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Advanced Reformer Variations

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Work on improving your stamina with this advanced Reformer workout by Saul Choza. He follows up his previous Reformer class, focusing on moving your body continuously from one exercise to the next. By working on the flow of your movements, you will be able to bring great power and energy to your workout!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

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Hello everyone and welcome to my advanced reformer workouts. If you guys have not seen my first, uh, video, which is, uh, an advanced reformer variation, you must because that sort of gives you a little introduction of what we're about to do now. So, uh, this is Jen and Brianna who are going to join me today and there are some killer, uh, students of mine and amazing instructors. So let's get to it. Good. Um, cross the arms for me please. And let's descend to the mat. Good on your side and on your stomach. Heels together. Toes apart. We're going to start with footwork. Yeah, making sure that your ankle stay in the same place at all times.

So here we go and lengthen and bring it in one good two. What we're gonna work on today is flow and see how we can move the body continuously without taking a break, right? Make sure the spine is nice and long for me please. And those heels do not move it off. You're outside of the orchard, so stay lifted so you can connect better with your inner thighs on your arches for me, please. Now I've changed a little bit, um, on this particular position just because I understand that the TBM has a bit of lateral rotation at this support.

So I want the feed to be slightly rotated, but that needs to stay together. Okay? And you're going to do that same thing on your heels. Once you do 10 repetitions on your heels for me please. Good. And let's have a little bit of rotation on the feet. Good. Really pull the toes back again. Just like earlier, you do not want to move the theater at all. Your toes are going to stay. Um, Dorsey flakes. It are times that is the exercise.

So you can connect with a bat, uh, the body 10 times and bring it down for me please on your toes, heels together, TOSA pipe, and let's bring it down. One, two, three and two, three. And you should start seeing that foot work working for you. Because what's going to happen, the back of the thighs are, are the sudden connecting to your platform. And that's very important because not only are you activating that whole line, but you're also elongating that lower back. So you have better connection with your powerhouse, right?

Make sure there's a bit of rotation of the shoulders so you can connect to the mat, right? Bring it down for me please. Let's bring the bike down with your feet. Head rest down, and we are ready for 100 I like to start my 100 with the legs nice and long. And from this position, you can press the on center, elevate those legs, and start pumping those arms. Inhale and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five X or two, three, four or five. And see if you can leave those heels. About two ancients off the bar, right?

And those hands should be six to eight inches above your thighs. This is how Joseph [inaudible] recommended it. Yeah. So breathe into that upper back from me. Please. See if we can lengthen the back of the neck. Yes. And get deeper into your power has every time you exhale, grabbing onto your handles. With the right hand from me, please swing the body to the right. Scoop, the abdominals, and onto your back. For overhead place. Straight arms, length, nose, legs. We're going to do four repetitions. Here we go.

Length and impress. Oh, we're parallel to the four. Now leave the pelvis exactly where it is. Bring the legs over the pelvis and melt this Jerome down one vertebrae at a time. Navel deep into the spine again, legs parallel to the core. Keep the pelvis exactly where it is and bring the legs over the pelvis and toes at eye level as you rolled young. Making sure that your hands are nice, any long gated on the mat and the wrist on break. Good. One more time, ladies. Here we go and lengthen.

Make sure the back of the neck is nice and long and don't move the pelvis. Bring the legs over the pelvis. Milton one for the amount of time navel deep into your spine and release. Coordinations. Press arms and legs forward. Open, close, and exhale with control. Give me a little bit of rotation on the shoulders so your shoulders.

Stay on the mat as much as possible. Your hands are still reaching down in forward. Good. Now we're going to beat a accounts and LinkedIn and quick. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And where the X are, you draw the legs into the center. Again. Stretch his legs longer. Can you touch my hand for me please? Longer, longer, longer. Keep pressing the arms down and forward and release. Good.

Turn around for me please. For rowing series, I've taken the Liberty on rowing secrets to shift it up a little bit. Change it a little bit. Yeah, to get more of an extension on the way up. So you know, scoop the abdominis, rounded back, navel deep into the spine. Open the arms out to the side. Let's see those shoulder rotation. Now open the chest. Keep the rib connected and fold yourself up and over.

And just as you do, um, back push through, I want you to really lift those arms from your powerhouse. Again, navel deep into the spine and scoop the abdominals. Get that shoulder connection. Open the arms out. Press those arms first and then open the chest. Scoop the abdominals and just like backward push through. Lift from your powerhouses. Arms up. Good. One more time from me please.

Excellent nail deep into the spine. Keep the front of the hips open. Give me that shoulder rotation. Open the sternum right and rib cage. Lift now from that powerhouse, and if those arms even higher, keep that articulation of the scapula and release flat back. Let the breath inhale. Now I took the Liberty of here. I know of another exercise. Reach up, up, up without moving the carriage and from the base of the ribcage.

Press the Scooby abdominals and find that articulation of this pelvis and think of the crown of the head, reaching to the knees again in him. Now extend arms over the head, but don't move the carriage. Don't move the character. Move the character lip lift, lift and that bend from the base of the rib cage first. Lift the belly button up and over. Find that articulation of the shoulders and one more time please. Good.

