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Advanced Reformer Variations

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Learn how to work your springs in this advanced Reformer workout with Saul Choza. He focuses on the transitional exercises that will give you a strong foundation so that you can move into more difficult movements. He includes creative variations like Flying Eagle, Arabesque on the Short Box, and much more.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

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Hi and welcome to my classical intermediate to advance reformer workout. Today we're going to focus on some transitional exercises, that half foundation so you will be able to move into the more advanced classes we have, Jennifer and Sydney with us today. I hope you enjoy it. Ready? So let's descend down to the four for me please and on your background please. Good. Now let's work the springs and push the character away from me please. And hang out there for a second.

Pilates Stance

We just want to create a nice elongation of the spine. Now can you walk this springs? Forget about your carriage. Can you think of working in the springs and press up against the springs? Now in this fashion, bring the carriage in and here we go. 10 times and length. Lengthen out what? Good to remember. This is footwork, so everything that we do and we're going to focus on the position of your feet.

What I want to make sure is that all your toes are on the bar right now. Yes. And making sure that you work the springs on the negative resistance. Don't let the springs do the work for you. Resist and work on the way down. Now on your arches, press the heels down as much as you can and lengthen.


Press out one and continue. Really two and three. Wrap the toes forward for me please. Right? And keep digging in the heels down so that way your pelvis will gradually neutralize and you can keep that long spine making sure that you don't grip, but you extend those fingers. I mean those toes that hunt to the buy and press that for me please. Good.

Heels Parallel

One of the cues that has been lost is kissed the knees or the toes. So every time you bend the knees, think of kissing the knees with your toes. That will you stimulate the front of the legs. That's the most that we don't get to use as much because we're constantly walking on flat surfaces and they are important for our balance on UTOPES and press sets. And let's bring it down for three counts. One, two, three and up to three. Good. And down two, three. Can we create more space in the front of the hips? Right?

Tendon Stretch

Can you find that connection of the heels to the back of the leg? Your goal is for the back of the thighs to be completely up against your carriage. Excellent. Good. And see if you can leave the crown of the head at the top of your movement. Yes. So every time you move your spine gets longer and longer. Okay.

Now this time, press the heels down. Keep the down for me please. And bend the knees. Find your powerhouse. And now we're ready for 100 bring the bite down with your feet, right. Grab onto your handles to extend those legs so long they start levitating. And we're ready for 100 here we go. And inhale and exhale quicker with those arms in hill. Yeah, we're trying to get the circulation going.


So really pump those arms and try to see if we can bring those hands. Six to eight inches off your thighs. So quickly pump and empty those completely with your abdominal muscles. Again, see if we can connect your arms through the lads. Two more sets. Inhale and exhale.

Last time and this time I want you to push all the air out. Press it out. Precedent, press it out and legs overhead. Please grab onto your handles with it bottom and come to center. Straight arms. Here we go. Three repetitions. Press the arms down and bringing legs over the head, up to the ceiling and bring it down with control. Now we're going to do it in four counts, so lengthen and over one up two, roll down three and lengthen the legs. Four.


One more time and over and lift up and melt the sternum down. Roll down one vertebrae at a time and read these coordinations from you. Please bend the elbows, press the hands down on the mat and reach, stretch, open, close, and actually bring it in. We'll control in the mat work. We already established that we need to use the breath to move so when you pull those knees into the chest and make sure you exhale and bring them in.


Now opening close accounts and quick. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and extra. Bring it in one and again. And linkedin. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and release. Grab onto your handles with the right hand. Please take one spring off and you're ready for rowing. We're going to do it in six counts. Yes. So here we go. And scoop the abdominals nail deep into the spine. Open to find the rotators over good, hence the sacred and lift up and over and bring it down with control and again, and pull one. Open to scrub the abdominals.

Rowing Back

Three lift the abdominal loads up and stretch keeps grouping the abdominals in it and good. And again, four back, one open to lift the base of the rib cage up and over and lift. Lift. Good right angle with the arms. And, and he'll go back and exhale. Come up and press the arms down, up and over and lift. Good. And again, here we go. And lengthen and lift and press the arms down.

And she could be downloads. Find the scoop, scoop, scoop. One last time. Here we go. Get Taller. Lengthen and press. Let the breath bring it down. Okay, let's turn around for me please. From the chest. Six counts. And inhale. Reach the arms forward. Exhale down.

Rowing Front

Inhale, lift the arms up and open. One good. And again in him. Exhale, two. Inhale up. Now let's hold it here for a second. Can you make your spine even longer and longer and linkedin and linkedin and bring it down? Let's do that one more time. Inhale and reach forward. Bring it down, lift the arms up and lift taller, taller, and you know what it is. Okay to let the scapulas rotate up and down.

