Class #3541

Linear Long Box

35 min - Class


You will find connections to your shoulders, hips, and spine in this Reformer workout with Viktor Uygan. He uses the Long Box in a non-traditional way, teaching basic movement patterns, changing the positions to access all parts of the body. He includes seated and standing work that will allow you to work on your alignment, balance, and control.

This is part of a longer workshop Viktor offers at his studio.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Yoga Block, Knee Pad

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Hi, my name is Victoria Gan from connect politesse, Orange County, California. And really happy to be here once again in front of you guys. Today we will be doing a linear long box exe...


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Fun ckass..great for older clients as well
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Thank you Debbie Happy you liked it :)
You are absolutely correct the fact this work was inspired while I was working 80+ young ( I'll be in trouble if I call her old :) client and soon realized it works anyone who has a body regardless of their age :)
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Amazing! Will use it in my class especially for the isolation of scapulae. Looking forward to the next clip.
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Absolutely loved this class thank you, such great ideas for the older clients. :))
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Hi Helen the isolation of scapulae is a great way to warm up or cool down the upper body. Let me know how it goes and I hope you will enjoy the coming up Spiral Box as well
You are welcome Renee Enjoy :)
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Cool stuff!!!
Thank you Dorit I am glad you enjoyed the class... :)
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