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Holiday Mat Flow

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Feel longer and stronger in the new year by taking this holiday-themed Mat workout with Meredith. Taped shortly before Christmas, this level 2 moderate-paced class focuses on oblique strengthening and stretching, and upper back extension. A great class to start off the new year with plenty of abdominal exercises to help work off the holiday season. Have fun!
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Jan 08, 2011
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All right. Um, thanks canvas for the merry Christmas hats. Oh, Santa, thank you Santa. Oh, let's start sitting. I think so just dropping the knees out to the sides. So Canda side and Santa's that I'd wear this hat as long as I can. I might get pulled off some time. So just resting this hands on the friends of the shins and breathing while I stifle a sneeze. Okay. So we're just reaching the spine up tall, feeling the bones of the spine grow taller, and then allowing the musculature of the body to just gently support that looking inwards into your body, into your own mind. Start breathing. Um, of course you're always breathing.

But breathing in through the rib cage in Hailey, expanding the entire trunk. Think of a vision. Envision of bellows that opens wide, and then as it closes, it compresses to press air out. And then on the next inhale, allow your shoulders to just gently rise up into your ears. And as you exhale and cement or contract through the center of your body, those shoulders just slide down, becoming heavier down the back. Let's do that two more times and he'll allow the shoulders to just creep up and then exhale. It's not a shove, it's just a gentle relaxing of the shoulder blades down was, so we start to tap into the muscles in the back. One more time, like so in, you know, big lifted the shoulders. Then exhale, the shoulders just gently dropped down the back. With that, let's bring the knees together. Reach the arms forward.

The hat is on the mic. Canvas. This mic, not the last long. Anyhow, we said tall. Exhale, we gently curved the lumbar spine. Rolling back, maybe just about to the bottom of the ribs. Feel free to hang onto your legs. Inhale, pause, exhale, reach the spine. Forward the shoulders come up over the hips, and then we inhale either with no arms or with a little gentle pressure on the shin. Sit Tall. Exhale, we roll back again. Yeah, deepening the contraction through your abdominals. Inhale, pause to XLM curl. Feel a sense of creating length as you round the spine out, and then inhale to sit the spine up. Tall. Exhale a couple more times.

We roll the pressing the feet into the mat, perhaps squeezing the glutes in the inner thighs a little bit to find some control. Rolling up. Shoulders over hips. Inhale to a straight back. Exhale, we round ourselves back again. We're going to stay there, so find a place where you feel pretty strong and definitely in control and he'll just the arms. Exhale, bring the arms back in front of you as your arms lift again. See how high they can go, and also how narrow they can go. Give him the shoulders, a little stretch. Press down, inhale arms, an excellent arms back last two times. Inhale, arms nice and light in the arms, heavy in the shoulder blades.

Here's our last and the arms. Reach down and we breathe in and we're coming up on the exhale rolling forward and sitting tall. With that, we're going to turn to the front of the room. That's the front roll down that side of your spine all the way down as far as you can and then rotate across by as far as you can. I mean probably the limit would be about your shoulder blade area in yellow. As you return back to center and rotate, Xcel roll down that side of your spine is essentially just off center of the spinal column across the center. Exhale would come up and let's finish.

Exhaling this time as we come to center, I'm going to offer a challenge. So roll down. You can either just reach your arms across your body like you did before or they can go up into the air across the top, over to the side. And uh, coming back to center. Inhale across x. So we rolled allowing the shoulder blades to support the movement of the arms or the musculature that surrounds the shoulder blades. Coming back to center one more time to each side.

Rolling down arm's reach. We turn around to the other side, we roll up that side and back to center. Last time to the opposite side, rolling down, reaching across the top, whirling up and coming back to center. And with that, with your palms face down, separate your feet. Roll yourself down onto your mat, perhaps sliding the feet a little closer to you. Preparing for a pelvic curl. We start with an inhale. As we exhale, the spine flattens into the ground, so we get that lumbar curl. Then we pick the spine up bone by bone until the knees and the shoulders are in the diagonal, but straight line breathing in at the top.

Breathing out as you start from your chest. Feel the rib cage. Come down one rib at a time. Feel the bones of the lower spine come down and finally the pelvis drops back into a neutral spine position. Xcel to roll up again in hill. We hold at the time and exhale we come back down, dropping the hips back through neutral again. Inhale and exhale to lift. This time as you inhale, stretch your arms overhead. As you exhale, rolling through your spine, reach the arms in the opposite direction, but continue reaching the shoulder blades towards the pelvis. Inhale, let the arms come straight up towards the ceiling. Exhale, we roll ourselves up, feeling the backsides of the legs engage in, heal the arms. Oh, right up past the eras, Xcel reached down through the spine.

Just changing the stretch slightly by reaching oppositionally through the arms. Inhale, the arms reach up towards the ceiling. Exhale, the pelvis starts to roll away from the Mat. That needs to stretch forward over the toes. Inhale, the arms once again reached. Just pass the years. Exhale, we roll ourselves down, reaching the arms overhead. Inhale, palms up above the shoulders and rolling up one last time here. Inhale the arms reach. Exhale, keeping the arms overhead. We slide the spine into the ground. Once the pelvis, it's neutral, just continue to circle the arms around until they're out to your sides.