Now in one action. Here we go. Inhale, reach the body nice and long. Keep inhaling as you come up and rotate the scapulas down and again and Scooby of downloads. Find that seeker. Really get deep into that seeker and open. Good. One more time. Flex the feet and reach. Make sure you feel the hamstrings reaching out of the heels and release.

You have the option to keeping to keep the legs straight or bend them. Now I always, I'm always Stigler for 'em preparation, so reach the arms forward from me please. From here you should feel front and back the body connected. Turn the pumps forward and make sure your fingers are together cause that's gonna activate the front and back of the body and inhale, reach and bring it down. Nunez. What happens when you inhale and move? Yes.


It gives you more space again and we can play with the breath. Why not? Let's reverse the breath and see what happens. Exhale and inhale. Do you feel anything different as you change the breath? Yeah. One last time. Here we go and reach. Now from this position, you're going to open the arms out to the sides, change the crossing of the legs and any hill to hug a tree. I usually like to give a cue of leading with a pinky because the pink is going to connect you to the lads. It's very important pool.

Hug A Tree

Beautiful. Good. Now let's reverse the breath. Let's rehearse the breath and and feel how the breath activates the your actions. One more time. Very nice and really this good. As I said, sometimes swan, I've can almost be impossible on this apparatus, so today we're going to do is flying eagle. It's, it's a pretty amazing exercise because it helps you connect to the hamstrings and glute.

So on the, it can be very challenging. So I like to use, um, flying eagle because this prepares you to facilitate this one. I've not only, it helps you connect your legs to your glutes and hamstrings, but it gives you shoulder mobility. So having said that, the first thing you're going to do is you're going to push the character away from me. Please do you ha you have one spring and you allow the scapulas to go towards your ears. Yes. So that's how you're moving the carriage. Only through your scapulas. And now you're going to anchor the scapulas down and push away again three times and two, one more time.

Flying Eagle

Now as you anchor the scapulas down to the center, you're going to length those legs and you're going to lift the sternum up to lift up, up, up, and try to bring the carriage all the way in an anthill. Push away length at lengthen and bring it in with control. Two more sets. Exactly like that. So gap, [inaudible] mobility. Here we go. Push away. Scapula reach forward and then they dropped down and reach forward.

Let's move a little bit quicker and drop ten one more time. Reach forward and connect to now live the sternum up, making sure that the neck is nice and long and you still press lifting those heels up and bring it down with control. One more time. Here we go. And push the carriage all the way out. Allow the scapulas to move and drop down. Good and move.

And one more time making sure that this surveyed is and your pectoral muscles are also activated as you lift, lift and bring it down with control and beautiful. Very nice. Good. Off We go please. And now pulling of the straps, you can slide your mat to the front of the box. Just so you want slide half cause sometimes certain clothes make your body slip off. So this is to secure that. You're not going to slide off the box. Here we go. Now there's a reason why you start with your feet on the bar.

It's because you want to have a full extension of the arms on the straps, right? So we've already prepped your sh, your scapula, us to do pulling at this traps. Your legs are lifted, but not again, this is, this is very important. You do not lift them from the lower back. You're going to try to lift him from your hamstrings and include good. Now, you know, drag knuckles down towards a four and rotate the shoulders and lift, lift and bring it down with control. Excellent. And here we go again.

Pulling Straps

Just go up the abdominals and lift. Keep that lower back nice and long and reach the clavicles outward. One more time. Here we go. And lift open. Come on, give me some resistance. I to feel the body working front and back and bring it down with control and release. Very nice. Good. Yeah. Grab onto the end of the straps for me. Please. Lengthen the body.


Keep the heels connected and open the chest and bring it down with control. Allow the inhale to open the sternum. Yes. This is where you have the space and control down to one more time and lengthen and reach. Sternum up, up, and reg it down with control. Excellent. After, go please. Backstroke, two springs, hand, foot, hand, foot.

Excellent. Okay. In his arms and legs, up to the ceiling, open and around and scoop the abdominals and reach, reach, reach and bring it down with control and again and up open. And what you want to make sure is that you keep this part of the body elongated on the box and again and open and scoop and length it. Pull the belly button for the back and Brigit it. Now reverse and press hold two, three out to the sides, up to the ceiling and bring it in and again, and reach two, three out to the sides, up to the ceiling.


We're going to do one more for good measure and lengthen and reach. Making sure that sacrum is nice and spread on the four. Open out to the sides and release. Are we ready for teasers? Take one spring off on your back for me please. It's very important and we talked about this in our Matt class. Yes, I want you to find the connection of your arms to the front and back of the body. So gimme that last position of backstroke. Here we go.

Scoop the abdominals and navel deep into the spine and hold. Now there's a glass of one on each hand, so don't spill it. Nothing like this. Yeah, keep the arms hands flat. And from here, bring the arms down just to your thighs and from the back. Reach forward one again and reach forward to and reach forward three. Now keep that resistance as you pull the belly button deep into the spine.


