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The emphasis is on flow in this intermediate to advanced mat class. Late in class, there are several exercises normally done on equipment like the Cobra and Elephant Arabesque. Kristi also takes the class through a detailed Swan Dive Prep.
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Jan 27, 2011
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Okay. So I'll do what you're doing. Standing with your feet. Yeah. Parallel thought. I can do that. You thought it was all about the power or no. See you tonight how I'm with you and I invite you to come with me. So, um, I will ask you to step in a little bit, just a little so you're not, you're kind of in your mat with your map. Here we go in here. I'm not going anywhere.

I'm just going to exhale and we'll let go, right? So worth letting go of tension and sometimes it's just a mere thought of doing so. Inhaling and exhaling and all resisting gravity. Don't let it bear down on us, but rather become light with yourself. And in doing so, notice what feels tight for you.

If you have to kind of move around to decide or to investigate, you should in happy your body. Inhale and exhale. Notice if your neck feels like it's shortening up at all. It is. Maybe Chin down, maybe head straight back on this next exhale. Let's let your head come on forward. Feels some drawing in and up of the abdominals. As we round over going only as so far as it feels comfortable.

It may need to be that you bend your knees. Inhale and exhale. We roll up thinking supple here in here. If you feel like you want your arms to move, let them go ahead. Exhale again, drawing up so it's as if the abdominals pull in and up in the back lengthens. Head drops. Shake out tension. Inhale, exhale up. Finding that inner seam of the leg or the midline of the body and hold on to it. It's kind of helping you lift tall. Inhale, exhale down. Let your hands go to the floor.

You may need to bend the knees and in fact we're all going to now inhale, bend the knees, let your hips drop down. Exhale, head towards straight. It doesn't have to be straight. Inhale, bend, exhale, do it again and each time you exhale, pulling the ribs up off the thighs. Just before you go to straight and last time, exhale, go ahead and roll all the way up. Step forward quite a bit on your mat. Inhale or gone down again. Exhale this time. Inhale, bend the knees. Keep your heels down as long as you can. At the last moment. Lift the heels up, stretching out the bottoms of the feet just a little bit. Push the heels down, go back to straight like or almost a straight leg, and then take your left leg behind your right. Just cross.

We're going to bend the knees. Allow the heels to come up and have a seat. I'm here sitting, telling these together. Feet together. Lengthening your back. Inhale, exhale. Roll the pelvis back. Just extending your arms, feeling for wide. Collarbones. Inhale, we're coming back up. Exhale, straightening your spine. Exhale. Let the movements sort of mimic your breath pattern. Inhaling, so you're just filling up and exhaling to curl or force all the air out.

Inhale, follow the inhale as you rise up. Exhale down. [inaudible] so you're looking for all those things you know to look for. You're feeling the powerhouse. Create the movement initiating from the spine. Stay here. Reach the arms up and back. Keep your eyes forward even if they're close circle or just bring them back and roll up. Stacking your spine arms to stay in front. Exhale, roll back. Inhale, either circle or just bring them back and exhale, challenging ourselves.

Keep going to almost hold back with the abdominals. Inhale and exhale, so it's as if you're trying to somehow curve over the hips as you hold them back a moment. Last time. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, circling, exhaling up, placing our hands on our knees from the base of the spine. We inhale stacking the spine. Look for a little bit of extension there. Exhale, slide the legs out in rolled arms. Go back. Take a moment to just check in at the back of the rib cages on the Mat.

Inhale, we bring your head and neck and shoulders up. We exhale to come forward and with this just round forward all the way just for a moment. Okay. Feel free to bend the knees a little bit and we roll back. I'm going to ask you to bend your knees. We'll head to the roll up in just a second. Come down, arms down, separate your feet, pelvic curl. Inhale. Finally, both sides of your body. Exhale as you hollow the abdominals roll up and here where it feels like you're done.

Continue that as attempt to Tuck and exhale down. We go massaging your way through this so that when we start moving a little bit more deeply, a little bit more quickly, you are ready for check out what your shoulders are doing. Are they trying to help you by straining? It's not necessary and down. Good. So the breath pattern, if I'm not saying it, which I don't think I am, as inhale at the bottom, exhale to articulate, finding ease so you can work with a strength. Inhale at the top, exhale as you articulate again, [inaudible] can you feel in your body how the breath moves you? And note that it doesn't need to be intense, especially now, but certainly even when we get into a little bit more advanced exercises. Last one. Exhaling.

Inhale and exhaling down from here. Bring you one knee up to tabletop. Bring the other up drunk strongly together. Inhale, start to lower the legs down, but do not move your back, your neutral exhale, bring it back up. Inhale, they traveled down. I'm not extending the legs at all. Good work and uh, and inhale down. So you have that little bit of space that would normally be there, but it doesn't change. Next one stays up. Float the arms up above your chest. Inhale, reach your shoulders up. Exhale, put them back in their place. That's enough of that.

Taking your knees to the front of the room. Inhale. Oh, you wanted more? No, you didn't. Exhale, draw back to center. I just like to check to the back. Inhale. The arms stay absolutely still, it's going to mean your range is probably a little smaller. No need to tighten up more than in the legs than you would have if your arms are on a tee. Just so you know, and again to the back, checking in with all of those things. Where is the center? Where's control? Where are we today? All of that. Take your arms to a tee. We'll go a little further with the knees to the back and exhale coming up to the front and coming up a little further still, but do keep the shoulder.

