Mat Foundations<br>Malcolm Muirhead<br>Class 3505

Mat Foundations
Malcolm Muirhead
Class 3505

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Really wanted to do this class but the video keeps freezing. Maybe I will try again later.
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Now it’s a black screen on my iPad. I understand then some videos I cannot see on iPad. It will be so?
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I was able to do the class on my computer...yaaay! I loved your version of the standing swan. I will definately use that not only in my Pilates sessions but also as a final stretch in my weight training sessions! I feel so open and long right now! Thank you Malcom!
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Malcolm ; Nice to see you again.
Love your Class
Thank You
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I vas able to see the video now on my iPad, very nice and useful lesson, thank you, Malcolm!
Unfortunately I am only getting audio on this video. Would love to do this class!
Danielle ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with the video! Have you tried to restart your computer? That often helps. Here are some helpful FAQs as well. If you continue to have trouble, please email
Superb teaching and cueing thank you. Really enjoyed watching this class. Additional modifications at foundation level are always really useful for teaching. With best wishes from the UK:) Sarah
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Smart, intelligent class and nice cues to learn from, thank you!
Smart, intelligent class and nice cues to learn from, thank you!
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