In a t position, picking up the left leg first, using the abdominals to pick up the right leg. We're going to do a set of leg changes. So you're going to drop the say leg closest to me down to the front. And as you exhale, change legs. So what's important here is that, um, we know that this is an abdominal exercise, not a leg exercise. Secondly that we're looking for total stability in the pelvis.

Thirdly, that the back isn't arching away from the Mat, but it's very nicely pressed into the mat and we change and we change. What about three more and then three and and [inaudible] and one and one to the other side, both legs up and glue them together in. I'll tilt both knees towards me. Reach the opposite shoulder down into the ground. Exhale, we return to center working very much through the obliques to move. Inhale as we rotate to the opposite side and exhale to come back to center, so paying attention to the details of the exercise. The belly draws away from the knees as the knees transfer over.

Then it deepens and that's what starts us as we exhale on our journey back to center. Inhale across and exhale to pull up and heal across and exhale to pull back. One more time to either side, keeping the knees and feet Leyenda spinal column. Just gently rotating. This is going to be our last one for now and maybe for the day from there. Lift your arms back so that they're now parallel to one another.

Pick your head and chest up. Put your hands on your knees. Use Your hands just gently to curl your body forward. Check the the tailbone is down and then sending the arms just past the pelvis. Inhale as you lower both sets of toes down towards the ground and I felt as you bring your legs back up, we inhale reaching, pressing through the backs of the legs and we exhale to a pole. If you want to challenge this, raise your arms as your legs go down and XL to pull.

You could also choose to reach back and support your head in your hands. I personally like the movement of the arms and legs simultaneously in that real strong effort to bring it back to center. And I do three more. So there's one inhale down. You could also put your head on the ground and here's two. And here's our last one. Once again reached for the knees. Once again, challenge that upper curl. Take the leg closest to the camera, to the Mat.

Take both hands and put them on the outside of that thigh. Lift. Pull. Twist yourself around. Look for a real deep contraction through the waistline using your arms to challenge your rotation and to challenge the left. We're going to change sides. Find that same position one hand right below the other lift will twist. Feel that bottom river, that inside rib, pulling in towards that hip.

When go a little quicker. Now it's exhale and exhale and two, and to keeping the left. So Jennifer, the of the bent knee is just reaching down towards the floor. I'm doing like a marching thing. That's it. And turn. Don't forget that the arms can help you create more intensity, not just help you suffer through the exercise. And then we never say suffer. Dewey.

Yeah, yeah. We're enjoying every last moment of this strong oblique rotation for one more to each side. Let's bring both knees in, hug the knees to the chest and lay the head and chest down. I came out of my hat when I lifted it up and I reached my head, went straight back into it when I came to the ground. That was kind of fun. Alright, here we go again. Hands on the tops of the knees. We're curling up into that position again.

We're going to reach the arms past the hits. Extend the legs out straight if you want, or bend knees. Inhale for the 101 two, three, four, five goes the XL and pumping from the lat or from musculature just underneath your shoulder blade and three to three creating sense of heaviness through the waist and for inhale, keeping the trunk nice and still in here. This next five exhale, bring the legs to the body. One, two, three, four or five. Inhale, push them away. They don't, uh, the back doesn't lift. Exhale, pull in in Hilda keeping the spine flats three under [inaudible] for the last two. Exhaling. Huh? Inhaling, exhaling. Inhaling to push the legs away.

Bend the knees, hold. See if you can just pick up your pelvis a little bit. It's a little posterior tilt and release and XL to pick up that pelvis. The arms reach past the legs and three more and two and one more. Bring the knees into the chest, put the head down and it happened again. I got my cap on. Stretch the left leg out straight.

Hold the back side of the right side. Just stretch that leg. It may or may not straighten, but keep the fight quite close to the body. We're going to do three. There's one exhale. Inhale to bend the knee. Draw the abdominals down as though they're pulling away from the toe as it reaches overhead. There's two. Here's our last one, holding that leg there. See if you can find enough abdominal strength or support to just let go.

The leg should stay where it is. Arms are down in a low fee position. Anchor through the bottom leg. Flex the top leg as you circle to the left. Lift your right hip off the mat. Then swing it down and around. Pull it up, exhale, circle down, reach around and through. Actually letting that side of the pelvis lift today and across. Honor around and up. We're going to more in this direction.

I'm inhaling as I cross my body and exhaling to finish. And here's our last one. Exhale. And to finish we pause. See if with that straight like you can just deepen the abdominals and suck that leg a little closer to you. Here we go. The other direction in Neo to exhale, they hip lifts and comes down as my leg is coming back to center, I'm focusing on doing that from my waist. You really tap into your old bleaks in that situation and across enough and inhale to exhale and down last time. And Dan once again reached for the back of that fi gently guide the leg a little closer to your body. Bend it, hold onto it with your left hand and twist across to your left side.

With your knee. Looking over your right hand and shoulder, I'm going to take the body back through center. Stretch the right leg down onto the ground and as soon as it gets down, it starts anchoring. Pressing down. Bring the left thigh in, hold the backside of the thigh, bring it quite close to the ribs and then stretch the leg overhead. Not worrying too much about a straight knee, but trying to keep a consistent space between the femur and the ribs. There's two. Here's our third. Now we've got that stretch. We've got that pull back. Can we hold on to it and just lightly let go.

