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Play with movement in this creative Mat workout by Saul Choza. He starts with standing exercises inspired by movements done by Joseph Pilates and Romana Kryzanowska. He then moves onto the work from Return to Life, adding different progressions and variations along the way.
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Hello everyone and welcome to my intermediate classical politesse class. Today we're going to start with some standing exercises inspired by Ramana and Joseph politeness and then we're going to go down to the four and do a few of returned to live exercises. And then we're going to finish by standing up and feeding the soul and jumping our hearts out. Are you ready? Here we go. We're going to start with a breathing exercise and I think it's important to breathe, not just laterally but fully and completely. So we're going to start with a breath for six counts and just took a deep breath. So here we go. In help with for six and expand, expand, expand, exhale, empty the lungs completely for me please. Again, very nice in here and exhale. Okay.


Not as some are going to do it for eight so really try to work the die from and bring it down to the pelvic floor and make sure that when you exhale you empty the lungs completely where there's no more air in your lungs. One last time, here we go. Inflate like a balloon, expand front and back of the body side, bottom top, and m to the lines completely at. Now we're going to do some shoulder mobility, so on the inhale you're going to roll the shoulders back, think of expanding the top part of the lobes of the lungs, and then bring it down again. Inhale, doesn't that feel wonderful? I want you to start paying attention to your scapulas. Now we first three times, yes, pay attention to your scapula and see how they move with the arm bone right now.

Shoulder Rolls

Let's bring the hands onto your shoulders and we'll do exactly the same thing. Now we have more mobility in the arms, right, but allow the breath to move you. Yes, it's very important that the breath goes with the movement. There are not two separate things, and I think you're going to enjoy that with our session today. You're going to start activating the breath with your movement one more time. Now let's reverse that now.

Full arm mobility and notice how the scapulas I now really moving, rotating upward, and then rotating and downward. Now let's reverse that. Please inhale, allow the scapulars to move with the arms. Very good. There's another little secret. You also want to think of your collarbone is the collarbone moving with the arms as well. Very nice everybody. Now I want you to reach the arms forward and we're going to start with chess expansion. Chess expansions is a very important exercise, not just for your breath, but also to connect with your pack. So here we go.

Arm Circles

Inhale, reach this fingertips down and back and look to your right. Look to your left center and reach the arms forward parallel position to the ground. Again. Inhale, fingertips down and back. Look to your left. Look to your right look center and release the air. Make sure that there is some resistance. Continue as you press back.

Chest Expansion

Imagine there's a while you pressing into the wall and you look and you look center and release. Now we're gonna connect those lads to your glutes. Are you ready? Here we go. Ania reaches fingertips down and back. Relevant. Go up on your toes and look to your left this time. Look to your right. Look Censor.

Keep the crown of the head exactly where it is and then bring the heels down and arms forward. Again. Inhale, expand the lungs yet, try to find the biggest breath possible. Very nicely. The crown of the head at the top and bring the heels down as you reach the arms forward. One more time and inhale and look to your left. Look to your right center and release. Good. Now you're gonna cross the arms in front of you. This was a very, um, important exercise for Romana. This was at one of the closing exercises.

Marching Variations

I personally like to use it to warm up. So, um, people call it the marching single leg stretch, standing, whatever you want to call it. Let's just, here we go. We're going to start with the right leg, eight repetitions and quickly go up one and change up and change up a little bit quicker. Good. And try not to swayed side to side to side. Try to keep the crown of the head reaching up towards the ceiling and the body quiet. Okay, one more sets and now you're going to go off to the side. Here we go. Open the arms out and kick up one, two a little bit more dynamic and see if you can find your powerhouse and connect your standing leg, your heel down to the four.

That is a very crucial part of this exercise is to find your foundation and now you're going to go to the front and do six repetitions and this time we're just going to keep moving. Let's stop for a second and regroup ourselves. We're going to do six front, six side, four, five, four side to front to side, and then four sets of singles. Are we ready? Here we go. And quickly go up. Two, three, four, five, six out to the side. Very nice. Now Front, if you need to open the arms out for balance, you can. Now we're going to do two to the front and two to the side.

