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Mat Workout

45 min - Class


This is a high beginner class taught by Adrianne for those looking to improve their form and understanding of the powerhouse. Some exercises include the tree, modified neck pull and single leg teaser.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Let's, um, go ahead and begin. Um, I think let's go ahead and lie down. We'll start lying down. So start, um, by holding onto the back of your thighs. We're going to go ahead and put our heads down in a nice, getting into a nice seeker, dropping our shoulders, arms, heels together, toes apart, keeping our toes kind of relaxed. And let's just start with a feel few rollbacks. So you're going to start to inhale and then you start to exhale.

Get your tailbone to start to curl underneath you. Getting those hips to Tuck. Stop when your arms are straight, kinda lightly holding on. Take a nice deep breath in and exhale, come back up. Let's go ahead and sit up tall. Open your chest, lengthen your neck. Let's do about two more. Drop your head. Start to take that back.

Exhale at your arms slang thin. Get their shoulders to roll back and down, and then use that exhale to come back up. And once again, sit up tall. Let's do one more time, but this time, let's take it all the way down. So head down, begin to lie down. Take it slow as soon as your arm straightened, stopped yourself. And then just get an extra wrap in the thigh. Squeeze with the bottom and then Lyle. All right, let's go ahead and extend your legs out. Long heels together, toes apart in that plotty stance with a nice scoop up in the belly. I got lots of layers on right now. Okay.

Take your arms straight up and let's take a nice deep breath in and then exhale. Lower your arms down to your side. Hold the position, anchoring your spine a little bit more, getting that belly to really flatten, so navel in and up. Two more times. Take your arm all the way back, open up your chest and then lift the arms and begin to exhale. Bring them back down to your side. One more nice deep breath in.

And then exhale. Keeping your gaze down, getting your neck to lengthen and relaxing a little bit. But now just hold your position for a second. Let's go ahead and let your back relax. Take a nice deep breath in and then just pull your spine down into the mat. So dry. Try to get rid of any arching happening.

Pull up as deep as you can and then begin that wrap in the thighs, leaving those knees soft hold, hold, hold and [inaudible]. And then just relax. You won't see a lot of movement, but you'll feel it. Take another deep breath in and exhale. Think your back down a little bit more and get those legs to stretch out. Long pulling up into that powerhouse.

Hold, hold, hold, rest. Let's do one more. Nice deep breath in and then deep in the exhale, going up, flattening, scooping, getting those roots to stich and sinking your spine down. All right, let's go ahead and begin. Go ahead and slide your feet in towards your chest. Make sure you're nice and centered on your mat.

We're going to begin with the hundreds, so go ahead and bring your knees into your chest. Let's extend. Open up your chest by rolling the shoulders back and down and then begin by stretching the arms forward. So you want to keep that, get that reach and lift your head up. Getting the back of the neck really long. Keep that stretch happening with the arms. Begin to take the legs out to 45 degrees or maybe a little bit higher or lower depending on your strength. Take a deep breath in and a long breath out. Three, four, five.

So inhaling for five counts and exhale, but Candace, lower your chest a little bit so your shoulders, the tips of the shoulders are on the mat. So if you're not up here, right, exhale and move your arms. Get that breathing going. Exhale and two, three, four, five. Get a deep curl into it though. And lower the legs. Squeeze your bottoms. Two, three black challenge. Excellent. I think that's about 62 x five 70 field that scoop on the exhale.

80 Navel to spine 91 more time. Keeping those heels together and exhale. Go ahead and either bend your knees and drop your feet or just go head and lower your legs. All right, let's go into our roll-ups to take your arm straight up again, keeping your heels together, toes apart. All right. Beginning with the head. Lift your head. Nice deep breath in. Use that exhale to pull you up and pull you in.

Stretch over to the toes, keep wrapping, and then start to lie back down, articulating the spine for more nice deep breath in anywhere from five to six of these exhale, can you feel better and better the more you could you do what? Of course, don't do more than 10 deep breath in. Exhale up and over. And if you need to bend your knees to help protect your back as you come up, do so. So you go like this would keep the scoop happening. If your feet are lifting off the mat or you can put your feet underneath straps. Let's do one more nice deep breath in. Use The exhale to come up, stretch forward, and go ahead and lie back down. Hopefully shifted backwards little bit using that powerhouse.