Flex that foot circle into your body, down all around and inhale as you let the hip lift. Exhale. As you finish the circle, keeping the shoulders down, keeping the bottom foot pointed, letting your breath move with your circle. Pause at the top. Draw the abdominals in a little deeper. Try to pull the leg back more in. Here we go the other direction. It's in. Yell to exhale and cross the body. Inhale and exhale. Cross the body so it's kind of a swing and catch type of a feeling.

And then do two more. And here's our last one. Bring that like all right. Back Up. Bend it. Hold onto the outsole. We held onto the back of the five first, didn't we? Guide it towards you and then bend and then reach across for the side. Twisting to your right.

Yeah. Looking over the left shoulder. Let's bring the legs. Uh, bring the body back to center. The legs are going to reach back out straight. The arms are going to come first over the shoulders are straight up to the ceiling.

And then overhead from that place we're going to lift the head and chest. The arms reach forward and then we exhale for a roll up. Full roll up, staying long and round, drawing the abdominals back even here. And so we roll down all the way. Feeling the pelvis move out from underneath you feeling the shoulder blades dropped down, allowing the head to come down. Reach the arms overhead. Inhale, head in, chest up. Look forward. Start Your exhale. Let your exhale, procedure, movement feel long and tall. Look down just a little bit. Jenner, Jenner, I don't know why that came from shoulder blades reaching down. It was just the shortening of Jennifer. So as your head comes up, that's the leader. That's the top of the spine.

And then you just allow your gaze to follow the direction of your spine. So as your spine is rounding over your legs, it gazes down. As you're rolling back, the gaze is still down for a while. Then straight ahead. Then up on the arms reach overhead. Let's do that about three more times. Lift and curl. Rounding forward.

Exhale. Feel the shoulder blades pull back or right away as the spine starts moving backwards. Candace, every time I come down my head goes into my hat. Hope I'm making, I'm making mine work. I'm only Sante when I'm lying down the alright, one more to go. Hold here. Scoop the knees in towards you. So now we're very round.

We're going to change this just a little bit. So I'm lifting up on my toes. I want my leg legs to slide kind of lightly. It's, I'm not rolling like a ball. It's gonna be a modified roll. So we're going to start to roll down towards the ribs. Once you get to the low back, the legs starts. Straighten these, straighten all the way. Now we're going to pick the head and chest sta.

As we roll up. We're going to slide the knees, rounding the spine into a ball. Inhale. Exhale. Reaching the legs away from us. Shoulders down, reaching the arms overhead. Inhale to exhale. Animal Roll back two more times like feeling that strength through the middle of the body, that connection through the backs of the legs that allows us to stabilize the pelvis as we move. One more reaching back. Inhale and reaching. Pause there. Reach for the ankles. Allow the likes to have like now we roll like a ball. I'm moving forward. If you need to, you will in heal. We rock back. Exhale, coming to a balancing position right behind they have to.

It happens to me every time. The first one's not ever, I'm working on it. Shoulders are heavy, massaging through the spine. Inhaling and exhaling to come and inhaling back and excelling to come. Keep the gaze slightly downwards here. Looking into the abdominals. Let's go one more time reaching back. I love it. Hang Up. Once you get to the top, allow your feet to just gently rest back down on the floor so you're still in that kind of a tight ball position. Start to roll away from your legs.

Once again, go to a place where you feel controlled. I'm going to go, I'm looking for my low back. That's where I'm headed from there. Either hold onto the leg that you're turning away from war. Don't reach one arm back, way back and look at it. Exhale, bring that arm back. Inhale the opposite arm. Overreaches the body stays lifted and XL, so if you're falling back when you're turning, hold on. It's worth it. Excellent. We come back and you know we stretch and I fell.

We come back. We're going down you guys. We're reaching the legs away, letting the head gum down the eyes. Reach up towards the ceiling, picking the head and chest back up. Slide the knees in, curling the spine. We're going to the right this time it's in. Inhale and exhale and then inhale and an exhale. One more time to either side. Really pull in as you churn and Poe in, in shoe churn.

And this time we're going up all the way and once we get there, we're just going to drop the knees open and take a stretch forward over the body or over the legs with the body over the legs. Okay. And then from there, let's sit up. We're going to do our twisting here with the legs as they are sitting nice and tall. Let's reach the hands back and put them behind the head. Use the hands not to push the head forward, but to feel the head have somewhere to go. Inhale, we're turning towards me. It's a double exhale. Turn. And then try to go more.

And they didn't heal the length in the spine, taller at the next ultra churn and churn and then reach back to center. It's no bleak contraction that brings us where we're going and [inaudible] feel that as you're rotating, you're perhaps going a little forward. So I'm aiming that rib just across the front, knee and back. Start the Xcel engaging through the obliques. Then the movement happens and back and again and back. Let's do one more time to either side.

Big rotation and brewing it back to center. Getting taller and a big rotation. Bring it back to center. Getting Taller, raise the arms overhead, press the arms back, starts. Turn the palms away from you. Circle the arms behind you. Now the fingertips are going to rotate in and we're balancing on our hands. I'm going to skip my feet a little closer. This is a bit of a hip stretch, so you want to start with straight arms. As you exhale, press your knees into the ground and lift your pelvis up. Now press your pelvis closer to your feet, but stay lifted.

