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Reformer Workout

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Join Distinguished instructor Julian LIttlefordin his own studio as he brings another action packed Reformer class to Pilates Anytime. Julian will challenge your entire body with his creative and increasingly challenging series. Try each version of a series, or stick with the one you can complete with competency. You'll want to take this class many times and still you will never be bored.
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Alrighty. Here we go. Then let's start on. Our hill was parallel palms to the ceiling. Shoulder blades are down for me. We're going to keep the head rest down and the crown of the head down. So the cervical curve is embraced. Shoulder blades are down, your knees are going to open slightly. Draw the abdominal wall in tight, gently exhaling as we push out and inhale as we come down. And again, squeeze the back of the legs and inhale as you come down.

When you push out, make sure that it's the back of the leg that's pushing, not the quadriceps. And again, gently push out and inhale down. And again, exhale, push out and inhaling down and exhale out and inhale down to more. Exhale out and in. Good one more time and out. Stay there posteriorly. Tilting your pelvis, drop your ribs as you curl your pelvis gently towards the ceiling and soften the chest. As you roll all the way down. Squeeze the back of the legs, lifting the pelvis all the way up. Try to wrap the muscles in the back of the legs. Soften the chest. As you roll all the way down, try to keep the toes nice and relaxed and again, drop the ribs as recall all the way up and softening.

As we roll all the way down, gently, both you that crest lifts up evenly and soften the chest as we roll all the way down to more squeezing the back of the legs. As you lift all the way up and ribs. Move first to soften the spinal column all the way down. One more time. Squeezing all the way up high as possible. Stay there, lift the pelvis more as you bend the knees and bring the table in and gently push out and in. And again, squeeze the back of the legs as we push out and gently in and again, gently out and in and again, squeeze the back of the legs and in and again, squeeze the back of the legs and stretch. And in donut the rib cage goes, or the belly in and the ribs in tight and push. And in one more time. Push out. Stay there. Open your toes, keep your heels together nice and calm. Gently take your right leg off, bend your knee and gently bend the knee in.

And as you push that leg out, the other leg extends to the ceiling and gently bend. The leg that goes up to the ceiling is externally rotated, as is the leg that is on the bar. Make sure you squeeze the back of the leg and pushed the pelvis evenly up towards the ceiling. The challenge of course, is to make sure that the hip of the leg that goes towards the ceiling doesn't drop down. Also make sure that this led goes up into midline. Don't let it flare out to the side and relax down other. The side pelvis lifts up evenly and gently squeeze the back of the leg as we push and gently bending and again, lift both hips up high and in and again, squeeze the back of the legs evenly and down and the gain.

Stretch the leg out and in and again, squeezing tight and informal. Squeeze, push and in left hip up slightly good and down and again, push out and in lost time and push out and bring the legs down on the hips. Come down good. We go into second position. Make sure that the arches are supported medial side for me. Lifted lateral side, pushes down, gently pushing out and in and again, open a little bit wider and in Anagen squeezed the back of the legs as you push and in and the gain and push. Place your hands on your hip flexors and try and keep them out of it.

You should be able to push away working in the ad hoc to abductor and hamstring and keep your quadriceps out of it or your hip flexes as much as possible. Vastus medialis obviously will pull in to support the knee, but you don't want those hip flexors to punch out. Stay there, keep your legs nice and straight. Gently wrap the back of the legs as you lift the pelvis up and soften as we roll all the way down. And again, squeeze the back of the legs as you lift up. Nice and square and softening as we roll down. And again, both legs squeezing as you lift and slowly down. Right hip hop, slightly calm. He'll gently lift. Not much. No ma'am.

There we go. And down. And again, bring your feet in slightly mil and gently lift up and down. Now this time you're going to curl all the way up. Bring your feet in slightly. Your left leg comes off the table. You Bend your right knee. As you extend the right leg, the left leg extends out to the side and in and against, same challenge again. Everybody is to keep the hips even squeeze the back of the legs and the inner thigh tight, tight, tight. If you let go, you're finished.

Squeeze the back of the legs. And in two more, lift your left hip slightly good. And in last one, push and bring it in. And we do the other side and lifting up and gently push one and in and again, squeeze your bottom. Good and in again. And gently push and incubus lifted and push. Good. And in and the game push and in three more.

