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Precise Reformer

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You will improve your technique and precision with this Reformer workout by Moses Urbano. He teaches a detailed class, focusing on breaking down movements so that you can ensure that your body is in the best alignment for each exercise. It is a traditional class with a few creative variations for exercises like Coordination, Hug-a-Tree, Long Stretch, and much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Welcome, please, any time. Moses Urbano here with you today. So I'd like to introduce to you Alejandro and Sam. We're going to take you through a little bit of [inaudible] on the reformer. Pilates was designed by man Joe Palladio's for man. So let's get to it. Okay, gentlemen on the apparatus, let's have a seat and lie back.


We're going to start with what we call foot work. So just rest with your backs. Comfortable. Think of lying down the way you would stand. Nothing changes. Just take your feet, place your toes on the bar, feel all toes on the bar, even the small one, and relax and just let your legs stretch out the carriage. So push away, hold out there and then come in.

Let's do that again. Stretch out. Hold it out there and come in one more time. We're going to go all the way out and come in. I'll ask you gentlemen to please come off for one moment. Just step off to one side.

We need to give these gentlemen a little bit more space. So in order for them to have the proper length for their sizes, we're going to adjust the gear bar. We're going to take you out one gear and we're going to add the spacers. So we do not drop the springs in the gear bar. Please go ahead and have a seat and lie back and I'm going to take your feet and we're going to take it just slightly a at the heels. Your feet will still be in an angle, just not touching it, the heels, and we're just going to drop your feet a little bit so that they're in the joint and keep your feet apart there and feel every toe on the bar and stretch away and come in. So we may not do the entire 10 repetitions that we would normally do in the foot. Work for the first foot position.

Lengthen out and come in. Lengthen out and come in. One more hold here Sam. We're going to just lift the small of your back so you can see how it takes the body into a natural alignment where you would see the body lying, the way you stand and you keep going. We'll out here and we're just going to lift, stay out for me.

We're going to stay here all a hundred we're going to lift the small of the back away from here. They're so now your body is in the horizontal position the way that it would be in the vertical and a few more there. And what do as we press against the toes is we're stimulating points in the body that correspond to the areas from the neck up in reflexology. And Go ahead and come in and hold. We'll move your feet up to the second foot work position, the arches. So again, we'll just create a little space here, giving the gentleman a little bit of space and out we go.


And here we go. We may not do the 10 repetitions, however, there are 10 reps in each of the footwork position out we go. Hold here, Alex Alejandro, and we're going to again lift the small of your backs. You're not over there, and now just take the seat behind you lifting here, it aligns the shoulders over the hip line and here we go. Lengthen out, release the smaller the back so you lift the smaller the back, open the chest, that's it. And come in and one more. We'll go here, stay there, just release the smaller the back there. Roll your hips a little bit forward towards me the other way a little bit more. And now tighten your seat there and bend hold.

We'll change now to the third footwork position and we'll bring the feet up to the heel points from the heel points. We'll just separate just slightly here. Keep the feet static and one position and lengthened out. Stretch away and fold and keep the feet in a position where they don't have to wave. That's it. And the feet can stay here as you linked in there all the way out. Yeah, hold the feet here. Relax your feet here and come in out to go hold there.


Let the hold out there. Let your feet relax here and bend there. Bend the knees and stretch the legs and bend. There you go. And then two more length in a way. Push at the heels and resist the springs from the heels and hold here.

Now let's change the position. So we're down to the toes, back to the fourth position on the toes. Again, keep a little space between the heels so when you fully extend your legs all the way out there, more in a parallel position, but slightly angled in. And we can do 10 repetitions here. So go out. Now we're going to stay here for the tendon stretch. You're going to drop your heels and lower and lift. Lower the heels and lift as you lift, feel the lift come from the small toe equally as you do from the large toe.

Lower Lift

The big toe and the little toe are bearing the weight of the body equal resistance. Resist the springs as you lower and resist the springs. As you lift, lift your heels for me. And again, 10 repetitions of the tendon stretch. So we're going to stop here with the heels up and bend your knees to come home. How'd your knees into your chest? Sit Up please and turn to your foot bar and we'll lower the foot bar so we move the foot bar out of the space for your legs to be free.