And so you might have just reached back down when I did. All right, let's bring your right knee into your chest. Give your legs a stretch. We're going to go into our leg circle. We're going to do it small, but then we're going to try to get it bigger. So getting those hips to really stabilize your back. There shouldn't be a gap. You want to get those ribs to sink down and reach the leg up.

Keep the reach up. As you begin to circle, you're taking that big toe over to your left shoulder, left hip, right hip, right shoulder, finishing it, the no, so it's kind of like a little box, shoulder, hip, hip, shoulder, nose, shoulder, hip, hip, shoulder, nose. Now let's put it into a circle around and finish at your nose. Five Times. One around the nose, too. Careful that those toes don't turn in three. So don't let your toes rotate.

Keep the turnout for one more. Lifting lake, up to the nose by reverse. That also be conscious of your hips. You don't want them to move even the slightest. Two and three up for keeping your shoulders and next relax. And last one and five. Go ahead and bend your knee. Give it a stretch. Hopefully you felt those in your hips and you're going to switch legs and bring your left knee in. Give your leg a stretch. Great.

And then we'll take the leg back up. Lengthening, hips stabilized. Here we go. Let's just do some boxes first. So over to the right shoulder, right hip, left hip, left shoulder, nose, left, shoulder, left. Sorry. Right, right. Left, left nose, right, right. La, la. No, don't let your hips move. And now let's put it into a circle with a little accent on the up. One, up to around, up three, five times four. One more, five, reverse it around, and one. So it is a circle to, you're trying to circle within your shoulders and hips for last one and five.

Go ahead and bend your knee. Get the leg stretch. Good. Sit Up. Okay. He'll excuse me. Hands at your hips. Lift your bottom to sit at your heels. Drag that with me and let's start by holding onto the back of your size in the moment. Make it a little more challenging. So head down, taking your feet off of the mat. You're going to inhale and rock back. Exhale, round up to balance. Get those elbows out to the side.

Really lift them up and then get the shoulder. Surely drop through. Your necks are long. The here is to sit up in that lower back. You want to almost sit back on the sits bones more so around back a little bit more? Yes. Right there. Hold. That's what you want. Yes. And now inhale, go back. Exhale, come up. Don't let those hips pop up. You want to keep rounding them back.

Here we go. We're going to add a little, little more to it. Grab onto your ankles. Inhale, go back. Exhale, come up and balance and three more back. And now all right. Back up and balanced to excellent. This is your roll up. You've just put it into a role, really last one. And um, and balance and place your feet down. Okay, let's go ahead and move back again. So lift your bottom to stretch back. We'll lie all the way down going into our Cemak series.

So that's a nice little way to warm up that powerhouse. Bring your right knee into your chest, right hand on the ankle, left hand on the knee. Watch that. You're not crunching those knees, nor are you, um, misaligned that your shoulders, they line up with your hips. All right, let's bend your left knee and take that left leg straight up. Lower it down to comfortable level. Lift your head. Tommy's up. And now switch legs. Hold your position. Let me see. Really getting that stretch from the hip.

Wrapping a thigh and steepening the scoop. So Ken is still too high. Drop that your chest a little bit, not the leg. Yes. And now pull in. Yes. Now switch. Hold that in. Let me see the scoop and switch and switch. Now let's go a little bit faster and one and one bout four times two to three with a scoop each time. Four and four and restaurant.

All right, we're going to go onto the double leg stretch. You can either hold onto your thigh or your ankles. Lift your head, look at your stomach. All right, here we go. Let's hold the extension. You're going to reach out. Hold it. Drop your chest a little bit. Pull in yes, and now circle, grab onto the ankles. Very good. Inhale, reach, stretch, stretch. Stretch, then pull it in. Let's hold a stretch out. Bring the arms in first. Legs in last. Inhale out. Arms First, legs, the last. Now quickly out. Arms, lakes. Three more. Inhale, arms, legs, two arms, lakes, one more out, arms and legs restaurant. Okay, let's go onto the double straight lake. One Lake Up.

Adding your head. If your neck gets started, you just put it down and here go, pause, pause. Try to really get that scoop and pulse. Pulse. You can do that. We're getting those shoulders to drop a bit more. Good. Pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. Now quickly transition at one. One, one, one, two, two. Let me see the scoop. Two, two, three, three, three, three. Feel that scoop four and last one. And rust. Good. Place your feet down. Go ahead and take your hands behind your head. [inaudible] let's go to our double leg. So both knees in.