Then you can look the opposite way. Anna and to the back. We'll look or sorry to the front. Look to the back. Anna. Ken, let the range of motion one more each way. If you can go all the way down without the shoulder coming off, go for it.

Excellent. So Lyft last one, and uh, right. Lower the feet together. They'll stay together. Glide the hands behind your head, fully laced the fingers. Inhale, elbows just off the mat. Exhale. Feel the ribs. Fall. Chest collapses almost generals toward your chest to get you up. Okay. Inhale, reach to the back of the legs. Exhale, pull yourself forward. Most of you aren't going to need to go any higher. Reach the arms up, put them behind your head. Rotate to the front. Exhale. Inhale.

You maintain the height to the back. Exhale, come back to the center and lengthen your way back to the ground. That's it in here. Same thing. You're going to feel the throat relaxed. She feel the head roll forward to bring you up to your position almost there. Inhale, reach to the legs. Exhale, bend the elbows to the side of the room. Know that you're imprinted arms up behind your head to the front. Again, lower body. Absolutely. Still to the center.

Give yourself a little traction as you lengthen down. Ho Mandy wants it harder. Inhale, exhale. Feel the ease, right. Let it be easy getting into it cause you know it's [inaudible]. Inhale, reach to the back of the legs. Exhale, point forward. Inhale, arms up. We'll go to the back just for exciting changes. Inhale, exhale back to the center.

Keep your hands where they are and we'll lengthen your way down. Inhale, you're still working here. Not a lot, but some exhale. Ready to go. Inhale, reaching to the back of the legs and I am using my arms intentionally to come. It's like shrinking arms up. Then back to the back, through middle to the front. Come to the center. Hold. Exhale, left leg floats up. Inhale. Exhale. Put it down. Gently pressing the back of your head into your hands. Other side, and inhale at the bottom and up. I'm alternating. Inhale and down. One more time and down. Just take an inhale. When you're ready, your head goes down.

On the exhale. Reach the arms back over. Head. Draw your feet in. Just comfortably close. Separate them a little bit for one more pelvic curl. Inhale, exhale, rolling. You've take the arms through the empress, through the upper arm as if the air were a solid looking for the long line. From there, inhale and exhale. Roll down and reverse the arms again so they're going to end up overhead leaving your upper arms by your ears at the most. If anything else, there'll be higher.

Bringing the legs both up at the same time. Hi Together. Inhale, exhale into the a hundred reaching forward arms. Let's say just a little higher today. Good. Inhale and exhale, two, three, four, five and [inaudible]. Inhale and exhale, two, three, four, five and inhale as Renee, right? Welcome. Perfect timing. Lisa, gently press the shoulders down where you can let their risk be ever so slightly higher. And by risks, I mean whole arm. Okay, so can you go deeper without strain? It's meant to be a vigorous, but it doesn't have to be. Hmm. Doesn't have to be rigid. And inhale, we get a full exhale and a full inhale to finish the cycle.

Here comes the inhale, two, three, four, five. Draw the legs in. Can you draw in closer, reaching, reaching, reaching, and sets. Feet down. Reach the arms back. Stretch your legs out. Now we're ready for the Rola inhale to exhale. Good. How about a little external rotation of those shoulders?

Next long inhaling, and then XL takes you down. Okay. I feel the bones of your body. As you inhale, they'll drop into the mat. Your head follows and lifts things you can do right. You can slightly bend the knees if you're feeling any flat spots. You can put a small towel behind your back, but you stay ready to go. Lightly.

Touch back of the head and we come and exhale. Hold arms are just opposite your own shoulders. Check it out, knocked down, just straight ahead and inhale. Exhaling down. Nice Sandy. Keeping a long curve. Even in an exercise like this, can you fill your pex here?

Become so you're hugging that space, right? It's not collapsed at all. Inhaling and exhale. Taking it down, reminding ourselves that the head is the top of the spine. One more time. Up It is. It is. It's the top deal. Keep your contraction hands by your hips. Lift and scoot forward. You're just behind the tailbone to draw in. Okay?

Starting with the the ball stretched out a little bit either by holding on underneath or pressing the knees. Keep it kind of small for the moment we inhale, roll back, exhale up. Whole nothing changing. Inhale back. Exhale up. Inhale back trying to at this level, trying to avoid the rocking back and forth of the pelvis because there's a little bit of anticipation, okay? Either stay that way or challenge yourself to bring it in closer. Same rule, same deal. Inhale, exhale, sh no, find ease. Find ease.

One more, such a feet down, hands down, scooped back to where you're comfortable. Middle Mat, draw your feet and close again. Picking them up, progressing yourself. Knees into hands to lower down to the starting ab position. Okay, good. From there, it's a double leg stretch. We inhale that. Go slow for a minute.

Reach out and make sure your back didn't change. Not at all. If it did, raise the legs up. In fact, let's all open up a little bit. Arms and legs all lower. Iser forward. Exhale, bring it up. Ah, in health's teeny, tiny and up. Good. Smaller in a smaller, much smaller legs. Try to make them weightless. Now you decide where you need to be. Inhale, now we bring it around. Draw the legs in hold and inhale, shoot, exhale and absolute stability in the middle. If you're not, you got to make the lever longer and shorter. Sorry, or stop right one more.