To extend. When you're ready for this movement and bring your knees into your chest, hug your knees firmly into your chest. Feel how'd your knees firmly into your chest with your hands and lift your head for me. If you have this kind of an apparatus, touch your shoulders for me. Reach behind your shoulders. There are shoulder blocks behind the shoulder blocks.

You'll reach back and find handles. Grab those handles for me and reach your arms straight up to the ceiling. Go now lock out your arms and pull them straight down by your side. Lift your head. Look forward into your belly and keep your knees tightened to your chest all the way into your chest like a little ball and locking those arms out.

You're going to pump them 100 times. You're going to breathe in naturally through your nose. It's the filter of the body for the air. We breathe in through the nose, out through the nose to warm the body. Burn those excessive cells in your body that you no longer want to occupy.

As you progress, hold your arms. Still Lock your arms and press down into the carriage. Open your chest. Press your shoulders into the carriage. Lift your legs straight up to the ceiling. Look up and see your legs so that your knees are together.

Your feet can be part just slightly, but make sure your knees will touch your knees. Touching your feet can be a part just slightly and pump from here. Inhale through your nose. Exhale through your nose when you can, five into through the nose and exhale five pumps through the nose as well. Hold the arms still once again. Arms. Press to the carriage.

Open the chest a little bit more. Bend your knees into your chest, open your chest a little bit more nice chest expansion and stretch your legs out to a level where you can hold them out with no strain in your back. And finish the hundred here. Inhaling, as you pump the arms again through the nose for five beats, if you can exhale through the nose for five pumps to warm the body for the heart and lungs. Hold the arms still open the chest. Bend your knees deep into your chest, ring out the lungs, lift your arms up to the ceiling and take those handles in. Place them back behind you once again. Now we'll sit up, turn, come off to one side and we're going to return the carriage to the first gear. So come to the front edge of your apparatus and we'll take out the block.

Coordination Variation

Okay, we go. Cool. And we're going to sit onto the carriage. You're going to be on two springs, so we'll drop one here. We have two here. Go ahead and lie back. We're going to reach back and grab those handles. Bend your knees into your chest, lift your head. Look forward.

Elbows are down by your side. Stretcher. Lift your head. Look forward right into your belly and stretch your arms down by your side. Hold it here. Feel your chest open. Feel the weight of the body and the resistance of the spring. Create that strength that you want to get stronger.

Stretch your legs out in front to a position where it does not strain your back. Hold, hold, hold. Now lift your leg straight up to the ceiling. Lower the legs out to that position where there's no strain on your back. Hold. Bend your knees into your chest and fold the arms. And here we go. We repeat once again, arms and legs out. Hold. Lift the legs, lower the legs hold.

Bend the knees in and arms out. Up. Lower en and bend. One more. Inhale out. Hold the breath. Lift lower. Exhale, bend and empty the lungs. As you fold the arms.

Rest. Let your head fall. Reach back. Place the handles into the shoulder blocks behind you and sit right up for me. Turned to one side. Now we're going to drop the springs to one and we're going to spin around. You're going to drop your head piece and place your legs inside the head.

Back - One

Piece for rowing. Okay, go ahead and sit back so that you're close to the edge of the carriage. If your legs can fit between the shoulder blocks, let your legs fit into the space between the shoulder blocks, you're going to use those shoulder blocks to press out with the legs as you pull those handles into your chest and lie back. As you lie back, make sure the carriage is out and your straps are on the shoulder block. Hold here. Find that resistance here.

Now don't move the carriage if you can and open the arms wide to the side. Press back when you can and bend forward as you press back and take your hands to the top of the carriage on the reformer. So right here your hands are on of the carriage and lift them as you come up with the arms and circle around and reach forward towards your toes. And here we go. Once again, we're going to sit tall. First you're going to sit tall by tightening your seat and now roll back and pull the handles into your chest. Reach wide to the side, press back as you've been forward.

