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Lengthen, strengthen, and stretch in this intermediate Arc/Step Barrel class taught by Meredith. Exercises like Scissors, Pike, Chest Lift with Rotation and many more will accomplish all three objectives. Enjoy!
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Feb 22, 2011
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Alright, we're gonna do a step Barrow class today or a spine corrector, either a term you might be familiar with. Um, but first we're going to start with a couple of standing roll down. So just find yourself, let's face inwards. Good. And then shift forward and shift back maybe a couple of times until you find that sense of being really balanced or just over the center of the foot. So find the point of the heel and the point between the pinky toe and the big toe and from that place to enroll tall. Inhale, allow the head to drop to the chest for the standing roll down. Feel the abdominals draw inwards into the spine, so their support boarding you as you peel your spine over your legs.

So allowing the head to be heavy, being careful, softening the knees if you need to. Inhale at the bottom. Exhale as you lift up from the abdominals. Allow the pelvis to just shift a little forward so it stays just over the heels. Guide the spine up until you're returning back to straight. We'll do that just a couple more times in Hilter. Prepare. Exhale.

Reaching the arms down or feeling the shoulder blade. Stay on the back where they belong. As we move the spine, mobilizing it, reaching the top of the head towards the floor, and then inhale, check at the position of your knees while you're down there. They should be facing straight ahead and then peeling back up. Well, we'll just do one more women up the spine, warming up the ABS, linking our mind and our bodies together, preparing for more movement. Let me get to the bottom. Just let your fingertips gently touch the floor.

You could hold your elbows here, kind of bend the knees. It's the soft bend and then stretch the legs, reaching the chest just a little closer to the thighs. Inhaling as you bend your knees, if you are able to go into flat hands, you could do that. It would challenge the stretch a little bit more and easing into it still early on and we'll do three more. And Andy, you'll feel a little engagement through the inner thighs or at least focus on keeping those knees and thighs parallel to one another.

This is three and our last one, stretching to the legs, lifting from the center and we're all the way up again. All right, before we sit down to do some abdominal work, we're going to do a little bit of standing leg work, so we'll, we'll do a chest expansion action with the arms like we normally do. Find some weight into the heels of the feet as you bend and sit back in towards your heels. So right here, just kind of assess, feel the glute, squeeze a little bit, feel that you're shifting, leaning back to your heels. And now we're pressing up with the arms, pressing them to the sides of the body. Inhale to sit back. Exhale to press up.

Finishing the extension of the hip fellowship arms. Move against an imaginary resistance. This warming up through the legs. Don't be afraid to lean back a lot, especially if you're getting a lot of Shin tension. Last four here, using the arms depress and inhale and for us to more last time. All right, holding here. We're going to arise upon to the toes just a little bit.

It's not a high left and we're going to bend again. Same shift back, same glutes, squeeze, come all the way up and and all the way keeping the upper back active, the arms long and straight. So allowing the gays to go with the body. I lost it and here's five and for finishing that hip extension by pressing the pelvis slightly forward. Last too. Add One more [inaudible] I'll allow the heels to come down momentarily. Slide them together. So the rotation coming through the entire hip joint, not just the fee.

Once again, we're lifting the heels up just a little bit and here we go. [inaudible] lean back to press up and inhaling. Just gonna mention the abdominals too. I know that we all know about holding them engaged throughout our politics practice, but let's just remember to pull them back. It's like you're being pulled from your waist by some sort of, I don't know, rope last for him or I sing out and three handle feeling this final length and one more [inaudible] and then we're coming all the way up to drop the hills down.

I'm going to turn this way. Open up the fee. So we've got a wide foot position. Same thing with the arms. Ben, sit back. So the heels dragged towards one another. As you stretch the legs and inhale, press the arms actively and bed and there's a warming up the whole body here. Yeah.

Good. Last five, reaching through the upper back and forth, and three last time. Once we get to the top, we're gonna once again, rise up the heels or rise up onto the toes a little. And then Ben, last set or last double leg set. I'm pressed pulling the hips back. So there's a hinge. Action from around the spine and the hips. Spine stays straight throughout. Last five here, really pressing through those arms. Coming all the way up to straight. Here's three and two and one.

I dropped the heels down into the ground and just walk her feet together. Heading into a calf. Raise parallel feet again. Arms once again, just in front of the femur bones. As you rise up onto your toes, press the arms back. Try to keep the spine lifted as the heels come down, the arms reach down, but a little bit forward and press good and rolling through the fee. You can come up as high as you want. You can also make it pretty small here, so definitely listen to your body, see what it needs and and a five and really last five times one to downward motion. Even on the way forward is going to keep us connected to our back last too and going into prancing so we can find our way onto our toes. One Need Benz that opposite heel touches in. It's up and down, rural in through the foot to go down, up high and try to keep the pelvis squared. If you have any doubt, if it's moving around, just put your hands on it.