Hold it. Push your knees into your hands. It'll give you a break. Easy neck. Extend the light closest to the front of the room. Deepen the ABS. Let go of that knee for the moment. That's right outside hand of the knee. Draw the knee right up to your shoulder. Keep the Shin Straight. Change. Hang on for a second. You can grab it for now. Line it up and now we go.

Change and one, one and two. Two, focus three. Three. It can be challenging, but if it's not in your abdominals and it's in your neck or back, you have to take a break or modify somehow. Last two sets. One, one to bring both knees in. Roll your heads down. Draw the knees and close. Press the hips down. Roll Chin to chest to come up from here. Extend the legs. Take a moment, do a little tuck of the pelvis, and then drop it back down. Hands behind your head. Inhale, lower the legs. One, two, three. Exhale up just like a moment ago. Inhaling down, one count to come up.

Your back doesn't move. You got to pay attention that you've got self responsibility here, right? If you say, oh, it's only kind of moving, you're only kind of getting the work you need. Okay, and one more bending both legs. The leg closest to the back is gonna stretch this time. Turn to the Front for Chris Cross and one one two making those knees pass close by each other.

Few the turn of the spine got nothing to do with your arms and preach. Reach two more. Full set, Zack. Tell. Here comes the next one. Bring both knees in. Bend them, set your feet down, stretch your legs out. You're still up in your crunch. Come on, gently pressing the back of your head into your hand and reach the right leg a little longer floated up and Dan just before the other one comes down, pick up the other and up and just before make the change and up and down. Careful there, right? You can go all the way down if you need a little more help. Oh boy.

Get it. Almost down the last one. Hold that one up there. Let your head come down. Take hold of the leg in here for a stretch. Flex the footage. You'd feel free to bend the knee pointed toe. Curl your head up just a bit. Switch lengths and down you go. Head down, head down. Yep. Now's a good time to remind yourself while you're stretching that big anchor, the lower leg. Flex the foot up top.

See what you got today. Height Marine, your head, neck and shoulders up. Kind of embrace the back of your calf rather than claw for dear life. Eyes are forward. Elbows are wide. Shoulders. I don't need to tell you and just pull the leg out of your hands. One, two, excellent change sides. Let's just hold and do it once here. Enjoy, look forward. Don't look up one, two and we go. Let's go. The truth is is you do use your hands but not only eyes forward, it's going to save you. Get that leg down and use it.

The one down on the mat and absolute stillness. When you let go, don't let it toss you and press press, press, press one more. Finish this one here. Both knees or leg up. Bending the knees for the moment, so a few [inaudible] on the ground, arms or down. Inhale to pelvic crawl position. Again, you don't mind. Do you exhale, roll looking down your body. It's a straight line. The lake closest to the back comes up. Hips are absolutely level [inaudible]. Slowly reach that like line it up next to your other one.

Renee need to be either a little bit higher or Tuck your pelvis or both. There we go. Ribs down, ribs down. Here we go. And leg kicks up and kicks down one and retreat two and three. Feel the points that are on the ground as your stabilizers, your arms, your upper back, your foot. Next one. Take it down, hold it down or as down as you can.

Then recommit to the ribs. Recommit to the tug of the pelvis. Slide that leg back into place. Roll partway down. Not even all the way to the bottom of the ribs. Roll right back up. Look down your body. No, no drops at the hip. Okay. Just doesn't, it's not good. I'd rather you drop your whole body down a little bit. Other leg up.

Do one where you kind of line up where you could go low too. And we go, I flex coming up. Exhale down. One strong. Start minimizing the tension and the moving leg. Go. One more. Come down a little slower on this last one here. Reaching longer. Get toward the floor with that sigh. That's beautiful. When you slide the foot back into place and roll down, drawing both knees up again. Do a quick hug of the knees to the chest.

I'm about to go into rollover. If you want to modify, just do the pelvic curl arms or legs or up, right. Inhale. Exhale. Sloat slow. Prove it to yourself. Sorry to use the back of the arms. Inhale, flex your feet separate. Lower them without pulling the back away. Now roll down, pushing through the heels. Enjoy the stretch. Close the feet. Inhale, go slow. See if you can.

Excellent. Nice Mandy. Full extra fee. Separate, optional, lower there, but now feel the throat. Pull away from the chin. The ribs knit together. He'll reach in through the back. Straighten the legs when you can. Inhale. Exhale, slow. How slow can you go over? Inhale, flex, separate, lower and everything is up. Don't look, just keep your eyes straight out. Everything is about opposition. I'm doing one more this way. So as you go over, yes, you're using your abs, but your hamstrings have to stay involved.

Your glutes a little bit. Protecting our backs. It's looking good. Flex your feet separate. And let's do just to couple the other way. So now you've finished that. When you opened to a v position, exhale. Broad. Collarbones. Huh? Over you go. You. The sides of your waster are long. Yes, curved but long. Close up the feet. Lower them if you can. And down we go. Try not to sickle the feet, right?

We are have to be aware of everything. That's the, that's the deal with this work you're thinking and here we go. Last one over full x and close. And as if someone were holding your ankles and you're trying to pull the rib cage away from your feet away from your legs, bringing it down right from there, Ben. The nice rotate the knees, the lower body and knees to the front. Look opposite. Be ready to go so it's not a full release here. Pick them back up. Go to the other side and picks them back up. Once again, yes and no, no over when you come back. Let's meet in the middle with the knees. Okay. Float the arms overhead again. I'd like them just off the mat, leaving the knees where they are.

