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This 30 minute workout blends the best of two worlds---Matwork and Jumpboard. Amy teaches an energizing, fun and accelerated class perfect for post-holiday time! You'll move briskly and fluidly from Matwork to Jumpboard with several intervals of each. This is a balanced workout sure to leave you feeling invigoriated. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Reformer, Mixed Equipment, Jump Board

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All right, so tonight we're going to do an interval mat and jump board class. Um, I'm assuming that everyone taking this class will have some jump board experience. It's not, I'm not going to get too fancy with choreography or footwork. We're really going to stay basic with two feet to two feet or one foot to one foot, but really more of the endurance and the pace of going back from jump board to mat and vice versa. So we're going to start little standing roll down and this workout really might be feeling good after the holidays and if you've been sitting a lot or having a little bit more to eat and drink, so hopefully get some of the young guys out of the system. So let's take a nice deep breath in. I'm going to start right away, rolling down and just feeling the abdominals contracting in and up and just take your role. Then I'm going to have us go about halfway down to start.

Keep working that pelvic tilt of the hips, feeling a weight shift even or a little bit more forward to the balls of the feet. Let's pause and breathe and then exhale again from the deep low abdominals, pulling yourself in and up, rolling back up to standing tall and again, a nice breath in and exhale, feeling the curvature of the spine or at least trying to connect to it. The farther you're going forward. Let's go a little farther. Continue to work on tilting the pelvis under heaping shifting the weight forward. I'm going to take myself about three quarters down. Inhale here, and then exhale coming back up. Re tilting that pelvis. Put in a lot of intensity in the contraction of the lobe.

Nominals if the shoulders open up, let's take one more all the way down this time. Breathing in. Exhale, Nice. Just loose hands, loose arms. I'm gonna take another breath to get down there and let's go ahead and walk ourselves out. No it to the front support position or plank. It's holding yourself solid and strong. Nice low abdominals, long reach through your chest.

Feel free to come up onto your fist at any point if you're in the planks tonight, if you need to. Let's just whole like a three to four more breath cycles. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] one more [inaudible] can bend your knees, jump toward your hand or step. Let's roll on back down. I'm going to have you bring your knees to your chest. Hold your hands onto your shinbones and as press your lower back into the mat.

Press your hands against your shins. Curl up off to the tips of the shoulder blades. We're going to go right into the 100 so taking your legs where you'd like to for the whole set. Nice, relaxed feet. Let's go with five [inaudible]. [inaudible] squeezing the legs together, feeling the chest open, the reach with the arms still curling into the sternum. Little lower if you'd like for that challenge of your core.

Three more sets. Sure. [inaudible] 10 [inaudible] bring it in. I'm gonna take us right into single leg stretch, so extend the left leg forward. Hands up on that right shin. Curl up a little higher off the shoulder blades, bringing the back of the head back a tiny bit and let's just go ahead. Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale, change. And four, three, two, last one.

Both knees and let's go five double leg. Inhale, arms to ears and exhale around and pause. Keep thinking of dropping. No sacrum down here, right there as you curl higher up off your shoulder blades. [inaudible] do more. [inaudible] last one to stretch and exhale in. Let's take the legs up. Hands behind the head. Straight leg. Lower lifts is about 45 degrees down.

Inhale and inhale there. Exhale, drop the sacred. Every chance you can drop that sacred curl a little higher. Three more times. The lower the legs, the heavier the ribs. One more time. Bend the knees into table.

Extend your left leg forward. Just rotate to your right and just hold. I want you to think of pushing the right knee into the left. A little unchained signs left knee, pulling to the right a little and let's pick it up so we can change. And two and the re working the chest lift. Not as much rotation yet. 10 more, a little faster. One and a two and a three, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Let's bring it in. Hug the shins that you had. Come back down. Up we go. Gonna so we're on to red springs. We're going to start rolling Mack, we'll start ourselves long and stretched out in parallel.

