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Hip-Focused Mat

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Enjoy a break from the norm in this class. Kristi changes the standard leg position of several exercises and teaches them in a "butterfly position." In this way, she begins to focus on the hips throughout the class. The class emphasis is on strength and precision with occasional attention to flexibility.
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Mar 16, 2011
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Look alive people, and while I'm following her, have a seat. I'm following Emily dealings. Funky. Oh my gosh, ARD, spunky. I'm going to try to live up to spunky and I'm thinking that's not going to be an easy deal. All right. Holding on LinkedIn your spine. And so if the word given to me was strength, um, decide what strength means for you tonight. Is it going to be the exercise itself? Is it going to be coming from someplace inside that helps you feel solid?

I dunno. Inhale, stay up tall, exhale and make yourself light by engaging through the middle without shrinking. Inhale, lift. I haven't done anything yet other than intend to be long, stable, supported, rooted into the mat from the sit bones. This time we'll move just a little bit. In fact, don't move the shoulders, just the pelvis on the exhale. Roll the hip bones back just a little. You'll barely see anything cause we're not moving the shoulders. Inhale, stack the spine. The truth is you'll get a little bit of adjustment. Exhale, pull the hipbones deeper into the body, but don't lean back at all. Not even a little bit. Inhale up.

So it's as if you're just taking the natural curve of your low back and flattening it out by drawing the hip and deeper to the back of the body. Inhale, lengthen. One more time like that. Restack changing the position a little bit. Soles of the feet together. You might have to sit up tall again. Yeah, the hanging on top or to the legs. And again, your inhale. You guys are lit up. Subdued dutifully. Exhale, feel the hip bones drop into the body, but I haven't rolled back yet. That should be relatively intense and a contraction.

Inhale from the as if I came by in your low back and lengthen. Do from the base up. Exhale, draw back again. Try not to sink down either. Inhale, so in other words, don't be worried about seeing anything. Just feel that contraction. Exhale, some movement is going to be there. I realize that. But you can minimize it in Hylo. LinkedIn, let those emails be deep. Exhale, it's slow, but it's moving.

It's intense. Hopefully on its way to being intense. Inhaling, vanilla, Mandy, there she is. Okay, so the same exact thing. Take your right hand to your left knee. Say if you are here, you're now here. From there, you're tall. Exhale, just drawing the hips up back on that diagonal so you're not gonna see it, right? And then stack and exhale, pull back too. And so the hands are there as a support, as a brace. You're welcome to use them. You might as well use them, right? Pop those elbows out to the side and feel the whole arm engaged.

The lat engaged and back. Come back up. Inhale, bring. Both hands are actually just switched sides. Exhale, draw back. Now as you do this, see that you're even on your sit bones. Not so easy, right? You don't want to roll off a sit bone. It's just the rotation of the upper body that's creating the sense that you're using your oblique smart because you are inhale, lengthen, and and then up come back to center. We'll make it a little bigger. Exhale.

Start at the same way and then allow the arms to extend. Roll. Hmm. I'd say about mid back. You can lift your feet. You can address them a little. Inhale, exhale, come forward. Keep the curb, hold the hip bones back, and then stack your spine up. Exhale, feel that sense of hipbones dive back. You know where you're going to go, but we don't necessarily want to anticipate it. Inhale, exhale, hold the hips in place for as long as you can and then stack up. So in other words, it'd be real tempting to go, okay, I know I'm going back there and start going, ha, make your upper body follow what's happening with the lower body.

Now as you look forward here, press down on the thighs with your hands. Press the shoulders down. Inhale, don't come up. Go forward, forward. Don't come up just forward. Now you can come forward, right? Is that distinguishable? What I'm trying to do there? And I'm go off. No, who is that or no? Oh, you loved it. Oh, thank goodness. Okay, so in other way. Okay, good. Then I won't say it again, but press, use the upper arms and go forward.

Make your trunk shrink that direction for a moment. Then of course you have to just follow the line and then use your hands to help you out. Let's do it again, Deborah. Here we go. You can start pressing now if you want to. That should help with the neck pull. Wise itch. Well let's, let's give it a try, shall we? Not quite yet. Not quite yet. While we're here, we might as well take advantage of the lovely opportunity to extend the upper back. Being mindful that we're not really trying for the low back and exhale. You can be kind of dramatic coming out of it. Good.

Get to the low back down. Inhale, pressing down with the collarbones. Exhale, press forward. Shrinking forward. Keep pulling the belly back. Find the knees and stack. The spine must work. If we did it off to one side, come towards the front of the room. Exhale, it's a down. It's either one hand over the other. That might be uncomfortable. You can just press where it feels okay or even think about pressing. You don't actually have to put pressure there. Inhale, exhale. We're coming up.

Hold the hips in place. Hold them in place. Find the knee, stack your spine, get a little tiny bit of extension there at the top, and exhale we draw back. So there's so much of this work. Keep doing. What we're doing is energy. Dispersion is where you put your intention. Okay? You can create a resistance without ever adding a prop. Our toy, often they're good for help, but right now we'll use the leg that's, that's here. Collarbones check it out. Inhale, exhaling up. Keep those hip bones back and now we'll follow that line up into extension.

One more. Would that be four? Okay, good. Let's just stay here for a second. Check if you're even right so you haven't hiked one hip even. It's nice and even if it's not checking up, both arms will go up. Exhale, press down now. Press down from under the armpit. Inhale, do it again. Press down one more for three.

Holding it there. I just sort of naturally hooked my thumbs at whatever works for you. Keep together gently reach forward. We're not coming up yet. One barely release. Exhale, reach two. Hips are still level. Yes, three on this. Fourth one would come up. Here it is, bind your knee when you want to and then use it to stack your spine while you're here. Just continue rotating. Use your hands.

The one on the leg, one behind you. You're upright. Okay. Try not to lean back. You said backhand for help. Then as if you need to hear something over your shoulder with the Oh, that's not going to come out well with the ear that furthers from that thing you want to hear. Okay, so just look over your shoulders really what I'm trying to say, but I'll give you a demo of that later if you think I'm going to look back there. It's a different sort of sensation in the neck rather than if you try and take that ear and here over there and unwind. Okay? Come to the other side. Find your knee, find your leg, double check that you haven't rotated. I'm going to ask you all to look at yourself that you didn't turn and let the hip hole as a office out of whack. Here we go. Tell we go all the cues. Just get better down, down, down.