Let's exhale as we come up and let the arms go to the front side of the knees. So you're just reaching forward. Inhale, go back lightly touch your head. Exhale, come up to the other side. Yes. Notice how you can do this without the lower body moving. Right? And reach back. Monitoring the ribs that they're not just letting go.

Okay, now we'll change it a little bit. Stay here with the arms floating. Actually put them right above you. Now we did that. So now as we come up, you're going to take the knees to the back a little bit. We're not gone all the way down. We're just gonna switch. Keep the knees lined up as if you only had one leg switch and switch. The whole lower body is moving now significantly.

Boom and boom, and from the waist, right? It's not the knees sliding on each other. Yeah. Good. I want that opposite hip to come up. [inaudible] let's go even slower. I really enjoy it. Go ahead and oh over and oh, last too far. Actually. Two more. Still right here. Go one to the front.

When did the back? We meet in the middle. Stretch your legs out onto the mat. Reaching the arms overhead. Lace your hands behind your head. I'm going to encourage the back of your legs in your inner thigh. This is that neck pole goes like this. Inhale, hang out. Exhale, squeezing your inner thighs. Could you lift up a little more?

Maybe not. Inhale, go down. Exhale, come up where you were. Go down and now we're inhaling to that part. So free breath. Here it is. Inhale, exhale to continue reached the legs. Reach the like folding over. Inhale, stack your spine up for now. No hinges. Okay, let's just feel the hips pull out from underneath you and that you don't drop that you don't sink that you don't shorten the waist. Yes, it's gonna Curve. Inhale, start. Exhaling in. Might take some time. It's okay.

Inner thighs fold over. Inhale, roll up. Eyes straight ahead. When you pull the hips out from underneath, you don't sink. Not at all. Not even a little bit. That's better. Handy. Much better. Much better. Alright, here we go. No need to toss. You can always let go right with the arms. Put them back as soon as you can.

See, you can get right back to that position. Inhale. Unfor it's up to you. If you would like to lean back, you've got to do it from the hip joint, not the eyes. And now hips continue, probably. Sure. Still working here. Not Meant to. Just be a stretch, hinge back and X. Hey, good. I'm going to do one morning. I have one little tip.

I'll tell you when you get there. Inhale. Actually it's not a tip. It's a request. Inhale, stack your spine, hinge back. If you're going to, now as you go back, almost everybody's throwing their head forward a little bit. Meaning once you've tucked to keep your head back there, you should see your chest a little bit. Once you've curved. Okay, we gotta get back up. So here it comes. You can roll up if you want. Sure.

Take a brief stretch all the way over. Releasing your hands. [inaudible] what? Be Okay with the heat factor. Okay. Is that okay? Sitting up tall man. I'm going to go spine stretch first and I, I will be extremely rotating in a minute, but for now, straight down like your arms are on a table. So let's do this. Let's actually start a little higher than we are going to end up length in your back is some are pulling you up. Press your upper arm on that imaginary table, but simultaneously lifting your chest. Not Arching your back.

Just a subtle lifted the chest. Inhale, the arms go straight ahead. They're not going down. Exhale as if you're rounding up and over a ball. You're right. Yours might line up with your upper arms, maybe stretching. Can you go lower? If you do go lower than your arms, you can take them a bit lower too. Maybe you can put your forehead on the mat in your, your gloves. Exhale, roll back up. Imaginary line and table. Inhale.

Exhale as you go. Good. We're not leaning forward. It's a downward roll first. Good from there, everybody externally rotate from the shoulder, not the hand. Yep. Beautiful. And broaden your back. End Rule back up on the exhale and that was really good. Very good. Turn them down again. So again, when, when I'm saying externally rotate, sorry. [inaudible] what I do that it's coming from their identity be a big deal, but it's just not the hands. Okay, here we go. Exhale. Pressing forward.

Pressing forward. Downward action first. Then yes, it does travel forward a bit from here. Externally rotate the shoulder so it's gonna feel maybe like it's pulling back. Inhale. If you haven't an exhale, roll up. [inaudible] palms down again last time like that. Anyway, externally rotate easy. Be careful with it and up you go. Nice, Sandy. Good. Nice Renee, keep rolling. Take your arms up, put them behind your head is still spine stretch. A little add on.

We in here guys, nobody's going to lean forward, right? You're just going down, down your body. When you've gone down as far as you can, you might keep holding the hips where they are. You might be able to stretch that curve forward from here into back. Extension. Lead from the tailbone is a long line on the diag. Exhale, extend your arms. [inaudible] inhale, grow longer and your spine is, your hands are replaced behind your head. Exhale, you pull in on the ads, you get to around forward and then roll up the same way you went down from the tailbone down up in here. Exhale, check.

Your shoulders are going to want to creep up here. It's a downward action without popping the spine out the back. Now like you want to lay on your legs, you lengthen. Almost everybody's going to have to come up on a diagonal chemical a little bit more. Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep. And then exhale the arms. Good. Inhale. Refold the arms and exhale around forward and come down.

You do this one with you just cause there's so many words and here we are. Both of you can hold back a little instead of leaning forward. Here we go. Exhale. Like there's a wall straight down first. Now you can come forward. Separate your feet just a little. Yeah, a little better. Here we go. Now it's staying low. As low as we can into an inhale, diagonal line.