One. Squeeze your bottom and in good to right hip. Hop a little more. Last one. Gently pushing all the way up and come back into center for me. Place your feet together. Okay. We just a little running. Push out for me. Drop the right heel down and change and change and change and change and change. Squeeze the back of the legs tight and change and change and change and change.

Pelvis lifts. Keep the legs moving up. One and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight and pelvis down again. One and two and three and four and five. Pelvis up. Squeeze your bottom. One and two and three and four. Close your ribs. Five and six and seven and eight and nine and relax all the way down.

Good. Place your hands in the straps for me. Little short spine roll. Placing your feet in legs and licensed streets. The abdominal wall pulls in Nice and tight to stretch your spine gently bring the legs over for me. Keep the tailbone down as long as possible. Rolling all the way up, bending those knees, leave the heels here, soften the spinal column down where your heels down, toes and heels together and gently pushing out and again, gently coming over and curl all the way up, bending the knees and leave the feet where they are. As you roll the spine slowly down, bringing the hills down and gently push and again, bringing the legs over and gently curling all the way up and bending the knees.

Soften the chest first and roll the spine all the way down. Extend both legs out, leave them there. Gently bring your legs up to 90 and bring the legs down. Good. And again, bringing them up to 90 and gently bring them down. How far down can you bring them without the lower spine changing?

Pull the abdominal wall in. You don't however, have to have the spinal column on the table, but you definitely have to make sure that it is not moving when the legs move. So the abdominal wolf pools into support the spinal column. It's in a neutral position. One more time. Bring the legs down, stay there, keep them parallel armpit with the parts. Gently bring your legs over. Same thing up we come and bring them down nice and easy. Bring your legs up to 90 back of the legs as you come down. And again, don't let the legs turn out.

Keep them nice and parallel group with the right left one, swinging out slightly and gently down. Good. And again, draw the belly in. Work the hamstrings and the back of the legs and up. One more time down. Stay there. Rotate the legs this time. Open the legs as wide as possible and squeeze the legs and close and keep the toes pointed all the time. Open and squeeze the legs as you come in. Again, spine remains where it is and close.

Make sure that the legs are even. Drop the right one slightly to the too much and close and again, gently open and squeeze. One more gently open. Stay there. Gently flex the feet, bend the knees. Do not let the table move and gently push the legs away into the toes. Flex the feet. Bend point to stretch.

Flex and point. And again, flex and point and again, flex and point to more. Flex and point. One more time. Flex and point. Bring legs all the way. Center good. Keep them rotated. Small circles. You're going to take five circles. Gradually getting larger. Three not too fast for a little wider.

Five. Now reverse and come in the big ones first. Gradually coming. Smaller. Two, three, four and five. Leave your heels together. Keep them turned out for me. Gently bend your knees all the way in. Squeeze the back of the legs and gently push. Squeeze the legs out and gently bend and again, squeeze the back of the legs as you push, making sure the belly pulls down towards the floor, making sure when the knees put all the way in that the sacred doesn't come off and gently push.

Good and again and push and again bending and push. One more time and push. Good. Bring the legs together. Bring them straight up towards the 90 degrees long spine roll preparation. Keep them parallel. Squeeze the back of the leg, send the legs towards the ceiling and soften the chest first.

As you roll all the way down one vertebra at a time, squeeze the back of the legs as you push all the way up even and slowly down. And for those of you who might be using your arms, let's drop your arms out to the sides and hold the stomach in as we come up and soften as we come all the way down. Remember, it's your sternum that's going to soften when you come down gently up. And here's a thought. Soften your chest before you go up at the same time and gently squeeze the back of the legs as you go up last time and gently come all the way down, bending the knees in. Take the hands into the straps and we're just going to drop one spring.

Okay, your arms come down into the classic hundred position during the arms all the way down. Bring the head and shoulders forward, extend the legs all the way out. However, we are not going to move the arms this time. We are going to externally rotate the legs and you're going to beat your legs. So breathe into too high and out. Two, three, four, five. Squeeze the backs of their legs, the four, five and out.

Squeeze the backs off their legs. Take one, two and I'll put a stomach further down. Breathe in and breathe out. Good breathing. Let me hear the breath into the nose. Out through the mouth. Squeeze the back of the legs. Breathing in. Lift your left shoulder and breathe out.

Breathing in and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out. One more time. Breathing in and breathe out and relax. Down. Bend the knees, bend the elbows. Good head and shoulders come forward. Stomach coordination. Here we go. Arms down, legs out. One, open and closed to bend the knees. Bend the elbows, but lift the chest as you bend the elbows. Arms down, legs out.

