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Creative Mat Variations

50 min - Class


Get ready to work hard in this fun Mat workout by Brett Howard! He starts immediately with a warm-up designed to open your back and connect you to your center. He then moves on to a traditional flow, adding creative variations for exercises like the Hundred, Rolling Like a Ball, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, my name is Brett Howard and we are going to do a mat class. So I'm gonna have you guys start on your hands and your knees. I just wanna warm you up a little bit. Hands are gonna go directly undern...


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What a great and confident instructor, the class was a quick paced class yet the cues were done perfectly. It was easy to keep up at home and an extremely challenging version of the mat series. Gives me a great take on what effective cuing looks like, which is needed in my current teacher training! Loved!
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Brett, I was very excited to see a new mat class from you when I logged in to the site this morning and it didn't disappoint with the wonderful, crystal clear instruction and good humour that are your trademarks. Your classes always leave me with a smile on my face. What kind of sorcery do you use to make them go by so fast??
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Love your style, especially your cueing. Great rhythm and flow to the class.
Loved it!
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I absolutely loved everything about this class! Wonderful balance of challenging exercises followed up with delicious stretching. I’ll be feeling my abs, glutes & booty tomorrow. Thank you Brett!!!
Thank you so much for your amazing teaching.

As great as your execution skills in a Video that was here some tme ago.Sure you are blessed with the amazing body and moves.

Great to ad variety to the classical repertoir. We all need this creative inspiration.

Looking forward for more !!!
Any Special Population/ Rehab work ???

We all work with injured people...
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Brett, I just love your style and your classes! You said something during the session and now I can’t remember what but I cracked up laughing. Laughter is good! Thank you!
Dear Brett..
as always, it is such a pleasure listening to your cueing and gentle voice😊
I Love your teaching style, your knowledge and your confidence 👍
I definitely going to ‘steal’ these ending stretches 😘
Cool stuff....gonna call it FREEZE because of all the wonderful holds. Also loved: seasaw bridge in warmup, neck pull reversed, walking w the hips, extended play of sidelegseries, & sidebends on knees! Thank you
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