I'm going to go five more times. Here's one. One holding on through the abdominals too. Very three for keeping the upper back working and last time and yeah, and then both feet to the ground. Take a breath, rolling yourself to the ground. One last time, checking in with your body. Maybe you'll feel a little lighter.

A little bit more warm and rolling back up. Okay. Okay. Um, have a seat on your barrel facing forward for now with your knees bent in your legs together. You don't want your feet to be real close to you about a 90 degree angle from the hip joint I suppose. And then just reaching the arms out straight, starting with a stretch. So we start sitting tall and then we breathe in and then we just curl down.

So let the back round, let the back unfurl over the arch. Reach the arms behind you. Make a circle with your arms. Allow your head to come to your chest. Bring the arms forward and roll up everyone okay in their backs with that. Okay. Exhaling to come down and give your knees a little squeeze.

I'm feeling the inner thigh staying connected. We were each back circling the arm, bringing them forward and coming all the way up. Three more times rolling back. Feel the sense of Tevye through the tailbone light in the spine as it reaches over the top. Arms forward and up. Last two on undulation to the spines who are around. And then it extends.

And then we start to round and we're up one more. Rolling back, finding a straight back each and every time we lift coming around to the side and reaching all the way. And then just from here we're going to go into into what's called chess left. So we all know chess from the mat. Um, what's different about this is we come from an extended position. So find your way back. It starts in that same arc position. Let your head be really heavy in your hands and as you lift, lift just to a straight line from the shoulders to the pelvis.

Pause and reach back. Exhale. Here's your chance as we pause at the top to let all the air out of the body, it'll intensify the work and reach back and lift. Okay back. If this feels too hard for you, you could have the option of crossing your arms over your shoulders or reaching your arms down in front of you. Here's our last five hole back, full range of motion through your spine for and hang onto the abdominal muscles as we go over the back, as well as when we're lifting up three and to, and one more from that straight, diagonal neutral spine. We're going to come up and over into a curve shape and inhale, come back flat, so I think about this like a crest of a wave.

The abdominals draw back the shoulders, come over the hips and then we find our way to back to straight. Exhale, curl and inhale back and exhale, curl deepening the contraction through the center of the body. Last, I don't know, five, continue pressing the knees together, reaching over the top, spacing out between the pelvis and the bottom of the ribs. Here's three and back to this is our last one. We're going to come through that round. Shame rolling all the way up until we sit up straight and then take the ham that's furthest away from me. Just bring it to the leg that's closest to me. Take the hand opposite hand behind you. Just push up with this fine and gently guide yourself into a rotation.

And then coming back through center. Let's exchange sides. So I use my background to help me extend my spine and then I use both arms to just gently guide me where I want to go. Moving onto a little bit of a bleak worker. We're going to do this in three different sets. So we start all at Helen. You're right, your back is good. Here we go.

We're going all the way over the top. Now this one starts like the chest lift. So we come through the neutral position from neutral reach up and across to one side, center and back. Keep the bottom most rib cage on the barrel throughout. As you reach up and across, back and back again and rotate. It's not really two movements, although it's, I dunno in my mind, almost worthwhile to think of it as shoe cause then you really get the neutral find before you go through the rotation. We have three more to go on each side.

There was a one and back. And here's the one and back last two times to both sides, reaching over and coming back and over and coming back. Here's our last one, like this. Full extension, neutral thin reflection with rotation, neutral flection with rotation. Let's come to center and bring it all the way back to the top. Reach the hands. Just reach them onto the front. So the knees, lift the spine first straight, and then pressing the hands into the knees. Let the chest rise. Okay, so the second two sets we're going to take away the back extension. Okay, so hand cross or hands behind your head.

Find your way back to neutral spine with the shoulders in front of the hips. So it's the same upper body movement. It's just up and across and neutral. Back to center, alternating sides, up and across. Um, pay attention to your pelvis. Should be still. Then three and three. Lovely work. Last two and two. One and one.

Once again, let's reach the arms forward. Roll yourself up all the way. Let the hands come to the tops of the knees first. Just guide yourself up to straight. And then with just a little bit of pressure into the ants, hands into upper back extension. The last set of obliques is the same as that we just did, except we're lifting the leg that we're turning to. So kind of like criss-cross.

Here we go. So find fight everyone. Okay, you'll tell me if you're not right. And so let's come towards me. Pick up that leg and turn and back and turn like just floats up into the body and its tool chest to twist three more to each side on to using that lift of the leg to help us go deeper on our obliques. Last time. Last time here [inaudible] and then back to center. Arms forward. Let's come all the way at this time. Reach your hands behind you.

