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Class 4: Efficiency

20 min - Class


Welcome to Class 4! Sarah invites you to embody the breath, center, and awareness you used in the previous classes to help you with efficiency in your movements. It's a little zestier and quicker than the previous workouts so she reminds you to breathe and take care of yourself.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Let's embody breath center awareness and be efficient with our daily dose today. So this class is going to be a bit zesty and quick. Remember to breathe and have fun. Also take care of...

The Daily Dose: with Sarah Bertucelli


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Thank you! It was quick and awesome.
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Level 2 territory especially with the prone to push up exercise. For any true beginners here I'll admit to being a nearly daily practitioner of 8 years who still can't do it though Sarah's instructions and encouragement gave me the best results so far!  
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This is fun and I liked your style a lot...thank you Sarah
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Fantastic workout .stiff low back for me today so tricky in parts. Thanks sarah
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Adding this one to my "under 30" rotation.
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Liked the pace and the flow of this a lot! Thanks!
Have taken this several times since the challenge and definitely a efficient and fun! 

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