And let the arms just come on to the frame of the carriage. So the arms are just at the top of the carriage and bend forward and lift your arms and reach around and forward you go and reach here. One more time. Sitting as tall as you can. We're gonna roll back by tightening your seat, reaching wide to the side. Press back as you bend forward. Arms. There's why does the carriage. Here we are.

We're going to lift the arms and lift where you can and reach forward to where you can safely without any strain in your back. Our next rowing position would be right angles with the arms, the 90 sit, as tall as you can. Sit a little forward, lower your elbows so they're in a 90 degree position. Now, keep that right angle as you lie back, lie back, come parallel to the floor. Sit Tall. Keep your arms at right angles as you reach up and forward down to the side of the carriage. Back to the frame and lift the arms up and circle around and reach forward where you can. And here we go. Once again, right angles, legs, body, elbows, arms reach up and forward where you can keep the arms straight bent here, lift the arms straight arms and keep reaching. Keep the elbows straight until you're fully in front of the body with the arms reaching past your feet. If you can hold here, reach forward and let's place the handles right into the hooks so we can change for the next exercise in the rowing series.

Back - Two

So we'll turn face away from the inside of the carriage. Your back will be up to the shoulder blocks. Take your legs a little bit parallel. Take your legs out a little bit parallel as you sit there and look forward. Find that your heels are between the two points of your feet.

Front - One

Make sure your heels are between the two points of the feet. That slight adjustment will completely change the way you anchor your body from your seat to the crown of your head, from the right angles, with the straps under your arms. If you can stretch arms out in front whole, sit a little bit taller, reach your arms down by your sides. Touch the carriage, reach back in front. Sit a little bit taller now reach up to the ceiling and as you're reaching for the ceiling, grow a little bit taller and open your arms wide to the side and sitting taller as they come out parallel to the earth. And here we go.

We're going to go out, touch the carriage, reach forward. Reach high, open wide, and lift taller out to the side with the arms. Last one. Let's go with some flow. We're going to stretch out. We're going to touch. We're going to reach front. We're going to lift high and we'll open out around and emerge from the sea.

Very good. Our next position, let your legs be long. Keep your feet long and forward. Tighten your seat. Release. Tighten your seat. Release one more time. Tighten your seat now drop your head to your knees and bend forward. Stretch your arms forward. Reach for your toes. Sit Tall.

Front - Two

When you sit tall, your arms are parallel to mother earth. Grow Taller from your seat. Now lift to the sky. Grow Taller as you open wide to the side. There are many points through that exercise. Don't shortchange yourself. Grow Tall. Your hands are by your hips. Bend forward, reach forward. Reach out to lift up and circle around.

Let's go one more time. Your hands are by your seat. Keep your feet long and forward. Tighten your seat. Bend as you reach forward. Sit Tall. Your arms are in front. Grow Taller before you lift. Now grow taller as you open wide to the side. Thank you. Let's try this position.


Your feet will come together so you're the souls of your feet. Come together and your feet are on the edge of the carriage. Bring your feet forward here so your legs are in a diamond shape, so find that your spine is tall, forward. Let's not get into that hanging basket in your lower back. So we're going to bring the arms in front of your body and we're going to bring them forward as we reach up to the ceiling and we'll bring your hands together.

Thumbs and fingers can touch. Bend your elbows, take your thumbs to the crown or the forehead and stretch your arms forward to reach up. So a little bit taller here. Sit a little bit taller here. As you bend in, stretch the arms and shave or salute. These guys are really strong, so if you want a little bit of a challenge, come home, rest the arms, bring the handles down, place them into the hooks behind you. Bend forward and add a spring. Reach back. Let's grab these handles. How are we doing, Sam? How are we doing? Alejandro Bravo. Patty Shave.

Lift Your Chin so your spine is nice and tall and stretch and bend the arms. That's it. That's it. Sit a little bit further back so your spine is over your tail. Very good. Keep the arms straight. Reaching forward. Open the arms wide to the side. Lift your chest, lock out your arms.

Don't bend your elbows. Bring your arms forward. Don't let them touch. Bring them parallel. Bring them parallel. Sit a little bit taller as you open and hold. Inhale as you bring the arms here. Parallel. Exhale as they come out. One more. Inhale, bring the arms to parallel hold and exhale wide arms.

