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Viktor Uygan

About 23 years ago, Viktor began studying with Master Pino Carbone, creator of the BodyCode System and owner of the Gyrotonic® center in Florence, Italy. Viktor’s long history in dance and fitness led him to Pilates after moving to the United States in 1993.
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Viktor continued to study and practice Pilates and was officially Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certified in 2001 by DK Body Balancing through the University of Nevada. He is now owner and an instructor at Konnect Pilates as well as inventor of the Konnector, a break-through accessory for equipment used in this form of exercise. Currently, Viktor is part of the world leading Balanced Body Education as a faculty member instructing teacher training courses with all 8 Pilates Modules, Anatomy in 3D, BODHI, MOTR, and The CoreAlign. He also holds certifications with Pilates for Golf specializing in the training of golfers, the Ki-hara technique for resistance flexibility and strength training as well as the American Ballet Theater’s national training curriculum for young dancers.

Viktor has a variety of workshops that he presents in Pilates conferences world wide and you can see him in many instructional Videos and Podcasts with Balanced Body Inc. He is the first Advanced Teacher Trainer and Master Instructor for the entire BodyCode System, and the first to introduce the entire line of BodyCode equipment in the United States along with being the United States and Canadian distributor for the line of products with his own company, Body Mind E. Viktor travels the United States and abroad to many locations instructing and certifying teachers with the BodyCode work as well as holding workshops and training professionals such as the Boston Ballet.

Mr. Uygan has an extensive background in dance. His studies began with Ankara Sate Company in Ankara, Turkey. He continued training at the Hamlyn School of Ballet in Florence, Italy under the direction of Franco DeVita and Raymond Lukens. He received elementary-advanced diplomas with honors in the Ceccetti technique. Viktor continued dancing and has 15 years of professional experience dancing with companies such as Ankara State and Hartford Ballet as well as guest performing in the United States and Europe. He has worked with such greats as David Allan, Kirk Peterson, Richard Glasstone, AnnMarie DeAngelo, and Alla Osipenko along with many ballets by Balanchine, Tudor, Grahm , Choo San Goh, and with Wayne Sleep for a tribute to Princess Diana. Viktor is certified with the American Ballet Theater national training curriculum for young dancers. He has been coaching dancers for technique, professional careers, and national competitions winning numerous 1st places with his students nationally and internationally. His work has presented at Gala performances in Germany and New York and also won the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) Best Choreographer award for 2007 and 2008.