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Postnatal Mat Flow

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Congratulations on your new baby! It can be a challenge to get back into shape post-pregnancy. Each of the three participants in this class has babies under the age of 2 and has limited time to work out. This class is designed to be quick and effective. Bring back the awareness to your core, develop more strength in the abdominals and pelvic floor and lengthen structures that "mommyhood" make tight.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball, Theraband

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Welcome to my postnatal plot, his class. Um, for most of the class we'll be using the soft balls. So you want to get your ball and I'll do the class with you. For most event, we're going to take that fall and lie on your back. So please sit between your knees. And the first thing we're going to have here is a diastisis rec dye test.

So your diastisis Rekti is a split that happened in your rectus abdominal muscles when you are pregnant from due to the expanding uterus. So lying down, your feet are about hip width apart. Take one finger place on your belly button, then lift that hand up a little higher than your belly button. Take the other hand behind your head. Now lift your head without contracting your abdominal muscles.

And you may feel a split there in your abdominal muscles. That's normal. That happened during pregnancy. And it'll stay there for a while. And as you get stronger, this will get closer together. Go ahead, lie back down. And now take your hands and place them on your lower abdominals. It's important after pregnancy to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

So we're just going to start with a simple pelvic floor contraction. So I want you to think of bringing your sit bones close together. Gently squeeze the ball and feel that internal lift in an up, and we'll do that a few more times. So take an inhale and then as you exhale, just gentle squeeze with the ball. Draw the sit bones together and release.

Let's do that a few more times. Try to maintain this neutral position of your spine so there's no movement that you'll be able to physically see here. It's just that internal feeling. It's the muscles you use to stop urination. Exhale as you pull the sit bones together, gentle squeeze of the ball and release. Let's do that one more time. So nice deep contraction. You won't be able to see anything. Just feel it and release. Take your arms down to your sides.

We're going to layer some exercises from there. So starting with your pelvic floor contraction, you're going to go into a pelvic tilt. Start to curl the pelvis under and lift the hips and not too high and then roll your spine back down to a neutral position. And again, you start with that pelvic floor contraction. Curl the pelvis under deep construction, the abdominal muscles, and slowly roll the spine back down. And again, gentle squeeze with the ball. Pull the abdominal muscles in tight. Squeeze the back of the thighs and roll the spine down.

Let's do two more. Just small pelvic tilt. Starting to loosen up in your lumbar spine. Rolling up and roll the spine back down. Last one here. Little squeeze of the ball. Draw the abdominal muscles in tight. Curl the pelvis under, lifting the hips and roll the spine back down.

Again, layering into that. We start with our pelvic floor contraction. Go into your posterior pelvic tilt and continue rolling your spine all the way up. Stay here. You should feel this nice long line from your knees, your hips to your shoulders. Now stretch your arms all the way up and overhead from here. Roll your spine down, reaching your sit bones towards the heels. Yes. Once your tailbone touches the mat, bring the arms down to the sides and again, pelvic contraction, pelvic tilt and roll the spine all the way up nice and high.

Again, feel that long line from the knees to the hips, the shoulders and stretch the arms overhead. Take an inhale and exhale. Soften your chest, roll the spine all the way down to the tailbone. The arms go down to your sides. Let's do that again. Always start with that pelvic floor contraction, pelvic tilt, and our roll the spine all the way up, up, up. Stretch the arms up and overhead.

Take an inhale and then feel that stretch in your thoracic spine as you were. Roll it down. Arms go down to the sides. We're going to add on with this next one, so going through our layers, pelvic contraction, pelvic tilt, roll your spine up nice and high and stuff. Stay here with your arms down to your sides. Engage your glutes if you're feeling any pain in your lumbar spine, although your hips slightly and let's just squeeze that ball.

So squeeze it in. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, two, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, five, four, three, two, one. Stay there and stretch the arms overhead. Take an inhale and exhale. Roll the spine down. The tailbone touches the mat. Arms float down to your sides, and one more time like that.

Roll that up. One Vertebrae at a time. Good and squeezing. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, two, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Squeeze. Five, four, three, two, one. Stretch the arms up and overhead. Take an inhale. Exhale. Rule your spine all the way down to the tailbone and the arms go down to your sides. Good. Okay. Let's keep the feet and the legs where they are.