Hug A Tree

Come straight up. Lift the arms up and bring the arms out to the side. Ariba a lotto. One more up parallel here and here. Now combination, bring them forward.

Up and Down

Wide Palms up to the ceiling and lift to the sky. And one more forward. Side palms up and lift. And last one here to the front, to the side, to the front and to the side. And last one up and release.


Nicely done gentlemen. Off we come. Let's drop one spring and now we are on one spring for the next series of exercise on the lung box. Are we warm? So let's bring the box and we're going to put it in a long position here. Okay, so you're going to lie on the box face down. Just keep the box in. Just keep the box in. There we go.

Pulling Straps

Reach forward and grab your strap. [inaudible] you can crawl to the end of the straps and if you'd like to hold your handles with the straps you made, if you choose, that would be fine. Drop your head so your neck is relaxed. You're going to tighten your seat, you're going to pull your stomach into your lower back and keep your head down until your arms reach down and back to your hips. Reach down and back to your hips. Once your arms are down in back to your hips, lift your lift your chest and lift your Chin last to get a nice extension in your spine. Hold that position. One, two, three and release down and back to the front.

Once again, inhale as you pull down and back reaching to your hips, lift your chest, reaching forward, and exhale down and back. It's one breath. If you can. Inhale, reach down and back to your hips. Hold the air and empty as you reach down and forward to the front. Now the next position, we're going to take the arms down to the end of the strap and you can keep the handle in hand or you can drop it, so lift your arms up to this side so that your wrist is the height of your shoulder. Keep your head down and you're going to keep your risk. The height of the shoulder. If you can grab the handle and the strap so that you are holding in a fist position, you have a better grip without breaking the joint at the wrist and the elbow in the shoulder to keep the connection through the body into the seat.

Pulling Straps - T Position

Lift your risks as high as your shoulder line and pull back to your seat and lift your chest and lift your chin. You can hold, hold, hold. Keep your arms lifting high as you've reached them wide to the side and bring them back to the side as you lower and again, arms to the ceiling and you reach back. Hold, hold, hold and wide to the side. And one more time. Stay low here. Lift here and reach back and I'll give you a little bit of assistance.

If I can come into your home or your studio, you'll get a little bit of this and reach wide to the side and rest. Bring the handles together. Step off to one side, let the handles drop down into the carriage. Ben Forward reaching forward here. Bend forward and grab your ankles and just recover your spine. Lift your head drop and just give your spine a little moment to recover and roll back up.

Seated Arm Extension

We're going to turn the box now for the short box because we did footwork for the length and the space that these gentlemen needed. We may need to go back into second gear if you feel like your feet will be touching any part of the apparatus. So we'll see where we go with this. Go ahead and grab your straps and sit for the first position of a series of movements we do on the short box. Slide back a little bit. So your feet are anchored at the ankles. And here we go. So what I want to see from you is a lift.

So let's get into the seat and find that lift and hold. Relax the seat and find that seat and lift by using the strap to get from the feet into the seat and hold rust here. Take your arms behind you so that they're now behind the box and turn your palms so they're facing away. So let's get a nice line here. If you need to wiggle back to get a little bit more tension in your feet so you can find this connection. Let's have a nice extension of your spine. So you're forward here so you can really get into the seat and open the chest.

So the shoulder is now over the hip line and your spine is more what it looks like when you're standing rather than too much rounding in the small of your back. So we can go a little wider if you need to. Tighten your seat and lift, roll your hips forward if you need to. Roll your hips forward and lift up, up, up. There we go. That's it. Now you can get into your seat a little bit more there and rest. Grab your bar, take that bar, hold it behind you. Oh, I'll do so you can take the bar behind you. And now we're going to take that bar and we're going to hold it away from the box.

And as you pull from the feet to get into your seat and get a nice tall extension in your spine, keep that stomach strong and roll those shoulders back so they're just forward of your hips. Long fingers up. We go grow tall and lift the arms, hold, hold, hold and rest. And if you've got some guys who might be a little tight and broaden the shoulders, you can take the bar and hold it a little bit wider. So take the bar, hold it a little bit wider with your hands this way, hold at the very edge of the bar and stretch the arms down and reach back as you lift tall and hold one more. Rest your seat.

