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Advanced Reformer Variations

50 min - Class


Learn how to work your springs in this advanced Reformer workout with Saul Choza. He focuses on the transitional exercises that will give you a strong foundation so that you can move into more difficult movements. He includes creative variations like Flying Eagle, Arabesque on the Short Box, and much more.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

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Oct 09, 2018
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Very nice, thank you, I´ll practice this lesson, it´s interesting.
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Hi Viera! Thank you for watching. If there is anything I can help you for the success of your class, let me know!
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Thanks Andrew! I like to learn from people who take my classes. May I ask, what part of the class did you connect with the most?
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Awesome class, cueing and explanations of the exercises very helpful thank you!
Loved this workout. Been teaching for years but it's always great to hear of different and new ways to do a classical exercise, ie. getting into Knee Stretch Knees Off. , by extending carriage away first to lift knees. Also, really enjoyed the way you instructed Romana classical order. I'm from Eve lineage so little differences. Thank you.
There is so much here - I feel like I understood what you were saying but am not confident to teach a lot of these moves because the positioning is difficult to feel much less explain- I struggle teaching stomach massage - also elephant and up stretch - sometimes getting the right angle and choosing the right cue to get it is tricky - anyhow it felt like these students were in expert hands! Learned some cool cues like pushing back on the thighs into the carriage in running- I didn’t feel it at first but then def got it- also the short box with the tree is one I shy away from cause it’s complicated!! Good practice thanks! Also I’m confused how romana original style differs from more recent style and think it has a lot to do with nuetral or imprint- any light /clarification shed on this subject is appreciated! Stupid question? Bah! Better ask it now!
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Hey Rachel! Thanks for watching! I am glad you connected with the class and you found it helpful. Best, Saul
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Hello Christie! Thanks! I like this set up for Knees Stretch Knees Off because it insures the powerhouse connection. I am not familiar with Eve’s classical order. I play with the Romana’s order a lot. In Jay Grimes and Joe’s reformer order, the short box comes much later in the sequence. I use that order as well, my decision depends on the body that’s in front of me. Best, Saul
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Dear Elizabeth, there are lots of questions here. Hopefully, Pilates Anytime will invite me again, and I can better answer them for you. i have my own theories on spine position based on text books. When bearing weight (standing) or assimilating a standing position like “Foot Work” you want a neutral pelvis and spine. Not only does this help you connect better with the body, but it also place less stress on the joints. Elephant, stomach massage - round , the hug, and knee stretch - round, this exercises are to return the spine to its primary curvature. This is like an embryonic spine. In this position, to insure a safe spine, I like the secondary curvatures (neck &lowerback) to be in an elongated position and the mid back (thoracic spine) in a “C” curve. In Elephant, giving that you have proper shoulder complex connection, you elongate the lower back as you push the carriage away and you round the thoracic with your powerhouse as you bring the carriage back home.
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