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You will move your body in all different ranges with this Mat workout by Sally Anderson. She teaches a brief sequence that is designed to be a daily dose of movement that you can fit into a busy schedule. She includes exercises that will stretch your tissue, decompress your spine, and open up your body so you can stay young and healthy through movement.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights (2), Theraband

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Nov 28, 2018
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Hello, I'm Sally Anderson from Sydney Australia. Thank you for joining me for this daily dose of Mat work and I want to thank Jia and Sarah for coming and being wonderful participants for me today and welcome you to be a wonderful participant as well. So this class is going to be a standalone, like I call it a daily dose of polarities so that you can do this anywhere, anytime through the day. It's a little brief sequence that fits our time, Paul Schedules, but the bonuses that you can also take. This class joined onto a reformer class that we'll be focusing on plyometrics or jumping that will create more of a studio based program. Uh, something a little bit longer, something a little bit more of a conditioning workout for you. But for now, let's work out through this mat work sequence, starting with a roll down. So we'll have you stand just feet with the part, nice and neutral natural position.

Finding the heels are the base of the feet nice and anchored into the floor. From there. Just feel like you grow taller off the feet using the pelvic floor. Lift the torso off the legs, feeling like you headstand into the ceiling. So from your tall position, take a deep inhale, fill up the lungs, and then exhale, roll forward. Peeling the spine down. You're going to articulate the spine forward, but maintain the connection through the back of the legs.

I want these just slightly unlocked. Stay in, breathe into the back from your forward position. Then exhale, roll back up. So stacking the pelvis first, finding the spine stacking on top of the pelvis, all the way to your head. Stand into the ceiling. And again, breathing in as you breathe out. Curl through the body, but maintain your position of the pelvis over the feet. So I really want the sense of anchoring through the back of the legs, through the heels into the floor, and allowing the torso to flex forward. Stay at the Ford position. Allow your next relax arms to relax. Breathe in deep into the back.

Find your centering through the breath and then exhale, roll the pelvis upright, stacking the spine on top, making sure your tee shirts connected and all the way to your upright position. We'll have two more. Breathing in finding that air, feeling like you send to the body through the breath. Warming up the body through the movement. Yeah. Good. Staying forward. Breathing in, relaxing your neck, relaxing the arms so the upper body's letting go.

Releasing the hamstrings and the legs are creating that anchor, that sense of belonging to the floor for the body. Exhale, rolling back up. Cool. We'll have one more. Breathing in, growing tall and breathing out. Nice. Smells like these girls just had for each other. Hmm. Unlocked knees and don't go too far forward.

Make sure you and you just held through the legs. Nice breath into the low ribs. Exhale, stacking back up. Good. Now we're going to do a fifth roll down just for the purpose of collecting out therabands. So exhale, roll forward. Good.

Sneak that theraband from the side connected to both hands. So you're going to be holding the band just taught not too tight. And then roll up keeping that band in front of you so that it'll end up just resting on your thighs at the top. Lovely. We're going to do an overhead which will stretch your shoulders, stretching the rotator cuff, so go gently. Inhale up to the ceiling. Now as you exhale, reach back, but allow the band to stretch so that you find your shoulder range all the way back. Then inhale, bringing the arms back up. Exhale, connect the ribs to the pelvis and bring the arms down in front. Good, so just warming up, stretching through the shoulder joint.

Now at that top position, find the ribs connected to the pelvis as you go over, rather than the let the belly expand or the ribs expand. I want to find it through the front of the shoulders. Good and inhale to come up. Find a sense of connection. Let the arms reach back and the shoulders stretch. Very nice and back in health at the top.

Exhale, bring it down and we'll have one more. Keep the breath flowing. Inhale to reach up. Exhale, reach back. Should be getting a little warmer through the shoulders and inhale up. Exhale to the front. Very nice. Now we're going to bring the arms up to the ceiling into a side reach.

Let's all go to the right side first. So even though it will be different here, you all go to the right. Breathing in to go up and over. Now reach that top arm to the ceiling as you reach up out in the rib cage. Exhale back to center. Sirus little shaky on, right to lift, but we'll go with her and back. Good. Inhale, up and over. I saw your eyes.

Now reach that top hand to the ceiling as you go over and bring it back. Good. So just stretching tissue, decompressing letting the ribs open up on the side. Exhale, back to center. We'll have one more each side and up and over. Reach that top arm. Bring it back last one and exhale to send to stay there for me. We're going into a rotation. You can go any direction you want. So rotate with the ribs first.

