Class #3583

Unilateral Wunda Chair

30 min - Class


Work on perfecting imbalances in this athletic Wunda Chair workout with John Garey. He teaches creative combinations, designed to increase strength and challenge stability. He also uses the split pedal in the Wunda Chair for creative variations to exercises like Swimming, Push Ups, and more.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair


Welcome everyone. Today we are working on the chair and this is all super athletic workout. I'm working with Aaron. Thank you for joining me today and we're going to get started right ...


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Great fun and challenge class, thank you John Garey. You being so happy and excited for us made it even more easier then it looks. It was lots of fun to do this class with you.
Always an exciting day when there is a new John Garry class! Love your encouraging teaching style and your fun personality. I will be repeating this one frequently. Thanks!
Fun and creative!
Loved the unilateral variations and thanks for making me split the pedal.
Love this class John Garry. Erin is strong and adorable!
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I love the variations to make the chair fun. I also really like Johns classes, becasue there is way less emphasis on lumbar flexion. In fact he does a lot of work to get our whole back extensors much stronger. This makes practical sense since we live in too much flexion.
Simplement génial!
Très énergique et très amusant.
Thank you very much :)
Super inventive. I enjoyed this very much
Awesome! I loved that end side over twist!
Great class! I always love when the chair is included. And John I Love your athletic style and fun spirit!
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