Very nice. Single side, front side, front side, front side and release. How was that? Wasn't that wonderful? Your heart should be pumping by now. I hope you can feel it. Good. Now this is Joseph politesse classic. You're going to take the hands behind the neck and we're going to do some squats, very unconventional squats, but yet they still work at the butt and definitely are very efficient. So you're going to do three poses at the top. One, two, three, and the union come up three sets. Two more. One, two, three.


And find the connection, the heels into the four. One more time, I guess what? All the way down. Here we go. All the way down. One, two, three. And find the inner thigh. Support you up again. One, two, three. Excellent. One more time. Now we're going to combine heels down with the heels of three sets. So here we go. One, two, three and down. One, two, three. And find your foundation. One, two, three, and down. One, two, three. One more. Set. One, two, three and down. One, two, three, and released. Lovely. How was that?

Wasn't that wonderful? So now we're going to do a sort of what I call a lunch exercise. Um, if you have knee problems, don't put any weight on your knees, but if you have healthy knees, we're going to go all the way down. We're going to take that right leg behind you. You're going to bring the knee down to the fourth.

Lunge Variation

You're going to bring the other knee to the floor, bring that right foot forward and we stand now left you need back together front end lift. See if he can find the back of the leg to press yourself up right again, one more sets. Take your time. Find your powerhouse to lift you up and release. Beautiful. You know, we always start with our mat work standing up, and we always have to descent. But when do we get to practice that? We're going to do it right now. So you're going across the arms forward, you're going to bring that right foot forward and you're gonna descent chest enough to where you're able to come right back up.

We're going to do this three repetitions going down to the four and come up one. If your heel lifts up for now, totally acceptable. Here we go. Go down again and come up to one more time down to the fork. Keep the crown of the head up towards the ceiling. Good. Now that's changed the foot to the other side.

We should be able to do this with both legs. If we want to create a balanced body, we need to exercise both sides evenly down. We go to the ground and find from underneath and your powerhouse. Fine. And again, find the inner thighs, glutes and lift up. One more time and up.

I like to challenge my students. So let's cross the other leg again and this time, guess what? You're going to keep the heel down. So the supporting leg, which is the back one. Yes, you're going to keep that heel down on the floor and going to descend three times and come up. Okay, so down to the four and then come up one. See this is more of a challenging exercise because all of a sudden you have to work the back of the leg. One more time. Excellent. Change legs, beautiful everyone. And down we go.

Spread the toes of your standing leg and lift up the greater base you have on that foot. The more stability you're going to have. John, we go one more time and stand up. Now you can choose what foot to go down or if you have knee issues you can take that leg back. Now we're going to descend down to the mat and we're going to start preparation for 100 this is one of my favorite exercises lately I've been exploring this exercise and the reason why I like it so much is because I get to connect with my front and back of the body. So before we actually do the 100 I want to ask you guys to press the hands onto the FOI and you're going to reach the hands down and forward towards your feet, towards your heels. So press the hands down to the four and reach the whole arm forward for me.

Hundred Preparation

Police towards your heels, which even more reach even more. And then release. I want you to find the connection of your back end front of the body. So again, press the arms down to the mat and reach them. Forward. Reach, reach, reach. Good. I want you to go so deep into your connection that you start finding the connection of your obliques. Let's do that one more time. Present tense, down and forward, forward, forward, and really skirt. Now we're going to bend the knees and we're going to go one step further. Keep the feet flat on the forefront now. Yes, in a press the hands down to the floor.

