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Release the tightness in your whole body with this Mat workout by Lisa Hubbard. She focuses on stretching and unwinding so you can create more length all over. She includes creative variations on the Mat and on the Fitness Ball that will make you move so you feel good.
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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Hi, it's Lisa Hubbard. I am back here with a matte class here with my friend Marta. Today we're going to do a mat class that focuses on stretching and unwinding the body, and I hope you enjoy it and come back for more. So we're gonna start standing. We're gonna do a roll down. Bringing your feet parallel and hip distance apart.

Have a slight doming in the feet and lifting out through the hips. Finding an elongated spine. We're going to inhale through the nose, big expansion XL. Draw the chin to the chest rolling forward, letting the arms and head and knees soften round over the body. Go all the way down in hell at the bottom. Big exhalation. Roll your spine up slowly articulating, having that soft bend in the knees. Shoulders Open and head his last chin parallel to the floor, reaching out through the crown of the head. We'll do two more. Inhale, expanding.

Standing Roll Down

Okay. Big lateral breath. Exhaling, rounding, softening the knees. Just let the body release. Let the arms go. Go ahead and just rest your hands down onto the mat. Take a breath here. Stretch your legs if you wish.

Exhaling and we'll roll up soft bend in the knees, articulating through the pelvis, the torso, the chest, and the head is last. One more time. Inhale, big breath. Exhale, the head goes down. Rolling through, rounding over, relaxing the feet. Lean your weight forward slightly. Pressing the hands down into the mat. If that's not available to you today, just take your hands on top of the the in steps. We're going to exhale. Push the floor away. Rounding in the lumbar spine. Inhale here. Let's do four large exhaling through the mouth.

Forward Fold Cat Cow

Inhale, lower exa. Lift up like a little cat and one more. Inhale here. Exhale, rolling up. Slowly articulating up. Head is lasts. We're going to float the arms up towards the ceiling. Press up onto the toes, and then we're going to lower by bending round. Take your arms up and pause. We're gonna roll up. Taking the arms to a tee, articulating through the spine in a beautiful thoracic extension.

Forward Fold w/ Plie and Releve

Inhale, lift on the toes. Exhale, lower bending, big bed, rolling a little more fluidity. Now lifting the chest, reaching in, little lift up and lower sweep, and then articulate the arms out to a big t position. Big Thoracic stretch. Inhale here. We're gonna roll down. We're gonna go into our kneeling position. So rounding up and over. We're going to walk onto the hands and knees.

Hands underneath the shoulders, knees underneath the hips. We're going to inhale here for cat stretch in the center. Xcel rounding in Hell as you are. Open the sternum. Exhale, rounding. Push the floor away and in hell as you articulate, feeling the hands, pulling the shoulder blades open. And two more. Exhale round. Inhale, articulate through an extension. And one more. Exhale, rounding and Inhale Arch. Reach your hands forward, pushing out.

Cat Cow

We're going to sit back onto the heels, reaching into this beautiful Lombard stretch. And then we're going to scoop the abdominals inward and upward and round your body forward. Shoulders down, and now spiral your arms. Arching your tail back, stretching the abdominals and hips and low back and four exhale round. Inhale as you arch. Reach the tail pack. Good. Two more.

Elongated Cat Cow

Pull up round and we're going to arch back. Good and last time, curl forward, reach out, stretching the hips, and then arch. Push the floor away. Good. Now we'll do a round the world tat, so we're going to come forward rounding over. Let's go towards the ocean. Moving your hips over to the ocean and then arch. Push back, and then we're going to stir around to the front and let's do four in this direction.

Around the World Cat

Xcel as you push back and around as you come forward, good. Stretching out the hips and reach. You should feel this in the waist, in the chest, in the sternum, in the back. Push one more. He breathing and just circle those hips around. Good. Let's come into the center. We're going to reverse and go. Other ways. Circle around. Push the floor away.

Reach around. Good. Massaging those lines out like an iron. Ugh. Yes. Push away and around. Good. Hold. Here in the center we're going to Tuck our toes and you're going to move your hands slightly underneath your shoulders. We're going to shift back.

