Class #3763

Games for Reactivity

45 min - Class


Grab a partner and learn how to challenge your body and your mind using the concept of play with this creative workout by Juan Nieto. He teaches games that use different stressors so that you can find a solution for moving functionally. He explains that when you are playing, you can be completely present which will help you find a better connection to your partner and to yourself.

Juan starts with a brief explanation of the importance of play. The movement portion begins at about 5:00.
What You'll Need: No props needed

About This Video


Hello everybody. Uh, my name is Juanito physical therapists and Wolfman practitioner from Spain. Uh, so excited to be here again. Uh, we are going to be doing some partnering Games wit...


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Looks like lots of fun!  Thanks!
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Qué dinámica, divertida y diferente, gracias Juan !!!
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Dynamic, fun and demanding; great:)
So great to see this on a Pilates platform. Love it. Speaking my language.
I had so much fun doing the class and using it with my clients, but I am having just as much fun watching the class.
 Magnífica clase Juan !! !! Muy divertida!

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