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Madeline Black

Madeline Black

Madeline's life pursuit is the discovery of how the human body moves. With over 30 years in the field of movement, she is an expert in dance, Pilates, yoga, Gyrotonic®, and fitness training. She has also pursued studies in human biomechanics, human cadaver dissection labs, osteopathic, and manual therapies.
Read More The second edition of Madeline's book, Centered: Organizing the body through kinesiology, movement theory and Pilates techniques was published in 2022. She is scheduled to release a new book in 2024, Pilates Applications for Health Conditions: Programs and Perspectives, co-edited with Elizabeth Larkam.

Madeline developed the Madeline Black Method™, a movement method that improves function and strength based on intelligent assessments, manual techniques, and exercise sequences that help people achieve their fullest movement potential.

Her extensive study and widely respected accomplishments in the field of movement and fitness have fueled her rise as an international leader in movement and exercise education. What sets Madeline apart is her intuitive integrity, articulate awareness of the physical body, and decades of expertise.

Madeline teaches online and operates a private practice in Sonoma, California.
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