Class #386

Mat Workout Breakdown

20 min - Class


The first 5 mins of this video are intended to inform you about Madeline's approach to the Mat class she gives in class ID# 388. This breakdown allows you to learn the choreography of her spinal warm up here first so you can flow with her in class. Jump to minute 5:45 to get moving. Pilates Anytime is thrilled to have such a distinguished instructor teaching for us.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Mar 09, 2011
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I just love Madeline :) Soo inspiring!! Wonderful breakdown explainations!! Thank you :)
Hi, It would have been nice to just see it once all the way through, I know there is more but still it would be nice to see it flow here.
Is there an adjustment for the first exercise (6:30) for folks with knee pain?
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Karen, if someone has knee pain then the best position is sitting, placing their hands on their lateral/posterior rib cage and feel the breath into the hands rather than feeling on the inner thighs; or you could place a bolster under the pelvis in between the thighs and lower legs and have them sit on the bolster, then you would need to place something under their forehead, like a ball or another bolster to balance out the height of the pelvis. Hope this makes sense!
Madeline, thank you so much for this spinal warm up sequence :) I've taught it to my clients and they love it! They even asked me to write it down for their summer break so they can do it by themselves. I've told them it's yours.. A happy hug from Finland!

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