Class #3607

Improve Your Posture

25 min - Class


You will walk and stand with beauty and grace after this quick class with Monica Wilson. She offers a glimpse of what you need to improve your posture and how a Pilates practice can create long-lasting results. She starts with a basic Mat warmup to get your blood flowing and then shows how you can use the Wall and a Pole to help give you feedback so you work correctly.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Table Chair, Pilates Pole

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Thanks Monica! Very helpful :)
Monica, excellent queuing! A class every student and instructor might want to take. It's amazing how concentrated movement of muscles can make you sweat!
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Very informative!
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Very good, thank you. I loves cues for sitting position
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Excellent cues thank you!
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Great reminder how the correct execution of traditional work transfers in a good posture and every day activity! Thank you!
When I watch your classes particularly tutorial ones I fall in love Pilates over and over again...Your cueing is excellent..Thank you Monica

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