here. Start with a hover hands come off of the map. Turn on the muscles down your spine.

Please see and sound per us yourself up. Now from each of those shoulders down, we're doing a little lateral side bed, so drawn your right shoulder down. Peak over that right shoulder, looking towards the right foot and come through the center. Other side, we're going to draw the left shoulder down. Peak over towards the left foot and center and that's at lower all the way down. Good. Press back briefly into a child's pose. Sit into your heels, lengthen your arms as they transition. And Roll yourself up. Okay, good. Have a seat.

We're gonna sit down with the little legs about hip distance apart. Feeder flax. We're going to take the hands behind the head, so feel or visualize that you're holding that head and you're really lifting yourself up. So there's that string from the crown of the head. Lifting up to the ceiling. Flex the feet strong. Really pull the belly in. Exhale, rotate to the right, pulling your right elbow back to west. Inhale Center. Pull the left elbow back. Twist.

Inhale, center. Now connect. Feel the back of your right shoulder, pulling back, pulling back into your left, back pocket and center axle rotate. Yeah, and send her one more. Really spiraling around the stomach and tight and sent him last one here and center. We're going to round up and over the legs. Dropping the head down. We're gonna roll that spine up, up, up to a vertical. Going into neck pull. We hinge the body back. Tuck your tailbone and roll the spine down. Okay, here we go. The head touches the mat. We raise it right up. Exhale, rule up keeping the legs if possible. Onto the master. Atching forward.

Roll up one vertebra at a time. Hinge back one long line. Scoop the belly and rural the spine down. Raise the head. Anchor the back of the thighs. Ruling up, stretching forward. Roll the spine. One more hinges back. Pull the stomach in. Rolling down, raising the head. Exhale and lower that. Head down and roll yourself up. Okay, good.

Flowing into the next exercise. Hinge back. Scoop this stomach and roll down. This time. Reach your arms down along your sides. Press the palms into the mat. Bring your legs together. Point your toes, pull that stomach and so deep and tight to lift your leg. Straight up. Going into scissors and bicycles. We're going to lift the hips. Take the legs over. We're ahead in tuna version. Now.

Take your hands onto your back. From here. Lift your legs up and we're going to scissor one like away from your center. Lengthen it long as the other leg reaches back and then just so wet. I again finding that separation. Sue Wet and we wet last for stretch three.

Thinking about that, like reaching away from you to transition to your bicycle. Bend that bottom knee and bicycle. One bicycle, two and three opening for your head two more and reverse. So to the hippo one, stretch to stretch three and four and five and six. Now take your legs all the way back over. Heads reached arms down, length in your neck. Slowly roll down. I want you to really feel that every vertebrae are one by one, one, one, one at a time touching the mat.

When you go all the way down to your tailbone, bend your knees, play some flat down. Push into your feet per us, your hipster rate up for shoulder bridge. Then the right needs to tabletop. Extend that right, like straight up to the ceiling. Flex your foot. Inhale, lower. Exhale, point left. Let's keep the range of motion, thighs of mine, and then raise it up. Thousand line, raise it up. Two more. Exhale. Last one, stay there. Bend your right knee, Toe Ball, heel that foot down. Anchor dam into the right leg. Lift the left to tabletop, extended to this ceiling. Flex the foot. Inhale, lower. Exhale. Point left lower. Exhale, two. Inhale.

Exhale. Three, two more. Lower left. Last one. Stay there. Bend the knee. Let's play Safa Toe Ball. Heel it down. Roll your spine down. Upper middle, lower and tailbone. Bend your knees to Table Top. Okay, preparing for Jack Knife. Let's lift those like straight up to the ceiling. Our next inversion.

Push into the back of your arms. Keep your neck long. Exhale. Let's take the legs overhead into a roll over the hip, STI, Stiebel Jack Knife. You're like straight up to the ceiling. Tighten your glutes in your thighs and your abs. Let's roll it down with control. Reaching those toes straight up to the ceiling. Lower than like some 45 we have two more flex. Exhale up and over.

Jackknife those like straight up abs in. Really squeeze your thighs. Roll it down, finding that focal point for your toes to be reaching to on the ceiling. We'll do one more exhale over Jack. Nice the legs up and we roll it down with control and precision through the center of your spine. Bend your knees. Hold the back of those eyes or rock on up.

All right. Reach your legs out long. Flex your feet. Now this time we have the balls of the feet. Connected. Feet are strong. We're sitting up straight. We reach those arms up. Inhale, lift tall. Now we're going to press the arms down. Rotate to the right. Press down. As you twist and heel left through this center, press down.

Rotate to the left, left of good. Press down. Feel that energy from fingertips to fingertips. So as the arms press down, rotate. So rotate to the left. Reach back to the left arm and center. Rotate. Reach back through the right arm and center. One more time. We rotate.

Reach back and center from here. Lower the arms down by your sides. We're going to lie down on our side, so faced towards Miele. Face towards you. Okay, setting up our arm is nice and long. Okay. I have my right arm outstretched and you both have your right arm. Perfect. Okay, so bring the legs forward so the arm, the shoulder, the hips, or to the back of the mat. Let's keep our feet pointed. ABS and ribs connected. Panas pressing down. Take your top like up hip height, just hip height and small and lower. Two more left. It's very small.