You're going to take one hand only. Let's take your right hand behind your head and place your left hand on the lower abdominals. Let's actually take the heel of the hand. Place that on your hip bone and the fingertips on the pubic bone. This is a help you to maintain a neutral position of your spine and help you to feel your abdominal muscles. So starting with a breath in through the nose. As you exhale, feel the lower abdominals tighten, and now float your head, neck and shoulders up off of the mat and lower the spine back down.

Good. And again, you're going to pull the stomach muscles and tight, feel them in the hand contract, and then lift your chest and lower the spine down. And we'll do that again. Pull the stomach muscles in. Gently squeeze the ball and lift the chest and roll the spine down. And again, exhale, pull the belly in, squeeze the ball gently between your knees and lift the chest. Look at your belly button, pull it in tight and roll your spine down.

And again, exhale, sure. Lift. Inhale, roll your spine down. Let's change arms left-hand behind the head. Take the heel of the hand to the hip bone, fingertips to your pubic bone, and take an inhale. And now exhale, curl up. Good. Make sure you keep that neutral position. The tailbone stays down, the stomach is tight and strong. And lower the chest.

And again, exhale, pull the belly into the spine. Lift. Yes. Inhale, lower down and exhale, lift. Pull the stomach in tight. Okay, low your spine down. We'll do two more. Don't forget, little squeeze with the inner thighs. Exhale helps you to pull the deep muscles into your spine and lower down.

And last one here. Exhale. Inhale. Lower down. We're going to change hands once again. The right hand is behind your head. This time reach your left hand across the body to the right knee. Curl your spine at working the right obliques.

Feel like you're pulling the right elbow backwards and then lower it down so you're twisting to the right and exhale, lift. Reach the fingertips towards the right knee. Inhale, lower down and again, breathe out. Tie in the abdominals and lift and twist with and lower jam. We'll do this two more times. Tighten in the abdominals. Lift twists. [inaudible].

Inhale, lower and last time here. Exhale. Inhale, lower down. Let's change arms. Left hand goes behind your head and reach the right hand towards the left knee. Inhale to prepare. And now exhale, lift up. Reached towards the knee, pull the other elbow back and lower down and again, tighten the left obliques and curl your spot up. Inhale lower and exhale.

The stomach is tight to pull the elbow back. Inhale, take it down. Last two, breathing out. Squeeze a ball gently between your knees and lower. Last one here. Exhale. Inhale, lower down. Good. Take your arms from here. They're going to stretch out to the sides. Turn your palms up, and we're going to do a little twist here for working your obliques. Getting a nice stretch in your waist. Just come up onto your toes.

The little ball is squeezed just gently between your knees. Just warming up here. You're going to tilt the knees over to one side. Stay there for that stretch. And now squeeze of all squeeze your abdominals and come back to the center and till the knees over to the left, keeping the right shoulder down and then pull the stomach muscle in and come back to the center. And again, tilting over to the right. You inhale now exhale, tighten the ball, squeeze your stomach and come to the center. And again, just a simple exercise here, but really feel that those stomach muscles engaged to bring you center.

Let's do one more on both sides. Just tilt and exhale. Last one. Inhale and exhale. Now you're going to bring your knees up to a table top position. Make sure that ball's nice and secure in your knees and let's bring the feet together, helping you to squeeze a little tighter here.

It needs a 90 degree angle arm stretched out to the sides. Take it over to the right to inhale. You won't go quite as far. Keep the left shoulder down and exhale. Come back to the center and again over to the left. The right shoulder stays down, twist in the spine and pull the stomach in to come center over to the right to inhale, tilt, keeping the shoulders down, exhale and over to the left.

The feet stay connected. Squeeze a ball, pull the stomach and tight. Center one more on both sides. Tilting to the right to inhale and exhale, engage you abdominals. Come to the center and last time over to the left and engage your abdominals and come to the center. Next little tick tock series. Take your hands and hold onto the ball. Stretch your arms up towards the ceiling. If you're feeling okay with it, stretch your legs straight up to the ceiling.

Now a little squeeze with your hands this time trying to engage your lats. Bring your legs over to the right. They won't go as far and then come back to the center. It's a smaller range of motion. Inhale and exhale. Tighten your abdominals. Squeeze the ball between your hands as well.

Bring it to the right and pull the stomach and tight. Bring it over to the left. Exhale center and bring it to the right. Inhale a little squeeze with a ball with your hands and center. Engaging your lats over to the left and exhale center.

Bend your knees. Place the feet down, hip width apart. We're going to go into a bridge. From here. You can choose to use the ball or not. It's a little more challenging without the ball, but let's use the ball. If you don't have one, then you'll just do a bridge.