You want to make sure that your pelvis does not tuck under your sacrum is nice and open on the mat. You're going to press the hand stand, you know, reach them forward and now you're gonna reach them so much that the crown or the head starts coming up. Remember, it's not about your neck, it's about finding your intercostal muscles to lift you up and bring it back down. Good. Keep the hands flat on the floor and press them into the four as you reach the arms forward first and the body follows. So here we go. Reach rich. Lovely, good. One more time. Press the hands down into the FOI and reaching forward. Connect him to the front and back of the body, making sure the sacrum is nice and spread and reach forward. Rich, rich, relaxed the neck. There should be no tension in the neck.

Now bend the knees into the chest. Extend the legs at a comfortable angle. Reach the arms forward and pump the sides for me please. And exhale through the nose because this is a warmup exercise. When we expel air out of our mouth, then we're dissipating heat.


We want to make sure that we keep our system warm and we have such an amazing furnace that why not take advantage of it? Now let's bring those arms a little bit higher. Hands a little bit higher, six to eight inches of, um, after the five from me police, right? How does that feel? Doesn't it feel more um, energy? Doesn't it feel like you're activating your heart rate a little bit faster? Last time, and this time I want you to empty lungs completely empty, empty, empty, and really skirt. Reach the arms over the head. We're going to start roll up.

Roll Up

We're going to do three with two breaths and three with one breath. So try to find your reaches point. Are you connecting your arms to the front and back of the body? Because I really want that connection. This is the must reach the arms up to the ceiling. As you flex the feet.

Now you're going to bring in the head through the arms and exhale and stretch the body forward. Good. But this is one of my favorite cues that I see in return to life. I want the hands to sort of press a little bit into the ground so you start connecting front. Yes, this radius and the pectoral muscles. Now reach forward one and reach forward two and roll back down one vertebra type. You first start with a pelvis and then you articulate all the way down. Find your longest point. Point the feet, yes, arms up to the ceiling and flex defeats.

Now use your actual to press the air out with your intercostal muscles. Press the hands onto the four for me. Please find the connection of your serratus and your petrol minus length in that lower back as well as the neck and inhale to go back. Once a sacrum hits the four, then you start. Excellent. Very nice. One more time.

Inhale coming up and actual stretch and stretch and stretch in her going back. Allow the pelvis to melt and then from there extent now in one breath you're going to a and he'll come up and stretch and actual go down. Very nice again and in. He'll come up and actually rich control move quickly but not in a hurry. One more time. Excellent and really good rollover please. Hands down to your sides.

Now remember we did chest expansion so the back muscles are already warmed up. The ready to give you that support as I want you to bring the legs over the head over flex and try to open the legs as wide as possible. Yes, this will get you out of the hip flexors more and get you more into your glutes and your obliques. So here we go. Roll down one for by the time and dynamic and bring it over the head and open as wide as possible and melt the sternum. Dionne first, keep the separation of the pelvis and the rib cage long. Again, find a rhythm. One of the ways we feed our soul is we work together as a group.

Roll Over

So really find a rhythm and move together. Two more. Lengthen and flex. Now melt the sternum down. Length in that mid back and legs together and reversed for me. Please open and reach close and melt the sternum down one vertebrae at a time.

Keep reaching the arms forward and make sure that you don't break in the wrist. You want to make sure that those risks are nice and long. Yes. So the connection happens more in the back of the arm and again, connecting to your lats. One more time. Over control. Use Your exhale to melt down.

Bring that left leg down to the four and now you're ready for leg circles. Now again, Joseph politely style. So I want the hands to come as close to the body as possible. They sort of act. They sort of help you to stop the pelvis from moving so much and across the top.

Single Leg Circles

Click over and action to the nose. One accident to the nose two. It is totally okay to move the pelvis as long as you keep your powerhouse connected. Once you finish the fifth one, then you reverse. Now let's reverse cross over and one good. Make sure the powerhouse still stays connected. Do me a favor. Think of the leg starting not from the hip, but from the base of the rib cage.