Keeping the pelvis, hip bones forward, the ribs rotate. Now take the top back arm and pull a little further. Take the shoulder girdle with you and back to the center. Good other side, rotate the ribs, keeping the pelvis forward. Now that back arm, pull a little and take the shoulders with you and center two more each side.

Start with the ribs. Continue with the arm and back to center. Good and rotate ribs. Now continue with his arm, but try and keep it high rather than down. Yes. Are you going to come back with the shoulder and center? One more each side. Rotate. Keep going with the top arms and center. Good.

One last one. Rotate and reach back to the center. Very nice. Bring the arms down. Shake out the arms. Then we're going to roll down and place out theraband back beside the mat. Good. Relax your head. Relax your shoulders.

Take a deep breath into the low back. Exhale, stacking the spine back up. Good. And one more. Roll down here. Breathing in. Grow Tall. Breathe out. Roll to the floor. This time you're going to place your hands to the floor. Walk them forward and walk the legs back until you're in a nice gentle pike position. So where it feels comfortable for you. I want the heels to be pressing into the floor and what your pelvis reaching to the ceiling, palms pressing away, but shoulders drawing back and letting your head hang.

So try and everybody just hang your head. Let it roll around. Just loosen up good. And then extend the next so that you feel like it's coming straight out of the spine. Crown of the head to the met. Good. So we're just taking a couple of breaths there. You're setting your position, finding the length in the back, finding the length in the back of the legs by dropping the heels. Good on this next breath in.

Raise both heels up off the mat and then you're going to prance for 20 and one, two, three, four. Keep it moving. Six, seven, eight. Good. Keep lengthening the back. Keep sending your tailbone high and we have eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Very nice. Press both hills, down into the mat. Take a little more length through those extensors. Again before you, if you can keep straight legs, great. Walk your feet towards your hands. Good. And if they start to bend, that's fine. Bring your feet in. Keep your hands on the floor, relax the head. Shoulders. Now Bend your knees, squat down, but bring your arms forward.

These two can have a little fingertip touch. Nice. And then slowly sit your tailbone down onto the floor gracefully. Beautiful. Good. How pounds forward? Pounds down. Arms forward. And then exhale. Roll yourself down to your pelvic curl or bridging position. So arms will come beside you. Beautifully done, I'm sure. All right, feet a hit with the pot. Arms are behind you.

Shoulders engaged into the mat and just take a big breath. Inhale, expanding the belly. Exhale, let all the tension go out of the body and we're going into pelvic curls. Breathing into prepare. Good. Breathe out, initiate abdominals deep. Roll the pelvis up to the ceiling into your bridge position. Good. Heat the pressure of the feet into the mat. Breathe in at the top and then breathe out. Go from the Sternum, rolling the spine all the way into the mat.

As long as you can along the mat towards your heels with the pelvis. Three more like this at the bottom. Inhale, lengthen the spine. Exhale deep and McDonald's and roll the pelvis up to the ceiling. Good. Think about sending your knees over your toes and finding your shoulder stand. Breathe in at the top. Breathe out sternum first lengthens along the mat, bringing the pelvis towards your heels. Good.

Finding the articulation of the spine. Two more. Breathe into prepare. Breathe out deep and abdominals. Press the feet into the floor and feel like that helps. Lift your pelvis up. Breathe in at the top. Knees over toes. Breathe out rolling away. Sternum rib cage, low back pelvis.

Finds a nice soft position on the mat. One more good. Just one more before we add. It's not your last pelvic curl on. Sorry. Knees over toes. As you inhale, exhale rolling away. So that's just started to warm the spine. Find the connection of the shoulders back into the mat. Find your feet on the mat.

Now we're exhale curling up at the top we're going to add what I call a caterpillar. So you're take the tailbone over towards the mat, creating a little bit of extension in the back and hinge of the hips, and then press back up to the ceiling and again, hinge tailbone goes over and press up over. Press up. We're going to keep it moving. Good. Fall and up. You have four more over in new caterpillar and up. Good. Feel like you can release the front of the hips a little as you go over and up. Last two I believe. Good my countings. Okay, so far. Last one.