Keep resisting, resisting, and John Wico Very nice and up we go again. Connect your arms to the front and back of the body and circle the arms up and around one lead with the Pinky so that way you can connect with your back. One more time and the bigger you make that circle, the more challenging it becomes. Bring it down three circles and come up against the abdominals. Now gonna reverse down, up and around. Keep your fingers together because that will help you connect to the front end, back of the body. Now let's play a little bit legs and up. One.

Careful that it doesn't come from your hip flexors. It comes from your powerhouse. Reach the lake sport. Reach the onsource navel deep into the spine and bring it down with control cure. Off We go please. And we'll do preparation for breaststroke. So what's important in breaststroke is that you need to connect the legs to the, to the trunk, the arms to the trunk as well. So all we're going to do today is we're gonna kick the heels to the buttocks and then stretch everything at the same time, like a diver going into the pole.

So here we go. On your stomach for me please. So you want to make sure, especially as you get more advanced, that the needs are chest off the platform and you're going to kick chest once, kick and witch everything at the same time. Hold it here for a second. Did the hands and feet arrive at the same time? That is your goal. And bring it in with control and again, and kick and reach at the same time. Could are you connecting front and back of the body one more time. Here we go.

Breaststroke Prep

Kick and connect the arms to the front and back of the body and bring it in control. Good horseback please. You can do it like fancy Sydney or you can come up and come back onto the um, box. Now, as I said earlier, I want to make sure that you have a good foundation for your advanced classes. So the way I like to teach, um, the beginner's horseback is to place the feet right there. Yes. So now it's very important that you think of connecting your inner thighs to the obliques. To the serratus. Yeah. And once you have that connection, then you can really find that power. So here we go. Scoop the abdominals. You can do it like Sydney or you can do it like my beautiful woman here.


Lift up, up, up, and sit down for me. Please. Good. Find that connection of your pinky. I'm all, I'm going to keep repeating this so you can really find the connection or the back and your hands are together. She could be abdominal sane lift and bring it down too. Good. Now we're going to add a challenge and I want you to do small little circles right in front of your powerhouse. Screw the abdominals and lift and small little circles right here, right in front of the powerhouse.

Find the connection of the back and hold this position. Hold and sit down and read this. Very nice short bites please. [inaudible] to springs. Now what's important about short bikes is understanding what is the point of box. Yes. Is that a powerhouse?

Is that your core? Well, yes, but it's really about mobility of your pelvis on a stable hip. And I hope you can see this in our beautiful ladies here. Okay. Making sure that your strap hits right at the joint. Yes. Um, and now to open those legs away, just so screwed up a little bit more. Sydney. Right? So your, your heels should be no wider than your hips.

So screwed up a little bit more. Sydney up, up, up. Yes. Yeah. No wider than the hips. Good. Let's go be abdominals. We've done the roll down on the mat work. Now we're going to do the roll down here. So fine. Find the hug if you hug, like if you caught just like that.

You're not a good hugger. And I know all of you guys are good huggers, so I really want you to press those elbows into the body and feel that lift. Yes. Now here's the mobility of the pelvis. I want you to think of taking that pelvis back as far back as you can. Scoop the abdominals and you start with the intercostal muscles and around the upper body. Forward in lift, lift, lift, lift, IPT and one and again, scoop the abdominals. Find that connection of your front and back of the body and scope the abdominals and lift up in over without gripping into the hip flexors. Again.

Round Back

Let's do that one more time. Yes, open the front of the hips. See if we can find the inner thighs and scoopy Obamas and up, up, up, and release. Flat back please. What do you think? I do want this gap. For those to rotate upwards, find the connection of pectoral muscle and back. See if we can find the obliques. Inhale into the lower back and go back one piece in here and exhale come up.

Good. Making sure the back of the neck stays long. Inhale, go back and Xcel to one more time. Inhale and exhale. Good. Now side to side, keeping the rib cage connected. And again, as we talked earlier, it's really about moving the purpose and come back to center on a stable hip. So really get that connection. Reach, long reach, reach, reach and come back to center. One more time and in him and center. One more time. Inhale and center. Now twist the body to the right and breathe into your thoracic and come back to center to the other side. Feel that twist happening in the thoracic and not in the lower back nor hips.

Flat Back

And come back to center. Bring it out in hill. Get Taller now. Reach the body out. Lengthen and come back up and again to the other side. Twist and reach and up and again, make sure that the pelvis doesn't move around. And XO one last time.

Side to Side

Now let's go fish. Now you're not granting a wish, you're going fishing. So twist the body to the right and reach out and imagine there's a 20 pound fish at that end of that stick and come good to the other side. For me. Please twist and make the body in extension of that stick and lift up, up, up and around the world wants it. Twist the body to the right as you inhale and go all the way around. Beautiful. And think of the inner thighs pulling you up to the other side.