So roll your spine up, lifting the hips, and then place this ball just on your sacrum and the hips are going to be up in Nice and supported. You can keep your hands on the abdominals. When I go into an exercise called marching, you want to feel that you pull the stomach and so navel into the spine towards the ball and then float one knee up to a tabletop position and then lower that leg back down. So the first thing you do is tighten the abdominals. Pull them in and lift one knee up to tabletop and lower that leg down. And again, just float the leg up, but squeeze the stomach in towards the ball and lower it down. And again, exhale, lift the leg and float the leg down. Roll through the foot, toe ball heel and lift the right leg. Exhale in halo or the leg down and left leg.

Exhale, pull the stomach in towards the ball and lower it down. Stay here with the feet down. Testing your balance and your stability. Take the arms up towards the ceiling. Now float one leg up. Exhale, lift the leg. Inhale lower down and the left leg. Exhale, pull the stomach into. Lift the leg. Inhale, lower it down nice and controlled. Slow and easy. Exhale, lift. Inhale, lower it down and the stomach draws in.

Feel the backbone pressing into the ball and lower. One more time. Navel into the spine. Lift the leg up and take it down and left leg. Lift it up and lower it down. Adding on one time as your right leg lifts.

Stretch your left arm back overheads and bring it back to the center. Changing size of right arm stretches back as the left leg lifts and center. Good. Inhale to prepare. Exhale as you arm and leg move. Inhale coming to the center. Exhale, use that breath that'll help you to engage the deep abdominal muscles and one more on both sides.

Take it back and center and last time, use your abs. Keep them strong. Pull them into the spine and lower down. That was the last one. Take your hands and hold onto the ball. Lift your hips up into your bridge and roll it down with control. Once you've come down there, we're going to come up to sitting for the first time here. You know, take this ball and place it right between your knees and take your hands and hold them right below your knees, holding onto the shins, getting going, going into an extension. Lift your chin, lift your chest, extend your spine.

That should feel good enough from here. Completely reverse it. We're going to round the spine, going into a letter c shaped. Hack your pelvis under. Take an inhale. Exhale, look at your belly. Pull that belly and tight. Squeeze into the spine. As you roll up, hold below the knees, lift the chin, lift the chest, and again, I want you to engage your glutes, Tuck your pelvis and round your spine. Inhale, exhale. Pull the navel further back into the spine and roll up Preston.

Shoulders down. Lift the chin, lift the chest, and again, exhale, squeeze your bottom. Tuck the pelvis under, rounding down, just lightly holding onto your legs and again, pull the stomach deep or to the spine. Rounding it up. Inhale, lift the chin, lift the chest, and let's do that two more times. Tack your pelvis, squeeze your bottom around the spine, hollowing out here through your belly. Take an inhale. Exhale deep in that contraction and rounded up. Lift the chin. Lift the chest. Good. Last one. We're going to transition into the hundreds. Just the breathing.

So you're going to roll your spine down. That's change our hand position. Hold behind your thighs, squeeze the ball and breathe in. Two, three, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. As you exhale, squeeze inside. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Shoulders are down. Pull the stomach and tight. Two, three, four, five, just five breasts. We'll do two sets and exhale. Two, three, four, five.

Last time, breathing in and breathe out. Good. Round your spine up. Hold underneath the knees, your Shins, and lift your chin. Lift your chest for a little rest and we'll do that one more time. So squeeze up ball tight. Roll your spine down. Hold underneath the thighs. As you inhale, let the stomach expand.

No, as you exhale, pull it in. In an n, n inhale, two, three, four, five. Use that breath. Pull the stomach and tight. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Squeeze the belly. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Last breath and breathing out. Two, three, four, five. This time, roll down to your backs all the way down. Okay, good. You're going to take this ball away. Place it to your side.

Actually, we're gonna need our bands. We're going to do a hamstring stretch here. So grab your band. You don't have a band, you can use a towel and you're going to hug your right knee into your chest first. So just keep the band next to you. We'll use it in a moment. Give that leg a nice, tight squeeze. And let's roll the ankle. Just get a little mobility there through the ankle, out and reverse roll and good. And then a little side stretch. Take your left hand, holds the outside of the knee.

Stretch your right arm out and twist the spine across. It should feel good to stretch in your spy and take an inhale and exhale. Good. We're going to come back to the center, place the band around the ball of your foot nice and wide and stretch that like up towards the ceiling. Bring your elbows down into the mat. Keep your left leg my son long and try to keep the hips square.