Stay at the top. Take an inhale. Lengthen the knees over toes. Exhale, roll down through the spine, lengthening all the way out at the bottom. Take your inhale. We're going back up and exhale. Curl through. Roll the pelvis to the ceiling. Stay there. Now we're going to rotate. I want you to take the right hip bone and lowered halfway to the mat. Press back up to the left, down and up.

Now don't overdo it. Just feel like you lower like a nail. It takes you to the mat lift and right up left. One more set and right up left hold. Stay there. Fill up with air again. Inhale, exhale, roll back down. You should be feeling the back of your body and also getting some nice mobilization. One more up. We're doing two more, but we'll do this third set of variations. Good.

Stay at the top for me. Now you're going to shuffle forward and back, so feel like the knees go over your toes for ten three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10 hold that position now. Take that shuffle the last shuffle where you go over your toes as far as you can and then exhale, roll back down. Very good. One last one. Normal natural pelvic curl up. Just finding your center again after we've worked all those variations. Breathing in at the top and lovely long. Exhale down.

Let all the air go empty the lungs. Send the sacrum towards your heels and beautiful. Good. Bring your feet together. Knees together. Arms out to 45 degrees for me. Good. I don't mind. Palms up or palms down. We're going to drop your knees to one side. You can go either side.

Let's come up to the window here for you girls. Good. Then exhale, abdominals. Bring the pelvis back, bring the knees with you. Inhale across to the other side and they exhale. Scoop the abdominals to bring the pelvis back. Now this can be a little loose, a little faster. Come across and they IX health center. Go across. Exhale, center and formal.

Good. Inhale across and pull back. Last two and one. Lovely. Bring your knees back to the center. Bring your hands above your sternum. Fingertips together. Now I want middle fingers. Absolutely even, and they're going to stay this way. Pick your body up.

One centimeter off the floor. Do you have centimeters? Half an inch, maybe. All right. Either side. Come across to the side as far as you can and back to center. Go across to the other side. Now legs can adapt a little. Don't try to move them, but let them go with you now across and speed it up. Good.

That's exactly how it feels, Sarah. Well, you can put more as well. Good, so you aim to keep the legs as still as possible. Letting them do their thing, trying to get straight arms to the floor. Greeley does rotate. The body stretches and decompresses get some of that tissue really moving and some circulation in there. Good. We'll have the last four, three, two, one and back to center. Good side the arms back down.

How your knees to your chest for me. So use the arms to really pull the amazing deep and send the pelvis away so that you get a hinge in the hips long through the back. All right, from there you're going to bring your head and shoulders up into chest lift and we have an abdominal three. Sorry to say we'd done the lovely part. Now out some work, right chest lift up forward towards the knees, pelvis long. We'll start with single leg stretch. I will have the outside hand to the ankle and the other hand to the top of the knee. So we're going to do a little Pauling in with the knee and here we go.

Reach and pull in with the knee. Three and four. We've got 12 five goods in the pelvis, longs and the leg long. And then pull the knee nice and deep and I think we've got four more. We'll go four, three, two, one, and state. Now we're going into hamstring pull or Caesars. So take one leg up to the ceiling for me and the other leg out along the mat.

So stay for a moment. I want the lone leg down onto the mat for me. So press that heel into the mat. Find the back of that low leg. Draw the top leg in, elbows, tuck tight. And here we go. Change and scoop. One, two, and pulse to reach to and hold. Now we're going to flex the top foot as you pull it up and flex back.

Good. And keep dropping the tailbone as you pull that leg in. Reach the bottom leg long and four, three, two and one good. Bend that top leg. Beckin hands behind your head. We're going into Chris Cross, so reach that bottom leg off the mat straight into your bent position and put Chris Cross across one and two. However you got started. Good. Four and five. Six, seven. Good. Reached the legs. Nine, 10, last sick. Good. Bring both knees back in.

Hug the knees to your chest, place your head, shoulders down. Tip Toast to the floor and stretch the legs out along the Mat. Good. Alright, and arms come overhead. We're going to do roll ups. Just a few roll ups, maybe four. All right. Legs together. Work the inner thighs reached the arms long. I want you to bring the fingertips up to the ceiling and into your chest lift position. So fingertips up. Come to chest lift there. So at that position, let's just wait there for a moment. That's an inhale.