Get into your seat through your feet and lift and reach the bar back. Sit Taller, taller, taller, and rest. Now bring the bar in front. Hold it in front here. We're going to reach the bar forward. Lift the bar up to the ceiling bar goes up.

Side to Side

Now we're going to grow as tall as you can and just arc over to one side and stretch the side of the body as far as you can and come back center and rest your seat. Pull at your feet, get into your seat up tall and go over to the other side and back to center and rest your seat too. Or we're going to go up tall. Now we're going to stay tall on your seat over to one side and up to the center. Stay tall over to the other side and stretch the other side. Back to center. One more this way. Reach out and back to center and last one up over to the other side.

Back to center and rest the bar, not the kind of bar we see on a Friday night. Is it? Take the bar, hold it behind you. We're going to bend one knee. Hold that bar behind you. Keep the chest open the spine tall into your seat. Keep the one leg locked. Let's say it's your left leg. Your left leg will stay under the strap. Bend your right knee and keep your foot at the edge of the carriage sitting, as tall as you can.

Tree Variations

Lift that knee towards your chest and hold and rest. Again, we're going to lift that knee and hold and rest. Now we're going to take that bar and we're going to bring it in front of the box and place it under your leg just under the bar, just in front of the box. Rest the bar. Now just drop the bar in front of the box. Now grab the leg that's bent. Pull that leg up into your chest, the leg that's under the strap. Keep it locked.

Sit as tall as you can hold behind your thigh with both hands, either clasped or your fingers interlocked and sit as tall as you can and bring your your thigh as close into your chest as you can and just stretch your leg out in front and bend and stretch and bend. Again, stretch and bend and stretch and bend. Bring the knee into your chest. Bring the foot down, put the foot back up under the strap, and we're going to change side. Now we're going to keep the other leg locked under the strap. We're going to grab your bar yet. Once again, hold the bar behind you. Sit as tall as you can and bring that in the up into your chest and rest and again, bring that knee up into your chest and rest. One more time.

Sit Tall, reach with the arms, lift the knee and rest. Bring the bar back in front in front of the box. Let it rest. Now you may use your hands, class board, interlock your fingers behind that thigh. Stay tall where your body is and bring the leg to your chest and once it's glued there, now you can stretch the leg and bend and stretch and bend. Feel the stretch through your leg, through your seat, up your spine as you stretch and bend the leg. That's it.

Flex this foot that's on the bottom. Keep it under your hip line and bend. Very good. Rest that leg. Drop your foot. Thank you. Nicely done. We're going to take the box away and place it back at the end of your reformers and take your pole with you. Our next series of movements on the apparatus long stretch.

Long Stretch

Since we did our footwork in the second gear, I'll have you take your apparatus and put it back into second gear for this series of exercises. So if you move the gear, you'll need your block so that the springs do not fall up the gear bar. Alright, as you come on for the long stretch, we're going to place your hands at the foot bar and we're going to place your feet wedged up against the shoulder blocks and you'll be in a pushup position. So if you can try not to move the carriage yet. When you come on to the apparatus, find your strength from your center in your seat, lock it there, tighten with your strength and push those springs out and hold it there. Hold it there, hold it there.

If you can push back a little bit further and then come forward, there's a challenge. Push out, hold it out, hold it out, push it out a little further back, and then bring it in. Feel your spine, be in its natural position out and hold tight seat and bring it forward. Inhale as you go out, hold the breath there. Enjoy the oxygen and empty the lungs as you come forward. Two more. Inhale out. Exhale home. Inhale out.

Exhale home. As you become more proficient, come down on both knees. Take out one spring. Okay, hands back. Don't move the carriage. If you move the carriage, you don't do this one. Do not move the carriage lift. Your body's back up into that position. Long stretch position. Lift your body's back into long stretch position, but don't move the carriage.

There we go. Inhale out if you can hold and exhale home. One more. Inhale out if you can and exhale home and here's where you can find whether or not you're using your upper body down to the knees and hold. We're going to take out that last spring. Very, very big word of caution to you know, springs on the apparatus.