Reach back away from the feet to where you started and let the hips come down with a straight slide. Here's some breathing. Inhale, lift. Exhale, press forward. Pressing the knees away from one another ending. I'll come back and exhale. Sit down. Focus on the back muscles so you're lifting up out of the shoulders. Ah, and then forward stretching. Open through the hips, back. Keep lifting up through the back. Jennifer, as you sit down with your head.

Lovely. One more time, please. List, knees, pressing away, pelvis, getting closer to the feet, reaching back and placing the hips down, sitting all the way back up straight and I'll reach the hands back behind the head for a modified saw. So we're going to turn this fine for us. Let's go towards me. And as we exhale, that elbow reaches just out suicide, that knee or that outside Shin. Inhale think long and tall as you come all the way back to sitting. And exhale, bring it back to center and he'll return XO diving forward. Inhale, Tacoma and Xcel to bring it back. Big rotation through the back.

Reach the spine across so it's not the elbow that you're focusing on. It is in fact your whole trunk, the whole entire ribcage. Lengthen out of it and come back to center again. There's a really decent amount of abdominal work available here for you should you choose to focus on it. And my recommendation is definitely choose. Uh Huh.

Or else it just becomes about making a shape. It's not about making shapes, it's about what we can use to create the shapes. Ana and center and last one and reach Anna and center. We're going to take the leg closest to me and straighten it. Bring the leg that is still been a little bit higher up on that thigh, knee, hip area, not hip, knee, Shin, thigh. Turn towards the leg, that strike. Walk forward, stretch past the knee or reach through your feet or your ankles or whatever feels comfortable for you to reach from that place. We are going to take their right arm and reach it even further past that foot. Start to spiral the spine around are reaching the top of the ribs, the right ribs up towards the ceiling, not right. I'm just floats over head and then we I backed down or fold back down, letting the hands come down to the mat and just gliding them along the mat as we come all the way back up to sitting.

So they just roll up with this spine changing legs, allowing the first feel, the sitting bones even in level, and then turn the trunk and then just start to gently walk yourself forward, reaching forward over the leg, pressing the backs of the knee or the back of that nene to the mat. The lefthand now reaches even further than the than the right hand or where the right hand is holding and we start to spiral the ribs open, reaching the left arm overhead. Thinking about this one is a rotation through the ribs as well. Taking it back down, reaching down, and just letting the hands find the ground as we roll out. All right, both legs out straight or slightly bent should you need to modify for tight hamstrings. Uh, what's most important is that you're able to sit with a straight back.

The arms are forward, find a little bit of inward pressure through the chest, a little bit of downward pressure through the shoulder blades, and we move. Let the head go forward, pull the ribs back, the abs back, stretching the spine forward over the legs, feeling the neck reach out of the shoulder blades. Inhale and exhale to Rola, uh, exhaling as you roll down so the neck gets longer and longer as the shoulder blades pull more and more down the back. Inhale, we pause and exhale. Starting to bring yourself back up, moving fluidly through the body. We're going to do that one more time. Where reaching forward in healing to pause and excelling to come back. Huh? This time as you sit up straight, raise your arms, open them to the sides.

Just press the arms back. The littlest fit in. Raise the chest steps. It's a tiny little bit of upper back extension. The arms come back forward. We inhale to exhale and roll down. Adding some spinal extension here. I'm going to let my knees soften for this first one. Send the front hipbones forward the tailbone back, the arms up near the years, the abdominals into the spine. Nice flat spine. You look great.

Exhale to reach forward. Using that same breath to roll us up. Inhale, we get a little longer. Xcel that had goes down first. Dominoes, we're working hard shoulder blades going down. Inhale, the pelvis tilts forward, the arms raised up near the ears. Inhale to get further, longer or taller. Exhale to reach foe word dropping the shoulder blades down as you lightly lift the spine back up one more time like so. Reaching forward, standing the spine. Do your best to where you can go and then just let your arms drop to wherever they land. Use Your hands to guide yourself into maybe a longer flat or position. Maybe somewhere that feels like a little bit more of a challenge for you.

Let the arms lightly reach back up. We're going to hold there. Breathe in, breathe out. As you reach on that long diagonal in my direction. Inhale as you come back to center. So I'm in spine. Stretch forward with rotation. Reaching in here. Don't forget your obliques and make it worth it and back. Turn and back. Back to center.

We're going to reach forward and Rola. I'm going to do a similar thing, but add onto it. Start in the beginning. We round forward. What's funny, my bad teaching today. Oh, blanks. Oh, oh, working your obliques is good for you. Let's find back. Extension.

Allow your hands to just drop down again. Use Your hands to help you find an optimal position. Then let go. So we're going to do a similar, oh, I said that. Let's go. Turn. Inhale. Exhale. As you bend your elbows, feel the head go further that way in how lightly. Reach the arms up and exhale back to center and he'll turn the body.

Exhale, pull the elbows wide. Send the top of the head further forward the spine further forward. Inhale up. Exhale, back to center. We're doing one more. You know we turn, pull, but right, so it's an oppositional movement. Inhale alarms and XL center. Last time guys, we've been stretching the body forward. Inhale, reach. Exhale, reach forward.

Just die back through center and carefully with control. Make your way back. Got It. All right, let's bend the knees again. You liked that one? Okay. Gonna do a little bit of rolling a little bit more. Rolling knees together. Feet together.