Squeeze all the way together. We're plenty warm in the abdominal Claire, so I think we'll start as we did in the last jump board class with that slower beginning a plea, a little jump, making sure to roll through those feet. Taking just two counts to and we have plea a jump land, one, two. So keep going here. Plea A, I want you to think about engaging the glute hamstring as much as possible on the precursor to the jump. We know we're going to feel our quads, but can we also balance it to the back of the thigh and the back of the leg. Two more then jump land and stretch and bend, jump land and straight. And let's go to first position, same thing and ple, a jump, land and squeeze. Jump. Get in that good crease in the hips. Crease stretch, crease and pull together. Bend and squeeze together for more repetitions. Same thing.

Engage in the back of the pelvis, the underneath and back here. Abdominals up and two last one, Ben jump land and to pivot up on the balls of the feet into hip with parallel. Same thing, eight repetitions and straighten four two and ple a jump land and stretch too. So always a good chance in here to push those ribs down. We're engaged from underneath those ribs to pull them in and straightened forward.

Two, jump as high as you want to. If you feel like you want to push a little farther up to two more repetitions. And we're rolling through our feet to land and last one here and up in two toes in the top corner. So we're just slightly externally rotated. Ribs down here we are an ple, a jump lan stretch too. One hand too straightened again by pooling those inner thighs toward the midline. Feeling the hamstring wrap into the inner thigh.

Chance to open across the front. Low part of the pelvis here. Three more. One, two, one, two, last one, one and two. Okay, let's come all the way back in the middle and aid in each position without stopping. Ready and we have one and two. Let's take our herbs up right just over the chest and four and five. Seven last one. Landon, first position for eight and two if you can keep your heels together a little more working your pelvic floor, seven hip with parallel and straight arms and two heavy shoulder blades on your mat. Heavy ribs and five seven turnout toes in the corners and one we've got eight of these. Two, three, four, five, six, seven will land in the middle and arms coming down. Push out, preach your right leg up to the ceiling.

Just hold behind the thigh. Bring it in as much as you would like. Feel your sitz bone reach into the jump board. Nice. Nice drop of the sacrum. Just a little circle of the ankle. Yeah. Do you need to breathe the leg you're standing on matters as well, so you're still working that support on the glute. Other way for the circle of the foot.

[inaudible] all right. And then changing lanes [inaudible] so I'm pulling that hip in. Yeah. Feeling the glute work. Circling the foot about five or six rib cage down. Okay. How other way [inaudible]. Okay, let's come back to two feet and we're going to do the same jump series again, all the way through eight each direction or each pattern. Here we go. And Oh, one, two maybe pushing a little more through the legs.

Focusing still on the quiet landing. Seven turn out first. Open the arms slightly. Feel those heavy shoulder blades. Okay. Five heels together and six, seven hip with parallel.

Straight arms and one and two. Seven almost there. Toes and the corners. Open the arms a little wider without arching the spine for three. We're going to land in the middle here. Arms down. And all right, let's come on to the mat. Well, right on down. So let's come into a scissor.

Good and warm. Keep stretching those hamstrings. All right, so our double Poulin and we have one, two. Wow. [inaudible] so at this point, because we're pretty warm, we can go briskly. I'm working my flexibility. It feels good to stretch while I'm this warm. Eight more. Making sure that a, pull the leg down, hamstrings and glutes. Four, three, two, last one. Bring the knees in. Let your head come down. Roll on up. Let's take a little ball.

Six repetitions. Lifting the pelvis up. Woo. I went way too far. Lifting the villas up. I have a lot of energy. I need to contain it a little bit to Morin. Lift. Oh, and lift. All right.

Scoot the hips back. Let's do a diamond with the legs. A little spine rotation. I'm going to have us take our arms out to the sides. Palms face up. Inhale to center to the right for three pulses and [inaudible]. Two, three. Exhale, two, three at all times. Thinking up.