All right, let's keep these very small because I want you to really feel this below the navel, that scoop and abdominals really working. Burn your elbows. Interiors. Good. Let's take your legs up. Lift your head, look at your stomachs. So reach your legs up without that bottom. Lifting lower legs, curl up your chest a little bit more, really deep into those ribs. And then lift the legs lower and scooper.

Lower and scoop. Bring your elbows into your ears. Way Up here. Let's lift with not to low with the legs up, up, up, up, up, up, up a little bit. Down two inches and up a little bit. Down and up. Keep your chest still up and one more time down, up, and the rust. Okay, good. How was that on your back? Do you feel anything in your back? You did. Okay, so good. Okay. Yeah. Keep the range small.

Alright. Still holding onto the back of your heads. Bring your knees back into your chest. Let's go to our Chris Cross. We're going to take one leg out. Stay on those hips. Don't roll on them and you're going to try to tap mini [inaudible] made sure that right knee or left knee, whatever knee is in, isn't lined up with the same shoulders. So right knee, right shoulder, left knee, left shoulder, and let's switch. Yes, the the knee. That's bent lines up with the same shoulder. Yup, exactly. Cause we're opposite legs right now.

You got your left in and switch and switch because we're looking, we're mirrors a future thing. You're looking at me and I'm looking at you. We've got the opposite going on hold. Get a deepen, deepen your scoop and switch. Let your head drop all the way down and then lifted that head. Is One of your weight up? Drop a drop.

Yes. And one more and rest. Okay. Let's go ahead and sit up. Flex your feet, arms tall in front of you, and deep breath in. Let's go ahead and round forward. Exhale. Begin to come back up. Now we're going to kind of go a little bit quicker. Keep your feet flex though. Use Your exhale to go down. Come on up.

Two more. Nice deep breath in and exhale and up. Last one. Watch those feet. You don't want them to turn out and now take it back down. You want to add a stretch or you can grab onto your ankles or your arches. Can you give yourself that added stretch forward? Okay, come on up. All right, let's go ahead and move forward so that you have some room behind you or OpenLink rocker. Okay, so your feet are apart. Well, let's go ahead and start on the back of your calves.

Let's just start at kind of modified. Your feet are apart, your head, your going around into your seeker, so you want to round your lower back, you those hips under [inaudible], you're holding onto the calves and then you're going to find your balance. Okay, so you're kind of in a tabletop position. I think you'll need to move forward candidates just for more room behind you and we're going to begin to roll back to soft feet. Let's begin. Inhale back. Exhale, come up to balance. Just get that feeling, but then let's go ahead and add a stretch for the back. Lift up tall and heads down around again. Inhaling them back. Exhaling up to balance. Good. Sit up tall.

Now we can start to challenge that by extending the legs a little bit straighter. If you want to straighten them all the way and walk your hands up higher, it becomes a lot harder, but you can do it. Here we go. Heads down and he'll go back. X. He'll come up and lift, lift, lift your back. Head down. Three more. Inhale, Tuck your Chin and around all the way up. Find it.

Lift. Very good. Two more. Now, a little bit faster back, controlling it. Come right back up. Lift and two. Inhale, go back. Make sure you keep that head forward. And lift soft toes. Last one. Inhale back. Exhale, come up. Lift, lift, lift and bend your knees. Lie down onto your back. Place your feet down. Okay.

Put your hands at your side and bring your knees into your chest. I'm gonna have you do a few corkscrews. You'll take your leg straight up, but do drop your Chin a little bit. Sometimes it helps to have a little pillow underneath your head, just not to take your legs over, but just to support your head on these little circles. No hip movement, very small. Get the ribs to pull together. Circle Center. Keep your right hip still reversing your circle each time. So the legs are up, your hips are still very small circles. Think about those hips, not letting them move even the slightest. So really, really concentrate on that. Just the legs are moving.

How do you do that without letting them? The hips move. Keep the range of motion very small until you gain that control. All right. Hello and eventually get bigger. [inaudible] when you've got that control and last sets and around and arrest, very difficult to keep those heels from shifting as well on those. All right, grab onto your thighs. Let's go ahead and sit up. Question about the corkscrew has got to come off. The Mat doesn't know this leg.