Open and close the legs twice. [inaudible] bend the knees, bend the elbows and three times arms down and one, two, three. Bend the knees, lift the chest as you bend. Good. And R and four. One, two, three, four bend, lift the chest. Good. Halfway point. Arms down, legs out and one to squeeze the back of the legs and bend and arms. Al For this time and one, two, three, four. Bend the knees, bend the elbows, lift the chest and three, stretch out and one, bring them to trite and bend. Lift the chest. Good. The emphasis is in, remember one, two, bend the knees and that last time, arms down, legs up and one stay there. Bend the knees in and relax down. Good. Extend your legs out and 90 degrees again. Okay. Extend your fingertips up towards the ceiling. Shoulder blades are down.

You can add another spring on a few one or keep it as one. It doesn't matter. I don't mind. You can also do this series with the head and shoulders brought off the table. We're going to start with it down and we'll increase it as we go along. Arms gently come all the way down. Stay there, bend the elbows, extend the arms up towards the ceiling. Arms come down. [inaudible] I am extending them up. Good. Bring them down, bend them in and extend them up. Arms come down, bring them in and extend them up during the head and shoulders up. Arms down.

Bend them in and extend them up. They're down, bend them in and extend them up last time down. Bend them in, extend them up, reversed down. Extend the arms down, lift the chest higher. Bend and down. Lift them up and bend down. Extend, lift the chest and down and again down. Extend, lift up higher and down and up and bend and down. Extend and down. Extend the leg all the way out for me. Jaw The abdominal wall in Nice and tight.

You bring the right leg up towards the ceiling as both arms lift. Bring in the head and shoulders up. Bring the arms and leg down. Left leg, and again, you can also do this with your head and shoulders down. Obviously if it goes into your neck as Carmel is demonstrating good. The most important thing is that the belly pulls down and that the leg that is not lifting down in here stays activated. And again, lifting up stomach is in and bring it down. One more set, right leg and down and the left leg. And relax down. Bend the knees in.

Just grab hold of the knees with the straps and pull your knees back towards you. Holding your stomach in. Good arms are up towards the ceiling. I'm going to add another springing for him. Lake, start out at 45 degrees. Arms are up, legs extend all the way out. Gently being in the hands down to the table and push as you bring the legs all the way over for the rollover and slowly for me. As we know, we're going to bring the thighs down onto the chest as we imprint that spinal column down. Once a [inaudible] touches the arms lift up and the legs dropped down towards 45 degrees. Arms only move one. Squeeze the back of the legs.

As you bring the legs over, as you roll down one vertebra at a time, bringing the thighs to the chest, lift the arms up as the legs come all the way down. One more time. Arms come down. As you bring all the way over, draw the abdominals in and slowly rolling the spinal column down and gently up. Good. This time the arms lift up. We start the arms down towards the table and the legs will come over. Everything will arrive together.

Arms and legs arrive over and then you slowly roll down as your arms and legs come back to center. Good again. Arms move, legs come over as needed even. And then slowly roll the spinal column down. One Vertebrae at a time. Good. One more time. Nice and calm leg. Start over. Arms come down as you need them. Everything arrives together and slowly rolling down.

Now this time we're going to do it. Your hands aren't going to touch the table little slower. Okay. Bring the legs over first. Use the hands at the counterbalances, you need them. Everything arrives slowly. Rolling your spinal column down, one Vertebra at a time. Use Your hands as your counterbalance and then everything arrives together.

Good. And again, start the legs over first. Pull the arms as need be. So everything arrives together. [inaudible] don't even touch and then slowly roll and more all the way down. If you can get them just a little lower, those arms come, it will be great. Okay.

Everything together slowly start the legs and use the hands about now. So everything arrives and then slowly rolling down one vertebra at a time. Good. Only use the arms when you need 'em. We do one more gently bring the legs over. Use the arms when you need them as the counterbalance, so everything while luck.

Good and slowly rolling all the way down gently. One Vertebra at a time and relax. Good. Hopping up for me. We're going to turn around and face that way. You're going to have your seat back down here for me and we're going to drop it to one screen. Nice and calm. I got it. Okay. Grabbing hold of the straps for me. Shoulder blades down, you're going to sit up at 90 degrees. If it goes into your hip flexors, you can bend your knees. I don't mind. Okay, hands are outside of the table.