Quadruped Floating Knees

Just lift your knees often. Inch, exhale. Okay. Inhale, lower. Exhale up. Drawing the navel in and up and lower. Two more XL. Scoop in hell down and last time. Exhale, lift. Inhale, lower. Good kneeling, swimming.

We're going to extend the right arm and the left leg out. Lifting up. We'll lift and lower four, four, lower down. Exhale as you come up, keeping the shoulders and hips still reaching right arm. Left leg in opposition. Reach out and opposition. Good. One more time and reach out. Lift. Lower the hand.

Quadruped Swimming

Lower the knee. Left side, left arm reaches right leg out. Lifting up for four. Keep breathing. Reaching the leg in opposition. Is that knee straight? Is your arm fully extended? Is a shoulder set and the lower right hand behind the head.

Extend your left leg back hand behind. We're going to round our body forward so you're going to float that left leg up and then you're going to curl your spine. Exhale round. Inhale into an extension. Lift your toe. Exhale, curl. Inhale, arch curl. Inhale, arch, boom.

Quadruped Spinal Flexion and Hip Extension

And last time round and arch. Reach your arm and leg. Lower. Beautiful and other side. Good. Left leg. Left arm. Pardon? Right leg lift. We're going to round the spine. Push the floor away. Round Curl. Inhale, arch. Exhale, curl in, Hellen arch. Two more. Inhale, arch. Exhale, round. Inhale, arch. Extend, reach lower.

Tuck your toes under. Lift your knees off the Mat. Take your right leg off the mat and you're going to extend into a three legged dog. Flex your foot. Inhale lower and tap for five and extend up. Inhale down and reach up. Three. Push your hands away from your feet and two and lift.

Quadruped to Three Legged Dog

We're going to stay up on that last one. Stretch your leg, reach it out, pulse it up for five, five, four reach. Stretch that opposite leg down and lower. Inhale here, come forward into your kneeling position. Left leg lifts up, and then push up for five. Tap the Mat. Exhale, press up and last three reach. Stretch the front of the leg, stretch the back of the other leg.

Work the hip extensor and hold. Walk back and pulse. One to reach three, four last time. Five. Lower the feet. Open your feet just a little bit. We're going to roll through the back, rolling through into an extension. Shoulders Open. Good. Use your abdominal scoop and round. Bach heals. Reached down.

Downward Dog to Upward Dog

Roll it in up. Good. Now point your toes and arch and one more time. Push roll through your back. Undulate through your spine. Point our to our charge and round and good hold here.

Let's take a breath in and bend your knees and reach your arms forward and just release. Good. Rolling up to seated. We're going to go ahead and go onto our side. So we're going to go side kneel, kneeling side. Let's go ahead and start in a mermaid position. So left-hand down, take your right arm overhead.


We're just going to do a beautiful little stretching. Reach out and then we're going to come up and over and reach the opposite direction. Shoulders down, lets go, reach out. Inhale, exhale, push. Two more. Inhale, reach your arm over. Long line reaching out and one more. Inhale and take it over. Reached the hip down and then lets go the other way.

Now we're going to extend your right leg out. Place your left hand down onto the mat. We're going to reach your arm over stretch long, long, long. And then we're going to come around and push into the shoulder. Stretch. Extend your right arm and right leg on the line.

Modified Side Bend to Shoulder Stretch

Circle it around and push setback. Stretch that shoulder reached two more. Inhale, circle and push. Breathe. Don't forget to breathe. Extend your arm and leg. Extend those lines long and circle and push breathing out. Good. Extend your line. We're going to hold here. Reach your right leg back to the, to the diagonal behind you.

Lower Lift

Just slightly. We're going to lift and lower the leg up for five. One reached two straight leg. Three. Good. Two more. Reach up and hold it up. Bend your knee, take your heel in towards your glutes. Keep that new high and extent, and go one to two more and extend.

Heel to Seat

And last time here. Good. We're going to go circle one, circle two and three and four, reverse and one and two and three and four. Reach it out. Good. Let's do one more time. Shoulder stretch. Push away. Reach it out. Find that beautiful stretch in that right shoulder. Good. And let's roll it up to the other side. Good.


So we'll take our knees over here. Okay. Right hand down. Let's go. Mermaid over. Take an inhale. Exhale, stretch, and then over stretch the opposite direction. All feel so great on the waist. Reach it out. Good and over and last to stretch. Push that hip down and then coming over. Big Beautiful Arch.