The same like stabilizing your powerhouse so you don't want the hips to move. You want to do is you're stretching here taking the leg as far as it can without the hip moving. So that's, you're lengthening it. Then you're going to go down and then you're going to stretch the opposite side so that hip stay still stay. Still stay. Still stay the same length. Yes. Keep the legs the same length. Exactly. You don't want your heels to shift at all. You don't want the hips to move.

They are not part of it. You're opening up the hips, the sides. It's a side strengthening exercises all through here. All right, as well as back. Okay, let's sit up for saw. Good question. Take your arms to the side, feet flexed. You're going to go ahead and turn to your left canvas. [inaudible] not letting those hips go with you and will again begin to reach for your baby toe and just saw it off. So stay put for just a second. You want to take your hand away over here. Now keep that right hip on the mat.

So she's went to her left. She's reaching for that left toe, pulling up your ribs. Scoop, scoop, scoop really deep. Good. And come on up. Sit up tall. Center out. Turn to the right [inaudible]. Reach for your child. So now this hip's gonna want to go with you. Exactly. You pull it back. You put your nose as close to your knee as you can. Oop, there goes that hip.

Pull it back again. That's it. A little more weight on your left hip. Yes. Come on up and center. You do that. When you can get your hit to come back down. It's really easy to just go like that and go when it becomes a totally different exercise. When you isolate the hips, you don't let them move. So let's do it again. Feet, plex, turn, hold. So you're just turning from the rib cage.

Now here's where your hips are gonna want to move. Drop your head, look at your tummy. Pull it in. Now. Sit on those hips, both sides and start to reach. Keep those hips back as you reach. There is your stretch and you might have to bend your knees. Nope, not better reviews. It always feels better to have somebody holding you. Last one. Or actually let's do one more set to each side. Adding a little rhythm to it.

Come on up and center and turn and reach. Nothing like having someone's hands on your last one. Turn and reach and up. Okay, let's go ahead and let's, um, flip over to our semex. Go into a natural. So let me fix you. Yes. Okay, so exactly. Well, you're going to lie all the way down.

We're going to first just start with a little hover, exercise their heels together, toes apart, and then begin to lift. It's your head, but you wanna keep your gaze down. Lift your hands off of the Mat and just hold your position. Keep those knees soft. But do you squeeze your bottom hole and then rest.

Okay, now that you know what we're asking you to do, let's do that again. Go a little bit higher. So head just palms and now hold. Try to get up a little bit more. Yeah, hold, hold, hold and rest. Two more times. Head, chest, palms and long neck. Hold. One, two, three, counts down. Good. Last one. Head, chest, palms. Now this is where you challenged that and come up just a little bit more.

Hold, hold, hold, rest. Okay. Keeping your elbows on the mat, palms on the mat. You're gonna push into the palms. Actually your elbows are going to come off the mat on this. So you're pushing into the palms and you start to lift your chest. Now you could come all the way up you have that doesn't feel good on your back. Stay on the elbows. Hold your position, but get those tummies up.

Hips up you to really lift up in here. Okay, hold. Look to the right. Drop your head down. Kind of massaging your neck. Exactly. Look left. Look Center. I'm going to correct you a little bit. Look left. I want you to get up in here. Way Up there. That's it. There you go. And drop your head down.

Keep that scoop up around to the right. So you're rolling your head down. You're looking left. Look, center. Look left. Roll your head down around to the right. It looks center and that's enough. Lie back down onto your tummy. I feel good. You had little cramp in your toes.

So that just means getting those feet to relax a little bit. It's still there? No. Okay. All right. Take your hands behind your back, clasp your fingers. Go ahead and turn your right cheek to the mat. Good. He'll stay together and take both feet and kick your bottom three times.

Now as you kick, don't let your hips come up. I want to keep that tail, those that bottom squeezing, pushing your hips into the mat. Here we go. Kick one, two, three. Drop your feet. Take your hands and stretch back. Lengthen. And then we're going to switch chicks. Taking your feet once again. Kick three times. Keep pushing those hips down. One, two.