Check it out. You're all nice and level in him. Put a little pressure there. Exhale. We come up trying to resist your way to the top and lengthen up. Go ahead and add in that little bit of extension and down we go. Try to feel that opposite or the lat over there, right? Press into the leg.

You can play with where you put your hands. I don't have a science. I just made it up a minute ago. Come on and [inaudible]. Yes. Are you even two to go and exhale. Good. Okay. Deborah, with the hip and up we come and lengthen. Trying to just isolate through the, Oh Bleaks a bit. Nice, Sandy.

Nice extension. I forgot to do it. Check your collar bones. They're going to want to creep up a ground. You have just because the hands are so close together. Not to mention every other reason it tries to, ah, we're up. We went down, we stayed down. All spinal movement. Take a peak at your hips.

They're going to try and shift on your little. They should be level as if you're doing a regular roll down both arms up. They can be a part at the hands if you want, or link for thumbs. Exhale PRS from under the armpit. Inhale, think about, I'm going to give you just one more. When your arms raise at things like that, you're going to curl up. Start to almost lift up your upper body and stay there. Arms are soft, but still there. Exhale, reach the ribs toward the hips.

One pretty small to three. Don't forget the breath. Here we come up. Four, keep going. Oh, come on, come on. Come on. Find your leg when you want it. [inaudible] stack yourself and twist. Go ahead Emily. Why don't you lean forward a little more, aren't there you go. And then while you're here, everybody just sink a little except for Aaron.

Lordy, the little more chest. Everyone else. Yeah, right. If you sense that I'm stolen cause I can't remember what's next. You would be right. Come back to the center I think, right? That's that.

I was just pausing what the year where you were doing that. Right? Good. Alright, here we go. Roll down. I was like, I'm sure I was bluffing about something. We're going mid back again. Mid back. Check your shoulders. If you were looking straight ahead and you lifted your arms, nothing needs to change. Okay? Keep your arms there right under your chest. Start to fold more just there. Just think about it. Just think about it. Yeah, that's all I think about it more. Okay, now bring your arms forward and roll up partway. Come back down, lift up one leg. Think it, start to lift the other.

And if you feel yourself rocking, like you're going to tilt your back, bring the foot in closer first and then both legs up. Reach forward with the upper body, but keeping the shoulder blades down will start to lower the legs. Pick them back up on the exhale. You can support your head at any time. Okay, back. I think that's a good idea. Let's do that. Press the head your head back into your hand. Oh boy. Now think about how the breath could help you.

Just what he's always talked about. The breath. Don't tighten the legs. You don't need to and keep the, take the legs all the way up so the toes point to the ceiling. Let your head come down, curl your chin towards your chest, feel the back of the head are pressing into your hands and the shoulders or armpits and reaching towards your waist. Come back down. Okay, so for a moment, even now, press the back of the head into the mat, the shoulders to the waist. Start to curl up, keeping that sensation. So maybe you feel the bones of the ribs or something pressing down and forward. Let's go down one more time like that.

You can alter the legs if the position doesn't work for you. Kind of mix that part of it up for you a little bit and down. Let the knees bend a little more place in back on the ground in that position. Arms down by your side. Okay. You're going to want to bring the feet in a little bit closer so that you can put pressure on the outer edges of your feet.

Press the entire back of the arm into the ground. And from here, we're level in the pelvis to start. If you're not, get there now, start the exhale and do a pelvic curl. Yup, go ahead. You're all right. Shake it out. Ah, lovely. Inhale from the top of your spine. Exhale, articulating just as much. It does feel different. The range is different. Scoop into it a little more. Again, if that doesn't work, you can flex your feet. If it feels like that's a better position for your ankle, that would be okay. Not quite as pretty, but it's all right. I can live with it and down.

Here we go. Okay, and you inhale. Feel the abdominals. Pull the pelvis toward the sternum. As you roll up and down, up and back. You're back. Deep scoop right there. Last one, and don't forget the arms. You might as well use. Impress him into the ground. Let them help stabilize you.

Inhale, try to connect the toes. If you can. Exhale and down. We are going up. One more time. Inhale, exhale to roll. When you get here, there's a sensation hopefully of you gently trying to encourage the outer thigh toward the floor, the hips toward the ceiling and the spine. Long tip pressing in the floor. We're going to lift the right leg up. Keep the angle of the knee, just lift it up and bring it back down. Same leg again. It's slow. Exhale, scoop as if the leg was being picked up by the abdominal. So nice and slow.

Same like three. We'll be changing the legs. Here it comes. Take your time. Exhale, keep the pelvis level and bring it down. And to recruiting those outer hips or lateral rotators. Here's three among other things, right? Put it down. Inhale, check, hips level, roll it down. Exhale, and from here, curl your head, neck, and shoulders up. As you roll up. Extend your legs. Keep them turned out. Stretch forward. Take a stretch, draw the hip bones back like you did in the beginning of class.

We roll down and bend the knees so you're going right back where you came from. Take the arms overhead, and here we go. You know, so I'm just giving you an alternative. Straighten the legs out for these first few. Take a stretch to the roll up. All right. You can always add the regular end if you prefer and we bend enrolled. Now if that is going fine and you want [inaudible] slightly different, maybe more challenging version, don't straighten the legs, exhaling up, but you will stretch all the way forward.

Keeping the shoulders back away from years and Poland roll back. Good. Good things to watch for that you don't get into hunching the shoulders just because we are letting ourselves go forward. So right here, your shoulders never change. They never change, meaning they don't get to wrap more forward. Can we go a little faster and stop at the shoulder blades? So we'd go down to N up all the way forward, two and down. Two N two I'm thinking inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale or just one long exhale. One long inhale.

But at some point it'll be hard. We'll go on for four more. One and two. Feeling yourself smoothly. Roll through. Sorry. Liking what Andy's version, keeping those arms up and before finishing it all the way forward. Hold this stretch forward. Maybe draw the feet in closer for more of a hip stretch. Yeah, that sounded very good. All right, we bring ourselves up and while we're here we're going to take advantage once again of the upper back pressed soles of the feet together.

