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Mixed Equipment Reach

45 min - Class


Explore the upper body Reach that is present in many different exercises with this Mixed Equipment workout by Andrea Maida. She uses fundamental exercises on the Reformer, Mat, and Cadillac to help you understand how to achieve the feeling of the Reach in every movement. By the end of the class, you will feel a stronger connection to your powerhouse.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Mat, Reformer, Mixed Equipment, Wall, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm Andrea and I'm here with my friends, Ethan and Karen, and we're going to explore one of our reaches in the pilates method under the two way stretch, we have a upper body reach ...

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Andrea, your “reach” theme was perfect for my clients who are slumped and overweight! Your specific directions were really helpful! I can incorporate this theme with many other exercises! I also liked your modifications! Thanks for your ideas!
Hi Kathleen, thanks so much for watching and sharing your thoughts with us here! I am glad you found the information to be helpful in your teaching - and yes this theme runs through all of the Pilates system in all of our exercises. I find it to be so helpful as a shorthand when teaching as well. You can economize your words and empower your students to use the tools they already have in their foundational exercises (the Reach) when they are confronted with  more complex exercise. Keep up the good work and stay tuned for more Reach content - oh and yes, the lower body as well LOL :)
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Great class! Thank you! I not only got a great class for my own body, but some teaching tips and ideas for clients. Welcome to PA Andrea!
Thank you so much Laurel! So glad you got in a good workout and found a few tips for your clients as well :) Keep up the good work xox
Hi Andrea
When you say stand on your feet do you mean press into the bar or the poles with your feet .
Hi there - thanks for your question. And yes, especially when you get the luxury of pressing the feet into the apparatus, the Footbar or the Cadillac poles you'll just do your best to imagine you are standing on your feet. Then you'll try to do it in the exercises where you are not actually standing or touching the apparatus with your feet at all - for example - Pulling Straps on the Long Box. Does that make sense? Thank you so muc hfor watching and for sharing your questions here :) xo
Excellent class!!!!!
Thank you so much Jamie :) xox Thank you for watching!

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