Twist and Reach

Inhale and get longer, taller, and find the inner thighs pull up. Come back to center and just give yourself a little stretch please. As you place this tick underneath the size tree, let's bring that right knee into your chest for me. Please. Always make sure that you have a ponds with between you and the edge of the platform. So you extend the leg up one and Ben extend up to an extent and bend up three and that, climb up the leg from me.

Around the World

Please flex and point the foot three times one, two, and three. Find the connection of arms and back and circle the leg. One, two, three. I'm sorry. Circle the foot and reverse. One, two, three. Now I want you to breathe into the lower back and actual stretch the body forward. Connect your body to the leg and he'll take the leg back. Plant your tree. Your sacrum should be on the box and climbed on the box for me. Please script the abdominals and navel deep into the spine, ankle, all the way back now. Chin to the chest, navel deep into the spine, opera, middle, lower and lift on top of your SIBO and please end stretch the body forward.


Now find that connection again and inhale. Plant your tree and climbed on the tree. Ain Hill when you're down there. Now as you exhale, use your intercostal muscles. Grab onto your leg for me. Please. Use your ankle, intercostal muscles and up we go. Lift out of that lower back and actual stretch the body forward. Long neck.

One more time in him and climbed on the leg and stretch, hence over the head and circle the leg. Cross over one, two, three and reverse. One, two, and three. Now grab onto the back of the thigh, find the cereus and B abdominals and climb up leg. Sit Up tallest, tallest possible. Please. Now you're going to grab onto the inside of your ankle. And as you articulate the pelvis back, hold onto your box for me please. You're going to take the leg back. So start with the leg forward. And as you take the body back, you gradually placed that hip into its hocket. Good.

Single Leg Circles

Now Chin to the chest, navel deep into the spine. Find that connection. You could now from this position, keep that leg out there. Keep the leg out there. Sit Up nice and tall. And Are you going to take that leg Arabic? Let it go. And with control. Yes. Place the hands on the box. Long toss along. Back. Chest up from me, priest.

Tree Variations

Lift up. Press the hands into the floor. Yes and arch. And take that leg back. Lift up, up, and I'll come back to center and use your powerhouse to bring the leg around and we'll go to the other side. Okay, here we go. Lift up nice and tight and grab onto the back of the thigh. Now I want to feel this, this connection of front and back of the body, right? And extend the leg up one and extend the leg up two and three, climb up leg flex and point that foot one, two, three.


And what's very important is that you want to think of narrowing those hips as you do this. Yes, you want to make sure that your inner thighs are connecting into the obliques. So when you take that leg back, you're solid, you're protected, you want to make sure that the pelvis goes back, articulate the pelvis so you have support of that sacred. So when you go back, there's no compression in the lower back and Scooby abdominals enabled deep into the spine. Lift out of that, lower back with your breath and see if we can reach a little bit further forward. And we did this in open lake rocker earlier and script the abdominals and go back and are climbed on the leg and make sure you're very meticulous of how you roll down. You also want to make sure that you roll down just like a roll up. Yes. One more time. Inhale, lift the body up and forward. Now pull the leg back, scoop the abdominals, and we're going to do leg circles.

Three circles. Please either place the hands on the fort or underneath the frame and circle crossover one, two and three and reverse one, making sure that that leg crosses over and your pelvis stays quiet. Climb up leg control. Good. Lift out of that, lower back from me. Please keep the neck long. Now grab on to the inside of the ankle, grab onto the box. Now gradually you go back, always articulating through the pelvis first. Now Chin to the chest, navel deep into the spine.

Single Leg Circles

Use that articulation of the spine, right. Sit Up nice and tall. Take that leg behind you and stretch the body. Fold. Scoop the abdominals. Find the powerhouse as you would do in Swan dive and come up from inc please. Now length in the neck, long torso and bend this back leg. Press into the box. You have more elongation of that. Yes, look at that.

Tree Variations

That's beautiful. Come back to center with your powerhouse. Swing the leg around. Come back to center and let's bring that other leg into the strap and we're going into sideburns. Here we go. She gonna do three. Perfect. Seidman's. Yes. Take the hands behind the neck.

Side Sit Up

Yes. Press those heels together so the inner thighs connected and come up and lift one good. Reach out of that lower side and create space. One more time. Keep the rib connected. And now let's bring the body down from me. Press and twist over to your right and find that stretch. Okay.

This is really not classical, but I think it's Yummy and delicious on the body. Okay. Scoop the abdominals and come up for me please. Okay. To the other side. So there's different options on the footwork. Yes. As Sydney, she has both feet parallel to one another. You can ramp that foot around the calf muscle around the hamstring.