Change the legs and we'll go to the other side. Circle. Cross over an action to the nose, one circle and cross over to dynamic three, making sure the bottom leg stays long and flat on the surface. Good reversed accent one and cross over to accent to the nose. Three, four, and five. Very nice. Legs down for me please. And in one action, one movement come into a role like of opposition.

So soup. Nice. Excellent. We're going to play with this a lot of times. I like to say let's play. So the first three roll like a balls. We're just going to do them the way we usually do. We're going to go all the way up to at the top of the back and lifting those hips off the floor. Yes. So with the inhale, you're going to lift the hips off the floor and then you come back to center three times again, lift the hips up to the four one more time and allow the extra to bring you up. Hold this position. Now this time you only going to go halfway down.

Rolling Like A Ball

So here we go in here and still use the actual to bring you up again. Squeeze the abdominals and bring you up last time. One more time and hold. You guys want more? Here we go. Now this time you're going to go up onto the top of the shoulders, lifting the hips up, and you're going to come up into a squatting position. So now you're not going to hold that balance. You actually going to come up to a squatting position and hold that position.

Keeping the heels down. Are we ready? Here we go. School, be abdominals and go back and scoop and hold. Hold it and go back again. Guess what this is. This is stomach massage. Yes. This is why we do stomach massage because we should be able to come off the floor and find that position. Hold, hold, hold, hold. Now we're going to stand up on the next three roll like a bar. Scope, the abdominals and squatting position to a stand up. Lift the arms up. Wha what is this? This is double leg stretch. You come back to the center, grab onto your ankles, roll like a ball and I want you to stand up again, but find your powerhouse in stem. I heard. Oops.

One more time. Here we go. Scrub your abdominals and again with dynamic and come up. If any of these exercises don't feel comfortable to you, you can stop at just rolling like a ball or you can stop at the squatting position or the standing. But now I want to challenge you. I want you to come all the way up. So come down to your roll, like a ball. Screw the abdominals or like a ball. And now with dynamic, you're going to stand up and jump and again together. Scoop the abdominals. Edge up, up. One more time. School, the abdominals in jail.

Now last time, come down. Roll. Roll like a ball. Find your balance and hold, hold, roll back onto your mat and single leg stretch, right the into your chest and one, two and change one to make sure you, that you expand. Yes. The back out to the side. You length in the neck as well as the lower back. Right? And you try to lengthen that front leg as much as possible. So I like to think of the whole body and where is every muscle in my system?

Single Leg Stretch

Is it working? One of the things that we forget a lot is the obliques. So find the obliques. How can you connect your chest, your back into the obliques? How can you connect your glute, your inner thighs into the duplex? Find that connection. One more set. Finish it to the, I know we probably didn't want too many, but hey, it's good for the body. Inhale, reach arms and legs forward from me. Please. Just apply the style. Why do I, I'm getting you this exercise is because I want you to connect to the center and then exhale, bring it in with control four more times. Inhale and exhale right in with your breath.

Double Leg Stretch

Remember we talked about the breath earlier. Breath moves you. So I want to see the actual, bring those knees into the system and the inhale. I want that to expand and bring it out. And now we're going to use the arms, anal and expand. Find your longest point. Give me a comment, hold it here and then bring it back in again. Inhale, inhale more. Find a comma, hold it here and then exhale. Bring it in. Three more. Excellent. You guys are doing great. Last two.

Excellent. Finish it. Find the biggest breath in hill, N, l n l n, l. And then exhale, bringing it and in one motion. Sit Up and you ready for spine. Stretch forward. Now this is another one of my favorites. Of course I have a lot of favorites, but um, this particular open the likes a little bit wider. Please.

This particular one. Again, for me, it's essential to have your limbs connecting to your center and a lot of times if we don't have a feedback, we're not able to connect to the body. So pressing both hands, not one on top of the other because then you create an imbalance, but have him right next to each other. And then from there you're going to press forward one. As you exhale, press four, two and three in hill. I allow this to expand with your inhale and then actual to roll up. Now you're going to use your inhale to make your spine even longer before you initiate that secret again. Again, find the connection of your back and front of the body. Inhale, expand that thoracic before you exhale and roll up again.