Let's hold it for a few breaths. Inhale through the nose and then exhale. Try to release in your hamstrings and again, breathing in through the nose and breathe out. Yeah, one more breath in and out. Good. Wherever your leg is here, try to find 90 degrees, so if you need to bend this bottom knee, you can otherwise keep it straight. If the bottom leg is straight, squeeze the back of the thigh down into the mat. We'll be going into leg circles.

So point your left foot and take the right leg across the body. We'll start slow. Bring the leg down around and stop in the center again. Bring the leg across down around, stopping the center, focusing on the stability in your hip bones, keeping your hips as square as possible. Take it across. Bring it down, around and back to the center. Inhale, exhale. One more in this direction.

And now pause in the center. Let's reverse. Take the like out, down, around, across and center. Good. Inhale and exhale. That left leg should be anchored into the mat. Your stomach should stay nice and tight and strong. Two more circles center. Last one, breathing in and out.

Take that band away and you're going to really set right leg down. Okay, stretching your left thigh. Pull that leg into your chest, give it a nice squeeze and let's roll the ankle out and oh, oh and now reverse. Roll it in. And the right hand goes to the outside of the knee. Stretch your left arm out and twist across getting that nice stretch again. Nice deep breath. Inhale and exhale.

Come back to the center and take your band again, nice and wide on the ball of the foot. Stretch to like up towards the ceiling. Pull the elbows, anchor them down into the mat. Try to stretch and reach your right leg as well and breathing in and out. Again, inhale and exhale. Use The exhale to stretch your leg a little further and exhale. Good. From here. Finding 90 degrees. Again, bend the knee if you need to. Otherwise, that right leg is pressing down into the mat.

We'll start bringing it like across the body, down around and center. Inhale across. Exhale, center across and center. Try to find that stability in your hips. Keep the hips very still. Let's do one more in this direction. Stop in the center that's reversed. Take the like out and now breathe out.

As it comes to the center again, use your exhale to keep the stomach muscles nice and tight. Good and to more hips. Very Square trial to let them rock and come back to the center. That is it. Take the band away. Okay. Place your band to the side. Come up to sitting.

Do a little spine stretch here so you're going to open your legs about the width of your mat and stretch your arms out in front of you. Find that your back stays nice and straight. You're going to squeeze your bottom to get that lift up in your spine. From here, Tuck your chin to your chest. Draw the navel into the spine. Round forward.

Keep the belly tight and do three little reaches going one a little further too for this three. And then draw the stomach and roll your spine all the way up. Stack it up. One Vertebrae at a time. Chin to the chest, navel to the spine, and roll it down. And reaching one a little further too for this three. And roll it up. One Vertebrae at a time. And last time here, chin to your chest. Belly button back to your spine.

Rounding forward and reaching one and two and three. Pull the belly in. Squeeze your bottom and lift up tall. Good palms down, legs. Together we're gonna do little spine twist here. Watch at the balls of your feet. Stay connected. So you're really lifting up out of the rib cage to twist and you're not using your hips. So take an inhale, squeeze your bumps, sit tall, take your right hand back, and you reach the reach times.

Reaching one a little further to furthest three. Inhale, grow tall or in the center. Take your left hand back and twist one a little further too for this three and grow taller. Squeeze your bottom in this center and reach one and two, and the regrow tall. Squeeze and lift and exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Inhale, one marble sides, twisting one, twisting two, twisting through, grow tall and twisting. One and two and three, and after.

Good. From here we're going to work prone. So I'm going to stand up to talk you through this. You're going to come onto your stomachs. Face each other. Yes. Okay. This is moved. I think I'm going to let it dangle. Okay, so what you're going to do is place your head down and put your fingertips underneath your belly. So that's it. You're not going to see much movement in the body, but what we're working on is the abdominal engagement.

Your legs are about hip width apart and all you're going to do is take an inhale and then as you exhale, you pull the navel up away from the fingertips and do that again. So you inhale and then as you exhale, the navel pulls in God, there's no tucking of the pelvis. Everything remains neutral. Just pull the belly and on the exhale feel that strong deepening contraction. Good. It's easy when you're on your stomach, let the abdominals go, even if you're not post-pregnancy God, and let's do that one more time.