Let's hold onto the thighs today or not. I'm just going to teach it behind the FYS. You guys know how to let go. Roll down to let the pelvis tuck using the hands. Perhaps you can feel more stability than you would without your hands reaching down to straight elbows. Then press the ribs forward, the spine curls, no movement in the knees. And then finally we reached back up straight. So that's our movement.

Feel free to let go if you wish. Rounding down, I feel the pelvis, mouth, legs against your hands. Let's see. What am I? Am I pressing my legs against my hands on the way up? Not really. I mean you could and it would help, but to make it harder. Um, I'm trying not to use them much. I'm just letting myself use for enough of support, I guess. Yes, pressing the FI's into the hands would make it more supportive, but I'm trying all though my hands are on my legs not to use them much at all. Let's do one more in rolling up, focusing on the forward movement and then the elongation of the spine and rolling back. This time we're going to stay.

So once you get there just to off your shoulders, bring your knees a little closer to you and the double leg stretch, we reach the arms overhead, we push through the inhale, the belly drops down as the arms recheck. So the arms push around in space in here. So think about this as a stretch, right? The double leg stretch, how long can you be and then contract back in and how long can you be. So we're pulling the legs away from the hip joints, all the while keeping the back very stable, very flat on them the last four times and our answer to pooler and to to come back one more time and let's bring the knees with us and just gently lower the body down. Bringing the head and chest Baca.

We're going to do a modified single leg stretch. Here's how it's going to go. You're going to stretch the right leg out and then reach for the left ankle, stretch that leg, pulling it towards you. Then drop that leg down, bend, reach, stretch. So once I get that leg straight, it drops as the bottom leg comes in. That makes sense to everyone. Stretch and bend the bottom knee. As you drop the top leg down, we stretch it so it's like a combination of the single leg stretch and the hamstring pull. Nice Job Helen, and let's go a little faster for four and three.

Focus on stability of the trunk. That's the challenge one. We're going to do the same thing with the rotation, so it's a cross bend and we'll no hands this time. If you can bend and stretch, pull and it's like a bicycle with a criss cross stretch. Don't drop the bottom like too far down. Yes.

This one's courtesy of Ms. Lisa Clayton. Thanks Lisa. Reaching across, enriching your cross and let's go. I don't know, one more either side and, and let's come back to center. Bending the knees, place the feet down on the floor. Had comes down again. Put my Santa Cap back on for a pelvic curl. Uh, here we go. Pulling the abdominals and feeling the pelvis will rise up away from the ground. Pressing the Polis up. Pausing. When you get to the tar, think about just talking a little bit more than you really tap into those hamstrings and in here press the arms into the mat so you get worked with your upper back as you lower your body down one bone at a time, relatively slowly and release.

We're going to do that one more time and hold at the top. So here it is. Exhale to the left and then we're going to make that into a single leg. Pelvic curls. So we're going to pick up the right lane and then try to see as even as possible as you roll down. So yes, I'm articulating down. I'm trying to land evenly on my hipbones and then I roll back.

Huh? Bringing that leg with me. We're going to do it two more times. Rolling down. Check in with the shoulders. Are they creeping up? I've just got that top leg bent at a tabletop position. Yeah, the down and Ah, now as you drop that leg to the ground, notice if your pelvis has shifted a great deal. It shouldn't. Hopefully, let's pick up the other way. We did three just peeling the spine down.

Pay attention to the supporting leg that it's not pushing out to the side. The inner thighs of both legs are squeezing inwards. We round down hauling the belly. So really try to get that belly to press into the ground, even though it's lifting up away from the ground. That's not a sphere or last one.

[inaudible] place that foot down. Inhale, maybe pick up the pelvis a little bit. And XLE come down slowly. Spinal articulation. I'm gonna roll back up for the shoulder bridge. So here it comes.

I don't remember which leg we picked up first as anyone. Yeah. Okay. Pick up your left way. Stretch it to the sky. Let's go now. Down and back and to here's our rhythm and we reach out of the hip and back and out of that and back. Equal weight on both arms. We're going to do two more down to hold. Bend your knee, place it on the ground. Re-Established stability, control, picking up the opposite leg, letting that leg float up into the air. And here we go. It's down and up. And three.

Yeah. Excellent point. In reach in house we flex and Paul, I think two more and one where we held the laid hock. The pelvis is high in level. Drop the foot in. Inhale and exhale slowly make your way down. Reaching arms forward.

Once you get all the way down, bring the knees into the chest, taking us into the rollover. And next, so we're going to take the legs out into a, started in a table, top position and a stretch the legs forward on the diagonal. Keep it in the back flat and ya'll bring them up and exhale. Roll the spine over as the legs travel over the abdominals. Pull away from the eyes, flex the feet, separate the legs, and slowly lower your body down. Making the most of that stretch. Using the abdominals for articulation to manipulate the spine.

We point circle to touch. Inhale to exhale and rural. Flex the feet. Separate the legs about shoulder distance. If you can, lower them down and slowly peel your body down, pressing into your arms as you do. So, point the feats circle to touch. Inhale, exhale over. Flex. Separate and yeah, I'm gonna reverse that so that as the lakes come together, we separate them and then lift them and we roll. Flex your feet, bring them together, squeeze them tightly together and drag them along your nose for us. Your chest as you reached out as your tailbone touches your toes point.