Exhale. Extend your arms on that day home. Inhale. Refold. Now we get to do the fun part, which is to exhale around phone and roll back up that imaginary wall. What's that? Okay. Inhale and exhale. Last one. Rounding forward. You okay? Then inhale.

Finding your length. Yes. Okay. Extend your arms when you're ready. That's right. That's right. Good hanging out there. Debra. If possible. You're in a good line. It looks like you could lean forward. I'm not sure. And from there we're just thinking tall in her. Lower the arms.

Keep your line, keep your line. Maybe you can pull forward a little bit, but rather you almost push up on that diagonal arms float up again and deciding whether or not to kill the bug. And one more up. I'll try and distract you. Keep your arm straight round over and stay there and enjoy for the moment. Take your right arm over to your left foot and just sort of adjust your body so that both hands are on or near that leg. And then switch it both hands on or near the end or leg. That's it.

Back to the separate one here and on each foot. Roll yourself up as you come up scooping the belly to draw the knees in with you for OpenLink rocker. Okay, let's put them down again. You don't have to slide all the way up, but if it's sticky on your mat, go wider than your mat. Yeah, let's do that. Go wider than your mat. We're getting into that a little more gracefully is why I'm stopping you.

So we're all stretched down happy. We pull the ABS in. Arms aren't really doing anything. We get behind the tailbone. We're about to say we and we stopped. Okay, you're fine. Let's do it again. Bring your town. Okay, here's the next little goal.

As you bring it up and if your feet aren't sticking, you don't have to go quite as wide, but as you, as you come up, try again with the head. This isn't to help you. Just keep it and then you can straighten out. All right, here we go. Inhale, roll back just to the shoulder blades. Exhale up and then straight. Now the change in the spine isn't that big. There is one, but it's not that big. And how light can you be? Yeah, I don't let go. I mean you could but don't cause we don't want the hip flexors to work too much. They got to work some, they can feel good, right? It can be done, especially when you don't worry about whether or not you're going to make it.

Just know that there's a lot to be had in this one. One more time. Hold it up. Close the feet, letting go. Let the legs lower a bit or your upper body dropped back a little Ben, the lay closest to the window or the front bolt the needs together. Put the foot on the floor just as that.

We're just rolling down to the head actually all the way. Reach back. Tap your head. Inhale if you can the whole way up. It looked forward at your size first roll up and then I'm just going to leave my arms in front today and down. You're welcome to stretch them over head when you're in the upright position and in other words, you could be here if you want and make it much more about the spine than anything else. Let's stay here. If your arms are overhead, I'd bring him in front.

Now switch legs down. You Go. Exhaling down. Inhaling up, yes and exhaling down. This is where your imagination or the mindful part of Claudia's can really work to your advantage here if you can. You can imagine someone's pulling your ankle or your foot away as you go down and oppose that. One more. Bring the other leg up, bend the knees slowly down. Just to the shoulder blades.

Exhale. Once you're up, lower body, stay still rotate your upper body to the front. Come back to center, go on down, come back up. Keep it smooth. Get Way to your back is pretty straight. Then to the back to the center and you could put your feet on the floor if your legs are getting tired. I've only got two more coming out. Yeah, rotate member.

Those pecs are still involved, right? You are precise and sorry Aaron, I'm coming back. Last one. Come up to the back. Set your feet down. Come up, find your hands to knees. You can either do the hip stretch or let's go into back extension. Separate the news round forward since it seems, seems like the thing to do here. That's all right. I'm with you. Just didn't think of any time and as you stretch forward, even here you are, you want to find opposition, right? You could stretch so far forward than hips start to come up.

You want to hold back there. All right, we roll ourselves up. Turn to face the front and we'll come down on our forearm. Legs are either straight. I'm doing sidekicks, so either straight or bent. I'm, I'm going for the full deal. So starting on that forearm, I'll, I'll take you to the elbow, but you don't have to come if you don't want to. It just makes you have to balance a little bit more when you kind of have you put your head on that and it'll just end up that we in the state. That's okay. I should have told you I'm from here. We're lifted.

Yes, exactly. Then if you go ahead and hold on or, and then without pulling with your hand lift out of your hands, sort of like what you did earlier with the legs. Not going to be big cause y'all look good already, but okay. That sense of holding yourself up. All right. Top leg lifts. Then use the forward hand to take you out to the elbow if you want to. You can stay where you are and by elbow I mean kind of the tip of the elbow and you're up and finger finger watching that lower shoulder right to the front.

We kick, exhale, reach back and, and pause milk, that last part. Boom, boom. Reach la and boom, boom. Stillness in your trunk. A little more stillness anticipated right there. And so we're looking for the nooks and crannies on this one. I'll all of them really. But this one you can enjoy a little stretchy and no one will know and except us, right? Or you can just have it be all short and just glute work only, which is also fine. It's probably intense.

I'm doing one more for us. Hold it back there. Bend the knee. Can you touch your heel to your butt? Me Neither. Oh, I can cramp though. Bring the knee forward. Are we okay up here on this shoulder for one reach? You can go to your forearm. Take it back. Bent back. Oh yeah.

Got To get off this elbow soon. That's why we're going faster. I'm not really hold it to the back just to be safe. Go to the forum, take the like forward hold. It doesn't have to be that far. Touch or think about in any way. Keep that shape you behind you. Here's the good stuff.

Keep that knee behind you. Retreat, retreat, and then keep it close until you get back there. Yep. Things to watch for most commonly would be here. It's okay. One more, one more. Enjoy. And from there, take the leg around and set it in front. Help yourself up.