And one more time. Reach, push and pull. Lower, lower, lower and good. And we'll extend the leg out. So extend your left leg. Long right hand underneath your shoulder. We're going to sweep up. Inhale. Good. Circle the arm around and we're going to push and stretch the left waist. Reached the arm and leg out. Circle for two one, two and sorry, three reach and push.

Modified Side Bend to Shoulder Stretch

Last two, extend out. Long Circle. Stretch the shoulder and two and three and push reach long. One more time. Elongate your waist. Circle one. Let's do two and last time. Three circle. Push. Breathe.

Extend your arm and leg in opposition. Reach the the leg back. We're going to lift and lower. So going up and down and lift. Good. And reached three and lift for good. One more time. Hold it up and we're going to abandon, extend and reach.

Lower Lift

Keep that leg lifted. Good. Extend all the way. Imagine that you have a theraband on your foot and you're pushing. Good. And now a circle circle for lift three reached two and reverse and one and two. You should feel this in the back of the waist too, and reach long. Good. Let's push into our shoulder stretch. One more time.

Heel to Seat

Reach and roll it up to a kneeling position. Let's go onto our side now. So lie on your side. We'll go onto the left side. Arm can be bent to support your head and or extended long. So I'm going to bend my arm and March is going to bend her bottom knee as a little modification. I'm going to keep my leg straight, so we're gonna start just with the sidekick. So we want to find a comfortable position. We want to square the hips, shoulders, rest, the head down. Top leg is going to come up.


I'm going to think I'm going to rest my head up and we're going to Xcel for two times. Ready? Sidekick. Huh? Back and back for five XL. Forward two and back to [inaudible]. All right, good. And Paul, Paul and back. Back one more time. Paul.

Front and Back

Paul and reach back. Reach it so far back. Let's come up onto our forearm. Lifting out. Back leg is going to bend and extend in the front and we flex. Reach, bend, extend and reach. Good. We're going to inhale. Exhale for the bicycle. Let's do two more.


Inhale and reach long way back. One more time. Extend and hold. Good. Let's reverse and we go back. Extend, flex. Did you come forward Ben? The knee. Extend Long. Bring it front and again. Inhale, exhale, last to bend and extend one more and bet and extend all the way.

Let's do a little quad stretch. So bend your knee and we'll just stretch, bringing the hips forward. Good the knee back and then we'll extend and we'll do the other side. Go lie on the other side. I'm going to be on my elbow. Marta will be on her knee. So we're going to take the top leg lifts, flex front, exhaling, go. Okay, forward, back and two and back. Last too. And reach.

Quad Stretch

Stabilize your hips as much as you can and then back. Stay back. And we're going to bicycle. So we're going to take it forward, bend and then extend along. Let's go on the elbow and forearm and Ben, pull it in. Extend and flex and inhale and exhale and let's to reach back. Good. And one more, and then we'll reverse and we take it back.

Front and Back

Reach Long, flex your foot, pull it back, reach and forward. And three. Good. Let's do two more and back. Extend. And one more. Inhale and exhale all the way. And now let's stretch quad, hip flexor. They get tight. Ah, we're here to change our bodies.


Yes. All right. Now for our supine work, we're going to lie on our backs. So let's go onto her back. We're gonna start with the hundred and I'd like to do this in the manner of the foot work. So we're going to take her legs, tabletop, arms up. Let's take a breath. Inhale, extend your arms down. Exhale, palms are reaching out. I'm trying to touch Marta. Good. Now we're going to go flexor feet. Exhaling, pumping out. Two, three, four, five. And 0.2, three, four, five. Okay, so you're emulating emulating the footwork.

Quad Stretch

Drawing the hips in inner thighs, in pelvic floor, push pumping. Shoulder blades are broad and [inaudible]. Let's do three more. Okay, four, five out, two, three, four, five. Focus on the breath and squeeze and one more time and pull. Two, three, four in hold. Lower your feet. Reach your arms overhead. Take a breath. Inhale.