This is where you can find whether you're cheating with your arms and your legs or if you're using your gut and your butt back into your pushup position. Do not move the carriage. Do not move the carriage. Inhale where you can go without dropping or moving the carriage any further and exhale home. This is your working position. If you went out further with one or two springs, you're, this is your test and drop to the knees. Ah Yes. Add your springs for the down stretch.

I'll let you be the judge and get back to me where you are. With that, lift your chest, bring your hips forward, open the shoulder line, look forward into the piece, the Pacific Ocean and beyond. And inhale as you go back, you can hold, hold, hold, hold an exhale. Come up, fill the lungs as you go out, taking that air and empty as you come up. One more. Inhale as you go down and out and exhale, come up. You guys are doing amazing. Rest here. Stand tall. Step off to one side and we'll come forward and we'll bring your carriage back to the first gear. Four.

Down Stretch

The most essential of the long stretch series, the elephant, your hands are going to come back onto the carriage. Your feet are going to be flat onto the shoulder, in front of the shoulder blocks. And before you go anywhere, try not to move the carriage, feel your heels digging into the carriage and just let your body rock back without moving the carriage. Okay, so stay here without moving the carriage. Let your body rock back. Ah, hello spine.

Elephant Prep

Now don't move the carriage and let your body roll forward. Don't move the carriage. Let your head fall and rocket back. Let's find where your sweet spot is to open that lower back for the elephant. So sometimes we may have to move the body around to find where you need to open the small of the back to get that gut and connect with your butt to move you.

Dig Your heels for me and from here for you, Sam, you're going to go out with the hips, dig the heels to bring it home and only two inches out the carriage goes and home. It's a very small movement. From here, lock out your elbows. Let your head fall. Lift your stomach in and up and dig your heels to push out and en one more step forward for me and step off to one side. Nicely done, gentleman. We have one more on the other side. We're going to sit on the carriage here. Put your hands here, two springs, nice and tall. Chest, shoulders your wide.


You're going to step forward. Anchor your heel into the shoulder block. Lift your chest, lift your body. Elbows are straight, are opened and back. Bend your elbows and bring your seat down into the springs and sit right back up. Just dips. Lift your chest, bend your arms and sit right back up. One more time. You're going to bend your elbows. If your feet are flex and the only thing touching those shoulder blocks or the heels stay down, you may straighten your arms and stretch out and lift your hips up and bring your hips in for the long back. Stretch.

Long Back Stretch

Bend your elbows and lower your hips all the way down. So all the way down, stretch forward. Straighten your arms, lock out your arms and lift your hips up and bring yourself back. Step back and sit onto the foot bar and step off to one side. We're going to come back one more time. I love this next chunk in the long stretch series. Our knee stretches, hands, knees, feet into the shoulder blocks your hands are going to be on the foot bar.

Round Back

Your knees are at the front end of the carriage and your feet are at the shoulder blocks. Arms are straight rounded in your spine. Sit back, lifting towards your heels with your seat. Elbows are locked, arms are straight, elbows are locked and without moving your upper body. Push back with your heels and bend your knees. Come forward and push out with your knees and come forward.

Arms are straight and then that's it. Out to go and in and one more. 10 for the sake of time today, we'll just do a few hold here. Now you're going to lift your head and you're going to arch your back. That's it. A nice extension in your spine. Chest is lifted, your seat is back, your stomach is in and up.

Flat Back

Go back to your round position and spot. Check this. Here you are back in the first position with your ribs in and up. Your stomach is strong. Now lift your chest. Your Chin is forward and Nice expense extension, but your ribs do not break for that extension. And from here press the knees out and and arms are straight.

Chest is up and if you feel like you're losing it, come back in and feel free to hold and round. Spot check. Make sure you have your stomach and enough to lift your chest. Look forward and go into your extension. One more. Very good. Hold. Stop. Stand up in this position. Stand up on the carriage. Stand up. Stand up.