Shoulder Blade, two down. Gently exhale as you pull the arms back and gently Fords, they're good musicians and he had shoulder blades down. Lift the Chin for me. Nice and calm and pull back and say, now for me, I want the arms to start at the hips and they move back and then they only come forward to the hips and again, lock shoulder blades down. Open up in the chest. Good. Squeeze the legs together, back and forth, and again, I'm going to change a spring up for you. Yeah, yeah. Do it now. Good. Now place your hands at your hips.

Bring your elbows in and pitch the torso forward. Stay there. Not, not with a flat with a flat back. There you go. Bring the elbows together, lock the elbows where they are and extend the arms straight back and then gently bend and the game extend to, and again, three good bend and more. There we go. And four and five extend your fingers. No and six lifter, thoracic spine and seven and eight and nine and collapse the chest down over the legs. The arms are going to lift up over the head. They come all the way forward towards the toes, at which point they lift back up to the ceiling as they come all the way back down and gently forward, pull them back, lift them all the way up and over. At which point you lift up, up, up, up, up, up, up, and bring them down, back and around. And again, pull them all the way back for me. Lift them up and stretch them up and over forward. Lift the fingers up. Bring them back gently down and forward. And again, shoulder blades are down.

Pull them back, lift them up and over. Nice and calm, and then lift them up. Bring him down and forward. Good. One more time. Pull them back. Lift them all the way up and over. Try and drop the chest down onto the thighs. Lift them up and pull them all the way back and down. Good. You're turning around for me. Keep hold of the straps.

You'll feed it down. This end. Your hands are at the temples for the salutes. Okay. You're going to have your legs forward for me near the turn your legs out for me and soften your knees just to there. Okay. Draw the abdominals in. Place, the hands at the temples, gently pushing the arms forward and gently back and again and forward and him and again and forward and four shoulder blades down as you push the arms. And six good and again, and seven rotate the legs a little and push the heels together so you stay in the back of the legs. Good. Shoulders down. Now push the arms forward. One, open them out for the arms back behind the head. Push the arms forward. Open them out, and gently bend them in. Push them forward.

Open them out. Gently bend the elbows again. Push them forward. Open them out. Just fold the elbows. Once the elbows get out to second position, they don't move. Just the list of the year for our moves. One Open and Ben Rivers out. Lift them up. Bend them him again. Open them out. Lift them up. Then them in. Open them out, left them up. Bend them in. Extend them out.

Lift them up. Bend them in. Anagen out. Lift them up. Bend them in. One more time out. Lift them up. Bring them down. Good. Place the hands down. Change the hands. So your thumbs go down into the straps. We would take it off the hips, around the backdrop, the forehead down. Gently push the arms forward, flat in the back, all the way out.

Arms and next to the ears. Lift everything up, all the way up to 90. Stay there for the arms. Drop all the way down. Sold it up, round it. Come up to straight. Bend your elbows at your, uh, your hands. Good. And push them forward. Extend out, lift everything up better. Lock it in with your belly. Draw the belly in. Fold it down, and then gently round the back and sit up tall. And again, down you go.

Push the arms forward. Lifting all the way up the shoulder blades away. Down here. Good. Everything comes forward. And then fold the arms up as you round back up. Scapulars retract again. Push them forward, extend the arms, lift everything up, shoulders down, star McKim. Fold it down, and then fold it in. Last time, sitting up nice and tall and gently stretch all the way forward. Lift everything up.

Get your shoulders down yes and gently down and forward and gently relax. Good hopping off this. Put the pressure cubes on. Long books. Excuse me. We're going to have a long box shoulder blades down over the edge for me. Knees will be bent. Shoulder blades here, tail bone here.

[inaudible] good. Bend the knees in. You're going to make a 90 degree angle. You're going to reach the fingertips up towards the ankles as much as possible. Lock it, load it, makes sure that your sacrum remains down. The inhalation is the fingers lifting up past the knees. The exhalation is everything goes back over the box. Circle the arms around.

Inhale as you reach up. Exhale as you go all the way back. Do not let your knees move. Inhale, reaching up. Exhale, stretch back length and Linkedin, linkedin, linkedin, linkedin. Bring it around and again, breathing up. Do not let your lower back come off when you reach back though. Don't let that come off. If you can help him up, reach up, squeeze your bottom and everything goes back and again, reach up and gently all the way back.