Now I want a strong exhale as you reach and scoop through. Use the hands to help you up exactly as Sarah is doing. If you need B and reach long breathing in, exhale, roll back down. Find the low back and think of controlling gravity. Don't go too fast. Beautiful Sarah. That's a nice leg position to get the abdominals working cause you want to get, be honest, be truthful with yourself in hell. Fingertips, chest lift, come up.

Exhale. Use the arms on your thighs if you need to. You're better off doing a good movement than forcing through it. Now Flex your feet back, hold your legs wherever your hands go. That's it. And then breathe into the back. Then as you exhale, release the hands roll back down. Good, so only it just adds a little stretch to your role up controlling gravity all the way back. Take a long position and we have two more fingertips to the ceiling.

Chest lift. That's all in. Inhale. Exhale deep into the abdominals and lets you reach forward. Take hold of the legs or feet, wherever you get to breathe into the back. Stretching the arms. Yes. Then release the hands as you roll back down. Good.

Very nice. Feel that length as you come down we have one more and fingertips lead chest lift. Exhale as you roll through. I love what I'm seeing here. I'm sure I'll love what I'm saying. They breed in stretching the back and then release the hands as you roll back down. Controlling gravity quota. Excellent. Now we have one last roll up to come into our rolling like a ball, so fingertips lead with the inhale. Exhale rolls you through.

Use the hands on the mat to sit you forward into your rolling like a ball position. But we are going to make this a quite loose rolling like a ball. So hands holding the front of the ankles. One hand each foot or one hand each ankle for me please. Now let's just find the balance first to find a round back that pulls you off that yes off your thighs, but your forwards headed to your knees. Now, not too fast. Inhale roll back, but let the feet just come off the tailbone a little and brings you back so you can use a little bit of fluidity in how back. Exhale up and in. How back? Good.

So keeping that nice. Just open the knees a little, bring it back. Now open these a little more and it almost becomes a rollover and back. Four more. Almost a rollover and back and three, keep the breath going. Exhale up. Inhale, back. Doesn't matter if you have a little moment back there to yourself.

It's all good and up. Good. Try Not to get to articulate with the leg position back one last one. And your role to stand and find that little squat position add up very nicely. Done here. Good. Let's take our hand weights. We're going to now go into some arms. Just a nice gentle little arm series.

Find your standing hit with the part position and arms forward to begin with. All right, we're starting with the switches. So inhale one arm up, one. I'm down in line with your shoulders for me and back to the center. Good or scared, Sarah. Inhale up. Exhale back. Now use the breath to grow tall. Inhale, reach x health center in hell.

Reach very nice center. One more each side. Inhale, reach, exhale, center and last one before we go to circles from here, arms reach up. Open all the way around to your hips, bring them back to center and reach open wide. Feel like you take the arms out of their sockets to the side, so up. Reach them out. Out, out, out, out. We've got one mall up and back to the center where we will reverse and down. Now turn the palms forward as you come around, dropping the shoulders good and down.

We can Skype through that front position coming around and down to soften and around and forward. Good. One more. And now we're going to bring the arms out to the sides. Palms facing down for what I call sidearm spirals. And you're just going to spiral the upper arms in a hole. That position, what I want is the elbows to the front of the ribs. Hand going back. Good.

Then we'll add a little pace. Inhale, exhale in, and inhale. Good. And as you wrap in, think of the upper arm rolling elbow forward the shoulder, head back, and we're going to pick up the pace a little more and eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and [inaudible]. Good. Alright, let's come down. We're going into a side over. So breathing in side bend to the right. She got top, arm comes over, bottom arm comes to meet it. Reached a little further, bring it back to center. Arms come down, could in hell over top.

Out reaches bottom arm comes to meet it. Lengthen that top side over. Bring it back and around. Good. Two more sets each side over. Raise the top arm holding the rest of the body. Stable arm comes up. Now lengthen that top side over and back to center.

Court and arms come down. Very nice. Side Bend top arm comes over. Could bottom arm meats reach a little further and come back one more each side. I have memories of learning this exercise while we do this. Last one at the McDonald College in Sydney, Australia with rail executives.

That's how far back this series goes for me and I think it's still such a nice exercise. One last one could reach at top. Arm Lengthens. Nice G, bring it back up and arms come around. Now swing your heels together, bring your hands back into your shoulders and bend the knees. That's when do a little variation on the breaststroke. We're going to go up to the ceiling, mallet the hand reach you back. Good. And then they come around, you straighten up as you come back to starting position.