Knees Off

Your feet are wedged into the shoulder blocks. Your knees are straight. Let your head fall so there's no strain in your neck. Hold your belly in and up. Just lean forward and lean back. Let's find that sweet spot. Now the heels are up, not slapped from the elephant. Hold here. Keep the stomach in and up. Bend the knees and lower your hips.

Now keep that position. Stretch your legs out, squeeze your bottom on the out and then out and bend. Straighten the legs and tight seat and straighten the legs. Tight seat. When the legs are locked. I want to see this work. Two more out and in. One more and hold in and come down and rest. Extend your spine, round your spine.

One more breath in as you extend your spine and exhale here and step off to one side. Gentlemen. Nicely done. Let's change the carriage back to the second gear. We did our foot work in the second gear, so we'll do our cool down in the running. Also in the second year, very important to give you gentlemen the space you need so you don't feel like you're being crammed into a small box. Sit and lie back again. Your feet on the foot bar. Your heels do not have to touch, but your feet may be an angle where they feel like their Innovi not too high on your heels. So you're out of joint and your arches in your ankles. Stretch out the legs.


Hold it there and let your backs be free. But work from your seat to lower one. He'll get a good stretch. Come up, join your heels high up in this, up, up, up, and drop the other heel. And stretch your leg up hole. And one more time. We're going to drop that heel. Feel your seat, lift that leg, drop the other leg and feel your seat. Lift that leg. And now we'll pick up the pace.

One heel down when Nia and switch and switch and switch as we run to cool down. So we do 10 or 20 whatever you wish. No more than 10 let's keep the body working evenly. So we cool it down. Last position here, we'll take our feet. Just parallel here. Keep your back flat, let your hips roll a little forward. Bring your legs so they're a little bit parallel, slightly turned out.

Pelvic Lift

So you're on the arches and your bottom is down. Stretch your legs out. Just stretch your legs out. Let your hips release forward. So there's an extension, there's a little bit of an arch and the small of the back. There we go. So you can feel your seat. Let your hips roll forward and squeeze your seat back. That, that's it.

And Bend your knees and stretch out. One more time into this position. Lengthen out. Don't add any extra movements of tucking. And all the just be natural. Lie down the way you stand. So hold it out there. Hold it out there. Now I want to tighten your seat to lift your hips up. Lift your hips up, lift your hips up. Keep your hips up. Now Bend your knees and stretch your legs.

There you go. And Bend. Keep the hips up just long and natural, and we can finish with 10. Here we go. And bring it in. One more. Stretch it out. Bring it home and rest your back. We have one more for the road. Gentleman off to the front here. March, March, March, left up to the elbow. Okay.


Rest of the legs. Reach high. Reach down, palms to the floor. Reach up. Why'd we go? Reach high. Turn over to one ankle. Bring your head down. Reach up over to the other ankle. Head to the knee, up, arms, legs together. And let's take it out for five jacks. One, two, three, four, five. Mind your bodies. See you next time.

Ending Stretch

Good job.


Moses , you are an amazing teacher.. Clear instruction, articulate and wonderfully passionate! Thank you and welcome to Pilates anytime:)
Florence P
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Hi, one simple question: what kind of reformer are you using in this video. Brand ? type ? size ? Thank you very much. Yes, Amazing Teacher. Love this class.
Florence ~ In this video they are using a Gratz Reformer.
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Thank you Moses and PilatesAnytime! I really appreciated learning SEVERAL new teaching tips from this video. I hope to see more of Moses' classes here on PA!
Bravo👏 Romana at her finest! Thank You
Denise Lynne L
Loved this class & Moses energy!! Favorite part was short box w/pole opening up the chest.
Thank you, Moses! Loved the class from start to finish, especially the variations, pacing and cueing. I will "mind my body" til next time ...just hope it is soon!
Thank u beautiful class!
Moses, Just wondering because I took privates from Romana all the time when I lived in NYC. Wondering what your reason was for separating the guys heels in the footwork even though they were in a Pilates stance. For the 100, were you asking them to work so that the lower back was off the mat or were they pressing their lower back into the mat and you were asking them not to do that. That was unclear to me. The Rowing, why they weren't set up like the short box so when they roll back for Rowing 1, their lower back is on the carriage like the short box.
great class.
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