Class #3889

Standing Tower

30 min - Class


Focus on weight-bearing work with this Tower workout by Blossom Leilani Crawford. She teaches subtle movements that seem simple but are deceptively quite challenging. She also shows different options for using the apparatus if you don't have a full set-up available.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Tower


Hi everyone. I'm blossom. Laelani Crawford. I'm here to do a tower sort of, um, spring bar routine with you. My focus was, I really know, I know a lot of you have springboards at home....


Just finished this fun session! Thank you! I had forgotten about the lunges (or maybe I was just never good at them) but your cueing was divine! I'm not a dancer but I've been working with my ballerina daughter and I see this sequence in our next session together.
Great sequencing. Your cueing really is precise, thank you!
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Blossom you crack me up!! Plie & just stand, haha Love you sooo much! XO
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I’m going to put some of these exercises in the book of “things that don’t look hard when you’re just watching, but when you try them yourself you quickly change your mind”. (It will be a very thick book). Micro-Pilates! I will be using that term now. Loved the lunge with the punching, and the fencing series!
You're the best Blossom - your classes are always classically creative and fun to watch (& even more fun to do!)
yes....looks are very deceiving....great breakdown!   thank you thank you
Wow that was very fun and challenging too! Great for upper core strength!  Thank you for sharing!!;)
It would be nice if you let us know ahead of time which springs we’ll be using so we’d be more prepared.
I enjoyed her energy! 
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