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Juan Nieto

Juan Nieto

Juan Nieto, NCPT, Physical Therapist, movement practitioner, teacher, and researcher, is equally devoted to his two main passions: movement and entrepreneurship.
Read More Polestar® Pilates certified instructor since 2002 and faculty since 2009, Juan is also the Polestar® licensee for Spain and a frequent international lecturer specialized in pain science, active rehabilitation and athletic performance.

Founder of several companies since his early twenties, Juan manages SLINGS movement studios in Madrid and Barcelona. Is the CEO of Runity, a start up created with the purpose of transforming the running industry through scientific knowledge and technology. His latest project started in 2018 when he became a member of bewe's advisory board.

"Living a balanced life, building meaningful relationships according to ethical principles and constantly aiming for the best version of myself. I have a lot of fun by doing what I love the most: learning, usually from mistakes, and teaching. I consider myself a jack of all trades but master of none".
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