Just going to point my fingers down the barrel and I'm just going to gently bend my elbows and get myself a little shoulder stretch. Good. Okay. Okay, so the next one is called the reach and what we're getting, we're going to stay sitting. It's kind of like the roll up and if you'll just let me show you one. Um, we'll roll back. The legs are going to ha let help lift the pelvis. So I'm actually clearing the barrel with my hips and then my arms come over here. So if I was on the ground, I would be totally straight.

I'm not going into extension here. From there I reached my arms up just like I would with the roll up and I bend my knees and I that the ending position is as it would be from the floor. Shoulders over, hips ready? Here we go. In healing, prepare, exhale, curve the spine. Start to stretch the legs away. As you unfurl the spine, lifting the pelvis, the arms come just near the ears. There's an inhale to pause. Exhale, guide the knees towards the chest, reaching up and over with the shoulders. Inhale, exhale, rolling back. Letting the pelvis lift up off the arch. Inhale and exhale to curve. So when you get to that lifted position, you're looking for a perfectly straight line. Here we go again.

It's overreach and lift. Use the hips to help you support your spine. Inhale and crural back, creating length in the spine, deriving the knees and from the just underneath the rib cage. Let's do out five more. It's in here. Why does change the breath? Sorry. Exhale. Inhale, pause. Exhale, stretch the annual pass. Xcel, pull and back. All right, last time here. And then from here, let's just take it back into bat.

Upper back extension keeps the hips where they are. Bring the arms around in a circle, reach forward, and then drag the knees. And just like before, I mean all the way up to sitting the teaser. The way this goes is, yeah, I'm going to sit just in the front of my step and I'm taking my sit bones and hook them right over the front edge. I've not done it on those balanced body ones.

So let's see how we go from there. I'm just going to lay your body back. So because I've shifted my pelvis so far forward, there's a great deal of space underneath my low back. Okay. So from there the legs are going to reach straight out and the arms are gonna reach straight out. So once again, in that vertical or diagonal straight line, it's an inhale here. As you exhale, your arms are going to press down, your legs are going to lift your backstage against the nail. So it gets to support you pull your legs way up toward you. And then we go back, there's our inhale. It's an XL to bring the legs right up, see if you can touch your nose with your thighs, shins, something. And again, lifting beautiuful and back. That's perfect.

Tell him with your arms, and again, let's do three more reaching of it. The challenge is the legs, right? To try to sliding. Yeah, see that? That's a good one. Last time. Feel the shoulders, press down, legs lift up. Hold that. Just reached for your legs. Guide them a little closer to Ya. A little closer still so we not have got hollow out.

They have to bring the legs in this class. Here we go. We're going to let go for the a hundred it's in there. Two three, four, five and exhale. How's still, can you keep your body an ex hutch three pulling the abdominals into the baptists. I think we'll do a half set an XL two, three, four, five and two and squeezy as a body. I don't one and XL two, three, four, five. Bend the knees here. Place them down and just help yourself back.

Open the knees out and take a stretch forward. Yeah. All right. Help yourself up. So for the next bunch, we're going to be lying over the top, so you'll have to move your barrels. Either spin them around so your heads are at this end or just move them way forward. So, uh, yeah, that would work except for you need your, you need like your pelvis is going to be here, so wherever your head's going to be in, you need math for. Okay, so move yours that way. Uh, you're probably fine. Helen. Let's just slide it. Perry, can you help Helen? Slide her bail. She just needs enough mat space for her shoulders.

So pull it towards you like that. We're going to go over the top into bicycle and scissors. And that. Oh, okay. So just, I, I think that, I think you'll have enough space. So here's how you get there. I've got handles on the outsides. These um, styrofoam ones have all sorts of little hooks. Helen, your handles are internal. You'd need to use them, you will. But basically when you get over the top, what's going to be on top of the barrel is your pelvis.

So scoot a little perfect. And now I use my legs to help me up. And once I get onto the top, I just slide over the top. Once you get down onto the ground, you want your head and shoulders just comfortably down. Okay? Bring the leg straight on. I'm gonna come up, but I'm you guys, I'm going to get you guys going. Okay? So all we're gonna do here is like a leg arc.

So you're going to start with your legs totally straight, and then you're going to inhale and pull them away from you. Now what you have to monitor here is any movement in the back. Exhale as you bring them back. It's a lot of ab where you just pull right back on and then you can go as low as you can, not arch your middle back. So, and you can use your hip extensors right to stabilize. I'll help you. It don't be scared.