They separate a little. They roll all off. We squeeze Lewis toes a little and just peel your body. Yeah. And how about one? I actually actually do this for 20 more minutes. A little and feeling good to feeling great. Okay.

So if this is your last one, make it worth it and then just bend the knees, reach for the backs of the legs, curl the head and chest up. Just gently rock back and forth. I've gotten my legs at about it, a 90 degree angle and I'm trying not to move them much here I am pushing them into my hands as I rock a little bit and see how much abdominal work you can get out of this. And I don't want him to just find the pelvis and back. Let's rock all the way up. Yeah. And stay. All right, we're going to come up onto our knees.

I think the hat is going to be better than my hair at this point. I want to put it back on. We didn't do some side work. Helen, do you want to? If you wanted to do sit on a box, that would be a really good choice. So I'm going to get you guys going on and then I'm going to go arms out to your sides and he's just under hips or you guys stay where you are or just standing works as well. So let's inhale. We're going this way.

We're gonna reach over with the arms with the spine. Exhale, use the obliques to pull yourself. Thanks Perry. Back on. Inhale as we reach across. What I'm trying to stretch out this side of my body and then I'm coming back. So my arms, that's like they're bolted. They're are wooden pole. They don't change at all as I stretch and then contract that side of my body to lift up and then I pull into the center reach and contract to lift up.

Yeah. Let's do one more [inaudible] to come back and reaching over to come back. Will you guys tell me if you need to get off your knees for a minute? Cause I'm going to keep us here for a little bit. Do this. Uh, Hook your fingers together. Pull your shoulder blades down and then try by pulling your shoulder blades apart to take your hands apart. Tired.

All right, so that, can you everyone feel that sense of pulling? I'm trying to pull this way with my back. Alright, so now we're going to take the hands apart. Turn the fists together. Get that same sense of pulling the shoulders apart, contracting through the upper back and we move. We're going to reach out through the forearms, stretch the arms out, feel the back expanding, bend at the elbows, feel the shoulder blade. Stay broad as we bring our fist back together. Let's exhale now.

Stretching out while I change my mind. And here's why. Let's inhale now because we can mimic the movement of the arms with the entire trunk filling up. And then exhale, contract the entire trunk as a fist. Come back together. And you know, feeling, feeling strong, stable back. And then that I'm never really bringing my arms behind me. I want them always to stay slightly forward in my periphery and back last time we're reaching. And so staying there. Let's just drop the arms down. Reach just the fingertips down towards the floor.

Take the head in one direction, roll it around towards the center of your chest, over to the other side around towards the center of your chest. And let's come straight up from there. Elbows, bend, fingertips facing up, palm spacing. And now here's what we're doing. Push your hands towards your face, but see if you can. It's like your hands are pushing, but your elbows are pulling out. Does that make sense? All right. Keep that sensation in the back. That really strong contraction. Now just lightly let the fingertips left. Shoulders are pulling apart, they're pulling down. They almost are almost wait lists.

And then as we begin to bend our elbows, we press in with the hands and stretch the elbows away from each other and then we do it again. So the fingertips are reaching. Now also you can get a sense of growing tall is your entire spine. Lightly lifts. I'm happy. Nice. A couple extra inches and never heard anyone. And then abdominals and have you through the shoulder blades and barely any pressure through the fingertips.

And then the heels of the hands gently start to press in worth as weak. Pull the elbows in the shoulders apart. One more to go. We're going to reach and we're going to band. All right, stretch your arms out to the sides. We're going to go over to that direction again. So this time you're going to reach over. Find the side stretch. Maybe you'll get your fingertips to touch. Oh, we all did.

Bring your top arm over your head. There it goes. The hat again. Look down. Oh, maybe not. Bend your elbow. Feeling a stretch. Increase the elbows pointing straight up. Now I'm pushing like I've gotten a weight in my hand, my hand towards the ceiling to try civic sension. Inhale, bend. Feel this bottom shoulder blade pulling away, increasing the stretch to the side of the body and he always been, we're just going to do five. Exhale, create work and create and reach out. Here's where we've got to be careful. Reach the arm down. You've got to use the old weeks to bring us up. Well, that was few candy over to the other side. Stretching through the waist.

Feel the fingertips come down. If not, you don't have to, but you'll just go where you can go. The bottom hip is gonna want to press backwards, so just monitor that top our month. Elba just over the shoulder as Dow, and then we bend and we press and we bent and we press. As you've been, feel the waist stretch longer as you press. Feel the abdominals engage. Last two. [inaudible]. Hurry each one to go and reach that arm out.

Start to lower it down. Pull up from the obliques. Got One more knee exercise for us. Are we okay? Here we go. Maybe to reach over. Find the fingertips. This time, the legs gonna lift. You're gonna stretch your leg. Feel a little bit of a talk in the pelvis. I'm trying to push forward. Oh, let's get, let's get going.

Bring the leg forward. I'm going to take my hand behind my head and bring the leg forward. Flex, keep the knee very straight as it reaches to the back. Pull forward and reach back and pull forward and reach back. One more soon is a bit mean. Bring your like follower. Make a tiny circle size for three.