Bend the knee a little bit. Okay. Heading into the side bend. It's a lot of arm, lot of shoulder. I trust that you'll take care if you need to sit one out. Same deal. Only bigger. Inhale, lift up. Wait for it. Okay. Let's be precise here. The professionals here, straight up energized and if we want to make it really pretty fingers together, that's just an opinion. Lovely. Lovely. Andy, do this.

Just press your hips forward a little. Yeah. Perfect. Now lift up, reaching over and at the last moment you turn just the head. Inhale, come back to your line. Bend and come down. I'm going to give you a little break on the arm just cause I held you for so long. You can separate quickly if you need to up. We're going again. Line it up. Top foot's in front of the lift. I won't hold you as long as you know where to be. Exhale up and over, looking down. Good. Inhale back to the tee and Aaron on the look down.

You do a little bit of a backwards look. Just rotation. Here we go. So don't, yeah. Okay. Get up and over. Now it's just, there you go. Much better. And to the t and down. Last one. Here it comes. Lift and again, then it's just a neck. Exactly. Back to the T. It's weird isn't it? And down we go. You could hold your knees just like, so I prefer it here today, so I'm just separating for the stretch. It feels short and crunchy and not good. Use your hand behind your, you know, alongside and just lift up. You don't have to go to the side. Yeah, yeah. And then release, change sides all the way down.

Okay. Aren't too many. Nothing wasn't going to be funny as I was hoping it'd be. Okay, so set up is the same as before, right? You've lifted. Yeah, exactly. Move to the elbow if you did before and you know we're looking to have it be in a place. Yes, Renee gorgeous. The only thing I'm going to say about it, Renee is barely bring the shoulder, the one you're standing on down towards your waist while out. Now if that feels too far, you can move the elbow in, but that looks perfect. Ready?

Top leg lifts up and kicking forward and reach. And so really if you could see from the top, your spine would be pretty still for most of us. It's probably gonna mean your leg doesn't get that far forward, right? If it does, it's cool. Just make sure you're still, I feel like I want you to do that. Just cut up tiny bit and can you feel the stretch to the back of the leg as you kind of hold the pelvis still giving us one more to feel for that. Take it behind you. Hold it there. I'm going to encourage the top hips slightly forward.

Just slightly. All right. We drew the heel to the glute. Again, equally cramped, stretch forward and back bend. Oh, much extend. Yeah. Ben Can. Good. Beautiful. Andy, just check in with your lower shoulder for sure. Last one like, so put the hand down. Adjust to forearm.

Bring it forward. Thank you. Bend. Keep it close to get the thigh behind your hip. That's the good stuff. Then grow the leg so you feel the glute and felt worried. In fact, just for fun. Hold it back. Touch it. The thigh. Don't push the thigh forward at all as you extend the like and then let it come forward. Bend [inaudible] take it back. If you know that you can hold it there without touching it.

You don't need to. I'm giving you one more, right? We brought it in front looking around, waiting for you to tell me what I forgot. No. Okay, good. Same idea. Lifting up. Perfect. Yeah, exactly. Here we go. Inhale, lift up. We hung out for a minute, didn't we? Yeah, we did. We thought about it. Andy, could you go walk, walk with your feet that way? Just just down toward the treadmill and now hips toward me or the window. Then what'd we do? We went into it, didn't we? We lifted.

Okay. We came back and we came down, I gave you one little breather. Again, you don't have to side bend if you don't like it and come back. Slide the feet. So the top leg is in front. Here we go. Inhale left. So at this point, if you looked up at your hand, it's not in front of your right, it doesn't go in front of you. It stays overhead. As you look down. Inhale back to the tee. Exhale, bend and lightly touched down.

And inhale if this isn't hard enough. Another option for you is to do what Aaron is doing, which is to hinge at the waist, not quite hitting the floor. Nice man. Deana. I should have told you that part a little sooner. Anna hinge or bend. One more. Lovely. Watch there and come back to the side and good at Ben Teaching up first and then as much as you like think to get the length right. Um, friend of mine used to say, or maybe a lot of people say, um, it's like your fingertips meet where the corner and the ceiling of the wall and the ceiling meet. And if that's sort of easy for you, then go halfway down the wall. I gotta stop there. But if you need more, you can hit the floor on the wall. Alright, and rallies.

Okay. Coming down onto your stomachs and your form. It's for single leg kick. So again, still working through that hip extension, right? Um, elbows below your shoulders, trying to look for work through the upper body. Um, I don't usually keep it this way, but I'm going to today. Just elbows wider than normal. Even if it means you have to move them forward to feel like you're on supported.

Just open. Hover the legs by reaching them. Almost look little hairs on your toes. You can feel them on the floor almost. I know you don't have that, but anyway, here we go. Up Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick and exhale, two, three, four. Inhale, two, three, four. Exhale, two, three, four. So the top leg is pulsing. There are us too. Your body is absolutely still, if you feel any shifting in your upper body, my first suggestion is to move your body down a little. [inaudible] pulse. Two, three, four and one more.

Set strong and the upper body by holding yourself up at the back extensors. This is it. Both knees bend, push both legs out. Reach yourself forward. Take your arms around. Head comes to the front. However the knees again, this is devil leg kick by lacing your fingers together. Good, good. Andy's ready to bend your knees then and from there start Aaron slightly low with your thighs. If just wanna see what happens, but still have the hamstrings engaged. It's like, okay, here we go. Drawing the heels to your butt. Just your heads down on the side. Two, three.