We're going to stay here for a heck of a long time too. So once you get there, you're going be just fine. Yep. So just go forward a little bit even right. Even more. Even right there. Now I'm going to help you, but I want you to bend your knees and put your feet up here and now you're just gonna go over the top. I would hold. Yes. So there's some handles there. Just keeps sliding. And I use your legs to push you down onto your shoulders. Keep going until you're comfortable. You're good. Yeah. Yeah. And now you're going to be good for everything else. So at this, and you just hold that and it stays right up next to you. Okay.

Okay guys, let's do some legs circles. So start with the legs up at the top. Let's go down for us. So the movement you are just doing down, out, around and hit vertical good. And what's nice about the leg circles here is I think that you can feel how much your abdominals have to work, but we can also get that a little bit of a hips flex or stretch as we come down to that low position. So make sure that you're using your hip extensors or your glutes and your hamstrings. And then as you circle to the top, make sure that your vertical and we'll do about four more up and around and three up in squeeze together. So you can do all this with ankle weights, but you could also just create resistance for your own self. Last too and one more. And you're in a room, optimal place here as well. To watch that the legs are moving symmetrically, we're going the other way, it's down, reached together and pull up and down. Reach together and pull up.

Keeping the pelvis rule still using the backs of the legs to support the movement of the legs. Let's say two more and last one. Okay, so bring your legs up. This is the roll over. It's actually kind of a prep for the rollover. It's quite nice. So what I want you to do is start at that vertical position.

You're going to keep your back against the barrel, just fold in half, bringing the five parallel to the floor. Then flex your feet, separate them maybe no footsie, and then maybe a lower them down a little bit, but your back's gonna stay against the barrel. And then we just roll down. Once the pelvis hits neutral, point the feet, allow them to finish the circle and come home in Hilton vertical. Exhale, pull the abdominals back, keep that middle back against touching the barrel, and then just fold in half of the ways you should not feel or see your stomach sticking out. And then polled points. Circles to touch. Inhale up. And I squeeze deeply in folding in half. So it's kind of like the one we did sitting up right open, enrolled on it doesn't need to be separated.

Last year. Oh over flex, open. Good stretch in the back. Good stretch in the hamstrings. Is your leg okay here Deb? Yeah, it really pulls me just kind of go easy with yourself, you know, and then all round. Okay. Alright. With the legs straight up and together we're going to do a tick tock.

So we're going to take the legs over to one side. That's that opposite pelvis lifts up. And then with the obliques we drag the pelvis back to the barrel. Inhale as we go across to the other side, just shifting the pelvic legs across XL. Oh bleaks bring us home. And in here, if see your barrel starts sliding out from underneath, you just bring it back with your arms. Depending on the barrel you have, you may have straight arms or bent arms. It doesn't really matter.

But what does matter is that we've got good, comfortable, relax shoulders. One more time, like this and back. We're going to take it into the basic corkscrew. So once again, we bring both legs towards me. Exhale, make a small exotic I happy face. You go down, you cross over to the opposite side of the pelvis and you slice back to center. Go to the other way in here. Exhale, reach down across, slice across to the opposite side of the pelvis and come home. I get in just a couple more reaching down and a cross and reaching down.

So remember that rotational movement. We're going to revisit it in a little while with the full corkscrew, but before we do that, bring your heel, bring your legs into external rotation for openings. Make sure the tailbones down, open your legs out, push against an imaginary resistance, and then like you're pulling against someone's hands. Squeeze like someone's pushing your legs open and you're having to close. Let's point out and flex back and point reach and flex.

Close point reach, lots of inner thigh, lots of ABS. Wait, reach and squeeze back together. Last four, two Paul and three squeeze SLAs. You, I feel free to go to your maximum flexibility, but also just keep in mind that what's most important is stability. Okay, so into the scissors, you guys, we've all done the scissors having to balance on our arms. What's so great about this is that it holds our spine in the position in which it's meant to be. So take the bottom leg down and reach it way out away from you and then pull the top leg back through. Your body is still the center of your scissor.

Give it a pulse. Pulse change. Let's go slow on first one, bottom leg down. Look for that hip flexor. Stretch top leg up. Look for stability in the pelvis. It's a pulse, pulse and center and here we go for a realtime inhale to exhale, pulse, pulse. Inhale through center and read. Treat, treat. So you want to feel that bottom hip. So we sometimes hear about the glutes squeezing, right to lift up out of the hands. Thinking about this, that it's just the barrel that you're trying to reach up off of breaching and or eating. It's a beautiful stretch in my opinion. I keep your knees straight as another thing to think about.