Holding onto the ads one. Let's go the other way. Four, three, two, one. Stretch the leg out. Let's just come out of it this way. Bend. Take the arm that was behind your head. Reach into that side of your body, stretching the hip, stretching the back. Okay, we're going to come back up into that side kneeling position, except for this time as the leg straightens. It's not lifting, just gonna stay on the ground. And what I'm going to do is just think about reaching the leg away and then reach the arm forward. So it's just a different stretch. A longer stretch, more of a waist stretch. Yeah. And then let's come back.

Sliding the knee back in place. Hmm. It's kind of a sloppy transition, but we made it here. We go over to the other side, reaching across. Find the hand, lift the leg, stretch it out, hand behind the head, bring the leg forward and point back and here's forward and 0.3 and as a leg goes back really finely abdominals. We did two more, one more, and then we came forward and we did five circles. One, two, cramp, three, four, five, go the other way. Five, four, three, two, one. Stretch the leg, back, bend. It's take that top Armen, stretch up and then sit into the hip. Reaching the arm across.

Then we're going to start to travel back up onto that knee. Stretch the leg out, reach it away from you. Keep it on the ground, stretch the top arm over, head lifting through the waist, opening through the waist, and then we've bent the knee and we brought it to the ground. I'm going to slide up onto my fingertips here. This doesn't feel good to you. You just get up the way you need to. I know we're coming back up. All right, one more thing. Arms down. Let your shoulders relax. Got One more upper back arm exercise to do.

So we've got the weight of the world in our hands right now. As we're holding our arms out to the sides, we're feeling heaviness to the back and then we're just going to lightly raise the arms up and I want you to think about growing and growing and growing. And then as the arms press downwards, we continue to grow taller. So it, when we all leave here, we'll be at least three inches taller. Inhale, reach up. The abdominals are pulling in. I'm trying to reach my ribs up away from my pelvis. Then I'm pressing down, opening the arms. I totally am.

I'm reaching away. I'm not squeezing, I'm not even attempting to squeeze. I'm keeping my shoulder blades broad as I lift my arms. And then as I open, it's like I'm trying to pull my arms apart like I've got. Mm. Like I'm being drawn and quartered from the upper half of my body. Yeah, that intense, that intense. Exactly. All right.

Let's lower the arms all the way down. I'm gonna just gonna turn. We're going to come down onto our abdominals for a moment. Okay. So I'm a little bit of hip extension work. There's two options for this one. You can either be listed, which is going to create more of a challenge or just lie down on your hands. Okay. So whatever you're doing, I'm going to be up here so at least I can talk and we're just gonna take the left leg and reach it out. So as it reaches out, start to stretch it up, but don't let either hip front, hip away from the mat and then just lower that leg down and then reach it out.

Yeah, if you'd be happier just lying down on your forehead. It works just as well. What we're trying to target is the glutes, the hamstrings, hip extensors. A little bit of Ab work here to support the low back. Sue three more and, and to, yeah, we did do these last week. Your hamstrings were sore. I'm excited. I am. We're going to change legs, you know, reach out and, and so what's gonna want to happen as the leg lifts up is the whole pelvis is gonna want to arch or the back is going to art. So your job is to keep the, the broad line from hipbone to hipbone still on the ground. If this starts to feel at all tender or not appropriate for your low back, honestly, it's worth it. Therese. Okay, here's our last one. Lower that leg, pick up the other one.

Make a small circle. Tennis ball size two kind of quick. Three, four, five, go the other way. Downer. Two, three, four thighs. Lower that leg. Pick up the other one, and then five, four. It's like turning around in the hip joint. Go the other way. One, two, three, four and five. I'm going to recommend everyone lowering down for this last bit. Abdominals.

Very much working hips and external rotation. Stretch the legs away from you until they just have [inaudible]. Yeah, the straight one. Yeah, I did circle and then I switched. Yeah, I did. We, I feel like we did straight. Oh maybe that's my problem you guys. It's close to Christmas. I have barely any brain cells left. We forgive me, so let's do it again. If we didn't do it though, it's just a straight leg re and a straight leg reach. I feel like we did crazy. I am crazy.

That's not even a question. We're all crazy, but we're all here. We're all here. Crazy together. All right, you guys feel like you've done enough to be even, oh, please forgive me. I promise to come back refreshed after the new year. The, okay, so squeeze the legs together. Rest your head. However the legs both away. Now they're going to work together so I can't forget. And then make another small circle. So it's circle, circle.

I'm drawing the circle, the size of a tennis ball with my legs. I don't care. It doesn't matter. I'm going down, out and up, down, out and up, down, out and up. That I'm about to reverse it. So it doesn't matter why you're doing whatever you were doing. Go were there in the river. So about, I don't know, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one please lower your legs down. Let your body let your back relax. We're coming up out of this to just put your hands underneath your shoulders.

Reach up with your hips. Sit back towards your feet. Okay. And then we're going to come up. Hands in Easton, if you don't want to be on your hands, you can do this on your elbows. Okay, we're going to do the um, front support, the exercise. So what I want you to do please is find your way into a front support position. Strong abdominals, shoulders down, away from the years. A very small tuck in the pelvis so that we're looking for a neutral spine.