Hundred w/ Footwork Variation

Walk your feet out just a tiny bit. We're going to lift the head, the neck and the chest. Hold it here. You're going to roll up. Push the leg straight. Good. Let's do a little flat back. Reach. Reach head is aligned. Reach to me. Inhale, let's point. Roll back. Scoop, bend, float the arms overhead.

Roll Up Modification

We'll do four arms up, little ma, little modified roll out for you. Exhale, curve. We're going to flat back into reach. Let's go here. Draw Your Chin down a little bit, Marta and back scoop and we'll do one more. Two more. And again, inhale, reach arms. Four. Big Scoop. Push your legs out, flex your feet. You get a nice, beautiful opening in the hamstrings and the back.

Reach out through the crown of the head and roll back, floating the arms. All the way over last time. Inhale here and exhale. Curve. Push your legs straight. Flat back reach. Ribs are in. I'm talking to myself. Take it back. Good. Now we're going to go legs together. Zipper up from the ankles to the knees, all the way to the pubic bone and then horizontally.

Roll Up - Rowing Variation

So you have your vertical zipper and then you have your horizontal Zipper, and then you have your little buttons and your button talking to myself. Hold here. Inhale. We're going to go think of Rowing Marta. Good. And we're going to pull back round round. Now we're going to take our arms out in an x.

Take your arms out and an x. You're going to breathe your sternum up. So lift your sternum up, crown of the head to the floor, and then you fold forward and then you roll it up. So we're going to go inhale like rowing. Exhale, scoop arms to a big X. Arch your sternum.

Open and fold. Roll it up. Pull one, scoop two, arms out, three sternum lifts up four, reach out. Fold. Ah, this feels wonderful. Roll it up. Nice. Pull your arms in towards your sternum scoop. Reach your legs away, arms go out. This is where you're getting a beautiful lift in the thoracic, in the cervical stretch, and then fold forward.

Rural it up. Let's do one more just because that felt so good. So we're going to pull in, we're going to round, we're going to take our owns out. We're going to lift the sternum and you're going to slide forward. This is what I used to do in dance class and then roll it up to a seated position. So we're going to roll back and we're going to go onto the elbows and forearms.

Extended Frog

So like you would on the reformer extended frog. So we're going to just take our legs in. Let's float the legs up. Okay. Lower them down about 45 degrees. We're going to flex to open the legs out.

Don't be afraid to squeeze. So this opens your, your hips bend pointed and then schoolies and we go reach open bend and scoop. And again, three pull it in. Extend. You really want to scoop this lower back and open out. So you're using your hands.

You point and you pull it in and XL, we have no weight here. This is all of us. We're creating the resistance and out. Now let's go ahead and reverse Marta. Let's pull it in and then push the legs and ankles and then squeeze and we point Paul [inaudible] and out and squeeze. I'm creating a lot of tension on my own reach.

Lift your hamstrings up into your seat and one more is this four or five and go. Let's go up with the legs. Inhale, flex to lower scoop. Keep pulling, keep pulling, keep pulling, dragging in like a picking something up with your toes and then you're flinging it over your head. Pull. Squeeze those inner thighs. Big Scoop. Drag it in, throw it like we're fishing and buck and pull. Retreats, retreats, reach, push, bend, pick it up. And last time, XL push, big scoop. Pull and fling. Good single leg. Point your feet. Let's draw the right knee in towards the chest and use the left hamstring to push down. And then we lift and then we push down with the hamstring. We lift and keep pulling.

Double Leg Bicycle

Like as if you're pulling your pants off and I'm actually moving backwards, I think. Tough and pull. It's like a bow and Arrow and pull lift and one more up and up. Hold it at the top. Marta, let's go circle. So we'll go open. Flex, reach. It's really narrow in health. We open and then we exhale. Good.

Single Leg Lower Lift Other Knee Bent

Last two in health and exhale. Circle up out three and last time, lift, bend, and rest. We're going to lie on our stomach. Okay. All right, let's turn around onto our stomach for our prone work. Okay. All right, so our pubic bone hip bones are in the floor. Onto the mat. You're gently lifting with your hamstrings towards your glutes.

Leg Circles

We're going to take our hands down to face the mat. Foreheads. Long neck is long. Excuse me. Forehead on the Mat. We're going to just lengthen out our right leg and then lower it down and then just lengthen out your left leg and then lower down. Lift your shoulders off the floor, lift your head off the floor, lift your chest, reach your hands. Yes. Good. Lift your left arm. Higher Marta, and down. Good.