Let's do one more on each side. All right, here comes the bicycle. I'm going to take us through it slowly. Let's take the left leg down the right leg over the head. Now Ben, that bottom knee, keep the knee facing in front of the hip. Tip a toe. On the edge of the barrel, bring up the bed and he reached down to the straight leg and here we are on the bicycle. So you reach, you find that scissors position and then the bottom knee bends and then it's just a smooth, seamless movement. Again, that bottom that was bottom hip extensors are paramount to get a strong but also to stretch the front of the hip. How about one more in each shirt on each lay, and then here comes the reverse pause where you are. Bend your top knee, pressing towards the ground.

The bottom line comes up straight and then that bend knee reaches out, bend the top knee. It straightens as that top leg swings up straight. And then again, once you've got that movement pattern, just try to create a seamless movement. Pay attention to that bent knee. The one that's going down, make sure it's not poking out to the side, it's reach God or h and or breach. Hello. I don't know where are we? One more and I lied one more here and now we're even here I am.

Okay. So Ah, the helicopter. We're going to go the same direction five times in the other direction five times. So bring your left leg over your body and your right leg to the floor. Now take the right leg to the side, the left leg to this side, hit that side position. Continue to rotate all the way around and then bring the legs back together. Same side again, left leg up, right leg down. Reach around.

Big Movement in the pip, sorry, Candace. And up and reach. And then starts to circle the legs around. And last few times, feel that this is helping you create mobility in your hip joint while you work. Very hard to stabilize. Last one, Gina, around the back and here comes the river.

So the right leg up the left leg [inaudible] we spin around, we hit both points of that side circle at the same time, and we squeeze up open, reach our round, back to scissors and and three to go open. And here's his shoe. Looking for a bigger movement each time maybe. And last one, reach out. Okay, so earlier we did that. I'm that small corkscrew. We're going to take it into a full corkscrew. If you don't want to do the full corkscrew, just stick with that. Just shifting, making a small happy face and coming back.

So what we're going to start with this, come back into that role over a position. This is a position where we keep our back on the barrel. Pretty much thighs parallel to the ground. Unless you can go lower without losing your back. Shift both legs towards me.

Now roll down that side of your spine. Feel that hip. Reach the legs down around, across. Feel the opposite. Hit. Bring the legs overhead and back to center with the mid back against the barrel. We inhale to shift. Excellent. As we reached down around your good, Helen, this is a small circle up in cross and slice.

Back to center a couple more times. Wow. Oh and Yep. She's chasing you. All right. Last time across. Cross down. Reach up. No, they do. So let's see. Let's say it this way.

Do my hips come off the barrel? No. Is the answer. I go to the right. My back never leaves the barrel. But my, this as my legs are to the right and my left hip is off the barrel. And then I swing around, I go pretty low, I cross now, my right yips off and my left hips on and then I head back to center. Does that make sense? One more time. The back stays, I mean it shifts around a bit, but the middle back never really leaves last one. This is it. Okay. And then for one of my favorite stretches, just bend both knees, kind of just relax them towards your body, take the left leg and reach it should down and then just start to relax it down towards the ground. So you're um, put your hips down, Deborah, and then just reach that foot down. So it's like a lunge but lying down, getting the hip flexor stretch everyone feel what I'm talking about.

Okay. And then we're going to bring that bottom leg up. Support with the abdominals is the opposite leg reaches down. It can straight, you can stay bent for a stretch to that front. Yeah. And then the easiest way to get down and how on your good and down already is to just bring the knees into the body and just kinda shift that barrel out from underneath and come on.

Yay. All right. A little bit of full body integration coming up. So there's a little barrel shifting happening. And just so we have the mat, um, you guys are good. Keep your barrels where you are. You're going to be facing away from one another unless you want to see me, in which case, Helen, I think you're going to be fine. I would just leave it. I think it's perfect. Yeah. Stand up. But face, yeah, you're gonna face the barrel.

We're going to do some hip extensor work. So what we're gonna do is just reach forward and put your hands on the barrel. Now if you can't do that comfortably with straight legs, just bend your knees. But what you're looking for as a flat back, that's it, Deborah. Okay. Point your right foot and just reach the right leg down onto the ground, but make sure that the pelvis didn't drop. And then that right left, right leg.

What is it? The right leg. It just reaches out. Like you're going to kick canvas in the head and then down and Candace, you can kick the Cadillac and so it's just um, yeah, kick Deborah. It's just hip extension, real simple movement. Not necessarily as simple exercise or we should feel good work here. What you want to make sure of is as the leg lifts at the body's not arching, so it's a real strong position. I'm going to have a C3 more so isn't this perhaps like that standing scissor with a little bit of balance I believe it is or a balanced help. Hold here Ben. The leg that you're standing on, lean back into that heel and straighten it.