Spine Stretch Forward

Allow the inhale to lengthen the body for one more time and then press the air outward, your powerhouse. Breathe into your upper back and then exhale roll up cause you're preparing yourself for open lake rocker. So now that you've connected with your obliques with yet powerhouse, oh, you have to do aces gracefully. Bring the legs up, three with a rounded back and three with the sternum up. So inhale into the back and go back. Try to find the widest leg position and exhale, come up. Hold one more time and hold this position.

Open Leg Rocker

Now I need you to think of lifting the sternum up without releasing your powerhouse. Now lift up even taller and round the upper body forward and go back again. So now you're creating more space in your spine. Lift the sternum up again. Hold it, hold it, and round the upper body forward and exhale to come up. One more time. Stirring them up. Realm the upper body forward.

Create more space in the thoracic. Go back and hold that position. Hold, hold grace elegance. Close the legs. Arms up to the ceiling and roll down. And we're ready for quirks. True three sets for me please. I want you to go up onto shoulders, shoulders 10. Take the legs, the corner of the Mat, right corner of the Mat, and then you're going to circle around and come up again into a shoulder.

Sen Are you ready? Here we go. Scrub the abdominals and bring the legs over the head. Take the legs to the right side of the mat. Keep those legs as close to the body as possible. Roll the spine directly down on the mat.


Circle the legs with your hips and up to a shoulder stand. Scoop the abdominals again and take the legs to the left. Met this and scrubby abdominals end. Come up. Careful that you there. Circle yes. Comes from your powerhouse.

Now from the hip flexors and up. Good. Take the legs to the left side. Lengthen those lakes as you bring them down and around one more set. Take the legs to the right corner, sweep them around. Linkedin that lower back and lift up and last time over to the left and lengthen around up and with control.

Roll down one vertebrae at a time and sit up for saw. Let's break down this off for a second. Yeah. First of all, it's not a hip or lower back twist. I want you to think of your thoracic, so as well as the breath. I want you to think of the breath expanding that thoracic so that you create more space and you have more flexibility and mobility as you twist. Okay, so open the arms out to the sides for me. Please. Inhale into the thoracic and twist to the right. Inhale more. Look behind you.


Inhale more. Inhale more, and exhale, bring it back to center. Try not to lock your scapulas yet, don't squeeze them. There's a bit of connection for sure, but don't squeeze them till where you're killing your lower back. Yes, I want you to have some ability in Hila and twist the other way in heel mod. Look behind, look behind you and hear more. N E L L and come back to center. Let's do that one more time. Inhale, connect your scapulas to the center, but keep mobility, twist, twist, and center. Last time. Every time you inhale, I want to see the spine get longer and longer and longer and come back to center.

Now we're going to actually do the soft take advantage of the exhale to squeeze all the air out with your intercostal muscles and stomach muscles in, twist the body to your right, more twist, twist, twist, twist, and exhale. Push the air out. Keeping a secret in the thoracic, long, lower back, long neck, and come back to center as you hill. And You keep inhaling to Swiss the other way and push the air out, whether your intercostal muscles and abdominal muscles powerhouse in here. Keep inhaling. As you twist, twist even more. And press the air out. Press it all out. And inhale, come up one more time. Any heel and ring, look behind you. Look behind you.

Lengthen that neck as well as your lower back. As you pull the opposite hip back. Come back to center and release. Good. Close the legs and roll onto your stomach. And we are, we're ready for hitchhike through heaven. Yeah. So let's open those arms out to the side and you know, point the thumbs towards the ceiling towards heaven. Yes, we're going to just to, um, stimulate your lateral rotators.

