Class #3560

Mat Play

45 min - Class


Play with movement in this creative Mat workout by Saul Choza. He starts with standing exercises inspired by movements done by Joseph Pilates and Romana Kryzanowska. He then moves onto the work from Return to Life, adding different progressions and variations along the way.
What You'll Need: Mat


Hello everyone and welcome to my intermediate classical politesse class. Today we're going to start with some standing exercises inspired by Ramana and Joseph politeness and then we're...


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I loved this class. It got my heart rate up, great fun too! thank you
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great class
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Very nice. Thank you.
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very good clas; thank you
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Awesome class Saul!
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My first class at Pilates Anytime. Loved it! It was the challenge I'd been looking for. Can't wait for more!
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Saul I feel so honored to have taken a class from you. I follow you on Winsor-Choza FB and Instagram. Loved your cueing and visualization. Thank you!
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Excellent ...como siempre!
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Great class. Nice new variations for me to work on
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Great class - love the cueing, explanations and Saul's personality
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