And now we reverse the arms and we're going to extend the legs as we come forward. So gently, everything nose back, everything comes up and stretch the legs and bend the knees as we go back and everything comes up, up, up, up, up, and bend the knees. As you go back. Make sure you squeeze your bottoms gently. Lift all the way up, stretch your fingers with your fingers, toes as well and relax down. And again, everything comes up. Bottom rib closes as you stretch and gently down. And again, everything comes up, up, up, up, up, up, up and gently down. One more time, gently ups there. It's the leg. Stay there. Bring the legs down, stay there. Pubic bone height, 45 degrees, one 90 degrees up 45 degrees and down, pubic bone and up 45 and down pubic bone and up 45 and down pubic bone up 45 and down pubic bone up 45 and down. Turn the legs out, pubic bone up 45 and down, pubic bone up 45 and down. And again, obviously if it goes into your neck, you can place your hands back behind your head. Open your elbows as you do it.

Okay, so you dropped the belly down. Try not to bring the elbows forward. Try and open them out and still keep the bottom rib activated. Make sure that the tail bone doesn't come off the table and gently relax. Good over when your time is for me. Okay? You're going to grab hold of those ropes for me.

Slide your hands through the straps and grab the rope. Good. Okay. Shoulder blades are down. Stomach pours in, arms are out into the tee position. Gently pull your hands back to the hips. One gently bend the elbows to extend the arms back and open the arms out to the t. Pull them back, bend the elbows, open the arms out. Open them to the tee again. Pull them back, bend them in, extend them out, open them out and again, back to the hips. Then the elbows, extending them back. Open them out last time. Pull them back. Then the elbows, extend them out, open them to the t, stay there, lift your left arm to the ceiling and your right leg at the same time and gently come down, right arm and left leg. And when you lift, the leg may show you lift from the hamstring, not the heel.

If you lift from the heel, you will bend the knee and the arms in an ideal world are going to be directly level with those shoulders. That's the hard part or the interesting part. Whichever school you come from and down. Good. And again, one more set. Left arm, right leg and down, right arm, left leg, and gently relax and relax or collapse. One of the two. Good. You're to jump down for me. Turn around shit facing one side. Okay, so let's have both of you facing this way. You take the back strap, okay. You're going to start with your knees bent and get a good firm base.

All right. You take the right hand up over the ceiling. Okay. If you've got the left that okay, you're going to take left on a big problem. Okay, your right, right arm, up, left arm. So let, okay, now gently bring the right hand or the left, whichever the case may be across. So it comes directly over the knee and gently come back to center. And again, nothing should change. All that happens is you rotate around your spinal column and stretch.

Good is that good resistance? So you want ladder and switch. Don't try to kill it with the resistance everybody, okay? Because what's going to happen, you might, because what's going to happen now, stay there is you extend both legs out, okay. And twist around and again and tourist and remembering that that hand is going to come over the knee. Don't close the up. The other arm is up for me directly over the spinal column.

So you would literally pivot around your spine. Now the arms going to open to second position and we're going to take the sor Dorso, flex the feets, take that left hand to the right foot or the right hand to the left, and then drop the chest down. As you reach over and gently come back to center, open the arm around. You can extend the arm when you come around and then take that hand down towards the foot and then gently come back to center. And again, the elbow is bent and then extends forward as you go over the knee and gently open one more time. Bring it around, stretch it forward, lock it down towards the foot. Good and gently back to center and relax. Other side, so word of the wise on that one. Meet the resistance light because once you extend the legs out, good, we don't want to be changing it. Okay, stomach is in, arm is up over the crown of the head.

Other armies forward in line with the sternum. You gently twist around the hand. We'll come over the knee and gently back to center and gently twist around and back to center. And again, twist around and back to center, twist around and back to center and again twist around and back to center. Open the arms out, legs extend out for me. Stomach is in and gently twisting all the way around and push the arm down past the foot and gently back to center and again it starts rounded as you come across and then extends down and back to center. Pivot around the spine and then push the arm down and back to center.

Trying of course to keep the hip down and back to center so this left hip or the right hip, whichever the case may be. Tries to stay locked down towards the floor. One more time, pulling it down and around and gently back to center. Good. Place those straps down. Good and relaxed. Turn those boxes around for me if you can. We do a little short and it's going to be front of the shoulder pad. You're going to have two strings on and you're going to sit down in front of the box with the feet on the would be together.

