Class #3766

Reformer/Tower Flow

40 min - Class


Play with creative variations on the Reformer/Tower in this fun workout with Meredith Rogers. She teaches a mixture of using the Reformer and Tower separately as well as using them together. She encourages you to notice how having the springs loaded from both directions changes how you need to organize your body around the shifts in gravity.
What You'll Need: Reformer/Tower

About This Video


Hi, thanks for being here with me today we're going to play with some creative and fun variations on um, the tower reformer combo. So how I have this setup is I have my foot bar set up for foot work. ...


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Another great and creative class! Thank you Meredith!!! 
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Loved this. Great upper body work out.
Thank you !
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Love putting the tower and reformer together in such a thoughtful way. Many great teaching nuggets for me to process! Meredith’s classes are a favorite.
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Thank you, Meredith! Such a thoughtful, completely lovely practice today. Thank you for putting this together for us.
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That was great! Thank you 
Thanks for the sweet feedback everyone!  I appreciate you sharing it with me so much. 
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thank you Meredith - that was beautiful work - I am always amazed with how much movement you have in 40 mins or so, and yet it never seems rushed. It's very thoughtful, fluid and precise 
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That was such a creative class! I love the combo of both tower and reformer. 
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Wonderful class! What a treat!
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I love these combo classes!  Thank you for the awesome class and especially for semi circle.  Felt great on my back:)
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