Invite a little more. Work from your back. Two and three. Four more from the back around to the front and two, three last, one to the right. Last one left to three. Center legs down. Let's just take a forward stretch.

You're gonna get your head pretty low to your shins. Nope, we come. I'm going to do a little rollover. Just three the one way. Take your breath first and exhale the Lex. Inhale, open up. Get. Allow the stretch in the calves. Ready and rolling down. Feeling like we're reaching our pelvis. Toward the other end of the mat. By the time we land, we're in right angles with the legs. Let's just bring the lace together.

Breathe. Exhale, hips up, legs overhead. The Lex. Inhale, open that long articulation of the spine. Okay, and around one more. Ah, flex the feet open and exhale. Let's roll down and then just simply bring your legs together. Knees, Ben, come up, back up to the jump board. We're going to do a red and blue single egg, so I'm going to have a start with our left foot on the jump board.

Right leg tabletop position. Same thing with the two count stand up between, we'll probably do eight repetitions each side. So we have a PA that jump land and take two counts. Then we play a jump land and one. All right, so the landing leg, we've got to tuck that sit bone under, in and under so that we're not kicking the hip out laterally.

We're landing unsupported. Of course, we feel the relationship of the buttocks to the inner thigh. One, two more. In plea, a jump land stretch ple, a jump land and stretch for two other side. Hope that's making sense, but to inner thigh and plead a jump land and no one, two, we're all connected in there anyway. Sit Bone under pressing into that inner thigh core more one. Do and believe a one, two more. Keep checking the shoulders. Occasionally as we do start to budge up and we're not conscious and over.

Now let's place the left foot down, right leg up. Just single jumps, foot to foot and change and change and change. So peeling the foot off the board and articulating to it. Now with this much spring tension, we are hearing ourself land. I can hear myself, I can hear you, you can hear me. We're trying to land like cats, quiet little creatures that land on that jump board, but with this much attention, of course we're hearing our weight.

Try to soften the weight by holding your abdominal wall up. There we go. A little more cushion in our legs and our joints. Let's keep going. We're gonna add a little or more. Just reaching them up again. Now I'm just, I did this last time with the physio ball and I held it in my arms, but I'm going to have a pretend like I'm holding it.

I'm just waving my arms basically up and over the chest and a little opposition could do this with hand weights. I chose not to tonight. Let's do 20 and 19 think about where your ribs are. Are The glutes still fired? Push from the butt. Hey, we've got 10 more now and we have one, two inner thighs helping to manage that parallel position and four and three a miscounted. Two and one. We've got two more actually. They're all right. Hence stretch all the way in and it's come back to the mat.

Let's go to a side plank on her right shoulder, elbow. I meant to say so legs are crossed, are feet are crossed and as we press up, let's take our flat hand here. Just pressing up, hand behind your head. And again, just feeling some stillness. My Body's not still feel my heart, feel my body. Feel some stretch though. Connecting through top of the head, down and out the legs, support in the shoulder girdle, lot of support in those, uh, external and internal obliques. Okay, let's make it a one layer more challenging hip down.

Let's come up under the hand and emphasize a little more side bend on the exhale coming up. So I want us to take the waist lift both up to the ceiling as much as possible. Let your head go as well. So you're maximizing your side. Bend contracting the underbelly, stretching the upper side and then we'll come back down all the way to the hip. Two more of those. And exhale, continue bending up into that supine. Letting the head go.

We know our neck is part of our spine and all the way down last time. Yeah. Managing that sweaty palm. It's on the mat lift and all the way down. Okay. We can just turn around for the other side on the elbow. Flat Palm. There we go.

Other hand behind her head support with the bottom shoulder blade down into the back. Here we go. In lift. Yeah, doing that. Nice steadiness of strength. [inaudible] connecting to your breath. [inaudible] one more breath and setting the hip down carefully. Let's go ahead and bring your knees under us a little bit. Hand Open, three side bend and pressing up. So again, continue flowing right into that. Let that head go.