It's whatever feels comfortable and whatever gives you a stronger base, hence behind the neck from he prescribed the abdominals and lift up, up, up, and come up what? And lengthen the body and come up to one more time. Scoop the abdominals and lift. Create more space between the rib cage and hips and bring it down from me. Please go for your stretch. Stretch nice and long. Relax the neck, right? Keep that heel reaching long.

Come back to center and for Waco long stretch theories place. Bring the bar up. Head rest up. So when you come back, your machine is ready for you to go into long straight series, hand, foot, hand, foot, right. Something's very important to hear. Yes. I want you to think of wrapping the bottom five or six of the glutes, not your media, so your obliques.

Long Stretch

Now this is the key length in the neck from the mid back and Ane Hill. You're going to push away an exhale. Come back in one again in. He'll go back and find that serratus one more time. Inhale. Now let's lift that right leg up and push away. Now you want to make sure that you bring the carriage out of the way in good fear, the connection of your arms to your lads. One more time and the characters all the way in and a change the legs.

Here we go and lengthen. Keep visualizing the neck coming out of the mid back. Yes, front of the neck is nice and long as well, and released down stretch piece, knees down. Place the feet up against the shoulder rest. This cue is very important. Heels into the shoulder. Rest in heels. You push away and rotate the shoulders in. Lift this sternum up again. Inhale, push away and making sure that whatever happens in the lower back happens in the neck. One more time. Now go onto the tip of your fingers for me please.

Down Stretch

And lift the arms up. Can you length in the body for me please? Nice and long. Let's start with a hip, hip stretch then. So the thigh stretch, take the LE, the hips back, take the hips back, back, back, back. Now you know, open the chest and arch back. Keep that neck long. Come back to center and fold yourself in. Half for up stretch. But today we're going to change it a little bit.

So let's go up into elephant instead of upstretched because I want you to start understanding that everything is set up. As you know, elephant is a beginner exercise, but people forget that elephant it. Oh, it's also preparation for up stretch. So having said that, let's create that seeker of Linkedin, that lower back and just push away like elephant and then drag it in from the base of the rib cage. Again, push away. So a couple of things are happening. As you push away, you are lengthening that lower back and as you dragging the heels back in, you're using the opera abdominals. So having said that, let's go into up stretch and we're going to do exactly the same thing. So find your seeker, relax the head crown of the head over the ball. You're going to push the carriage away and lengthen that lower beck and you're going to, you're going to bring the carriage in with your upper abdominals. Lift up, up, up, up, up, and again, lengthen that lower back end.


Bring the upper body forward and lift up with your upper abs. One more time and lift just from the base of the Ribbeck rib cage. Now let's go into second variation and let's move. Inhale and exhale. Lift the chest up and you'll press back and keeping the heels connected to the shoulder rest and again in him. Now open the chest, rotate through, shoulders back. Inhale and fold yourself and have one more time. Careful that your lower back doesn't compress that lower back stays nice and long. And really since we already did elephant, press the heels down for me please. We're going to do single arm elephant, so bring that right hand next to your thigh, right hand next to your thigh. Make sure you really hugging your arm into the body and push away priests and drag it in one and dragging into making sure that your radius is connected and you race in the base of the rib cage. One more time.

Up Stretch

Yeah, and let's change the hands. Very nice. Good. Find the serratus wrapping forward and the pectoral minor on the top and drag it in once again, making sure that lower back stays elongated and you're still creating that c curve in the upper part of the back. Now Air Beske so find your air best. Drop the heels down. Let's keep the heels down for today. Linkedin that lower back, push the carriage away and let's lift that left leg up first. Now with your powerhouse, drag it in and lift that leg up higher and lift that leg up higher.

Single Arm Elephant

When you take the leg back and change for me please. So it's the action of the top leg that's going to push the carriage away and drag it in one and drag it into and drag it in. Three. Good. Off We go please. And we're ready for long back stretch. Now we're not going to into a tip because I want you to start finding that connection of your arms into the lats and into the gluts. So hand, foot, hand, foot gut.


And I want you to think of finding this connection, this arm connected to this part of the back and this part of the back connecting to the glutes. So live the glutes as much as possible for me. Please keep that in nice and long and push away and bring it in one. We're going to do that four more times. Keep the chest open, look at that. And that's how this extra exercise should always be performed. The shoulders should never collapse inward, rotate inward, but that pelvic try to lift that pelvis in, create more space between the pelvis and the rib cage.

Long Back Stretch Prep

And off we go please stomach massage. I really do not mind if you do stomach massage in second gear. Because the way I look at stomach massage in any of the seekers is functional movement. Yeah. Especially if you have someone that has really bad lower back issues, you never want to collapse into that lower back. So the idea is that you want to lift out of that lower back, create the secret in the thoracic and lengthen that lower back.