Lower. Now last one, just three. Stay lifted. We're going to take that bottom like up one and down. Lift two and down. Hold it there on three. Lower both of the legs down. Lift one, lower down. Lift. Lower down. Lift three.

Flex your feet. Lower the bottom leg down to the ball of the foot. Kick your top leg forward. Pulse, pulse. Keep your body stable. Point the foot and reach it back. We're only gonna do three reps and kick. Inhale. Inhale. Exhale, stabilize. Last one, kick, kick. Now stay here. Help to help completely. Still, we're going to bend that back knee. Flex the foot as you reach your photos or your bicycle and again, bring us to ray back. Bend the knee, reach it forward to press it back. Bend the knee, reach forward. Three, press it back. We're gonna reverse.

Lengthen the leg forward. Stretch forward. Bend the knee and reach it back. Flex the foot, reach forward. Then the knee. Reach it back. One more forward bend and reach back. Good. Now heels together, toes apart. We're going to lift that leg straight up. Flex the foot, control it down.

Just three. Any other release through your hip. Flexing. Control that. Yeah. One more. Stay down. We're gonna do a develop. Hey, you slide the foot to the knee. Extend to the ceiling. Flex and control it down. So lie, extend, flex, and reach it down. One more in this direction. And now we reverse flex the foot lifted straight up. Bend the knees, lie the foot down. Flex the foot left. Bend the knee, slide down. One more, a left bend. Slide it down. Good. Now lower those legs.

We're going to bend our knees. Press yourself up. Go ahead the leg that's on top. Our left leg is going to come around. Go ahead and then take your right hand to the outside of that thigh and rotate. Breathe and sit up tall. Looking towards your left side and as you exhale, just rotate a little bit more and then come through the center and then we'll keep that left leg in. The will lie on that left side and do the other side series.

Okay, great. So again, set up position. The arm is long. We're in a straight line. From your hand to your shoulder. Back to your hips. Bring the legs forward, keeping your neck long. Let's raise the leg. Jasper three hip, high only and lower. Feel that leg as being stirred. Watched away from your center. Stretch away from the center. Hold it there.

Bottom leg lifts up one and down. Bottom leg two and down. Hold it up there on three, both of the legs. Lower left. Lower left. One more. Now staying lifted. Flex your feet. Lower that bottom like down and kick the top leg forward. Inhale, India accelerated to the back. We're gonna flex forward.

Kick point that foot and reach it back. One more. Inhale. Inhale. Exhale, hold. It's in the back. We're going to bend the knee, flex the foot, reach forward. Stretches straight back. Bend, reach for. Press it back. One more. I bet. Reuse. Four. Press it to the back. Let's reverse. Kick that leg forward. Bend the knee, reach it back. See if you can keep your heads really still work in that range of motion and one more forward and hold it to the back. Heels together. Toes up. However, lease at up. Flex. Control it down.

Really three zest, one Wa develop. Hey, slide the foot to the knee. Extend Flex and control EAD down. Slide up x, flax. Lower down. One more reverse on Vela pay. Lift the leg straight up. Bend the knee, slide it down. Flex up, Ben, slide down.

One more up Ben and release. Good. Bend the knees. Press yourself up. Take that top leg around the thigh. Okay good. We'll hold on to the outside of the thigh. Anchor your sip phones onto the mat and rotate to the right. Use your inhale to find length.

Use Your exhale to find a little bit more rotation. Good. And then coming through the center face towards each other and roll down onto your back. Okay, good. So we are going to do some teasers next. I'm the first three I just to kind of warm up into it. So we're going to hold the back of the thighs. Lift your head up.

So using the momentum of your legs and your hands. Rock up without letting your feet touch like we did. Rolling like a ball. And then find the teaser position. Stretch out. ABS are in. Shoulders are down. Bend the knees. Hold the back of your thighs and roll down to your shoulder blades to more.

Exhale, roll up now as your legs and arms reach forward. Feel your belly in deeper. Bend the knees and arms. Roll that down. One more. Less Xcel and helix time. Exhale, pull the ABS and hold back of the head and roll down.

Knees to tabletop. Head touches. The Mat. Arms are going to lift up. So the next t's are gonna. Circle the arms and roll up into it. So stretch your arms back. Keep your ribs connected. Circle the arms up to the size. Let's roll up and then extend the legs out to straight.

We can bend our knees as we roll down the arms. We'll stretch back. Circle that arms. Use The exhale. Inhale, reach, but keep that valley pulling back and then roll down. Softening the knees. Arms go back. Last one like that. Sec, sail rolling up and reach and rule down.

We're going to do three more, but we're going to reverse the arms. So from overhead they reach street forward towards your toes. As we rolled down the arms come down by the sides, out to the sides, up and overhead. Exhale, roll up and reach and rural down, ums. That's the sides up and overhead. Exhale. Pause right here. Last thing we're going to do for teaser's.