Now extend the arms and legs to stretch. Good. Turn your head the other way. Bending the elbows and knees. Elbows drop down to three and stretch. See if you can bring the feet together without feeling compressed in the back end. Kick one, two and three and stretch along nicely. Sa and o one and two and three. I'm going to make this kind of excruciating, slow. Inhale bend, but take a second. Make sure you feel your hips on the front of the Mat.

Gotta be down the whole time to three and stretch. They're still down all three points and change. Last one. When you kick, you cannot lift those hip bones and stretch and hold there when you get up. Nice. Sandy, I should've stuck with that plan, Huh? Then really relax your feet. Release the arms. Just bring them in front of you and come into a um, child's pose or rest position so it becomes well zen. I can't bend or kick my glutes. Well, that's right. If your quads are tighter, your hip flexors are tight, it may mean that you barely kick for a while.

Not you're still going to get the work where you want it. All right, so we're all stretched out. Maybe sitting back on the heels, let's draw the abdominals up so that you can literally feel it become lighter on your legs. Roll yourself up. See if you can just leave your hands where they are. Start to unfurl your spine forward. Somewhere around here. You squeeze the glutes and press the shoulders gently toward your waist until you're in a bit of an arched spine. The line.

The work should be a little more around the arm, upper arm, back area versus the low back as I'm, we're holding back here. Then from I think right below like solar plexus, pull the solar plexus back around your back. Take weight out of the arms soon as possible and we will, we'll hold back. We won't go all the way down. We unfurl very little weight on the arms until we get about here.

Then it's just like body weight start to attempt to Tuck the pelvis even. No, I know it appears arched. In fact it is arched, but we just don't let go. Good. Aaron, just press your chest more forward and up in or the shoulders backwards. Okay. And solar plexus or ribs or ABS, however you want to see it comes back. Yeah, so I think Aaron, if you just move your arms ever so slightly forward, I think that's what was missing here. We go up and inhale all the way there, opening the chest without collapsing. Exhale, pull your [inaudible] and just before you're done you come back inhaling up nicely. It's a very nice, can you feel? It's like both sides of the body. Absolutely working. I'm not expecting a straight spine there. I'm expecting an arch, a long, lovely curve to the back from their hold back. Curl the toes under. Lift your hips up with bent knees.

Look for a straight spine. I have my feet just comfortably or hip distance apart. Knees are very bent. Heels are very high, spreading out the back, kind of lengthening away from the floor first. Maybe guide the heels toward the floor or two straight legs. Again, that's just a suggestion and had to hit it more concerned about the back. Getting long gently reached the tailbone to the sky.

Oh gorgeous. And then everybody except Lisa and Mandy and Renee and Andy. Okay. Those other people, sorry. It's usually more common than that, including myself. We're gonna keep our arms as they are our legs as they are.

We're going to lengthen the very top of our head toward the mat as our tailbone reaches to the sky. So there's going to be a little more weight in your hands. Nope. Tiny bit more. Mary Kay. From there, come into a plank along front support position. Lift up again, balance the weight in your feet. Take the left leg up without opening the hips.

Just let it reach up to the sky and from there, rise up on the right toes as much as you can and come into that plank. The leg will just kind of come down a bit and lift up again. Reaching the leg to the sky heel can reach to the floor. Lift up to the toe as you roll through. I say roll. It's not really a role and forward. Put the foot on the ground. Other foot, lift it up square. It might be different, right? We don't force anything here. We allow it to happen. Read coming down as if you're being pulled.

I'm high on the ball of the foot for the moment. Actually you can lower there a bit. If it feels all right to you, then you as you come forward, just kind of lift the heel to come with you. And again, we'll lift and forward. You can put the foot on the ground, bend your knees and this time as you go into rest position, maybe arms and feel better behind you. It's always a good idea that when your arms aren't in front of you to kind of think about, yes, we're resting somewhat on our forehead, but don't let it shorten your neck a lot. Maybe you have to took your, your Chin under a bit and be more on the top of your head. [inaudible] okay. Hands come up. Hands and knees.

Taking the hand closest to the back, reaching it through, threading it through. Okay, so I'm basically, I'm going to try and keep my hips as level as possible. I'm going to come to you just so you can see what I'm doing. Okay. Let's see. I can do whatever at once. Almost sitting on the back of that shoulder. Okay. Looking for a bit of a stretch in that rotation.

Do you need more nice, Lisa? I'm not feeling it, but I'm seeing some talented people take their arm around their waist. I'm going to keep my kickstand up and reach my tail bone a little bit. That makes me feel better and then allow for a little more of a rotation. Almost like I'm going to look up at the ceiling, but I have weighed in both knees pretty evenly. Not totally, but pretty close. Tell me when you've had enough money. I don't want to sacrifice.

That looks good. Deep breath in. Can you breathe here and move your entire ribcage? Inhaled long time, not just a little [inaudible]. All right. When we're going to come out, help yourself with the hand unwind slowly, especially those of you who were rapping. Oh, take a second here. Let's go to forearms just for a second and easy.

Take a deep breath and here, see if you can expand the the trunk, the entire powerhouse. Really everything. If you even the pelvis three-dimensionally and then as you exhale it's easy but don't have to always be fourth. One more. All right. Here we go. All the way. So you're threading the needle to the back of the room, keeping the hips pretty level. Taken the shoulder as far underneath as you want without lifting up that office Sydney, right? Yeah.