You should feel a stretch on the top of your thighs. Three and stretch back. And one more time. Do each side kicking. One, two, three and stretch back. Last one, one, two, three. And stretch. Okay, let's fly back now. Go ahead and sit back on your heels. Just stretch, giving your back a little break. Good. And then Marina, sit back down on your bottom. So let's go ahead and start with your feet apart. Um, let's, we're going to try to do a tree exercise that you do on the reformer, but we're going to do a little bit different when, let's hold onto one thigh and let's start by sitting up as tall as you can.

You will end up extending that left leg out. So we're holding onto our right thigh. Both knees are bent. We're going to sit as tall as you can. You want to just kind of be conscious of your box, making sure your shoulders are straight across and that your hips are straight across and there everything's pointing straight forward, so nothing is twisting. In other words, sitting tall, we're going to give are like three stretches and this is where your back who will want to do this.

So sit as tall as you can and stretch three times like king king cakes. One, two, even taller, a little bit more forward. Candice three all right, now here's where it starts to get a little bit difficult. We're going to take our leg up. We'll walk our hands up when drop her head, pulling up your stomachs, shoulders down into a nice seeker. We're going to start to fall backwards, but really it's a controlled fall because really what you're trying to do is deepen your scoop. Curlier hips. Keep those shoulders down. Now stop. Drop your shoulders a bit more, pull up your tummy, and now we're going to go back a little bit further. All the way til we're lying down. Start to walk down here like, all right, we're going to still keep that left knee bent. Here you go.

You're going to try to walk up the lake, but not by pulling the hand, but by pulling in stomach. Here we go. Start to walk up. You can extend your left leg out to help you come up to a sitting position and bend your left knee instead of tall. Okay? Drop the head, shoulders down. Here we go. Start around that. Control the movement. That's it. You can extend your left leg if you'd like to or you can keep it bent. Whatever feels more comfortable. Just keep it relaxed.

That's kind of out of the picture. That left leg. You want to keep it really relaxed and exhale to come up using that powerhouse. You might want to put your foot underneath the strap or a weight on your leg. Sit Up really tall. Let's do one more. Put your nose as close to your knee. This time as you can fall back.

Plant that tree at 90 degrees up Nad. Keep it there and walk down it. You want to extend your left leg, you can where you can keep it straight or excuse me, Ben, and now keeping that leg lengthening, you're going to come up. You can challenge it by keeping the leg long, both legs long to come up. [inaudible] then lift, lift, lift your back. Here we go. We're going to flex some points three times, one little bit more forward so you're on top of your hips. Two, three, take your right hand and pick it up off the tree.

Throw it away or put it in the bucket behind you. Place your foot down. Let's switch sites. Keep your placement. Double check where you are. Grab onto that left side. Both knees are bent to begin with and we're gonna. You'll want to fall back. You want to try to sit up as tall as you can. In other words, on top of your hips. Three stretches. One, two, and three in a walk up your leg.

Drop your head, check that your square straight ahead. Heads down. Begin to fall back through your bottoms. Curling. Those hips are currently plant your tree. You can walk down, you can straighten the right leg if you'd like to or keep it there and walk down your leg. And now a nice deep breath in. You're going to come up. You can straighten the leg or bend to that right one if you'd like, but sit up as tall as you can. What you're trying to do is keep that extend left leg, keep it straight as much as you can. You're trying to straighten it, lengthen it, and two more dropped in your head.

Go back, rock on those hips. [inaudible] walk down articulating those vertebrals, keeping that left leg lengthening and use the inhale and exhale to come up. If you extend your right leg, it becomes a little bit easier in some senses. You can sit up tall, harder. Once you're up though to keep that leg long and going back round so you move that right leg around as much as you like for these lie down in the beginning anyway, and depressants, exhale, come on up. Ready to keep that left leg. Really lifting.

Here we go. We're going to sit as tall as we can on top of our hips. Get that left leg up. Flexing point. Try to sit on top of your hips, two and three picking out. Pull off your tree, throw it in the bucket. All right, go ahead and drop your leg. Go ahead and let's do a little stretch. You can take your legs, the side reach for your ankles and stretch forward. Not all of us have that much flexibility, but you can do what you can. Good round up then sit up tall. We're gonna lie back down, but let's start with her feet bent. Again, hip with the part holding onto the back of your size.