You breathe in through the nose and then exhale. You can see maybe a little bit, maybe not, but it's that feeling of the stomach muscles pulling in tight. Next, you're going to bring your arms down to your sides and we'll work one step at a time into a back extension. So start by pulling the stomach in. Number one. Next you're going to slide your fingertips down towards your toes. Squeeze your scapulas down and lift your chest up.

Good. Stay there. Take an inhale. The spine is nice and long here, and then exhale, lower the spine down and let's do that again. One step at a time. So you pull the belly button into the spine, slide the fingertips towards the toes, reach a Scapula's down the back, lifting the chest and slowly lower the spine down. Good, and let's actually, we'll keep the palms facing down and again, belly button pulls into the spine and start to reach the fingertips down. Scapulas down. Lift the chest, keeping the neck long. Inhale the top and exhale you lower.

Let's do that two more times. Working very deeply. Pull the navel up into the spine. Slide the fingertips towards your toes and lift. Lift, lift, retract the scapulas slightly and lower the chest down. We'll do that one more time. Belly button to the spine. Fingertips reach down. Scapula. Slide down scapula.

Squeeze together and lift the chest. Last one, take an inhale, lift an inch higher if you can, and exhale lower. Okay, so from here we'll go into a swimmer extension. So stretch your arms up and overhead. Now stay there. Lift your shoulders up by your ears and now press them down. That's where they should stay. This exercise tends to lift your shoulders up, so I'm sorry, my hands are cold, so you're keep them down and now I want you to float your right arm up and your left leg out. Feel that nice long line. Just stay there and stretch and reach.

Reach, reach and lower the arm and the leg down and now will change. So stretch your left arm and reach the right leg out for that long line. Try not to let your knees bend. These ladies are not doing that. Their legs are nice and straight and though we're down and again, taking the right arm up, reach it away with your fingertips. Reach a toes away, energy out the fingers and the toes and lower it down and again, stretch the left fingertips out. Stretch the right leg out nice and long for that pull. Pull, pull, pull and low.

Or let's do one more on both sides. Stretch the right arm long lift left leg up and reach and lower it down. And again, always pulling the navel deep into the spine. Belly button first. Now the arm and the leg and lower down. Keep your arms down and you're going to lift your chest just slightly.

Again. Let's retract those scapulas down into the back and keep your chest lift him and you're going to reach your right arm up and your left leg up and change and change. Just a small swimmer. I want it slow and control, keeping the belly and keeping the legs long and that's two 0987654321 transition nicely. Stretch arm, stretch the legs and lower everything down. And then go ahead. Sit back in child's pose. You can open your knees nice and wide on your heels. Good. Just stay there and stretch for a moment. Okay.

I'm going to come visit you again. You're going to come up onto your knees here. Okay. We're going to revisit a little pelvic floor contraction and lower abdominal contractions. So take your hands to your lower abdominals. And now from here, just squeeze. Think of your sit bones squeezing together and your lower abdominals pulling away from your hands. You may or may not be able to see that.

So take an inhale and as you exhale, squeeze the sit bones and pull the navel in a way from your hands and release. And let's do that again. So sit bones draw together. The belly button pulls deep into your spine and release. Let's just do that one more time just to reconnect and exhale. You squeeze a stomach and tight.

Draw the sit bones together and release. Take your fingers and lay some behind your back. Just getting a nice stretch in your chest. That's lift the chin, lift the chest. Good, and just hold it there. Feel that stretch and release. Let's do that one more time.

It's good to stretch in. Your chest. Tends to holding the baby. It tends to get tight across your chest there and release. And just one more time. Pull the arms back, lift your chin, lift your chest, let that stretch feel good. Inhale and exhale. Good. Okay. From here we're going to come into a modified Plake. I'm going to come onto your elbows. Let's make fists.

You want your elbows and your shoulders to be in the same direct line and you're going to stand your knees for the first few breaths anyway, so try to find a long line from your head to your shoulders, to your hips and knees. Hold your knees down, point your toes down the squeeze, the bum. Real tight jaw, the lower abs in. Just breathe in and breathe out. On the exhale, tighten the muscles even more. And again, breathing and the neck should be nice and long and relaxed. Shoulders are down. Good. And then let's just hold there for about 10 more seconds. Ten nine eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Don't go anywhere. Tuck your toes and lift up into a plank.