Just careful with your hamstring here Deb. Bend and straighten. Keep that back like really reaching up and back behind you. Turn your right hip forward towards the ground. A little bit. Debt. That's it. Let's do two more or three more and we'll make an even number two and then when, now keep your hands where they are, but rotate the pelvis so that your hips are now stacked. Ben, the leg that's on top and reach it around towards me so it's just another stretch. Okay, stretch that leg back up.

Swing it around, bring it to the ground from there. Put your hands right on top of the barrel. We're going to come back into a plank position. So one set steps back, the other foot steps back and here we are lower down, little easier because we're not having to deal with such a force of gravity. Let's point the right foot and then that right? Like it's just coming up into hip extension. It's the um, leg pull front.

We'll do three more, two more. One more. Now we're going to take that leg and bring it to the side. Keep the body roll stale still. That actually sounded better than the time out and three shoulders reaching down and to and back. Here's one. Bring the leg back. Tuck the toes under. Hold here.

Five pushups small with the elbows pulling to the waist and two and three with the hips. Walk the feet back to where you started. Let's reach down for a stretch or just start standing. Roll up, roll down, Rola. I don't know whether this can come all the way up that if he didn't want to do those on the barrel, you could always just do them on the ground or on your knees. Here we go. How this side got the hands on the barrel, the left leg. This time is going to reach back. Set most of the weight of your body into that right heel and then it's just hip extension that out. Is that the right leg? It sure is and out.

And as the leg lifts up into the air, feel the shoulders actively pulling down the back. Lovely. Last three, two more. And when we're, here's where we're going to hold and bend the leg that you're standing on. Try not to drop that back leg. Put pressure into the right heel or keep waiting to that heel or use the glutes bend and stretch and pull the abdominal zed.

So I'm thinking about the right knee bending, but the left toes are reaching back. Kind of like a bow and arrow sort of a feeling. In my mind we have three to go to [inaudible] and one so as we come up we're going to step that slit down. Step the opposite leg back to meeting. You could also just find your playing position and hold if you want it to. Pointing the foot. The left one, the one that was just lifting in the air.

We just reach it up and down five times. Do this on your knees. How long? Pretty easily. Like this. It would be real small but it works and then we took it out to the side. It's just out and in and too and look for stability in the pelvis for to have two more. Put the foot back. Here's our five pushups. They work here too.

Just down and up and down and [inaudible] he too lazy. Okay, I'll stop trying to health was that four and five and we're up and we're bending the knees, bending the knees to the ground. Keep the hands on the barrel and just sit back into rest position. Taking a stretch for your shoulders doesn't feel good to have your hands on the bale. Take them just outside or next to your body. Just relaxing down for a moment. Yeah.

Okay. Here's where we get into our lateral work. So what you do, and I'm just moving to the, you got the camera can see you need enough room for your leg. So I would slide back this way. You guys are gonna hit hands again. Maybe I'm not touching her anymore. You, you're not going to be on the mat for anything. You're going to be sitting on the barrel. So it doesn't matter where you are, as long as you're not going to run into each other with your own arms. Okay?

So let's position ourselves just right at the front edge. These are fantastic. They feel good after we do the work for us. Okay, so from there go hands behind the head. This is just our side left roll. Simple head heavy in the hands had straight on or we're trying to do is not crunch the waist but reach it up long. Criddle long line in the spine. Good. And then go down.

If you feel this more in the back of your body than the front, chances are the pelvises behind you somewhat. I'm gonna just make sure it's a little bit forward. Squeezing the obliques and release. Look for us stretches you go over the top and then lift and release over the top and left. It's not huge as far as the movement goes, but it should feel like great work. I'm gonna do four more. So one and two.

I'll get the my stretch on this one. [inaudible] yeah, this is it. Okay, so you've got two choices here. You can either keep the body lifted and put your hand down or you can go down a little lower settled bodies a little bit more relaxing as the sidekick just get lifted the leg. You could also hold your head. I'm just gonna put my hand down and bring my like forward and point back and forward. I put my hand on my pelvis just to feel that it's still and back. Oh wait, I'm back. I'm not sure what's best. [inaudible] Deb, Candace has her on yours so you can probably just rest your arm if that works for you and put your head on your hand like this. Yeah, it's a little hip work. Class five and back for two more.

Here's our last one. Okay. Here's the best part. The very best thing about the whole class. Just let that leg re reach out in front of you lower. Oh, all the way down. If you need to support your head, you're more than welcome to take the top arm and reach it over your head. Now pull the leg oppositionally to that arm so you get the stretch right away.