Touch your lower back to the mat. Knee is bent or straight. It's up to you. And then a left. Two more. It's not that easy. Scoop the ABS to laugh. One more. Exhale, lift and to come out of it. Feel free to bend those knees and lower down.

Ah, bring felt the sweat a little bit. All right, good. Come on up ladies. We're going to come around onto all fours. Place the hands down directly under your shoulders, knees under your hips. Okay, go ahead. Step one, lay back. Nice and strong. Step the other leg back. We are in a plank position.

Before you do anything fancy with the legs, feel that length. Head to heels. Now draw your right knee in. Exhale, keeping the body lengthened. Yeah, haven't step it back. Left like pulls in. Pick up the pace, just form more. And for switch three, switch to one. Pause in that plank position, we'll add an old oblique twist to our SLO. Bring the right knee towards your left elbow and bring it back.

Left knee to right. Oh, bring it back. Pick up the pace for four, three, two and one end release. Lower the knees down. Okay, good. Come right up onto your knees. Pull the stomach in. Engage those lower glutes. We're going to keep the lower back. Long hinge back. Reach forward. Hold for three, two, one.

Lift up through the center. Again, hand back at that length in the front of your thighs, your lower back. Lift to the center. One more reach forward. Hinge, back and center. Come back to all forests. Okay, good. This is going to take us into our side plank. Feel free to do it on your forearm if needed. Otherwise step back into a plank. So plank on the hands or forearm. Okay, I'll tell I'm going to talk with right and left.

Bring your right hand in a little closer. Pivot your body around so the feet are staggered. Raise your top arm up to the ceiling, pulling your right shoulder down. We're gonna take that left arm overhead stretch. Now, lower those hips a couple inches as the arm goes down by your side. If you can look at your hand, lift up, reach the arm up and over hat.

Two more. Bring it down to your side. Bend Mermaid. Exhale, lift up and over. One more. Lower down. Exhale, lift up and over. Raise arms to the ceiling. Look at it if you can. He keep your hips square and bring the arm down so we don't rotate that top hip. And then raise the arms straight up. Bring that arm down again.

Raise it straight up. One more. Raise it straight up. And let's come through our center play and bring your left hand to the center. Pivot around, I'll face the camera. So here we go. We're going to stretch that arm up to the ceiling. Bring it over.

Hadfield length, fingertips to feet lower down on the end here. Use your strength. Exhale, press it up. One lower down. [inaudible] set up to lower down. Exhale 30 here we go. Stretch the arms to the ceiling. Keep your hips square as the arm reaches down so it doesn't rotate forward, and then raise it up. Two more. Breathe out and yell out. One more.

Inhale up, and then go back to your center plank. Go ahead. Come down to your knees. Sit back into child's pose for a moment. All right, very good. Palladia pushups with variation. Here we go. We're going to come forward onto your hands. Now feel free to do this on your knees or on your toes. Just three pushups.

Okay. We're going to have those elbows skimming the rib cage, so bend your elbows one. Press up, Ben. To press up, Ben. Three press up now. Lift your hips. Feet are hip distance. Walk your hands back to your feet. Go ahead from here. Roll yourself up one vertebrae at a time.

Inhale, lift the arms. Exhale, roll down. Walk it out to your plank position. If you can't take four hand walks. One, two, three, we're there. Bye for now. Feel free to stay in this plank or lift your right leg up. Three pushups, press up one prs up two. I've got a balance for you. Keep that leg lift and walk your hands back. Now that leg does not have to be high, just I don't know, a foot or so off of the ground. Flex your back foot.

Reach the arms behind you. Pause for a moment. Stand on that right foot. Lift the arms up. Inhale, exhale, roll it down. Walk it out and for 30 and two and one lifting the left. If you lifted your right, bend your elbow per press.

PSAP one per us up to three. Keep the leg left and walk it back to your right foot. And again, that left leg doesn't have to be high. Take your time, reaching me arms behind you. It is not easy, right? And then stand on your feet. Lift lower down. Go ahead, I'll just face this way. Stay where you are.

Grounding through your feet, toes, heels, knees. Have shoulders in line. Take a nice deep inhale. Axial, lower the arm. One more time, filling yourself up with positive energy for the rest of your day. Touch your hands together. Bring them down through your heart center, and thank you so much for joining me today.


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Fabulous flow class, very inspirational... And so many exercises covered
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Great flow, lovely class!
Brilliant class, thank you!
Great Mix and flow! Love it! Excellent workout that went by toooo fast! Thank you! More please!!!!
Such a great class.I injured my back and this was exactly what I needed today.I feel so much better🙏🙏Thankyou you are amazing as always!!!!!
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So wonderful to have access to the exceptional pilates teacher that is Melissa Connolly! Brilliant matclass although definitely not for beginners.
Awesome class Melissa!!!
So good!!
Beautiful class. Wish there were more mat classes. Thank you.
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That was amazing! I am so impressed with Pilates Anytime, absolutely excellent instructors. I have learned so much in just two months.
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