Round Back

You never want to collapse into your stomach massage. You want to lift up and over. So having said that, push away and heels down and up and good again to making sure you expand the wings that way. And you lift the base of the rib cage up in over a little bit more and try not to collapse into the lower back. One more time. And let's take one spring off. And if you're really on top of your sit bones, take the arms in front of your, for my please lift up, up, up. You should be able to take them, rotate them back with no issues.

Flat Back

With that collapsing forward, lift crowded the head up to the ceiling and a counts. Push. Wear heels then in up and one good soft in the elbows. See? See if you can find the elongation of the spine right and see if you can connect your obliques into those inner thighs. Um, this is a good exercise for what? For so many things. For being able to stand up from a squatting position. Yes. One less time. And take another spring up from it. Please reach towards my shoulders, long wrists and push away and lift up taller one. Good.


So again, find that connection of the obliques and inner thighs. You come back in. Good. And reach forward one more time. Now breathe into the thoracic and twist the body to the right and bring it in. Now look behind you and reach and bring it again and twist quite at the head, up to the ceiling. And in one more time. And for this very nice. Off We go please. 10 and stretch.

Twist and Reach

So we're going to do five preparations for 10 inch stretch. And if we can find that, that connection of the powerhouse, we're going to go into four 10 in stretch, um, exercise. So what I like to do is I like to sit on the bar. You're going to open the elbows out to the site, you know, scoop the abdominals up and over. And again, it's almost repeating what you just did on stomach massage. I really want you to feel your powerhouse pulling back and you're gonna wrap your feet on the edge of the platform.

Tendon Stretch Prep

So push away and grab the platform with your feet and bring it back in again. Push away and rather, yes, get deeper into that connection and see if we can connect your arms to the front and back of the body. One more time and release. Now that you found that connection, let's bring the buttocks up to the ceiling. Use feel grabbing the edge of the platform with your feet. Just three perfect tenants rights.

Tendon Stretch

Do not drop the buttocks lower than the bar or further back than the bar. Push and lift up one very nice again and scrub the Obama's and lift two. One more time. Scoop. Hold it. Find that balance and release. Very nice. Excellent chest expansions please.

Okay. And Hook the feed at the edge of the platform, making sure that the lower back and the front of the thighs is nice and long. The back of the neck has long. Now if reach those knuckles down to the floor and back and look to your right, look to the left look center and keep the upper body quiet again. Rotate from the lateral rotators and continue rotating that other shoulders back. Look forward and bring it in again.

Chest Expansion

In inhale, are we breathing? Are we expanding? Are we growing? It's important that we take advantage of our breath and breathe skirt. Add another spring please. And I will go into thigh stretch. Okay, now we had a chance to do with thigh stretch earlier with no straps. So let's see how well we can recreate it. Again, same cues.

Thigh Stretch

Lengthen. Lengthen. Good. But this time you're gonna raise the arms up a little bit. So inhale as you go back from me please. And keep lifting your arms up. Lift, lift and bring it up with control. Good. And again, inhale, lengthen and lengthen and lengthen. Good. This time if you want, you can go into full expat extension. So Inhale Hill and go back from me please.

And I want you to think of rotating the shoulders back, lengthen the back of the neck and don't not collapse into the back of the neck and come back to that neutral position. Find your powerhouse and your glutes and your up. Excellent for go please. I'm circles one spring. So I'm circles I think are important for women. I, I don't know where we adapted this belief system that women don't have upper body strength. I mean if you say that women don't have upper body strength, guess what?

They're not going to have upper body strength. I believe we all are, have the same strength because we all have the same muscle structure. So having said that, let's lift the arms up to the ceiling for me please. And reach up and over and circle one good, but make sure that when you lift the arms up, you also use the pack, right. Involve the whole body in every single exercise. Making sure that the heels are connected to the shoulder. Rest, reverse up and around. Good. How is that pectoral muscle connecting to your action?

Arm Circles

It's very important that you find that connection as well and keep the arms up there, hence behind the neck. Fingers together and reach one. Yes, I can see that your back is not working. If you start releasing that little Pinky, you want to make sure that pinky stays with the rest of the fingers one more time and open the arms out to the sides. Yeah. Transition into bicep curls, elbows behind you and bring it up and down. Are you keeping that length in the integrity of the spine?


It is very important that everything you do. Yeah. You're aware of nothing is out of place. Everything is just in the right place. One more time. Okay. And release. Excellent.


AlphaGo place two springs and we're ready for corkscrews. We're going to do corkscrews Joseph ally style. What? Which that means you're going to go up into a shoulder stand, you're going to go to the, you're going to bring the legs to the corner of the apparatus and you're going to keep the legs as close to the body as you circle or round, right? I'm going to move out of your way. So here we go. Scoop the balance and let's go up into a shoulder stand.


