Class #3685

Wunda Chair Partnership

35 min - Class


You will build a relationship with your Wunda Chair in this creative workout with Jenna Zaffino. She prepares your body with exercises that will promote mobility and integrity in your joints so you are ready for the more intense movements in the second half of the class. She includes fun variations, like Ron's Teaser, which will make you feel like you are dancing with your Wunda Chair!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Wunda Chair Handles

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Yeah, the chair and I have a long and somewhat sorted relationship. Every time I used to avoid working my repertoire on the chair. Undoubtedly I would get the sense that it was looking...


Lovely class, great flow. I particularly enjoyed the pikes with spinal flexion & extensions, and Ron’s teasers.
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Beautiful class! Lovely flow! I loved watching it, can’t wait to do it with you. ❤️
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LOVED it! Really nice flow and creative!!
What a rewarding class! I feel amazing and that last washer woman/swan combo was downright yummy! Thank you Jenna! I just love how versatile the chair can be. And I totally agree about the lighter spring, you want it to support but not fight with it. Really great class!
Jenna, I absolutely loved this!! Loved the flow! Loved your cues! What a wonderful chair workout!! Thank you!!!
YES! This was just what I needed to kick my afternoon energy slump! Enjoyed your cues and motivational style!
Loved this class! Really liked th rationale you gave for the springs.
Fantastic chair workout!
One of those classes that makes every ounce of energy it takes to create and maintain this website worth it! Thanks Jenna!
I really like this ... each move really packs a punch - especially those teasers!
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