Class #3562

Kids Mat: Centering

25 min - Class


Learn about the powerhouse in this Mat workout for kids by Monica Wilson. In the second class in this series, she teaches how moving from the center of the body can help her students improve all of the sports and activities they do. She starts to add in more concepts and exercises so that they can start to grow in their practices.
What You'll Need: Mat


All right. How do you feel after doing that? One on concentration. Pretty good. Good. All right, so we have this volleyball player. We have a soccer player and we have a ballerina. And...


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I can't wait for your next Class on - 'Control'. Monica - your energy Rocks !. Steven (Singapore)
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This was great to watch. I teach a Pilates for Kids class and a Pilates for Teens class. They are becoming very popular. How old were these girls? 11? 12? Thanks
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So good. Can’t wait for the control class!
Thank you so much Everyone! I really had the best time teaching these girls. Yes! The age range is 11-13:)

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