You're going to go into a neck pool exercise, but we're going to start with our hands here. Just like your roll ups. You're going to start just lying down. Keep those feet really relaxed, articulating right through the middle, through your center line, and have them rest. Nice deep precedents and peel off the mat, pulling in as you come up. Rock forward. Sit up tall. Let's do one more like that and then we'll make it a little more challenging. Taking the hands back and round backwards.

Get those hips under. Stop right there. Deepen that tuck. Squeeze your bottom more yes and then lie down and deep breath in. Exhale. You can grab another size if you'd like to or just reach them forward. Pull in. Sit up tall. Let's take our hands behind our heads. Go ahead. Start with the elbows into the years.

Drop your head around your back, keeping your knees line up with your hips. We're going to lie down again, articulating one vertebra at a time. Feeder. Soft rest. Come on up. So deep breath in. Exhale. Try to keep those feet relaxed so they don't pop up forward around that. Sit Up tall and now let's open our elbows.

Keep them open and around, back down so they speak in a little bit more challenging. Not letting those elbows come in to control it down. Very, very funny how the elbows can make such a difference, but they do right as if they wanted to come in. And let's come up. Deep breath in. Now, here's where the elbows will want to come in. Keep them out, keep them out. Okay, bring him in. If he can't get up, bring them in until that strength develops. Sit up tall. Let's go.

Just so a little bit quicker, heads-down, how are your feet doing? Just try to stay out of those toes. It's easy to cramp them and let's lie down so you can challenge it however you'd like. You can try to keep the elbows open, but if those feet are moving all around in, you're able to get up. Bring those elbows in. Deep breath in and exhale. They're gonna want them lunge forward the doubles and sit up tall.

And now two more. A little bit quicker and feet a little bit wider. So hip with the part a lie back now touch and you'll come right back up and up and over. Tall and down and touch your head up. Scoop, lift. Let's finish line down. Stretch your legs out. Flex both feet, hands at your side. Point your toes.

Flex and 0.1 more. Flex and point. Let's lie on our side for some quick sidekicks. So I'm going to, yes, it's a wrap. No, it's really about, it's the deepening. It's the naval. And so in order to get up, it's right when we get to the top of the hips, everything seems to fall apart for most people. Me Even just, just getting that up.

So it's right here that if our feet move, our hips will pop up to it. Kind of helps us. So you want to keep those hips pulling down and pulling him? Yes, I know when the hands are up. I know. That's why it's more that it's an intermediate exercise. This is not a beginning exercise at all. So keep that in mind. Intermediate is a heavy, deep level. It's, it's not easy.

So reach your arms forward. Hold Scoop, scoop, scoop. Good. Exactly. So that's what you practice and practice and practice until it's not until, it doesn't call it until it's easy. Exactly. That's easy. All right, let's lie on our sides. Both legs forward, hip on top of hip. We'll just do some front kicks. Apom in front of you. [inaudible] taking that leg up, hip level, gaze forward to your neck is long and kind of turn your leg out. Now here to, it's the hips. You want to keep them really still, they stay right on top of each other.

What we'll do while we're kicking is they'll kind of move around. All right, keeping the leg lined up with your hip. Let's just start with a tick-tock front and we're right as you go back. That's where that hip line changes, so don't let those hips fall back front and back and front and back. Let's add those two kicks forward. Little one big one and let's add some flow. Kick, kick and back.

So you're always pulling up navel to spine, especially as you go back. Kick, kick. Your shoulders should be back, so pull your right shoulder back. Candace [inaudible] and kick, kick and last one kick, kick and back. Let's go into our up and downs. Hip on top of hip and leg up. Reach the leg, bring it down, leg up. This is where you can really start to get that lower powerhouse strong as well.

Getting that scoop in the squeeze in the rep, in the inner thigh. [inaudible] so the outer side is wrapping. Get those innercise working and up and long. And when we're up and long. All right, let's go to your circles. Five and five. One circle to circle three. Not letting those hips move.

If you're feeling any popping in the hip, that means you're not stretching it. You've got to reach out of hip. Then circle two. So getting that length on the circle, reversing one, two, I can see a pop. So reach that leg longer. Three, four, that's it. Keeps stretching to the opposite side of the room. And five, that's enough. Let's go to the other leg. So switch sides.