A inner thighs are helping to do that. Press the arms or hands into the legs. Lengthen your spine just by allowing it to be. And from there we lift stern and we lift the eyes. We don't lean back, but we do arch the upper back as we continue to pull the shoulder blades down. Take right arm or left arm up. Doesn't matter which, bring it down and keep your body where it is. Keep looking up Marie lift in case you lost any other side up.

And, and with that fold the knees up together. Continue pressing into the legs. Okay, I'm pushing into the legs. Legs are together and I'm pushing my legs outward. But you're not going to see them move out right from there. Your hands can move cause you are gonna move. You're gonna roll down. Yup.

Good. And then come back up. Just a couple. Just want to give you that sense and roll down again and come back up. All right. From there, hands on the ground. Shift your hips. Sit on your left hip. We'll all be going different ways. Sit on your left hip, your favorite family, your favorite cross, right, right ankle over left. Right. That one should work for everybody. So as far as sitting on your hip, everyone's going to be a little different. I'm trying to not just have you off balance as much as you can with allowing the legs to drop down.

They're not going to be totally down like you have an Aaron most likely, but so that also you can get your body to go forward. Okay. So for me it's about there. This right cheek is almost touching. No, that's fine. Just like that. Yeah. Yeah. I really don't want both of them to be touching. Yeah. Okay. So we're knees are going left, right?

And the upper body is going across there. Everybody's going to the right. Yeah. Here we go. Ready? This will be worth it. Squeeze and hold. We're rolling down and we roll it up. When you get to the top can rotate a little more and roll down. I'm inhaling. Somewhere around here, I start exhaling.

I make it appear easy despite what you all know to be the truth and down and up and twist. If it's not hard enough, hands behind your head. Oh good. Just told me hard from Mandy and Andy are hand happy. I'm going back. That must be six. That's five, five or six. It's enough. Okay. It's enough. Enough doesn't work. All right, let's do enough on the other side in just a moment. Come all the way down.

I'm not done with you here. Hands behind your head and as if you're not. If your knees haven't dropped over, let them drop over more now and we're just lifting with a bit of a rotation. So it's almost the same position. We're just not getting up on purpose. Of course. Yeah, I know you're all advanced and I'm going to still suggest that you press your head backwards. Don't, I'm not talking about your neck so much.

Just pull it into your hands and then feel how much deeper you can get into the actual dominal wall. Right. You got to think about that sometimes. All right. Okay, good. Come back to center. Oh, we better come up one more time. Reach the arms out. Grab the leg. Totally appropriate. Here we go. Switch to the cross the legs. Sit on the other glute and hope this is your good side. I mean your easier side. They're both good sides, right? They're both good sides. Of course.

What was I thinking? Wow. Look at that. All right. Right. Look it. That's hard the way you're doing it. You happy? Great. What I'm talking about, he's way up here, right? That's the equivalent of putting your hands behind your head and I think he does that too. How's that for a challenge? Here we go. Down we go. Oh, okay. So the converse is also true. If you need a little more help, stretch your legs out and down. Good, good, good. So that opposite, but she gives off.

Yup. Good. I didn't mention it, but if another way to give yourself help. Yeah, tell me. Give me the 10 Oh, we did six. Good. I know we didn't do 10 I know we didn't do 10 but I was going to say if you do need a little additional help, you can hook the ankles and use them. If you're getting any good at it and more used to it, you'll tell me when that's six. I skipped one or two myself. One more. Then you lighten up on the ankles and do it without, right. Last one. Okay.

Then come on down. Take your hands behind your head and we press one. Ah, let's do this. Curl up a little. Curl up. What you think is your height is keep the exact height that you have in your spine with the exception of your head or your neck, and press it back into your hands. Then tiny bit curl more. It's mostly intention and from there, use the breath to scoop and watch the abdominal shift. Feel that rotation working through the abdominals without needing to see a whole lot of movement. This one. I'm pretty sure we did 10 good.

Someone tell me when that is. Seven and 10 when, if you've done your 10 then you get to be done and roll up. I'm going to follow this one being 10 arms extend up. We come over allowed to have fun. We're supposed to have fun, right? Good. Unwind. Yeah. Stretch your legs all the way. Lean back on your arms for a moment. Just comfortably. And by comfortably, I don't mean slouch right. Ever, which would be probably a little more comfortable. Alright, so just for a second point, the toes and book add and that just means the tops of the feet are long, gorgeous, gorgeous. How can you guys can do that so easy.

So Emily just don't do the final toe part. Good. Okay. Then flex the foot, the whole foot. Push to the Hills. Go ahead. Go ahead. Yeah, really bring the toes back now. Yup. And then reach through to the long top of the like gorgeous. Just like that. And toes first through the ankle. Flex and point.

And then find a relaxed foot. Separate your feet a bit. And just circle the ankles five times, not just the toes, right? The whole ankle. So the leg will move. Let the leg move a little bit in the hip joint. Reverse it, waking up the feet as they relate to the hip that you've just been working slightly differently. All right? Then feed together pointed toes, and from here we're going to roll down. Take the arms around to either a T or a low V. palms up, pressing the back of the arm into the ground. Stabilize the pelvis, take your right leg straight up. Okay. If you want to bend the leg, start by bending the lower leg. Then reach this sit bone, right sit bone toward the left knee.

Give yourself that and try to draw the leg in closer to your nose. All right, full circle. Here we go. Across the body. Inhale around same direction. Exhale and inhale. There's a bit of a rhythm and exit trying to create an anchor in the body and exhale one more cycle so that the leg can move freely. Finished this exhale and changed directions. Inhale around, exhale around the bottom leg is helping you by stabilizing and three more cycles. Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Was that three? God, I should know that Ben the knee. I should be paying attention to myself if I expect you to. I understand that.

Oh my talk of not anticipating. Good. All right. Cross the knee over. Take a stretch for the moment. Looking in the opposite way. Yeah. Ah, yeah. Lots of talking today. Come on back and slide the leg down on the mat. Adjust your hips. They probably got shifted. Stabilize, so you feel that even now, the backs of the legs, both of them pressing into the ground, not just the heels, but the backs of the legs are trying to press down the pelvis. Can you create the sensation of drawing the abs in and up here?

