Class #3505

Mat Foundations

45 min - Class


Build the foundation for your practice with this Mat workout by Malcolm Muirhead. He starts by finding proper alignment so you can begin to build strength on top of that. He encourages you to listen to your body so you can work within your body's limitations and stay safe while you grow in your practice.
What You'll Need: Mat


Hello and my name is Malcolm, your head. And I worked with the people at his program of educations. Now I want to introduce this class as a foundation class working within our own vers...


What a great way to start the week! Thank you, that was bliss!
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Excellent class! Thank you
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Well I feel fabulously open (plus focused)! Thank you for that Malcolm. Motivated for Monday now!
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Super class!! back to basics is always amazing, and great way to learn about Pilates principles for budding teachers!!!
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Thank your for your lovely comments. This has to be my favourite level of class to teach and I am passionate about the Principles and understanding of technique make this method what it is! Thanks again!
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Thank Malcolm for a great class. I did my Pilates matwork training with you at the Pilates Institute in 2003 and have always loved your visualisations and how well you explain the principles.
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What brilliant teaching.More please.
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Loved it. Great teaching style..clear and informative. Thank you.
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Great class Malcolm, thank you !!
Fantastic class, lovely pace and attention to detail. I really enjoyed it and my body feels much better!
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