Now take the legs to the corner of the apparatus. Keep the Lexis close to the body and think of circling the legs from the thoracic, from the base of the rib cage and up into a shoulder stand. Take the legs to the quarter of the machine. Lengthen that lower back and scoop the abdominals and gave me some dynamics. [inaudible] traffic control and against.

It could be abdominal and circle around and scoop and lift up. Cut. And again, here we go and find that connection and up we go. Last time making sure that the spine goes right through the middle. Go to this side again and it could be abdominals navel deep into the spine and up we go. And with control, melt the sternum down first one vertebrae at a time. And for this off ago police, we're going to do preparation for second long box.

Hamstring Curls

Okay. The order of second long box is you know what we call Phi Psi busters. Rocking Swim, uh, cross hopper and then swimming. But today we're going to make that shorter. Yes, because first of all we need connection of your legs, yes, but also connect that extension. So here we go. Let's needle the handles with the straps and step on the frame and just like earlier you want to make sure that the knees are chest off the platform. So scoot forward a little bit more please. And your hands, your arms are going to be right in front of the box. Okay, so now you're hugging the box instead of hugging yourself, right? Good.

Now in hill and let's pull the heels to the buttocks and hold that position for a second. Hold, hold, hold. And bring it down. With control, you can challenge yourself with two springs or if you know, if you need a little bit less resistance once spring is permissive. Good. Again and pull it in and hold two, three and release. Now we're going to do one leg, so let's bring that right knee into, I'm sorry, right heel into the buttocks and hold two, three and extent and again and pour. See if you can release the front of the leg and open the thigh as you pull in an extent. One more time, making sure that the rib cage is hugged into the box. Yes. So your lower back is connecting now. The other leg please. And Paul.

Yes. Yeah. The reason why Kia, this cue of hugging the rib cage into the box is because I want you to connect your shoulder, your scapulas into the body. It's important that the whole body, as I said before, I'll keep repeating it over and over. It's important that your whole system is working at our times. Good. Now let's grab, let's bend both knees grab, aren't you ankles please? We're not going to do the full rocking, but we're definitely going to prep you for it. So you're going to pull one, two, three and with the angel you're going to lift the sternum up. Up, up, up, up, and bring it down with control. Again. One, two, three.

Rocking Prep

And careful with the neck, whatever happens in the lower back, happens in the neck as you do not want to cut that beautiful line. You want to make that line look endless. So when you lift up and you lift the sternum up to the ceiling, you want to make sure that the line is endless and forever and really could release the straps from me. Please reach the arms forward and six counts for swimming. Reach the arms forward, reach the arms forward and swim in hell and XL in hill. And here's that cue. Akin.


Hug The rib cage into the box so that way you have a nice elongated mid thoracic area. Good. Whatever happens in the neck happens in the lower back. So if I see a crunch neck, that means there's a crunch lower back. You want to make sure that both your secondary curvatures are elongated and release Africa please. We're almost home everybody. Um, nice stretches. Please smile. Come on. Mine is not that bad.

I think you guys are doing wonderful on your knees. Please hand foot, hand, foot. Okay. C Curve I, I'm going to be a stickler about this. C curve doesn't happen in the lower back as we said in stomach massage. Yes, you, you're likely to, you know, herniated disc if you keep doing that c curve in the lower back. The secret happens in the upper part of that back, right? Yes.

There you connect your serratus and then you lengthen the neck long. Now from this position, push from the back of legs and accent in one accident into three, four, five, six. Keep this rate as connected and arch for me. Please lift the sternum up to eight repetitions. Three and accent, four five, six, seven and eight round the back.

Round Back

Now you're not going to lift the knees off the four eights. I want to make sure that you're working from the powerhouse. You press and legs all the way out is what's going to lift the knees up and bring it back in. Good and accent it it good. Keeping that lower back long and that neck. Yes.

Flat Back

And read this town. We go running in place please. Okay, so this is, this is the moment of truth. This is the testing whether politesse has worked for your body. When you push the carriage away, your spine should be longer than what you started and the back of the thighs. Remember I gave you that cube at the beginning of footwork should be nice and long on the platform.

Knees Off

If my student's thighs are nice and long on the platform, I did my work. Yes, and it's important that you have that elongation, no gripping of the hip flexors. You don't want your student to go home feeling all this tension in the hips. You want openness, you want freedom of the body. That's what politeness is about. Being able to free your body to move gracefully in space at all times and bring both heels up and bring it down. Second position, priests. Good.


Lift the hips after four. And here's my ultimate correction. Again, think of the thoracic rounding. Think of that lower back elongating and push away and bring it in. One good lengthen and two good. Keeping the back of the neck long, reaching the arms forward. Right? Are you working in the springs or the springs working you, especially the negative resistance. Remember, positive resistance is to improve your, your power. Negative resistance is to improve your strength.