That sort of zipper feeling. Alright and F other leg up. Reach it. Take a minute. If it feels tighter or Cod or anything, you can always pull up downward on the leg into the hip socket for a little freedom. Here we go. Crossing the body. It's inhale around, same direction. Next inhale. There's a interesting little thing that goes on here. I think you've got to be controlled but not so controlled that you can't move.

And I think that's sort of the the challenge and pull out. He's at this level and inhale, one more side. Exhale, changing directions. Dig it around. You inhale and exhale, right? It's a possible to be too controlled in the movement sometimes, and this is a really good exercise for all levels really. And inhale, last one, exhale, bend the knee and cross it over. When it fills time [inaudible] practices, we, we have to be somewhat cautious not to build ourselves into a cage of repetitive movement. So sometimes is good to move faster. Sometimes it's good to move slower, sometimes is good to move somewhat out of control with the exception of the core. All right, back to right. Let's go into shoulder bridge here. Speaking of continuing to work the hips, I can't do anything right.

Everything gets a moan out of you guys. All right, go ahead. You don't. You exhale. Peel yourselves up. We've got our feet. What sits bones? Distance apart. Enjoy the stretch here cause you're going to get one or hopefully, in fact, let's stay here for a second. Press the arms into the ground. Strong lady, and I do mean the whole arm. Okay? If you can't get the wrist, something to work on, but get that upper arm in the shoulders from there. Draw. Drag your butt towards your heels as you continue to tuck your pelvis.

I know you think you're there and you've already done it, but do it again please, please. Of course from there, press the left foot, the whole foot into the ground. Really push it. Okay? Do it to the right side and minimize the change in the pelvis. There might be something. There's that right? Whole foot, whole foot, whole foot. Are you pushing on the outside of the inside? The whole thing. You guys are so good. There's no fries.

Just switch. Switch. I'm surprised you didn't go abs. That's what most people do. Ask them a question, why am I [inaudible]? Of course switch switch again. I've done it twice now wants to, each leg are twice to each leg. All right. We're back to the level and of course the whole foot and the abs is working. We're going to drag the hips toward the heels a little more and get a stretch through the front, and of course the hamstrings are probably on fire from there.

Pick up the right knee. Don't straighten it. Just pick it up. Bring it right into your nose. [inaudible] come on. Don't change the hips. Press the left foot into the ground. Get higher. Come on now. Inner thighs, both inner thighs. Extend the leg to the ceiling or beyond. Beyond. Yeah. Why not take that leg slowly down. Reach it to the point you can without changing your back.

You might get to the ground. You might not then bend it and put it back. Yeah. Do you need a rate and let's go halfway. Halfway down. Roll back up. Alright. If you need to. All right. Let's start by pressing what's a right foot into the ground? Both triceps into the ground. Come on, come on. Come on.

Then left foot in the ground. I haven't lifted the knee yet. Oh, we're back to that first part. [inaudible] you S yeah. Maha. I'm going on my request switch again. Switch again. It is likely that one glute connects more easily or perhaps I'm projecting, but anyway. All right, we are leveling out, right? We're going to drag our what feet this time towards our heels. A no, I did both. I didn't bolt. I'm going. I'm not done. I'm with you. The thinking handy cause I do need help. We are level right.

You've done your tuck, your pulling your hips towards your heel, uh, hips toward your butt this time. Keep that. Lift the left leg up right to your nose. Right to your nose. Oh, what are you doing with that right side? Come on, keep lifting. Keep lifting. Bring that knee and more inner thighs. Extend the leg up. Slowly start to reach it. Think of that right foot for now.

Glute long going all the way to the ground. If you can do it without your back changing and then put it back in place. Inhale, there's your shoulder bridge for tonight. Roll down. It is for hip extension, so I'm hoping that is what you feel. Be careful picking your knees up, but do hug them in.

Yeah, well we could. We could do the whole thing, but I think we've kind of made our point, so to speak. I don't know why it's helping me to flex my feet. It doesn't actually make total sense, but I suppose it's all one muscle anyway. All right folks, it's time. Yep. It's time for the a hundred yeah. No, I know you're lying now. I know you're lying. All right, folks. Here goes, so you've got your hug, right? Curl your chin to your chest. Pop the look. I got all serious on you.

Elbows to the side. Press. Feel your arms for change. Feel them working. Okay. Then use your press of your hands to press your spine into the ground and curl forward again like you did earlier when you were reaching forward more, and now press the tailbone into the ground in him. Keep that feeling of spine and tailbone out and start extending your legs. You can take a more ever you want. I'm going to leave the arms relatively still.

Reach them forward and up. As the hands go up, the shoulders are reaching down. Press down. Exhale. Do you still feel your hip extensors? Try to not, not. They're not the point, but they're there for help in heal three and exhale. You can do both and you heal four. Don't move the spine though. Inhale five only if you have work with the hip extensors.

Will this feel good as your legs press down. You're contracting through the glutes. Number seven, don't let it go to your neck or back. It's worth a break. I'm throwing lots of different stuff to you, right? It's making you have to think about what I mean. And that's gonna make your neck take over a little more cause you're having to pay attention. Nine great. 10 bring the legs up, grab onto the right leg, left leg to the ground and stretch. Head down.

Hmm. Wherever you can. Relatively comfortably hold. Preferably not right behind the knee, but it's actually a pretty good spot right below the knee or it kind of indents a little. If you grab there, keeping the leg straight pulled down into the hip socket, so unloaded a bit. You don't have to pull as close to you as you want to. For now, just pull down, find some space in the hip joint. Then play with play with allow the five bone to turn outward.

It looks like I'm doing it with my hand, I'm not, and then bring it back from right up where the leg meets the hip socket. Turn it out again. Hold it there and whatever. You can take a big inhale. Exhale, keeping that gentle space, that downward pull. Allow the light closer to your body, not at the expense of the lower leg and hip lifting. That doesn't do anything other than make you think you're stretching more.