How much can you lift an open that upper waist, even up to the shoulder. Squeeze those underbelly waistlines and coming all the way down. Two more. And exhale an exhale coming down with control. Once again, an exhale, reach. Flow right into the side. Bend as much as you can. Lift those hips. Open up the top waist. Close the bottom one.

And let's come all the way down onto our tummies. Single leg kick. So I'm going to have his palms face down. Now take a second. Lift the stomach. Pull the shoulders away from the ears. However the thighs slightly. Let's do a point. Flex. So we have, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. A constant focus of lifting the chest.

Stomach up off of the mat. Sure. More to go. Sure. We want to balance out our quad work with some hamstring work. Shh, Shh, shh. Four more. Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Double leg for two each direction. Can Stack or interlay softly. Brief three. Kip Sand. We have one, two, three. Let this open. Open, open. Lift as high as you can in the upper back. Turn to the other side. Hands first three kicks. One, two, three. And if we go open the chest, once again, each side, and it's one, do three and lift other side. Last time, two, three. And lift and police your hands down. Tuck those toes. Push right up, up.

Stretch to walk her feet forward. Rolling up. Stretch that lower back. That probably feels pretty good. Back to the jump board. Let's go one red. I'm going to do the middle. Red Spring. Alright, let's, we're going. Lighter tension and yeah, a body temperature up. Staying mindful of the stay. Funny.

And your back connection here. I'm going to have us do a little scissor. Let's do turn out with both legs. Okay. So and just flowing from right to left so we can play that leg and lift. Change and lift change. So because it's lighter spring, let's really see how light we can land or how quietly we can land. Yeah, I'm going to add that alternating arm again. Here we go, and up and over the body. So give coordination for upper body, lower body and you don't really have to overly point your feet if you don't want to. It feels kind of Nice to finish the line [inaudible] but you also might want to keep it simple on the foot. Just think about your pelvis. It's stationary. Square.

How good your abdominals are supporting your back. Yeah. Let's take 10 more jumps here. One and two very steady spine underneath us on the back of us. [inaudible] one more. Bring both feet together. 20 here.

Okay, Alyssa, make the inner thigh. Do a lot more of the work than the quad. Is there a way that the quadricep for a second can kind of shut off inner thigh mostly, maybe and hamstrings underneath there. I'm thinking back of leg 10 more there. [inaudible] and eight and nine. 10 we'll land quietly in hold Greer.

Okay, let's come back to the mat. Little swimming. I'll face you this time. Alright. Alright. Long stretched body anchored. Shoulders, hamstrings, but lower back, mid back, upper back, last shoulders and sure p keeping those knees really straight. Five, four, three, two, last breath. Lower hands under shoulders again. Let's Tuck the toes. Push up to the front. Support. Once again, let's just hold our position.

Bring your right leg forward. Foot forward. Excuse me for a lunging stretch through that left hip. [inaudible] let's think about pulling our right hip back. Trying to square a pelvis at any opportunity we can that long diagonal reached through the crown of the head. Can you stretch that knee a little more back? There we go.

Okay. Hamstrings on the front leg. So bringing the chest toward the front shin. Once again, trying to square that right hip. It's okay to let your fingertips be up or flat hand if you've got it. Drop that head if you can. Uh, [inaudible] so I'm up on, you know, little mini tiptoe back there.

I'm not going to push my heel down for me right now. I'm gonna stay. Heel lifted. Focus those inner thighs pulling together. So one more into the lunge. Wait until your hands. We're going to step the back leg in and just a quick change of the other side. Long reach from hip, really abdomen through hip, through the leg. Long diagonal reached through the crown of the head.

I feel like you can stretch the back of the knee. Low belly up pan. Let's go ahead and straighten the front knee, see if he can drop the chest down. So nice chance right here to look at the pelvis to see square. [inaudible] [inaudible]. [inaudible] one more time. Back to the lunge.