No, it looked a little bit like there was some popping, but I'm glad you didn't feel like right in the head. Yeah, it just looked like it was kind of, okay. Well good. But I can tell it definitely could have reached more. All right, so palm on the Mat. Hip on top of hips or roll your, yes. Pull up. Here we go. We're going to go to front kicks. Let's just do tick-tock, front and back, less than Mike there and front. Keep that pull up and front and back. Very easy to get into the feet here. Try to relax your feet, toes and front and back.

Now let's go to the kick kick to kick, kick, kick, front and back. Kick, kick going and put your palm on the mat and kick, kick, kick, kick, soft, soft feet. Get Out of those feet. Kick, kick. So get out of those feet, Candice, kick, kick. Those tools are really working. One more and back. All right, rushed your leg, going into the up and downs. You're going to take your leg up, hip level. Good. You do want to kind of rotate to the ceiling in the rotation, not from the knee, but from the hip bottom. Good with the pull up, a little bit more forward with your hip. Good. And now leg up.

Reach the leg long. We see you use the squeeze heel, the heel. So heel should mead and three and up and four. So I definitely see you working your knees. Five. I want to see it more in here. Six some resistance on the down. Really pinching them together. Six, two more.

Seven with the scoop. Last one. And arrest art to the circles. Five and five and circling one and two and three and four and five and reverse. So remember you're still stretching that hip out as you're circling. Two, three, four to burn. Five in your hip.

Okay, good. All right, we're going to lie on our backs next. So I'm gonna flip around here. We'll finish with a little teaser preparation. So knees are together, theater together, hands at your side. Let's go ahead and start with our right leg extended up, but both knees together kind of move your left foot forward a little bit so your knee is not so crunch. Alright, take both arms up. Take a nice deep breath in.

Lift your head and reach for the toes. Just come to the tips of the shoulders, so not so high lower. Hold that, but pull in down here. Yes, that's what I'm talking about when I'm talking about getting those hips down. That wrap. Reach up to the ceiling. Lie Back Down and arms up. Use The exhale. Hold your position. So just the tips of the shoulders or on the mat. You get those shoulders to drop a little bit more and then you deepen down in here. You pull scoop, reach for the ceiling. Lie Back Down. One more time. That's it. Wait for the toes. Hold and scoop, but reach for the ears. Deeper scope. Good breath, very nice. Which like good homework. Arms Up, head up. Hold your position. Then find it.

Pull up, reach for the ears. Lie Back Down. You feel it in your neck. Just don't pull from the neck. Remember, use your powerhouse and come up. Hold deep in the scoop. Reach for the ears while I back down. Last one and exhale.

Hold to the ears and rough. All right, let's finish with the roll to f. Just kind of massage the lower back a little bit. We'll do your seals. So hands inside your legs. You want to make sure you have room behind you. Head down. Find that balance. Good.

It's getting in position. Head down. And let's just start with rolling and then we'll add the clap. So you'll need to fall back on your hips a little bit more, Candice. Aha. It's going to feel like you're going to fall. All right, let's go. Let's go back him up and balance. Two more. Inhale, get your bottom off the mat. Exhale. Come up one more, and then we're going to add the claps.

So that's where your heels will clap together. Three times. One, two, three. Go back. One, two, three. To come up. One, two, three. So it's fairly quick with the feet. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three, back. No, no. Momentum. One, two, three, around. And one, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three. Back. Two more. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three, back. Last one. One, two, three, up. Good. Place your feet down. Stretch forward. Flex your feet. If you'd like. Get a nice stretch. Shake yourselves out.

You're all done. Okay. Good job.


Thank you Adrianne for a lovely refresher class. The attention to the neck pull gives me lots to work on as I continue trying to improve at this exercise. The tree is incredibly challenging too. I'll definitely be repeating this class again and again.
I've been trying to play this class but it keeps on saying that the video has expired... :(
I'd like to play it as well, but keeps saying it's expired
I think this class is now playing correctly in all formats.
Yes it's playing correctly thank you! & thank you Adrianne- great tree & other variations of more advanced exercises. Enjoy your classes a lot, please post again soon
great class...more level 1 than 2. I think it would be better if the questions from students (that require longer answers) came when the filming finished disrupts the flow particularly for a 40 min quickie class that I hope to do over again and flow through.
wonderful teaching. loved the lateral hip stretch explanation when doing corkscrew. all the explanations were very helpful for improving form

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