You've got to keep the leg down and the hips down, even if you have to back up on the leg. Oh, back up a little bit. Turn it back to parallel if you changed it with me and bring it in again. Find the separation of the leg where it meets the pelvis and allow your body to stretch. I challenge it a little bit. Take a deep breath. If you can move the hands higher up and want to challenge it. Do makes sure the shoulders stay where they started.

Right. All right. Release that from the other Lega and change. Oh, all right. Find a good spot. This'll feel good, right? Pulling directly down so I'm not at maximum stretch. I hope you're not either. You want to kind of unload a bit, find some room in there. We turned it out a little bit. We brought it back.

It's probably a good idea to keep the like straight so you can really feel what you're doing and we brought it back. All right. We took it out and we held it eventually. [inaudible] and then we allowed for don't think to pull the leg closest to you, not with your hands or your leg. Just allow the weight of the hands on the back of the calf or on the calf to start drawing towards you. Reaching the top edge of the leg bone downward into the floor. The other end up towards through the ceiling and it's, it's a good thing to kind of, how much further can I go?

I'm not saying pushed to your max. I'm saying, Hmm, do we go where we only go? Let's see what more we can do. That's what this work is all about. And all parts back off a little. Let the light come back to parallel and then one more time. Bring it in class. Do a little check about what the lower leg is doing.

It doesn't have to work hard, but if it's flopped out to the side and not doing anything, you're not maximizing what you could be getting. Right? All right, then release that. Take it to tabletop. Sorry for the late call on that. Draw the other one up to tabletop. And from here, remember we pressed on the legs earlier.

This is what will be good for Debra is teaser prep or teasers. Alright, so we try for like staying tabletop. It's absolutely fine if the thighs have to drift away from you. Just try not to extend the legs. Here we go. Squeeze the glutes. Inhale as you curl up. Let's all grab on just for a moment.

Keep the glutes squeezed and extend your spine. Beautiful. Aaron, if you look at me, you guys look very nice. I've gotten, it is universal with the exception of my neck line looking at you. Here we go. We roll. You can continue holding on to push the back of your legs into your hands and how intensely can you engage the abdominals. Keep the butt tight. I'm telling you it works and up we go. It's kind of hard to remember that that is part of the powerhouse in an exercise like this, but it will save you every time.

If you rely only on the abs and hip flexors for one, you'll be walking around like a Neanderthal and for two it's not very balanced in for three, why would you not help yourself? All right, so now you know the feeling or if you think you know the feeling like, Oh, so I have the sense in my head that I'm pushing my legs away from me. Of course I'm not moving them, but it helps me to use that and okay, as we're here, just set the feet down right where they were. Extend the right, the lane closest to the back. Roll down all the way. Squeeze the inner thighs now in glutes. Reach back. Tap your head. Inhale, you coming all the way up to the toes.

Keep the shoulders in line with your collar bones. Lengthen the arms up. Turn to that leg. One in year. Yup, that's right. That's right. Come back and down, reaching back overhead. Inhaling up. Exhale, extend. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, back to center and down. One more time. Squeeze the inner thighs. You can slightly turn them out if that, if that helps too.

You inhaling all the way up. Get forward on at first. Then lengthen. There's your exhale. Inhale, rotate. Getting longer out of your low back. Good. Back to center. Exhale and down. Bring the leg down as well. Reach back, extend the other leg. The knees are bolted together, so don't let them come out of alignment. You inhale as we roll up. Inner thigh, glute, glute, glute. Reach forward first. Then exhale. Inhale, center, exhale and down. There's another way to do this.

If you feel like you're getting all leggy and not getting your back extension, what you can do instead is you can do that first extension if you want, but you can bring them back down and twist here sometimes at the better form, right? Center and down and inhale, reaching all the way up, finding the foot, straighten out your back. Exhale. Sorry. That was the inhale last time. Inhale and exhale. One more time, right? No, but the foot down. Is that right? That's right. Thank you. All right. From there, just turn onto your side face front all the way. Yeah, lie down. Perfect. Okay. Setting yourself up for just the side leg lift.

Not just such a good one. All right, so we'll go all the way down. Your hips are stacked, your legs are long. Maybe let the legs be a little bit in front of you for this one. Um Hmm. Length in the waist. The best cue I have at the moment. Take two fingers. Reached down at the lower edge of your abdominal wall. Make sure it's involved already. It's committed the whole time.

Top edge is the focus. Exhale and lift whore and and and just doing six reach long three take those fingers and make sure you're not doing it with your legs. The legs are as soft as they can be here. Yep. That's that, that good from there. Set the feet down. Cross the one in front of the other. Bend the knees. Here we are again. Yep.

Might as well do them close together in the weeks so that we actually do get stronger. So what we did, what I was, I just bent the knees a little from where they were crossed. The top leg in front, the top arm is going down. Aim for your sternum. You may need it a little higher. Okay. So from here, turn the bottom hand over cause we're going to use it for help initially we try to stay in this plane so we don't all rotate. Here we go. You draw the bottom, top shoulder down. Abs are already engaged and you start to lift death like so little lateral flection. Yup. And then down. Okay. Do it again. Minimize the hand. That's on the ground of know, minimize the straight arm on the ground and uh, and if it's fine, you can either stay that way or now turn the Palm up, keep the bicep glued to your ear. Oh, and up and down.

And it becomes a tricep slash oblique dream for sure. Picks for sure. For sure. For sure. Absolutely. Yes. That's three like that, right? Six has gotta be enough for you. Remember your versions, right? Stay in good form. Here's five nice. One more time. Let the spine Ben. Right. Keep the hips on the ground walleye. Fabulous. No big deal. Stretch your legs out. Take the top leg behind you. I'm just making a little V and stretch that top arm out. As you reach the leg, it's good to have the leg on the ground as you stretch. Enjoy.

Let you back arch. Do what feels good. Go ahead. Yeah, great. And with that, come on up to your elbow. I'm going to stay on the forum today, but you could take it out to the tip of the elbow where you're really focused on stabilizing through the Latin shoulder. You're still going to be focused on it here. Top leg lifts up for fun. Just slightly tuck your tailbone out behind. You just leave it like that.