So you're gonna point the times up to the ceiling and then you're pressing him up, up, up, up, up. Don't think of the Scapula, just think of your lateral rotators and come back to him. Good again in him and lift. Lift. Careful with the scapulars. Don't pinch him so much yet and bring it down. One more time. Connect your lateral rotators. Yes, with the scapulas and then you can lift the scapulas up. Lift the sternum up, lift the sternum up, up, up, up, and bring it down with control. Bring the hands down again. Rotators.

Swan Dive

Lift the arms up, then Scapula, then sternum lift, lift, lift and bring it down. Beautiful. Making sure that their legs are continuously elongating as you come up. And lift. Lift, lift. Lengthen his legs. So palms face up to the ceiling. Reach the arm slightly forward and, and held to dive and go back one again. Two, three, breathe. Four, five and release. Good. Sit back on the heels please.

For a little piece of heaven and the way I like to do this, I want you guys to curl the toes under. Yes. Granted the heels flying your c curve in the thoracic length in that lower back end length in the neck. Can you scoop the abdominals a little bit more please? Okay. Lift, yes. And drop the table and yeah, and come back onto your stomach from increase single leg kick. Now the way I like to prepare for this, I think preparation is important. Knuckles press up against each other, but you want to head down for me please.

Child's Pose

You want to frame the head yes. And you want to find the connection of your knuckles up against each other. So that's going to activate the your petro muscles. If you really squeeze tight, you're going to find that connection of the pectoral muscles. Now we just worked on the rotators. So rotate the the shoulders back and lift the sternum up.

Single Leg Kick

Yes. Now imagine you're going to drag yourself forward with the elbows without moving those those arms at all. Drag yourself forward with those elbows so you can connect with your, your obliques in your powerhouse. Lengthen those legs, and now you're going to kick the right leg to the butt as you exhale and inhale. So every time you inhale, you make the body longer again. Good. Excellent. Keep the sternum up.

Keep lengthening that lower back as well as the neck and see if we can find this lateral rotation in the shoulders. Keep pulling yourself forward. Yes. During them up. Sternal up even higher. Yeah. Activate the obliques. One last set and release. Excellent. Bring their head down and take the hands behind you. Now I'm very particular how I want those hands to extend for level double leg kick. I want you to reach those hands out and enter trying to fund. So there's energy flowing through the tip of your fingers.

Double Leg Kick

Lengthen those legs so they start levitating and you're gonna kick three times one, two, three. And with the inhale you lift those arms back in, up and bring it down. Now as you bring the head down, you want to make sure that the neck and lower back stays long and kick again. One, two, three and inhale, come up and bring you down. Making the spine longer than when you start it. And again, kick one, two, three and expand. Reach the clavicles outward and bring it down again. And one, two, three, end longer spine. And as you bring the body down, make it even longer. Last time and kick one, two, three and lift. Lift, lift and release. Good.

Go back into that little piece of heaven again to release the lower back again. Find the c curve length in that lower back as you lengthen the neck. So really becomes this group. Yes. And your whole body is open for articulation, for blood, for oxygen. Okay. Excellent. Bringing the legs through please. And we're ready for Rodin. Okay.

Child's Pose

Take the hands to the thighs, Angel for expansion. So think of the long hidden the body. One of the roles I have before you can flex or extent you need to elongate. So really find the elongation from me please. And as you aim to the lungs, take the hips back.

Roll Back

So could the abdominals more create that space in the mid thoracic for me. Please now breathe into the upper back because that's what open right now. And now use your egg. So to round the upper body forward without fording from the hips. And Aaron Hill elongate again. We're going to play a little bit in.

He'll go back again, find the sacrum and onto the mat. Now you gonna keep that sacrum there as long as possible when you're roll up. So eggs or incubator come there. Don't let the secret come up yet until the last bit of it so you can really get into that lower powerhouse and in your come up and exhale, roll down, screw the abdominals, nail OT, deep, deep, deep, deep. Spread the sake among the four.