Thoracic Extension

Inhale up. Okay. Articulating up. XLR. Good. Now we're going to come up. Reach your hands. Reach your head out towards the other side. Lift your legs long. Long, long. Can you get your legs higher?

Can you get your arms higher? Can you get your chest higher? How high can you go? Okay. And take it down. It just feels so good. One more time. Head, neck, chest. Reach your fingers out. Float your legs up. Good.

Can you get your legs higher? How about your arms? How about your head? Look at me. Hi. And town. Ah, and release. Huh? Take your hands in front. For the swimming prep we're going to just lift the right arm and left leg. So right arm and left leg reaches out. Lift your chest. Good. Are you, is your elbow straight or your shoulders in your ears and down. So only go as high as you can without compromising the position.

Swimming Prep

So if you're coming up here, it's not as functional as if it's here. Think of reaching out, out and down. One more time. Each side. Right arm, left leg, extend lift. You can use the other arm just to get up a little higher and lower and left arm, right leg and lower. We're going to lift all Lynn's reach.

Okay. And we'll swim right arm, left leg, left arm right now. Think about those legs in those arms. Oh, and breathe and up and release. Oh, hands under your shoulders. We're going to push back. Reach your arms forward.


Big exhalation to kneeling. Roll Up. Okay, so now we're going to go back onto our stomachs. Extending our legs out. Good. Just go head and rest your forehead down onto your fingers, your hands, and I'll cue you. So we're going to go ahead and bend your knees and bring your heels together. Press the pubic bone down into the mat. Good.


Asi S is in the Mat, so your hipbones in the mat. Press down, lift your abdominals in and up. And then just float your heels up towards the ceiling. So we're just going to do a little frog and then gently lower and we're going to float the legs. Lift, lift, lift, good. And then slowly lower. I'm going to give you a cue that will help activate those rotators.

Squeeze those heels together and then lower. Good. And Go ahead and point your feet here. Reaching the toes up and we're going to pulse up and up. Press the heels together, so keep your heels together so you get really low. Drawing the hamstring up towards the glutes.

Good. Now let's go ahead and pause at the top. Extend your legs out wide. Keep the knees lifted, and then bend. Let's do four. Extend out a little hip work and bent and last to reach and bend. Extend the knees all the way. Reach and bend. Good. Lower the heat.

Knee Extension

Knees down. Now we're going to lift up. We're going to do a little variation of grasshopper, so let's go ahead and lift the knees and then we'll cross in two, three out together. And again, cross two, three out together. One more like this, and go in, in, in, out together. Lower. Now we'll do the other way. So we're going to come lift up, lift those legs. Cross left, right, left out in, left, right, left out in one more. And one, two, three, extend. Bend and a little lift. Lower and right.

Grasshopper Variation

Release Hands Underneath your hips. Push up. We're going to take our left knee forward into a little pigeon pose for me. I need to keep my leg close in towards my pelvis. My hips are tight, so this is why I'm doing it. But you want your back knee down onto the math.

Pigeon Stretch w/ Spinal Articulation

We're going to lift Paul in and under. Reach your fingertips out and let's go ahead and arch forward and we're going to roll it up and go forward. Breathing out, push and rolling. Lift. Open your sternum. Good. How far can you go back and forward? Oral and open your sternum. Good.

And one more bend. Roll. Lift, reach. Oh, and we'll do the other side. Okay, we'll do that right knee in, left leg, back. Resting that knee down. Ooh, this one's a little tighter. My right side's always tight. So we're, I'm gonna just going to have to lift up a little bit more. So we're going to come up. I feel this in my left hip, so we're going to arch. Oh and roll. Roll it up.

Give yourself a little back bend and then go forward and then up. Okay. And forward. Exhale. This really opens up so many areas in the body roll and it's different on each side and come forward. And then rural. We might've done an extra, but I think we're up.

I think we'll be okay. Good. And let's go ahead and go tuck your toes under. Let's find a plank position and let's just take it up into our up stretch pose. Heels go down. Let's lift up on the heels, lower the heels, and we're going to walk. Heel, toe, heel toe, heel toe to the top of the mat. Hang down, take a breath and bend your knees a little. And then we're going to roll up to standing and we're going to grab our ball. Okay, so we're going to start seated with your feet in front of your, um, your ball.