Reach longer. I mean we're usually like you probably feels out of alignment. It probably is. Enjoy flexing. Kick hard one, two and back one. So for this version we are staying really still right. Go ahead and let them once again, leg be swinging. Swing. Nice. Got you. I love it. It's beautiful. He practiced a whole weekend with your booty bar girl. Take it forward.

Hold it forward. Okay. From there, I don't know how to show you this. It's like you take your finger in the crevice and that's not gonna work. You're all forward. And then pull the tailbone out from underneath it. So it's like a right angle. Yeah, at the hit. From there you can release the hand, lift the heel and on straight line up and down. With the heel.

You could almost lift this arm off. Almost 10 will come. Seven. Thank you. Hey huh. Thank you. Nine and 10 take it to the back. Find the stretch, put the foot on the ground for a second. Find the stretch. So you sweep that like way back. Tick the top hipbone reach it forward. You're going to get a little twist. That's okay. And then keep that, but open up the chest again. Leg comes up and draw the abs back in.

So you want to feel glute right and lift one lift. Yeah. Along your seven eight N nine 10 and from here, keep it back there. You know, might put your hand on the thigh so it doesn't travel forward as you bend it in. Okay, let go of it. Bring it forward. I love what Nia Dre and I think Monica does is to hold here and stretch it out. You can pull your abs in, you know, hold the leg there when, let go of the arm and take it back. Way back there. Draw it in.

Bring it forward. I'm doing it every time. Okay. Be careful and take it to the back. Stop there. I'm going to reverse it. Go forward. Just bring it in. Now hold it to take it back. Oh, start. Start pushing the foot into the hand, pressing the hipbones toward me carefully. Let go and extend, sweep forward and bring it in. Grab it.

Wow. Just pull the ribs back in. There you go. There you go. It's actually a fine stretch for you, but I think you'll get more quad that way. Okay, good. Bring yourselves up. Ah, let's just do this mermaid here. Yeah. Okay. Feeling them. The hips moving a little bit. That's kind of where we're, what we're up for too today. Alright. For the moment, place this, which hand is it? Yes. It's the outside hand, right? For everybody it is.

I just got to look at it. Yes, that's right. Lean on it. A little lift. The opp, the inside hip, however it happens. Just lift it. Yeah, everyone will feel different with that and now set it back down from here as best you can and up and out again, just lift it up. Keep the knee on the ground. If I didn't say that and press it down and try to leave the hip down, it will come up a little bit. Try to leave a down. So as your hand is here, it's the sense of keeping it down. Like you can even use your hand to do it. Turn the ribcage or the spinal column. The arm follows that and then like earlier in class, pull the hipbones backwards deeper into the body so you get that lumbar sensation. Hey, square off the shoulders. So if you have to move your hands to do it, do square them off. Your energy is going back towards the hips.

You can almost take weight out of your arms. Not really, but that's sort of the thought. Then I'm taking the hand that's in front of the hand that's closest to the front edge of your mat here and weeding it through. Threading it through to rotate further. Trying to take not just the arm, but the whole shoulder blade. Slash. Ribcage, keeping that over for you. Your right hip.

Would the top hip try to hold it back? It's going to move. It's got a response some, but once you've gone square shoulders, it shouldn't have to move anymore. Not much. Maybe a little carefully unwind yourself. Did it work for you? Yes. Okay, good, good, good, good. And then let's it come all the way up. Stretch your lap before you do the side thing. Get that shoulder up. Yep. Nice. Try to touch. Just got back into being able to do this after about five years of trying too much lat.

No, let it up then keep it touching you without straining your neck to do it right. It's the arm into the head, not the head into the arm. There's a difference when you hit your range and it can be comfortable. Doesn't have to be painful. Breathe out of that rib, move it with your breath. If you need more, you can drop the arm and stretch from there.

Let's just finish out this kind of stretching and by rotating your arms still straight, it can be there and then unwind. And that will change right carefully cause we were in that position a long time. Nice job. All right, so we were here. Yeah. Thank you. So we're here. Um, I was looking to see if I have specific specificity about the knee placement.

I don't think I do. Yes, of course. Um, so I know your thought like that if I might put to your here. Yeah, I actually think I'm closer to where you are now. But great question. So she was asking if she thought my foot was further back than I think it is and she felt like she got forced backwards. So can she move the foot out? Absolutely. In fact, your foot flex by point down, you get this more relaxed.

I do flex the foot. You're feeling what? I don't care. You can be relaxed, that's fine. But I don't want you resting back there. Rather get a bit of a stretch. I flex my foot cause it feels better. That's sort of how I've tried to operate in life these days so, so I don't have any specifics. Be comfortable. Don't let it put pressure on the knees. Sometimes flexing the foot helps. Did I answer it? Great. Perfect. Here we go.

We just leaned out. We let the hip lift. So we created space with that butt cheek and then we went straight back down from there. So I'm trying to get you to feel how this can pull up the lower up look just like that. And you get maybe a stretch there, maybe not. And we lifted up, we went out again, we leaned on it, we let the hip come up and then we decided to do, we pulled it back down and then we came up. Right now we tried to keep it down here. We went out, try to keep it down. Use the hands on the ground now to help you keep it down. Turn the ribs, turn the arm, find the stretch, take a minute there.

And the intention at this point is to keep the hips still with the exception of trying to draw backwards into them. So you're gently trying to post your, your talk or maybe think to round your low back. It's not the main goal, but that's the direction of the energy square off the shoulders and the hands. So what that means is simply that the shoulders pointed, the elbows pointed the risk point of the hands and they're evenly opposite your shoulders. Okay? If you need more, you can stretch out a little further. Pull the hips back and when it feels right, if it feels right, start first with a hands on the ground. Start turning the spine right then take the arm off and continue that hip. Tries to stay where it was. It's all right if the, the other arm kind of bins or something if you need, I tried to keep it straight, but he can adjust. And so Debra, I think I understand your question better. Try to leave the hip still. Yeah, thank you.

[inaudible] all right. When it feels right, you're going to unwind and help yourself up. Crawl your way back to center. Grab onto the opposite side, find your stretch. Lift the shoulder. I find myself wanting to reach into it, so I'm going to not do that. If you need more, you lean up and into it. Can even let the arm rest be careful. You and me right on the face if you pull. Yep.