[inaudible] [inaudible]. Okay. All right. Let's step our foot back. Place those hands down. Well, three pushups or so. Ready and one and two. Last one, three. Whoo. Jump your feet in. Here we go. Find a little squat round that lower back down.

Let's go ahead and straight in her legs. Roll Up. One more time to a standing position. Drew up that pelvis started. Curl into that spine. So I'm going to take us one more time onto the jump board and let's go back up to two red or red and blue, depending on how you're feeling right now. We're going to start all over. One more round aid in each position.

Do a little single leg and we'll stretch. Okay, so legs extended. Here we go. And one, three. So we're back to kind of landing a little louder. We're going to try to soften that six, seven turn out first and one. He goes together if you can. We're aiming for that and for if you'll net connection and six, seven hoop with parallel, eight times in one.

[inaudible] press those abs down and five, six, seven in the corners and eight okay. Underneath and four and three and two. Let's come in for four. Parallel together. One, two, three and alternate right to left den one. Let's go 20. Okay. Then we'll stretch five.

Okay. I have a girlfriend who just said bye bye to the Christmas street train. She said goodbye to all of her sweets that day yesterday. Get rid of the candy. Get rid of the sugar and seven and eight in La. Let's go all the way out and have us do a figure four here.

So walk your standing foot kind of up to near the top of the jump board. Find your square pelvis are connected to that bend. You're standing knee just a little, not all the way in. Feel your heart [inaudible] so can go bad. All the sugar and extra stuff. Place your hand on the inside of that right knee. Press out slightly.

Making sure not going so far. You tip the whole pelvic structure. All right, it's good. Impressed back. We'll change sides. Just coming halfway in. [inaudible] dropping that sacrum and pubic bone down. Find that level position. Press a little more with your left hand. [inaudible] I feeling the slowing of the heart rate and pace.

Okay, come all the way now into the jump board please. Your toes really lightly at the top. Let's just take an easy rotation of the knees to the right. I'm gonna drop my head rest for that [inaudible] and in fact, I'm going to go ahead and enjoy the shoulder rest with my hands. It's a little odd to do this here.

My feet are kind of having to change their placement. Not Quite the best feeling of my knees there. My feet. Cool. Okay. And then just one rotation to the other side. Well, burned a few calories, so, but yeah.

Thank you. All done.


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Love, love this workout! Best of both types workouts in only 30 minutes. Excellently choreographed too.
Thank you, thank you Sabrina!! So glad you liked the class!
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Amy, this class was so fun and enjoyable!! I really needed the sweat after the holidays!! I liked the interval sections going from mat to jumpboard. Please do another like this soon! My abs are still sore...yippeee
Hi Jamie.....thank you so much for taking my class! I had fun with this one too....and like you, needed a little sweat after the holidays. It felt good to push things a little bit....but I think we can more, don't you?!! I'll try putting another one up soon....I've got some good ideas!

great class Ames! I did it in my office during lunch. I always wonder what the guy next door thinks, but he is like 80 years old, so maybe he cant hear me.
Hi Amelia!! Yay....a great lunch-time workout! You should invite your 80-yr old neighbor to try some footwork on the Reformer while the jumpboard is in position......he'd probably love it! :) Thanks for taking class with me Amelia!!
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Great class, Amy! Definitely burned some calories and am now walking to throw out the rest of the chocolates ;) Loved the combination of mat with jumpboard...great pace. Will definitely take this class again.
Hey Kristen! Thanks for taking class with me and so happy you enjoyed it. A girlfriend of mine put an axe on the "treat train" about a week ago too......she HAD to go to the kitchen to get rid of all the sweets that were still there after the holidays. She took this Mat/Jumpboard class too and was glad she threw everything out. Enjoy the class anytime!
Loved the class!
Hi Meghan! Glad you enjoyed the class and how wonderful that you have your own Reformer. What a treat! We have quite a few Reformer classes to choose from as well as hundreds of Mat have so much to choose from! Talk to you again soon!
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