The Tozer part, you're going to place your hands down by the side of your toes and you're going to reach forward. You just drop your forehead down and we just gently stretch the legs with the shoulders down. Once the legs are straight, you bend the knees, allowing the knees to go on the outside of the armpits and gently pushing out for me up the shoulder blades down. Big stretch there and gently come back to center. Making sure the shoulders stay down this time push out for me. Drop the heels all the way down. Back up on the toes.

Stay forward and drop the heels down again. Push them underneath the bar. Good and up and again, shoulder blades are down. Stomach pulls in and gently up. Make sure that the back of the leg here is activated. Okay. Squeeze the back of the legs. Push those down and gently back to center and the game. One more time.

Push it under and back to center. Good. Lift the arms up. Take them all the way back. Drop them down, squeeze your legs together. Just drop one foot. I promise we'll only do a few bend. The left knee is you stretch the leg all the way down and push out just like that. Drop the heel down and stretch. The secret is to squeeze the insides of the legs together so you hold the heels tight when they're in the center so it only has to support it and relax.

Other side only has to support with the quadricep. When that leg drops below the bar, when it comes back to straight, you squeeze and reengage and bend. Squeeze the back of the legs. You might feel it a little bit in the quadricep of the leg that is straight and gently squeeze. One more time and that's a good incentive and relax. Good.

If you feel it up to here to make sure that you've squeezed the insides of the legs together as much as possible, hop out onto the top for me and step down. We'll take the pleasure cubes away. Good. Okay. You're going to start with your hands, knees, and feet down for me. Make sure the heels I'm in line with the knees. Gently bring your pelvis forward. Arch up towards the ceiling.

Drop the shoulder blades down, gently pushing out for me. Draw the abdominals in and gently come in high. Lift for down stretch. Good. And again, gently push out and really open up in the chest as you stretch forward. And again, pushing back and in and again, push all the way back, stretch it out and in one more time and gently push it all the way out and gently relax. Good. Place your right foot up on the bar for me. Place your right hand on that knee and take that left arm up towards the ceiling.

I want you to posteriorly tilt the pelvis to get a big stretch up through the quadricep. And so as with the shoulder blades, then place the hands down on the bar and then gently straighten that right leg as you push all the way out, trying to get that heel below the bar and keep this hip square with the shoulders down. And then gently bend the right knee and again and again. Leave the hands on the bar. Gently push all the way out, trying to keep the hips nice and square. Remember you can drop the head down if you want or leave it up. I don't mind which the thing I'm most important about this exercise here for me is that you push this heel below the bar. It's a hamstring stretch and gently relax. Other side, right knee. His back, left leg is forward, left hand goes onto the left knee, right hand lifts up towards the ceiling posteriorly tilting the pelvis and gently with the shot. Nice shoulders down.

[inaudible] even pressure through the metatarsal heads on the toes, good and the arms go down onto the bar and gently push all the way out. Pushing that heel way under for me all the way stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch it and gently bend the knee. You should feel the stretch all the way out the hamstring and up through the Qos on that leg that's in front. Big stretch shoulder blade to down stomach pulls in. Of course, forehead is down. Nice stretch and gently back to center. One more time, pushing all the way out. Lengthen it out, push the heel, relax the shoulders of course, and gently coming. Good. Okay, you're going to step onto your left side.

Okay, so step over onto the side for me. Okay. Ashley, you're going to come over to your right side here so they can see where you need to be. The right leg is back level with the shoulder pad. The left foot is going to be on the shoulder pad. Okay? The hands are on the bar. This foot is turned out, so when she extends her leg all the way back, the heel and the knee, when she bends in the stay in line, you do not want to let the heel lift, so you twist in the knee or drop the heel to the floor. So you twist in the knee joint here. Okay? The alignment is correct so that inside of the leg is going to hold up against the cough. The gently push this leg all the way back.

This foot is parallel. The shoulder blades are down. When she bends the left leg, she brings the knee only to level there with the ILIAC crest. She squeezes the back of the lake here. She pushes out. Okay, gently Benz and pushes out 10 times one and two and three. Keep the hips even good and four and five, a little lighter, a little lighter. Okay. Sometimes we find the compassion is overrated, but anyway, on the other hand, here we go and gently push all the way out, better there and bend. And again, remember, I'd rather have you do 10 on the lighter, um, resistance and six on a heavy resistance.

