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Traditional Reformer Flow

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Use the springs to help you learn how to control your body with this Reformer workout by Adrianne Crawford. She teaches a traditional flow, adding in breakdowns of transitions and some of the more advanced exercises throughout the class. She pushes you to clean up your technique with cues that will help you avoid going through the motions.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

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Jun 04, 2018
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Loved all the breakdowns - so great for teachers, as well as for our intermediate to advanced students to just listen to your cues and flow. Also, really felt short spine and long stretch a bit differently with those breakdowns. Traditional, yes, but so much more. Thanks for this!
I am interested in how the Gratz equipment is different from the other reformers. You said in this class that it helps you learn where the resistance is coming from. Can you explain how? Obviously, I have no classical Pilates experience, but I am interested in learning the differences. I have worked on Stott reformers and own a Peak PPS reformer, and do see major differences, specifically in the spring weights, between those two machines.

This class was very interesting, seeing some of the small changes you made in the students movements and how they were initiated in different areas because of that.

Thank you.
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I prefer Balanced Body, but find the exercises harder on the Gratz. A lot of classically trained teachers refuse to teach on anything else. Most Gratz reformers are 80 inches so the angle of the straps is so much greater. The angle creates more resistance. The straps are also leather. Again, totally different. Another difference is how close the carriage comes to the foot bar. That final inch to close the carriage is the most challenging. Let's be honest; on all of the other reformers, you can actually feel the springs pulling you back in unless you really resist. The springs can over assist. Since the carriage does not come in as close to the foot bar and the springs assist during the most challenging part of the exercise, the most intense part is omitted entirely. Also, range of motion achieved is greater on the Gratz for the same reason. I loved/hated the Gratz after recovering from knee surgery. It forced me to keep going to increase my range of motion to close the carriage.
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Thanks so much Lori M for your reply. I’ve never used Gratz so was interested in learning about the differences.

Thanks for the questions. I am a Romana trained instructor and Gratz is what we trained on, so my preference may be biased. However, I have taught for many years, and on all different equipment from Balance Body, Peak, Stott, Allegro, and the like. Out of my experience in the exercises I teach, Gratz has always provided the most challenge. This is due in large part to the exercises taught as well as the spring resistance that I find to be consistent, because it forces a sense of control in the movement in both flow and function; which is a discipline I find rewarding. This is due in large part to the design as Lori explained very well, especially as she mentioned that final inch to pull in.
In addition the sturdiness of the leather straps is also effective and level with the body, the springs uniform, foot bar length/height level in proportion to getting the full length and stretch out of it, etc. All of which provide a preciseness in centering the body while in motion. This by no means is to say you can't get this on any other equipment, it is just different, therefor due to the principals of Pilates and the exercises I teach I find the Gratz helps me control the flow and control of movement in a more precise way because of the design. I hope this helps answer your question and you continue to explore this wonderful piece of apparatus!
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Thank you Adrianne Crawford and Lori M for your responses. You have piqued my curiosity enough to seek out a classical class in my neighborhood.

One of my favorite things about Pilates Anytime is the community. In the short two years I have been here I’ve had so many wonderful teachers and students answer my questions and help me with form and adjustments I’ve needed.

Thank you both.
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Loved this solid classical reformer flow! I only wish that the camera would not have zoomed in so frequently. Often Adrianne and one of the student were cut out of the shot. While it's nice to have a visual reference of good form, it's also really useful to see how the instructor uses her hands (both in gestures and in touch) to help a student improve an exercise. Thanks again for the workout!
For the first time in 18 years I enjoyed stomach massage series! Amazing ... thank you! The pleasurable work is in the details ☺.
Yes I agree it’s more helpful to see the student who needs help getting into the correct form and the way an experienced instructor corrects them - it’s so hard to teach even just two people at the same time!!! Adrienne has great cues and she makes her points while also maintaining a cadence  and flow - I know it’s not easy so we’ll done! 

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