Class #3603

Strengthening Mat

60 min - Class


You will focus on building strength and stability in this Mat workout by Ed Botha. He teaches an athletic class, adding cues designed to help clean up your technique. He includes wonderful variations to exercises like Semi-Circle, Push Ups, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat

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My name is ed. Um, and I'm super excited to be back at [inaudible] anytime with you guys. Um, I'm from Sydney, Australia and I'm gonna take you through a map class at, I guess we could...


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Challenging and set me up beautifully to do the boomerang at the end. Thank you! And I keep thinking you looked like Jean Luke Picard from Star Trek as I squinted at the screen without my glasses on!
Powerful one! Thank you!
Another awesome Mat class! Thanks Ed
I really love your classes and the inspiration I take from them for my own classes - especially the stretching exercises. Thank you so much!!
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Wow, Ed, that really was a tough, but awesome class! It's so nice how you combine very demanding exercises with your calm and relaxed way of teaching. It never seems to be focused on tempo or struggling, much more like a meditation. And a huge bravo to all these ladies! I couldn't do the "zombie" movement at all. Might become my goal for 2019...
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I wish Pilates Anytime had a "love" button! This is my new favorite workout. I realized that I have been moving much too quickly through my own mat workouts. There is so much more power in the hold! I've always been a Courtney Miller, Meredith Rogers fan but Ed Botha is my new favorite instructor on Pilates Anytime. Thank you for a fantastic, fun workout!
Absolutely wonderful. Thank you Ed. Good job ladies!
A complete workout, amazing class thank you.
Omg I’m loving the variations and love the fact that it’s slow and challenging,just reminds me to practice more of the advance stuff . Well ,thanks a lot 🙌🏻
Thanks again for another powerful mat class! Love the slowliness. Karamba!
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