And use it. Oh yeah, yeah. Nice. So she's applying a little resistance there that kind of, we've been doing all class. If you wanted more, you could bend there breathing into that rib, right? Think of a lizard or whatever you want. Bellows. Wait, what's the common cue? I don't know. I'm going to lift my arm because this is a funny position for it for me, but it's getting better. All right. Yeah. Great. Down onto your, Oh right. Of course we didn't finish it. Go back over there.

What would I do without Andy? You know the problem with now I rely on him like whatever. No, don't you dare just, you know, give me my notes and you twist it into it. See, I figure, I think of Pilati is, you know, a unified team effort. It's not that someone counts. Someone tells me what exercises next. I just conduct. Okay. All right. I said on our side, I knew it.

Our sides cut like I would forget the other side. All right, let's go side like lift. Both legs are together. Resting on your head. We lifted up one. We reached down. You've got both things working right? T and [inaudible]. I fell in love with this exercise about 10 years ago when I discovered it wasn't about the legs. When I play this little game, someone tell me when he's six. Um, or just thank you.

How much can you engage without shrinking, without straining. That's, this is the last one. But it's something to play with because there's a fine line between bracing and gripping and just support. Okay, here we go. What does this time do? You face down with the, the Palm that you're lying on the other hand thinking. Sure. It's all, that's all I got. Um, sternum ready? Top leg in front. Bend the knees. Here we go. You've got to stabilize the shoulders. You know it's arm work.

Albrook and up we go. Use the bottom arm for help. [inaudible] the first one, the first two and down. Good. I again engage. You've got to redo the apps. I know they're going to stay there, but you gotta redo them, right? We tend to, if you're ready for it, you want it Palm up. Keep the bicep on your, your face or your ear up. We go one. And Dan, I don't really get to full extension, right. To get to full extension, I would have to rotate properly. I'm not saying you might be able to, so don't let me limit you to bed. So Aaron, what you can do since you don't want to come up on it is just to engage and push into the ground, but don't lift.

Good. Try again. Your head supported by the arm. Five. Yes, here's six shoulder first and great stretch the legs out top leg reach behind you on the ground and we stretched and we reached and we grabbed and we lifted the again, the shoulder coming up is fine when you're looking for a stretch, right? We're we're, we're protected. We're okay. Top hip reaches forward so it doesn't go too much into your back. [inaudible] up we come side sort of the sidekick legs or maybe a little bit more in front, maybe not. It's up to you for balance purposes, for arm lift up and away tap leg is lifted. Then once you've done that, let it go further. Kind of pull yourself almost out of alignment.

I don't want you holding the leg in. Let it go. All right, here we go. Kick forward and back and forth and back. One of the things we talked about last time was the idea of first we started with the tailbone ever so slightly feeling like it was sticking out with the place. She would lose it as here could I think this time I'm actually kept count but I don't know how many we did last time. Let's just do two more. We'd be all right with that and one more to the back and then we bring it forward. One more time here. Hold it here. Back off from where you went.

Stick your tailbone out a bit. Relax the leg. You can go back to flex if you want now, but and it was a little lift of F good. Normally you could probably bring yours a little more forward now. Yeah, I just wanted to set it up that way. Imagine your length while you're lengthening your lifting almost from the glute. Take it to the back and reach it. Yeah.

Top hip rolls almost into the ground and square off his chest and lift what? Good. This is a place where as the more we try and tighten the glutes, I think you kind of get where you set the leg back in and kind of different. Let it reach out. Great. Then we can't move on all the way down. Didn't we for this next month to bring it forward? Did I take you down?

I didn't. Why was I thinking? Oh good. Humboldt would grab on you. Sure. Yeah. I kept you way up here. Nice. [inaudible] I like it up here. Stretch a stretch. Pull the tailbone back, pull your abs and you're going to let go and bring it back. Dried. I want that. I'm going the opposite way first. That's all right. Stretch and back. Let's go one more. Bring it in.

Good. Emily. Roll the hip. Wave forward now. Hold it there. Good, good. All right, and then we've brought it forward. You don't have to grab it here. Are you going to grab it here? I guess this is the way we did it before. Get the stretch, keep the heel on. The glute if you can at first, do what you can.

As you let go to keep the heel there, press the knee further back and then extend it from there. Good. Bring a forward bend, grab and tech. Okay. Then you're going to keep it back right? Or continue pressing. So from there, fully extend the leg. Once it's out. There we go. Let's get one more stretch. I stay still the leg. It's fully straightened from the glute key region. Long. Well done. High right. Good work on your tummies.

Let's wrap this baby up in a really good solid way. My own, my own little motivational speech going on right there. Okay. Your hands are V nice and long. You my dear can be here. Okay. And you're, we're all just drawing the shoulder blades down our backs. Okay. I want to keep the arms on the ground. I think probably for you guys, straight arms, you might like it more externally rotated with the edges of your hands on the ground. It's an option. Yeah. Yeah.

Just for Aaron, I'm saying that because of her shoulder. Okay, so from here, [inaudible] relax your hips as best you can. Okay, then fine. Again, as best you can, the bony landmarks of the hip bones, pubic bone and try to make them level, but that's it. You don't have to tuck this level. You don't have to press the pubic bone. I've given that up. I have a lot I've learned, I've learned and I'm still learning. So from that place, reach one leg longer. Try not to shift the hips to do it, but reach one leg longer and hopefully you'll feel that entire leg engage. You could lift it or not and still have the same effect. Do the other one to match it. Hip bones are exactly still the same. Yeah, shoulder blades are down. All right, let's just keep that for now.

And from here, we're going to encourage more shoulder played depression as we reached the chin forward. So I'm not crunching the back of the neck because my shoulder blades are going the other way. Continue peeling your spine up. Whatever happens with your arms happens, but it says if your spine is a string of pearls and stop for a second, check in with yourself. Did my tailbone. I'm not sorry, my pubic bone start to lift off the mat. At this point it might feel like you're tucking, but you're not. You left it. Hopefully my feet are down, my feet are down. I'm reaching, but they're down.