Jennifer, just lift your head up the littlest bit. As you exhale, pull your right knee underneath you. It just guides, drags along the Mat, stretch it out, pull the left leg underneath and stretch it out and pull the right knee under. So the goal here is that as what those legs move freely, the spine, the trunk is still, can you create an abdominal pole as you bring the knee underneath your body? One more time. Hold there, drop. Bend both knees towards the ground, but don't let your body drop wherever they land and then press back, squeeze the back of the legs, bend the knees, keep the upper body lifted or the trunk lifted. So I'm under am not able to go all the way to the ground personally, but I do feel a lot of stomach working to keep my back lifted. We're just going one more time you guys. That's it.

Drop carefully to both knees so that once again, back on your heels through stretch. [inaudible] all right. And then just carefully come up. I'm going to do a little bit more back extension, seated sitted seated, losing my ability to speak. Even Helen now's a good time for the box for sure. You'll be much happier if you're not comfortable and you'll notice that I have this race platform so I'm quite comfortable. Um, but you can elevate yourself or choose a different leg position. Um, so that you're happy. So here we go. We're going to bend our elbows out to the sides. Um, what a lot of us are going to want to do you guys stay where you are is go to this place.

So just make sure that the body is straight from there. We're going to inhale and turn the elbows forward in the hands back. And then as we exhale, just that same sense of lightness that we've been talking about today as the arm stretched back. So it's like a seated swimming, not really extending anywhere except for maybe my upper back a little. Then I'm going to bend my elbows, dragging my shoulder blades down, my back. [inaudible] I'm aiming there. So a little, I'm going to say that again and differently for you cause I, that was a good point. So as I go to here, I, I'm trying in my mind to get my hand slightly behind my elbow.

Once I've got hit that place, I'm trying to trace that line. I'm not going back down. Yeah, like a back diagonal in it. And I'm going to let my head come up just a little bit. So my spine is in line and then I just bend and [inaudible] right. So a lot of us in, in the swimming, keep going in the swimming, have a trouble getting our arms higher than our head. Right?

So here's the perfect opportunity to, to find that feeling and wider with the arms is easier. And then we bent and then we realize, and I'd like to just do that one more time and we're going to add a swimming into it. So don't even think about extending your back. Just the act of reaching your arms back there and letting the eyes lift up is going to be where you need to go from there to press the right arm back, just the right and then change. Just keep thinking tall and change on one more. And then we're going to come back. I'm going to bend the elbows and lower the arms all the way down.

I'm just going to let my hands arrest to the sides of my body. Take my head to the left or the right or whatever. Now once I get there and I feel that stretch and it's just start spider fingering my hand away from me until the stretch increases but isn't too intense, I'm going to let my chin round down into my chest there just carefully. Don't force this. And then I'm gonna reach back and then I'm walking my hand back first.

Let that stretch go away, let the shoulder relax and then my head yet I comes back to the top and then head goes in the other direction. Just find the stretch for us. And then just a gentle walking away from the neck with the fingertips. And then the Chin's going to reach down into the chest. And then I'm gonna come back. Want to walk my hand in for us and just let it relax and let my head pick up on right. Ah, I'm going to, that seems to be the theme of today. Palms up here.

Shoulders just gently down. [inaudible] uh, externally rotate the shoulders, bringing the tums back, the ones you're just in a position where you're just feeling your upper back. Uh, my hands are parallel to the floor here. I'm just going to take my head over to one side. Again, sledding the upper back muscles, pull down away from the neck muscles, and then my head gently travels back through center. Take it over to the other side. No, I'm just channeling you back through center and perhaps just down into the chest for a moment. Yeah.

And then the straighter, just the relaxing the arms down, reach the arms far to travel the spine, forward over the legs, get a little bit of a stretch, reach up light through the spine in the arms. I'm reaching my arms slightly behind me. Yeah. And then let's go forward again. It is stretched out in the night and if you have your ankles crossed, it's not a bad idea to just change the cross of the legs. Jennifer, you're fine cause your feet, they won't change. And here we go again, guiding the spine forward. So still, even here at the end of class, we're pulling back through the ABS. We're supporting the spine, we're working as we live, not super intensely, but definitely feeling some work. As your arms reach forward, pull the abdominals back, allow this way and you reach up. And with that as your arms finally traveled down for the end is fine, grows taller, you get a little lighter, and we are done.

Merry Christmas. I am totally done. Woo.


As always, excellent cueing and direction. Love the variations on the basic stuff. Keeps it interesting. Thanks!
Great creative flow, cueing and the right amount of talk (purposeful) that doesn't break our focus. :) I used handweights for the arm work b/c I wasn't feeling much. Thanks for your innovative work! More from you.
Ted Johnson
Nice shirt!
Loved it...beginning with (1) diagonal half curl with arm circle to (2) toe dips & criss cross to (3) hip lift with diamond legs to (4) rotation in seated 4 position to (5) prone leg circles to (6)seated swimming prep to (7)spider finger walk stretch! Thank you!
Thanks everyone! Always glad to be of service!!
Thanks for the suggestion about using arm weights Pele, I came prepared today and enjoyed this class even more. Nearly a full year since you brought this instruction to us Meredith....joyfully anticipating spending this next year with you too!
I'm looking forward to the year to come as well, Joni! Happy holidays everyone!
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Christmas on....July 4th?  Why not?! This was fun today and now I am finally through all of the "holiday" classes.  Must have missed this one, yet happy to have completed the whole series!
Marissa this might have been the class that started the holiday series!
The very first Christmas class.  Perfect for July.

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