Pelvic Lift

So are you taking advantage of that negative resistance? One more time and release. Good. Off We go and you're ready for France splits five with a rounded back, three with hands off. And then we're going to do three with a need town. But I want you to flow. We really haven't had a chance to flow in today's class because I wanted to make sure that you had some bit of information that you can practice and improve your intermediate to advanced workouts. So on this particular exercise, I want you to flow. I want you to move.

So let's bring that left foot forward please. Yeah, and slightly other foot back. Good. Narrow the hips again. Here's that seeker that we're talking about. Good. Make sure the inner thighs are connected. And here we go. Move five times. Push away and bring it in. One. You can push all the way out and bring it too, but always making sure that you bringing in the carriage with your powerhouse. One more time. And on this last one, you're going to continue the arms, reaching them forward and take the arms behind the neck and continue movement.

Front Splits

Push away and bring it back in. Powerhouse brings the carriage back in. One more time. And as you come forward, you reach the arms forward and bring the knee down. Yeah, keeping that heel pressing into the shoulder rest and in heels. You go back and think of chest expansion as you come back up. Lift the sternum up, up, pop, pop, lift, lift, lift and inhale. Push away again and make sure that you rotate the shoulders.

Think of chest expansions if you will, right? And one more time. And as you come back that this last time, Ricci arms four. Think of thigh stretch. So really press the hip forward and lift the sternum and take the body back. Reach, connect you arms, the front and back of the body and center.

Good. Place that foot down. And let's bring the other foot on the bar first and slide the other one back. Lengthen that lower back, lengthen that yes length in that neck and connect your serratus. Inhale, push away and keep linking that lower back to the skirt and continue. Move good near the hips a little bit more. And I want to see that powerhouse coming to the lower part of the back so you protect that space, reach the arms forward and continue the movement and push away.

You want to make sure that this leg creates a right angle. Yes. And as you come back in, use your powerhouse and now you reach their body forward. Bring the knee down and inhale to push away and exhale to give me a chest expansion. And again, inhale to push away and exhale, lift the sternum up, up, up, up. One more time. Inhale, chest expansion and lift up. Connect your arms next to the ears and allow the sternum to lengthen and go back. Reach, reach, come back to center in the foot down. And Africa for freeze.

You've just completed an intermediate to advanced workout. Thank you for watching. See you soon.


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Very nice, thank you, I´ll practice this lesson, it´s interesting.
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Hi Viera! Thank you for watching. If there is anything I can help you for the success of your class, let me know!
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Thanks Andrew! I like to learn from people who take my classes. May I ask, what part of the class did you connect with the most?
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Awesome class, cueing and explanations of the exercises very helpful thank you!
Loved this workout. Been teaching for years but it's always great to hear of different and new ways to do a classical exercise, ie. getting into Knee Stretch Knees Off. , by extending carriage away first to lift knees. Also, really enjoyed the way you instructed Romana classical order. I'm from Eve lineage so little differences. Thank you.
There is so much here - I feel like I understood what you were saying but am not confident to teach a lot of these moves because the positioning is difficult to feel much less explain- I struggle teaching stomach massage - also elephant and up stretch - sometimes getting the right angle and choosing the right cue to get it is tricky - anyhow it felt like these students were in expert hands! Learned some cool cues like pushing back on the thighs into the carriage in running- I didn’t feel it at first but then def got it- also the short box with the tree is one I shy away from cause it’s complicated!! Good practice thanks! Also I’m confused how romana original style differs from more recent style and think it has a lot to do with nuetral or imprint- any light /clarification shed on this subject is appreciated! Stupid question? Bah! Better ask it now!
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Hey Rachel! Thanks for watching! I am glad you connected with the class and you found it helpful. Best, Saul
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Hello Christie! Thanks! I like this set up for Knees Stretch Knees Off because it insures the powerhouse connection. I am not familiar with Eve’s classical order. I play with the Romana’s order a lot. In Jay Grimes and Joe’s reformer order, the short box comes much later in the sequence. I use that order as well, my decision depends on the body that’s in front of me. Best, Saul
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Dear Elizabeth, there are lots of questions here. Hopefully, Pilates Anytime will invite me again, and I can better answer them for you. i have my own theories on spine position based on text books. When bearing weight (standing) or assimilating a standing position like “Foot Work” you want a neutral pelvis and spine. Not only does this help you connect better with the body, but it also place less stress on the joints. Elephant, stomach massage - round , the hug, and knee stretch - round, this exercises are to return the spine to its primary curvature. This is like an embryonic spine. In this position, to insure a safe spine, I like the secondary curvatures (neck &lowerback) to be in an elongated position and the mid back (thoracic spine) in a “C” curve. In Elephant, giving that you have proper shoulder complex connection, you elongate the lower back as you push the carriage away and you round the thoracic with your powerhouse as you bring the carriage back home.
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