Hey, so if your hips are still level and you feel fine, you continue the top of the strand of pearls as your head. You continue lifting from their shoulder. Relays have to pull down the whole time. Okay, we're going back down. Turn the pumps flat. You can bend the elbows or slide the arm. I'm going to bend my elbows. I'm going to draw myself forward.

Keeping the hips exactly as they were. My elbows would just kind of get out of my way as I dragged myself back down to the ground. Any questions on that? No. Good. Here's so enthralled. Here we go, reaching the legs long, feel all those level pelvis and we start to lift your head. You lift your collarbones. You list the sternum. Your abs are lightly engaged. Not a lot though. That's gorgeous.

That's gorgeous. I love it. Now, palms flat. You can come up higher, Emily. Yeah. Okay, good. From here, keeping the arms straight or bent. If you're around Marty, you're going to drag yourself over. It's just the intent. Opened the chest more. Relax your abdominals a little. So Aaron, now everybody come down to the lowest rib, lowest rib.

If you're higher than that, adjusts your hands however you need to and drag yourself forward. Again, it's, it's again, just the muscle contraction. Ribs are on the ground. I want you to relax your abs a little and reach the legs and opposition. Ah, did you just unload your back? KET say it again. Let's start from the scratch. Okay. That's a long time to be yet to come all the way down. Good. Okay, so I didn't do a great job of, I took it too high initially.

So let's stop when we get to the lowest rib. If you can get that high, you don't have to go that high. And I'll say it again, Emily. First things first. Hips, hip placement is so key. That's why you, some of you felt that I'm unloading at the end. Not that they were in the wrong place, but we were probably overusing the legs. All right. So hips are level reached the legs, it's, it's, I'm using like 20% of what I could use on that reach. Okay. From their shoulder blades feel like they're pulling down and that almost automatically lets my chin reach forward. Again, it's like there's a little string that is helping my vertebras start to peel off, adjust the hands, walk them. There's nothing special about that.

I just want you somewhat supported their lowest rib or, or closer to the chest from there. So then Emily, what I said was we were still reaching the leg so they didn't come in on us or reaching, we left the pelvis level. We let go of the abs a little bit. Yeah. And then we used our palms, our lats really to drag us forward when, when I got the little light bulb going off for people after we dragged forward, they reached their legs with semi relaxed ass completely up back. Cool. Yeah. Okay. If you're feeling it in your upper back, please note that because that's what we're always going for. Now, if you're there and you're getting tired, you gotta re reach the legs or add more legs. Lift one Palm, one hand, one arm, turn the Palm up. Oh, you better reach that opposite. Like keep the like on the ground though. This leg on the ground. Just reach it and bring it down. We'll switch sides.

So you do have to think opposition, but I'm not lifting the leg. I'm still kind of dragging forward. Unload yourself. If it starts to feel crunchy, arm goes down and then pull yourself back to the ground. Don't need much more than that. Lift yourself up into a rest position that's not overstretched. That what we just did, just maybe the lumbar spine. I'd like to grab my heels sometimes or just to draw the hipbones into the body.

Like we started class with [inaudible]. We did a fair amount of hip stuff. Not not necessarily super stretchy or super strengthening, but different for us. So let's do one last little stretch here. By curling the toes under, coming to the flat feet. Knees bend. I have my feet slightly apart there. They're actually pretty close, but I wouldn't go fully together. You could, but I wouldn't and just hang [inaudible].

Okay, so that's not much of a hip stretch for you is it? So let's make it one. Um, easiest way to say it is to, as you look at your knees, bend your right knee more into your forehead. Okay, start to straighten your left leg and the hips will most definitely come out of alignment, right? Things to check for your feet. Don't let that one, that's a I. By the way, I have both heels on the ground. If I didn't say that. [inaudible] right, that still looks good.

Let's if the right knee is bent right Palm on the floor where in front of that foot or in, you know somewhere where you can help yourself balance. Start to rotate the left side of the rib cage. Open the left arm to the ceiling and then stick your butt out to the ceiling to the wall behind you. Good stretch for the wrist too. If you press the heel of the hand in the ground and then slowly and whined hands to the ground, knees both bend and start shifting to the other side so there were right leg straightens. The left knee reaches to the forehead and the forehead to the knee. By the way, shoulders away from ears level, feet.

He do not have to add the rotation. If you're perfectly happy getting a good hip stretch here, keep it here. Otherwise the same hand as the bent knee stays on the ground. In this case, the left hand, you can even use it to help start that rotation of the ribs. Then if you're doing this, and I'm saying this to everyone I think, but Emily reached the spent, include myself in that. Extend your spine long. Stick that tail bone out. You put your hand on your shin if you need to, that'd be fine.

Yeah. When it's time and you need it and make it soon, come down. Then both knees leave them bent. Pull the abs up off the thighs. Hands above knees. I would do that. We'd been hanging for a long time. Use your hands. Use your abs. Use your glutes, feel the power of your feet pressing into the floor to help you lift up so that when you get up, you're tall.

I hope you can still have some awareness around your back of your legs, your hip extensors, arms up, grab onto a wrist. Doesn't matter which reach way up there. Once again, letting the shoulders come up off your back, lift the ribs. Come up and away from the hips. Find a way to stretch your body. That feels good. Whatever that might be. I think I'm going to go one with the hands behind my back. In this case air, if you're going to come with me, tuck the hips under just a little just to make sure they stay level neutral and lift the chest. It doesn't matter for the theorems.

Lift the chest and finally bend the knees. I'm hitting flat. Back over. Release the arms and just roll yourself up and you are done. Good job. You guys.


So awesome to hear your cues and see your variations!! yay! some inspiration found for my 8am class tomorrow! thanks a mil!
Tash!!! I'd give you anything my friend, I'm glad to hear it was as simple as a few words in this class. xo
Love this class. Thanks :)
Liked this one alot. Alot of creative ideas to use in my mat class tomorrow! Thank you!
It's another great class. Thank you. I enjoyed the way you teaching swimming prep without tuck or tilted hip. I will share it with my classes.
Loved this class! It's amazing how the subtle change of hip rotation makes you have to reconnect and rethink the exercise. There is no auto-pilot in this class!
You are the best, Kristi, what there is always something new in the way that you teach, you are a pro!

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