Looking to the back and in your head feel kind of naturally as it goes with, yeah. So Renee, what you can do is shift your, either walk your knees more forward toward you. You're, you're making it even harder. Yeah. There you go. There you go, Phil. Okay. Yeah, that's, that looks more comfortable. Yeah. If we can all sort of think to reach the hips, they don't have to be directly over the knee. In fact, it can be behind the knee, so you don't have to deal with that part of it. When you've twisted as much as you feel comfortable with, be in that for a moment and allow an inhale. Don't force it because it'll constrict you. You just sort of let it be on the exhale. You might notice a little more ease in the rotation last time and then carefully on one using your arms as needed.

Taking yourself forward and all the way down. Good. Exactly. All right, so we're going do, um, swan dive prep and then another version of swan dive prep. And that's all just wondering. Um, there's, it's sort of like a big leap from Swan dive prep to the swan dive. So I want to get that middle and in there. All right.

Your arms are by your side. You can adjust as needed. Four heads are down, shoulders are down. Of course for the moment reached the legs. They don't have to be off the ground. They actually don't have to be off the ground, but reach them so that you have a sense of where your butt and your leg meet just by reaching. All right, inhale, start to lift your head, neck and shoulders. Push yourself up. Only going so far as you feel comfortable. Okay. Now if you get so far, you may end up lifting the hipbones. That's okay. As you come down, think about reaching your legs.

Your elbows are pulling in close as the legs come up, legs have got to be absolutely straight. There you go, Andy. That's going to make it. Now see if you can lift your thighbone higher. There you go. That's going to get, that's perfect. Legs come down, arms come up or you know what I mean? Push your body and then lead with the chest as you go down. It's like you're pulling yourself forward, letting these are so straight. Nice, Aaron. Very good. Here's the other thing guys, let your Chin almost lead.

I've got, I've got a bad habit of teaching you people poorly on this, so we're going to let the chin lead a little and I'll show you why. If you stay there for one second, look up here for a this I don't want. Okay? I want you to pick yourself up with your back muscles. Top Vertebra. Thank you. And then you go out top burgers. Last legs up. Okay. Version two. You can either stick with this one or come with me. Inhale, lift up instead of lowering yourself down with your legs already strong. You'd like go and up my arms went a little to the side. There could be an a v. Here we go.

The side just doesn't give you quite as much momentum, strong legs and Duh, Duh, Duh. Good, nice Mattie and Dah, Dah, Dah. Oh, do you want to hear we okay? You going back up and do you want to eat? Not back up. And Wendy, you can back up a little. You just got nice form and then I want you to worried about each other. Here we go, we reach and again reach and reach and, oh, I like it. You're all looking at each other too. Oh No, no. I get two more. One, two. Excellent. Hold it. Pull your abs in. Go to your forearms.

Now pull your abs in a lot and go back into a rest position. Hips over heels. The Chin is going to hit the mat. Only if you've got good back extension, which you do. So is there a question behind that? No. The, the, the deal is the Chin could hit the mat and that's a concern. So I am going to take this off for a second. Hmm.

If you were to continue or even not, if you are here when you're absolutely right, what you do instead of hitting it is once you get going, you can just turn. Okay. Um, which is not that intuitive, I don't think. All right, gang, let's do this. Let's take her toes. Once again. Curl them under. Press back into your feet. I do have my hips somewhat lifted, so we don't want to, we don't need to be on the knees too much, but let's stretch the bottoms of the feet again by lifting the heels and you can lower your hips. I wouldn't rest fully down. You can. You really can, but I'm more interested in getting that stretch. Press the heels down.

Fold yourself in half. Oh, doesn't it feel different now a little bit hanging your head instead of bending the knees again, let's just keep the heels flat on the ground and bend the left knee right into your forehead. Make them touch or try. It's actually fine if the right leg is a little bit bent, but just make it straighter than the other side and you can even let the hip, the right hip be pressed out to the side for a good stretch of the hip and hamstring. The thing we don't wanna do is roll the foot, leave the foot level, change sides easily honor the differences. And even here, the shoulders are away from the ears, a little, nothing forced, just not completely let go back to the center. If you can easily hold straight legs do. If you aren't so sure, bend the knees a bit and pick up the toes. Not The ball of the foot, but the toes.

Huh? Spread them out as much as you can. Set them down. Do it again and down, up and down. Leave them down. Feel the whole of your foot hands just above the knees, slightly. Bend the knees. No matter who you are. Shoulders are down and we roll up. Let the hands help you.

Getting Taller, resisting gravity like we started sort of fine. Notice the differences. Take a deep breath and exhale. Okay. And Inhale, whatever you want with the arms, what's going to make you feel good? And hopefully the time you took for yourself. I'm going one more deep breath. You can do as many as you like the commitments. Half of it isn't it? Just showing up, but then the work you just did. That's good stuff. Well done.

Thank you.


Kristi, I love your relaxed, yet precisely accurate teaching method! I always have you in the back of my head when I teach my Pilates classes here in Houston. This was another great class. Thank you!!
Lauren Metcalf
I really enjoyed this class. thanks!!
What a nice thing to say Lauren! I've never been to Houston! Thanks If ever you are here in the Santa Barbara area, make sure to stop in for class.
Another fab class, thanks!

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