See how long you can hold it here. If you need to come back down to the knees and let's just stay here for ten nine, eight, seven squeeze three, two, one and lower than these down. Okay, you're going to come on your side, so just turn wherever you are. Face the camera, bend one knee and that's going to bend. The bottom. Needs to stay stable. Flex the top foot, bring the arm down to your side. Again, line it up. Shoulder and elbow are directly in the same line and a modified side plank. Hold here, looking straight forward and just nice deep inhale and now as you exhale, think of the ribs connecting and keeping the pelvis Teck slightly.

Squeeze your bottom, squeeze your abdominals, and we'll do the same thing here. You can keep this knee down and stay in a modified side plank. Or if you want more of a challenge, stretch the bottom like underneath the feet are flex. They're stacked one on top of the other. Hold it for 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Lower that hip down. We're going to do a little mermaid stretch, so bend your knees. Just fold them in. Half. Hold onto that top ankle.

Stretch the arm up and over. Do little pulses. One, two, three, four, and five. Let's do the other side. So swing your legs around. Still Bend this bottom knee. Flex. The top leg is nice and strong. Reach energy out through that heel line. The sub makes sure that shoulder stays down and lift the hip belly is in. Squeeze your bottom, tucking the pelvis slightly. Hold it.

The just nice deep breath. Inhale and exhale. And again, you can hold this position here or take the bottom like out and stay there. Lifting the chin, Tuck your pelvis, draw the belly in and hold it for a 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and lower the hips down. Bend your knees again. Take your hand, hold onto your ankle. Nice long line. Stretch the arm up and stretch it over. Five, four, three, two and one. Good. Okay.

Take your ball. Last exercise with the ball in a place in between your knees. We're going to do modified teasers so your knees are bent. You're going to reach your arms forward, and again, little squeeze of that ball. Just engage those inner thigh muscles.

You're going to Tuck your pelvis round your spine back. Stay there, look at your belly, pull it in very tight as you pulse. 10 Times up. One, two, breathe out as you lift. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Number 10, come all the way up. Take a breath. We're doing three sets. We have two more taken. Inhale, lengthen your spine. Exhale, squeeze your bum. Tuck your pelvis under. Stay there. Inhale, exhale, lift. One, two, three, four. Really pull the stomach and as you lift, eight, nine, and 10 roll all the way up. Lengthen the spine, readjust. Squeeze a ball, squeeze your bottom and roll it down. Last time. Inhale to prepare. Now exhale, pull the belly in as you lift. Two, three, four, five, six. Exhale. Seven, eight, nine, and 10 come all the way up and that's it. Take the ball away. Let's do a little cat stretch.

Come onto your hands and knees. So we have our wrists directly under the shoulders and knees directly under your hips. Curl the pelvis under. Drop your head, really scooped that belly and tighten your abs. And now lift your tailbone rolling through into a nice extension of the spine. And again, start with your tailbone. Roll it through one vertebrae at a time. Your head's last thing to round down. And now lift your tailbone.

Starting from there. Unravel the spine and to an extension. And one more time. Curl the tailbone under. Draw the lower abdominals in Nice and deep and lift the tailbone. Roll it through extension. Stay in this extension. Talk your toes under and you'll lift your hips into a downward dog stretch.

Good. Get a nice stretch in the back of the legs and your spine. And just like Sadie's doing, that's what we're gonna do. Next. Lift one heel. Press the other one down and change and change and change. And let's do four, three, two and one. Lift both heels up nice and high. Press both heels down and stretch.

Walk your hands to your feet. Hanging, nice and heavy feet are about hip with the part. Take an inhale. Exhale. Let's roll it up. Unravel your spine. Willing up one vertebrae at a time and thank you. That's it. Good job, lady.


Thnks Melissa, even though I don't have a baby this class has been amazing for my sciatic recovering.
really good ab engagement and such good cues.
That was an AWESOME class! I feel great. I'm a mother of an eight year old, but this class certainly applies to anyone.
Thank you Melissa.
I'm 5-1/2 weeks postpartum and this class was perfect, Thank you!! It was just what I needed to start back up my exercise routine. THANK YOU SOO much!
I just hit 4 weeks postpartum and this was my first pilates workout since around 37 weeks. Great class with a reminder about the basics to keep in mind as I continue to advance back to my pre-baby workouts. Thank you!
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Love this class. Really helping me to get back into shape. Thank you!
brava! bello! thank you Melissa !
loved the Cueing. Great class.Thank you
Thank you..nice flow with clear cues and great postpartum class ideas. Much appreciated.
Gemma C
Great postnatal class! 

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