Spinal Rotation

You're going to narrow your seat by drawing in the bones. Lengthen out, creating some space. We're just going to rotate. So let's go ahead and float our arms forward and then up and then behind the head, softening the ribs. So we are going to rotate towards the ocean. Exhale, rotate. Inhale, center. Exhale, rotate to the camera and inhale center and lift up as you twist. So you're going to spiral.

Think about keeping the belly button still and then rotating the thoracic. And again, exhale, lift and rotate in health center and XL. Rotate one more time in health center and rotate to the left center and Rotate Opposite Direction and in health center. Good. Open your legs out just a little bit more, a little bit of an external rotation so that you have the arches to lift up and grab something. So we're going to go ahead and tilt over to wards the ocean.

Lateral Flexion

Inhaling. Okay. And exhale, come up. Good. I'm going to adjust my seat. We're going to go up and then rotate to the opposite direction. Lengthen out, get that beautiful lateral stretch Xcel center and rotate. Inhale, not rotate.

Flex and I am a pilates instructor, I promise and go over flex and then left. We will rotate now. So we're going to rotate again. One. Now we're going to go for the hinge. Forward out, lift up and center. Rotate out. Lift up center. One more time.

Twist and Reach

Rotate out. Lift Center one morning and go out and lift and center. Good, good. Go ahead and just rest. Shake it out a little bit. We're going to take our hands onto the thighs. We're going to open our sternum lift and go into a balanced arch, so you're going to arch forward and you're going to die forward and roll up.

Spinal Flexion and Extension

Inhale, arch. If you don't have a ball, he can always use a chair and lift or stool arching forward. Roll it up. Last one. Come forward, roll it up and we reverse. We dive down and then flat back lift. Exhale, round your spine. Go forward, dive down and arch lift and two more. Curl and up. One more curl. Rounding up and over. Dive down and then flat back lift. Good. Inhale, float the arms up.

Take your arms to a t. Hopefully you'll be able to see what we're going to do. So we're going to go ahead and flex to the ocean. We're going to, sorry, we're going to shift to the ocean and flex towards you and then we come up. Now we're going to shift our rib cage towards you and we're going to flex to the ocean and this really opens up those lateral lines. Good. Keep your seat.

Shifted Lateral Flexion

So now we're going to go towards the camera to you. Flex to the ocean. Reach retreats, retreats, reach. Come up, go to the ocean, shift your ribs. Flex overt to the camper. Reach. Calm up again. Inhale, going over.

Flex, shifting and flexing. Shift. Left. Flex, right. Oh, we'll do one more time shift. Flex. Come up. Shift and flex. Reach out. Good.

Coming up. Find your center. Good. Now we're going to take the hands above our head. We're going to do a little bend, so this is already stretching out my shoulders and I'm pulling on my hands gently. So we're going to flex towards you. We're going to curl to the center, flex to the waist, and then arch back. So we're going to do a little round and around.

Around the World

I would just call this like Cleopatra Dance. I don't know the name. I'm sure it has a name, but I don't know it reverse and go out open. It's just in my movement. Vocabulary. This is, and curl and arch back. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. And one more time. And reach. Arch and curl. Good. Lift your chest, take a breath. And let's go ahead and just face the, uh, the camera.

And we're just going to go inhale here and exhale to thank you for joining us. And I hope you come back again. Ah, thank you.


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Thank you Lisa! Awesome class! My body feels so good now, it was truly unwinding. What a nice surprise to see on P/A you today, I am so happy to see you again. Svitlana
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Excellent class !!
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Great class, more please!
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That was amazing Lisa. Superb variations. Really enjoyable. PS I love your outfit and your physique looks incredible!
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Amazing class!! Thank's LISA
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Lovely class! Great flow, good cues
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Like a dancing in the wind...thank you Lisa
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oh yes....directly to favorites! I'd label this a level 2 +
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Love love love .... sorry :)) ...great variations.. feel stretched ,and strong ... wish it was and other 20 min longer so it’s 60 min:)
Thanks you so much x
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