Hands in now, up to the ceiling, reach back, bring it around and bend it back in. You've got four more lift. Reach back around and in inhale all the way back. Exhale all the way back to start. Let's do three more in hale reach. Keep that breath going.

Exhale and in two more and around. Good. Exhale, one last one up. Okay, back. Very nice. Reaching it around and back in. All right, from here, bring your hands in behind your head with the hand weights and we're going into a little leg and foot work. What I want you to feel like is that your upper back is on the reformer platform, so you're not going to bend forward if you're like you're lying on that carriage as you bend and stretch. Yes, you're going to keep the handmaids behind your head and stretch. Good. Inhale the bend. Exhale, pull up.

Okay, good. That's far more fine. That carriage for to go find the heels into the floor and zip up the inner thighs to come back together. Heels, oppressed and zip it up last too. And stay. Now just pick up your heels, turn them out to parallel. We've got eight bend. Keeping the heels on the mat. Stay on your carriage.

So the body is completely upright and that tells you your range. So you use the range of bend that you've got without pitching forward for me in these please for last four. Good three could last two. Good. So from that parallel position, swing your toes out. So now you're a little wider last set, but we're going to go a little deeper.

So Ben, where the heels are, they let the heels just pull off a little. Press the heels down and come up. I know all your dancers are going a little like a player. Let's call it leg and foot work on the reformer. Shall we just for this one. Inhale all the way down. Staying glued to your carriage.

Heels and up. You've got five more. Good. Find that hinge in the hips. Front of the hips. Torso on the carriage. Yeah, class tree. Just like these girls staying very tall. We're doing a very good job here. You too. Good. Oh my pleasure.

Good one last one. Very nice. Good. You can bring your hands down. I'm sure you want to now bring the toes back into neutral. Natural position. We're going to roll down. Place your weights to the side. So exhale, roll on down. Good. Place your whites anywhere on side of the mat, so just out of your way. Good.

Stay there. We're going to inhale. Place your hands on the floor and walk yourself out to your pike position once more. So hands forward feedback. Good. All right. Stay in that position. Take a couple of breads, just finding, setting a really nice position with the back. Long heels down, shoulders, open, head, nice and loose. And we're going into pike to swan. So you're going to inhale into your front support or plank position first, then try and yes, if you need to adjust heels, find your position on the first one from here. The pelvis tries to stay as much there as it can as you lift the chest and go into a swan position. The next house, scoop the belly and bring yourself straight back to pike. Good. Inhale forward.

Just comes through that front support position into your swan, lifting the chest, opening the shoulders. Exhale, then suction up like you're an octopus and formal. Inhale, lengthen and sworn x help octopus suction up. Good. Three more. Good in help. Press away from the Mat. You can let the heels press back off or forward. It's cool. It's nice in both positions. So I like to leave the heels behind, but sometimes the forward position gives you a little more lever so you can choose and up. Good. Two more. Inhale, lengthen. Pick the sternum up. Now send the head back behind you and exhale suction up.

One last one. Inhale forward, lift. Open the chest. Exhale suction back up. Heels, press back down. Walk your feet to your hands. Yes, straight a leg as you can or bend it if you need to on the way through. Now unlock the knees where you're standing there. Breathe into the back while you relax your head and shoulders and then exhale, roll up. Letting the pelvis leads a stack.

The pelvis first spine stacks on top of it all the way to the ceiling and you're done. Very nice. So that's our daily dose. You could do that anytime of the day or evening and just moves your body in all different ranges. It's not over stressful, but it should let you just have movement in your day, particularly if it's a busy schedule that keeps you young and healthy. Thank you for joining me.


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Thorough and short
Perfect workout to start the day!! Eases the body into range as it is ready for it, adding just the right amount of loading and progression. I was feeling stiff to start and now I'm ready to explore the day ahead :) Thanks Sally!
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Lovely class, thank you Sally :)
Laurie C
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Definitely a good class to start your day! Thank you!
Absolutely perfect end to my long day in the office sitting! Thank you Sally!
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Great flow! Thank you.
Delicious! (& great cueing)
2 people like this.
Oh that feels good! Thanks,.Great to see how different bodies cope with different challenges. Just out of interest what weight did you use?
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loved it!!
1 person likes this.
Love it. Started the day with, got all the movements needed to kick the day loosen and happy.
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