Class #39

Magic Circle Workout

10 min - Class


A short class utilizing the Magic Circle to challenge your legs, arms and balance. For added challenge, combine this class with your favorite full class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

About This Video

Jan 08, 2010
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Love this.
Love YOU!
This was great but cut off at around 13 minutes. Is there a glitch?
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Andrea~ This is only a 13 minute "short" class. The minute count under the video is supposed to give you more of a sense of how long a video is and because this is one of the first classes on Pilates Anytime, there were less time options available. I have changed it to read 10 minutes now.
Thanks oldie but goodie :)
Don't mind it being short but it ended up with one shoulder and then the second one wasn't captured ...
Karen~ We are looking for the original version of this class to see if we can re-edited it but it may take us a while to find, as it was one of the very first classes we filmed, which is another reason that the quality isn't up to the standard we set for our newer classes. In the mean time, click here to see all of our Magic Circle classes done on the mat. We have 60 right now so hopefully there is something there that will work for you.
Sorry Karen...

Thanks Hannah.
A wonderful little workout with a little bit of everything: works the hole body, and some balance, stretching and relaxation to! The problem with the film mentioned in the earlier comments seems to be fixed (the class is now 15:26 long)
Thanks, Kristine! Great to hear. :)
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