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Class #3809

Class 2: Center

20 min - Class


Welcome to Class 2! Today, Sarah invites you to ground down and find your center. She uses the breath that we focused on in the previous class to fuel each movement. This is a wonderful opportunity to open your hips and to open your heart.
What You'll Need: Mat, Towel

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Welcome back. Day Two of the daily dose. Today the focus is center. We're going to ground down, find our center, open our heart, and open our hips. So let's get started. I have a towel...

The Daily Dose: with Sarah Bertucelli


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I enjoyed a lot; feeling better at the end; so what can I wish more? thank you Sarah
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Loving this series so far x
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Have thoroughly enjoyed all the classes to date. Your humour is always present and keep things light 👌
Cigdem Debra Sharon Thank you!

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A gentle start with some good movement for a great start to the day!
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Man! I love the way Sarah teaches! Thank you Sarah 🌹
Thanks so much Ronel !

Love love Sarah's classes. Thanks so much.
That was very good. I love the way you explain it, it makes me excercise again with attention and precision, thank you.

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