And then you can build it up as you want. 10. Yeah, 10 other cycles. I'll go there. It should burn the back of the leg. If it burns. The quadricep chance is always, the knee is coming too far forward. Okay. You want to push out and stay right in here. Okay, so it's a lower glute and the hamstring gently bend the knee just to there. Squeeze your bum as you push out one and two and through. Squeeze your bottom and four and five and six and seven and eight.

Two more and nine and 10 and relax. Good. Okay. Stepping down on, you're going to sit on your side for me and you're going to sit on your right hip with both legs here. Okay? We'll find it all the way out. The Cleopatra come all the way forward. Good. Okay, you're good on that setting. I think Ryan hand is in front now for me, I want you to push out and place this hand on this front edge and it doesn't come off okay? She pushes out. Now when she comes in, her head's going to come across over the left shoulder as she brings the right side all the way, and now of course she's not going to come that far. You're only going to come as far as you can keeping that hand on there so you can increase the stretch if you let go. Okay?

The stretch is not going to stay as intense and I want it to stay intense. Okay? So gently pushing out for me and you bring that shoulder all the way forward as you look over the other shoulder, big stretch, lovely. And gently push out and soften the chest as the shoulder comes forward. Good, and relax. Good other side. The moment that that shoulder comes forward, soften the chest and bring it in. Push out for me. Nice and calm. Good head goes over the right shoulder as this whole big side here comes forward. Good. Drop the shoulder blade down and push out. Good and stretch over. Lift your head slightly. So again. Exactly.

They're different there. Yeah. Good. And again, push out and gently soften the chest to bring that shoulder forward. Look over your shoulder for me. Big Stretch, big stretch, big stretch. We do one and gently push out and gently come all the way in. Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch and relax. Good. You're going to be on one side for me, for eve. Switch or as stretch. Please see me one spring gently pushing all the way back for me. Good.

She's going to posteriorly tilt our pelvis and she's going to come forward about four inches just to there and gently pushed back. She should feel a big stretch through the front of the thigh and the shoulders. Good push back for me and just June stretch. Good and push back and again, stretching all way. Stay there. Just let it stretch. Make sure that this foot is lined up. Shoulders down. Good.

Other side. [inaudible] okay. Pushing back for me. Good. Once you get in the position and posteriorly tilt the pelvis under to intensify the stretch, good. Push out. Make sure that the arch, of course on the standing leg is lifted and shoulders down and gently pushing back. Draw the belly in tight for me. Melt. They would go. Good. You don't want to feel any pressure in the lumbar spine here. If you do, it means that you're not posteriorly tilting quite enough to make short there. So there's a lengthening in the size and the upper quad. One more time.

Gently pushed back and relax. Good ladies. Thank you very much. You can find good. Thank you.


GREAT fun and very creative! Except I really struggled with springs (he didn't tell us!). If someone can post the ideal springs then it will be useful for the next time I do the class...
Hi Zeena, I'll pass the question along to Julian. I was there, and I can't say for sure, but I think he was working pretty light. When necessary for form he seemed to bring it down. I'll let you know what i find out.
Julian here. The spring resistance is up to you really. When I first started to teach I only had access to a 4 spring set up on the reformer. With that in mind. I usually use 2/3 springs for the leg work (lying and standing), 2 springs for foot strap work and 1 or 2 for the arm work depending on who it is. Lighter resistance is as we know often more of a challenge on certain exercises. I hope that helps. Let me know. jl
HELPS! Thank you guys... :)
I loved the class, thank you,
Julian~ Wonderful class!! I am working on a Balance Body IQ Reformer made for home use and the reformer sits on the floor. The excercise for the back of the leg at the 34 minute mark...the standing excercise, would it be ok to be on my knee on the standing leg, or should I omit this excercise?
Hi Ann, Julian is on a plane and won't likely check the forums for some time so I will do my best to answer for him. If you feel you can still achieve the objective of the exercise by making a modification to the knee I see no problem with it. On the other hand quality of form should never be compromised. If you are uncertain, or unclear as to how to modify, I recommend you you omit the exercise.
Just did this workout again. It's killer! The excercise that I was speaking of earlier, I cannot do with my knee on the floor, as my hips are extremely tilted. Still, omitting the excercise did not seem to keep this workout from being challenging and fun!
Loved this class!
Glad to hear you worked it out and still got a great workout Ann!
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