Use your inhale and then on the exhale come up. Very nice. Let's do that one more time. Crown of the head up to the ceiling and extra. Scrub the abdominals and roll down. Spread that sacrum on of four. Leave it on the floor as much as possible as you empty the lungs.

Feel your intercostal muscles working. Upper middle, lower abdominals and in here to roll up this last time. Go all the way down to the mat from my priests and we're going to do bridge. Nice Ben. Denise, bring those. Heres as close to the buttocks as possible. Lift the biotics are for four. Take the hands underneath the waist and now you can kick the right leg forward, point the leg as it goes up and then flex down three times up and down.


One more and change for me please. The other side length it. Think of painting the ceiling for me please. And we're going get in. Good hands down to the for. Articulate for the spine. Melt the sternum down first one for the by the time and in one movement. Sit Up and you're ready for twist.

Nice. So we've done this exercise already right now. The key is not to move the hips at all but really use the breath to twist the thoracic. So inhale and twist the body to the rights and look behind you. Look behind you. More twists, twist and center one. Again, inhale, twist, twist, twist God.


One more time and I want to see that crown of the head reaching all the way up to the sky and center last time and really good arms forward and rolled down. Check. Now three beautiful tag names. I want to see dynamic legs go parallel to the four up to the ceiling. And quickly go down. So here we go. [inaudible] was parallel to the four up and then quickly down again over up and Natha sternum down first and lengthen the back one last time.


Making sure that that lower back as well as your neck stays long and release. Good. Roll onto your side for a sidekicks. Take the leg about a foot back. Yes, pointing that foot as you kick the leg for, you're going to flex and post one two and then you're gonna take it back. So here we go. Ready and flex one, two and one two and point flex. And now bring the leg together. Now let's bring the leg forward about a foot and take it back in accident one, two and together. One, two and forward. One more time.

Side Kicks

Bring the legs together and swing the legs to the other side and we'll go to the other side. [inaudible] yeah, let's get some abilities. Some, some blood flowing into the hips. Take the leg back about a foot and then kick it front one to end point. Flex one, two, one more time and together bringing the leg forward. Now please. And back one, two and flex 0.2 and flex one more time. God now legs together suing them to the center of the room.

Guess what? Teaser time. Yes. And this is the Joseph politest teaser. So reach the arms forward and return to live. You'll get to s to um, read about about this particular exercise because this is how Joseph Politesse used to do it back in the olden days, back in the day. And I was in there, but I was told to lift the legs after four for me. Please form your powerhouse. Now just bring this, take them down to the four and come up. Ah, halfway at the back onto the floor and lovely God. Now all the way down to the four with the back end. Come up. Good.


Reach the arms up to this killing. Find the connection of front no locking. Find the connection of the front and back of the body. So there's actual space in the waist. Now lakes up and down. Three times up, one dynamic up, two dynamic up three hold it. No belly button down to the four end. Come down all the way down and come right back up. Reach the arms over the head, find the connection of front and back of the body please and bring it down.

One more time and scoop up. Lift arms up the ceiling. Bend the elbows from me please. You can either bring the elbows onto the floor or the hands and the fourth, turn them out a little bit. So you open that chest and now you're gonna circle the leg to the right scope, the abdominals and accent one and to the other side and accident. The idea is that you want to touch the notes with your feet.

Hip Circles

Here we go and touch the notes one more time. Finish it to the left and hold, hold and excellent. How are we doing? Good. Onto your stomach from a place swimming, which the imes long. And Shonda had a very cool experience in our last session where she finally found the connection of her obliques. So really try to get that elongation from that mid section as well as the legs so you don't lift the legs up over your lower back.


You want to think of using your hamstrings and glutes. So think of connecting right lad to opposite glute and same thing on the other side. So lengthen the body so it starts levitating and swim. Here we go in hell and extra quickly and in hill. Shork and Xcel quickly move. Good. Six more counts, but try to really breathe deeply. Yes, bring more oxygen into the system. Come on. This is almost the end of the class.