From there, we're leaning back. We reach that top arm. It comes out to a t shape, reaches down towards the straight leg and we start to bring our body back to where we started. Yeah, yeah. We want to be right in the front and um, is your okay, I'll, I'll see. Okay. So what I might do if I were you is just go for like the rest of the stretch or start and then Ben through it and it's fine for the body to move back. Right.

I'm letting my body come back with me a bit. Just do one more. There it is. Okay. And then just help yourself that I'm going to spend mine so I can face forward but you guys can just turn around if you want or you can turn and face me. Helen, I would just turn around. I'll watch you. So we're doing exactly the same movements starting with the side list.

So we starting along position yet. That's why I start kind of in front of the barrel to begin with. All right, so head is in the hands and you could also reach one arm straight out if that felt better to you. And if you did that it would be your top arm. So here we go. We reach out long, the head stays in line with the spine. We take it all the way over the top and reach out long. So what generally happens is the head wants to turn, so don't let that happen.

Use Your top arm to just monitor that. The next thing real straight and strong and down and up and down. Creating a sense of length in the direction of the head. Full straight line from the foot to the top of the head. Lovely. About four more think.

So here's one and down all the way and two, that's a good choice. In theory, I don't that whole abdominal cavity working. Here's our last one. Then we came down for the sidekick and I just had my arm straight out, so I'm kind of recreating this. If I, if I can top play God or you could go here, dad, it just doesn't work for me. And then we go forward with the leg and stretch it back. So just swings and it goes back. There's a little mobility in the hip joint is what we're looking for here.

Keeping the leg straight as the leg travels behind, you. Think about pulling it towards you with your abdominals to balancing on your arm. You got to keep checking in and touch shoulder. Make sure it's down last four and reach and three and reach to. Here it is. That's one. Let your leg go to the ground, reach it away from you. Take your top arm and reach it over your head. You can even pull on it if you wanted to. Some people like that. All right, that's where we go into the circle. Helen, scooch forward so you don't fall off the back when you lean back.

So you want to be right at front edge and here we go. It's a big reach back with that top arm. The body leans back in the direction of the moving arm. We take it back towards the leg and we'd start back from scratch. So we go, let's inhale into the stretch. Exhale as the arm circles around to the start position and again, letting the body be free.

So it's a good idea here. Even though you're looking for a lot of mobility to hang onto your abs, that'll help you to not feel your low back. We have two more and one more. Okay. And then just hand down on the barrel. Help yourself up to a sitting up position. We're going to go actually literally sitting on and just sit up on it like it's a chair little twisting happening.

So make your feet into comfortable position. You could even drop them open if that felt better on your back. Okay, so just hands behind the head. Do just a little bit of the spine twist. So it's an inhale coming towards me on the exhale and it's reach and reach and come home and then turn like you're wringing out your spine and back. Head stays still. All the movements happening around the waist and turn and back. And then again, turn, say three more to each side. It's retreats and home retreat.

I'm adding that second pulse as a challenge of for myself last time. Stay to this side. Take the hand furthest away and just bring it across and just gently guide yourself a little further breathed there. I think tall. Let's take the hand back, bringing it all the way around to the other side. That backhand reaches around towards the front leg.

Just be gentle with yourself. Guide yourself a little taller, a little further into the twist, and then come back. Okay, so we're going to go over the top of the barrel now and here's how it's going to go. Um, you guys scoot your barrels, hello and yours is going to be fine. Just scoot it back a little fine. And then you're going to be lying on it. Maybe turn your step so you can be facing me. You're fine, Helen, as long as you don't mind your forums being on the ground, which is, we're not going to be there long. So what I want us to do, just climb on top so that your hips, your pelvis is real supported by the barrel. So you guys know that we, you know, we often talk about it in the pushup, that sense of working from the back. This is the same kind of idea. So you'll may feel your arms.

But what I'm trying to target more than that as back extension. So just come, come down onto your farms just to prove a point. Just use your arms to push, right? It doesn't feel like anything, right. So coming down now what I want you to try to find is a sense of the elbows pulling back towards the barrel. Now with the shoulder blades start to lift the body or with intention in the upper back. Start to lift the body relied on the hands so it spinal extensors, little triceps, and you stretch the arms. You don't have to go all the way to straight arms and then guide the elbows towards the barrel as you lower your body down. So it's just elbows, back, shoulder blades, and then in. Good, good.

Just checking your real squeeze back here just a little bit right in here. That's it. And then folding back there. We're real light on the hands. It's Nice Deb. Great. It's moving from the upper back about four more. Good. Nice, real great place. So to really tap in, well to the back, it sensors last too.