Breathe into it. Yes, give it life. It's about life. One more time. Inhale, exhale and release. Good. Sit back on your heels for a piece of heaven. Please stretch out. Lower back a little bit and let's go into a plank position. A push up position please. Now we're going to do a little bit of a shoulder mobility, so I want you to protract the scapulas, meaning wrap the scapulas forward and then retract them. Pull them back.

Child's Pose

Now wrap them forward towards the wrapping forward towards your chest, rubbing forward to her chest, chest, chest, chest, the other way, and then retract them and protract and retract them. Pro. Track them. Now. Find the perfect balance between front and back of the body. Now let's walk the hands back from me please at for steps and roll up one vertebrae at a time. Lift the arms up to this ceiling and find your longest point. Now from this position around the opera body forward for me please and walk down. Very nice. Now you're gonna lift that right leg up.

Push Up

Find the scapulas. Find the connection of your arms to the center. Just give me one perfect. Push up down and walk back and find your balance. Bring that leg up without sacrificing the lower back. Find your tabletop reaching arms forward and come up.

Find that balance. Hold, hold, hold and legs together around the upper body. Forward again for me please and walk forward. If the PUSHUP, it's too challenging for you right now, just think of scapula mobility. If not here we go and push up down and up and walk back a length in that leg behind you. Relax the neck. Reach those arms forward. Keep that neck nice and long. Arms up to the ceiling. Lift up long. Bring the legs together and open the chest.

Come to the center of the Mat from replaced. Now we're going to do a breathing exercise. This is, this was one of [inaudible] favorite exercises that I love myself so much. Mo, my baby dance influenced, but I guess me as a dancer enjoys this a lot. So here we go. We're going to just do a very relaxed movement of just bending the knees and then straighten the body. Yes, but we're going to add the breath. So you're in here and you x. Let's do this three more times in hill. Again, lengthen last time. Doesn't that feel wonderful?


Now we're going to add a chump and the jump is going to be as you straighten the legs in that c curve position. Three sets. Here we go in here and jump and exhale again. Inhale, does this remind you of anything? We do so many exercises that create that position. Hopes and now we're going to add to, we're going to add another jump. So you're going to bend the knees, you're going to jump here, you know, lift up and you're going to jump when you extend the legs up.

So this is what it looks like. [inaudible] end lift. Ready? Three sets. Here we go. Inhale and go down and jump. Good. Now you use the breath. Find your powerhouse. This is why we do pull out these because we want to be able to move with freedom and breath. One more time and release. Good. Reach the arms up to the ceiling around the upper body.

Forward for me please and walk forward with your, your hands to an elephant position. I'm going to leave you with one tip on what elephant is. Elephant is about rounding your upper back, lengthening the lower back, dropping the table in town and relaxing the head. Wrapping the shoulders forward. Yes. And now walk the feet forward from a police without losing that connection.


Yes, the upper seeker really relaxed the neck. God, let's walk the hands forward again. One, two, three. It should be four counts. Now find that seeker of again. Yes. So the crowd of the head is over where your wrist are. Hold this position. This is beautiful. I love it. And drop the head down. Drop the head down more.

Drop the table. Good. Now walk the feet forward again for me, please. And the idea is that you want to walk the feet through the arms now, soft in the knees for me. Please roll up one for the, by the time, lift the arms up to the ceiling, open the arms out, and we are finished. Thank you.


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I loved this class. It got my heart rate up, great fun too! thank you
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great class
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Very nice. Thank you.
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very good clas; thank you
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Awesome class Saul!
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My first class at Pilates Anytime. Loved it! It was the challenge I'd been looking for. Can't wait for more!
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Saul I feel so honored to have taken a class from you. I follow you on Winsor-Choza FB and Instagram. Loved your cueing and visualization. Thank you!
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Excellent ...como siempre!
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Great class. Nice new variations for me to work on
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Great class - love the cueing, explanations and Saul's personality
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