Okay. So if you would please come back when you're ready and just kneel right behind your bear. We'll only gonna be here for a minute. Just want to talk about what the arms are going to be doing for the next couple of exercises and then we'll get moving. So let's go and find the head. We do this all the time and like twisting and stuff. What I want you to feel is just to sense it and we'll be upside down doing this.

So just be aware of that head in the hands and then without really changing the back, much lift the chest. So that's our back extension. And then you're going to reach your arms up. So try to reach the arms behind you or the best that you can on the, on a backward diagonal rebound the elbows, bring the hands back behind the head and then we'll come neutral and will in essence be folding over the barrel. So that's our arm position. And I just wanted to do that so you could really feel the straightening of the arms with the pulling down and the shoulders. Now position yourself. I'm going about my rib cage now for these next two. Um, the position where you place your body as far as the position.

So if I were to come back forward and try to lift my back v the the more, the majority of the work is going to be where the apex of the barrel is. So I'm sliding back kind of a lot here. My feet are in. Yeah, I'm like right on top of my ribs and it's not real comfortable for everyone. So if it's not comfortable telling me, okay, here we go. Hands behind the head and then take your body over the top. So here we go.

We're going to inhale and lift just to that flat back position. Exhale, the feet stay on the floor, the arms reach overhead, we rebound the elbows, hands back the head, and then we fold over the barrel. Inhale as the chest comes up, exhale is the arms. Reach out to the strength in who has the elbows. Bend the shoulders, draw down and exhale as we go over the top. Inhaling as the head and chest left, exhaling is there. I'm straighten.

Inhale as you rebound and exhale as you go over the top. So here's a modification. Helen, I'll go ahead you guys. So you just start here like fly back and then you can do like one arm at a time instead of the bending and the straightening. So like a swimming. That it, that's it. Good. Okay.

For the grand finale, I'm Helen. I would stick with what you're doing. This one's a bit more back extension. So we were going to go into external rotation with the legs. So it starts to same. You'll recognize it. It's an inhale to left. Now as I exhale, I'm going to extend my hips, squeeze my legs left and extend my back more on my arm. I'd come higher, take my hands back and I take everything back down. Feet to the ground.

So sorry. It's the same feet on the ground, toes apart, heels together. Inhale, lift the back into an long straight line. Exhale, squeeze the legs, lift them off the ground, lift the back more in, stretch the arms up. That's it. Rebend the Elvis hands back if you're going and then fold all the way over. So inhale, its just hadn't chest exhale, it's legs, spine and arms. Inhale, the hands come back. You're still at an exhale. Everything comes back. Let's do one more. Is that getting uncomfortable?

I'm just not in the right place. I'm just experimenting. Okay. And then reaching everything. That's excellent. Hands back. Go over the top. If you're ready to get off, get to ride off. If you need to rest for a minute before you get down to, I'm telling you, you're going to be good. We're just going to end sitting in rest position so you guys could slide your barrels up from out in front of you.

You could put them to the sides of your mat. I just want to stay in with just a couple of deep breaths. We're gonna let the spine rest over the size. Let the arms rest down and in this position, just feel that as you breathe in, the entire trunk has a chance or the opportunity to get larger to expand. And as you exhale, just gently let that go and feel ease in the body and maybe a release of tension.

Your hands can go down here, your feet at the, you don't want them over your head and just inhale, expand the trunk. I feel a sense of light. Yes. And as you exhale, maybe allow the hips to just reach a little heavier towards the heels. We'll take that one more breath, one more time in here, and letting all the tension out of your body as you exhale. And that's it for today, guys. You're all done. Thanks for experimenting with me.


I liked having an arc barrel class that's a little more advanced. thanks, elizabeth
I posted this on the wrong class earlier, Meant it for here. This class was exceptional btw!! My question is I have the foam arc like the ones used here. My hubby has used it a few times and hes 6'2" and around 203 in weight. Since then when i get on it , it starts to slip apart at the connestions. So now I can really no longer use it! Is this supposed to happen and does anyone else that has one noted this prob? I am going to have to repurchase a new arc..heavy duty of course!! Thanks, Jamie
Jamie, you might have one of the older version Balanced Body Arcs. I have 2 like that and 2 newer ones that connect more like a puzzle piece. I actually used large strips of velcro to keep the old ones together and it works well.
Jamie, Lots of people had this problem. Balanced Body sells a retrofit kit to fix it. Give them a call or do what Bronwyn did because that is basically what the retrofit kit is.
I just got my arc for Christmas- what an amazing class- the back extension exercises were fantastic. Thank you!
Merry Christmas Patti! What a wonderful gift.
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It’s been too long since I’ve worked on the spine corrector. I enjoyed this class so much. It flew by. Great standing work. Fun throughout. Added to favorites. Thank you! 
Lacey M a pleasure!!

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