The reason why I'm doing this at the beginning of your movement is because I want that lateral rotation to re, I'm sorry, the cereus radius to really connect to the front. That is the reason why I've queued this exercise in, in this specific way. Turn around from me please from the chest. Now it's very important that you have scapular articulation. Inhale, reach the arms forward. [inaudible] allow the scapulas to rotate up, up, up, and open the arms out to the site.

Make sure you're on top of your sit bones. Yes, your body is slightly forward, what I call on drive because your stance is really slightly forward. You're not back here, so I really want you to get on top of your sit bones and take that body slightly forward. Now in one breath you're going to do from the hips. Flex the feet and inhale, lengthen the body. Make sure there is a connection with your serratus and open the arms up one and again, and continue length in the body. Make sure it comes from that powerhouse. Now when you lift up, continue ladies, when you lift up, make sure that you're coming up from that pelvis up, up from that pelvis.

Keep the rib cage connected. Open the arms out to the sides. Good. Now you can cross the legs or keep the leg straight. Point the feet, reach the arms forward. And this particular exercise in classical. We're very open in this position. Now what I want you ladies to do, bring those elbows slightly forward so you can connect with your radius and connect with your pectoral muscles. Good. And inhale at the top and Xcel down again. Any are at the top. Good. Feel that serratus. Fear that articulation of the scapula.

Let's do that one more time and lift. Open the arms out to the sides and inhale to bring the arms in. An extra. Very nice in here. Excellent. Again. Now let's breathe. Let's reverse the breathing. Yes, and make sure you lead with that pinky so that you can also connect with the back muscles. Beautiful. One more time and lengthen the spine. LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn, and release.

Good Swan dive. Now I want you guys to be very careful with Suada two Springs, the middle spring, so there's space for the knees to go into. But what's very important about Swan dive is that it's not a lower back exercise. It's a full body activation. So you must connect with your hamstrings, glutes, and calf muscles, right? So place that feed on the bar. Push the carriage away a little bit. The knees are inside of the frame and I want a lot more articulation of your pelvis length in the body.

Engage the rib cage and with the angel you open the hips and round the upper body. Forward end. Keep that lower back long. Scrub the abdominals in Hill. Now reach even longer. Reach, reach, retreat, knit the ribs together. Lengthen the body and bend the knees and exhale again. Scoopy abdominals. Let the pelvis tilt back and round the upper body forward and close the ribcage. Keep that lower back lights. Open the arms out to the sides and lift back. Lift, lift from the pelvis, knit the rib cage. Lengthen the body. Long neck, long neck long. Chin up today and Brigid. Yeah, one more time.

Here we've got in here, round the upper body forward. Lengthen that lower back. Open the front of the hips and even go a little bit longer without collapsing into that pelvis. Good and reach. Reach, reach and exhale. Bring it down with control. Very nice to stand on the bar from me. Please take one spring off. Good and place them to the right. First the carrot your way. Align the shoulders to the front of the box. Good.

Bring the body down. Grab onto this traps and handles. Now what I've just like in the previous exercise, I want you to connect with the back of the body through the glutes, not for the lower back. The lower back is supported by the obliques. Now you're going to drag the knuckles down to the floor, rotate the shoulders and open the sternum up long neck, long neck, and bring it down with control. The chest expansion doesn't happen in the lower back. It happens in the shoulder complex, so that says a rotation of the shoulders that's going to lift the chest and open it up. One more time. Cure the back of naked, the neck, long length in LinkedIn, and slide the arms to the end of the strap as you open the arms out to the side.

So it's one motion. Now inhale, rotate your shoulders back to three and give me that two way. Stretch those legs go one way and the sternum goes the other way. LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn. Let's do that one more time for me. Please give me that lateral rotation. I want to see the lateral rotators sternum and bring it down with control quiz. Rod wants the handles with one hand and off we go.

Add one more spring and you ready for backstroke? How are we feeling? Yeah. Excellent. On your pack from me please. Now remember this is a setup for a teaser, so you want to connect it deep into the powerhouse as you inhale, exhale and reach forward. Keep that sacrum on the four longer back and bring it in with control and in one breath, open around. Hold that breath and exhale. Bring it in. Inhale, hold that breath and exhale. Now reverse.

Inhale, hold that breath and exhale out's good. Two more. And reach, reach. Come on and get those legs longer. Yes, out to the sides. God. One more time. Reach, reach, reach, reach and lengthen and release. Good. Grab onto the handles with one hand and take one spring off, navel deep into the spine. Move quickly, but not in a hurry. Yeah, be present. Be involved with every single inch of your movement. Here we go. Press those arms to the body first and lead with a pinky unit.

Lift the arms up and down. One to your goal is to bring those items and next to the hoarded here for a second. Now lakes up and down. Just cause I feel like one it's going to be abdominal and go deeper and go deeper. Hold now find that powerhouse and bring it down with control. Length. Those like longer. Get out of the hips, get out of the hips. Lengthen, lengthen and beautiful again. Now we're going to do arm circles, presence, arms into the body, navel deep into the spine and where the pinky circle one and go deeper into the powerhouse to deeper into the powerhouse. Three let's circle the legs and here we go.

Say at the top and one and two and three. Finish it at the top. Find that power has could be abdominals en. Bring it down last time we're going to reverse those circles. Scrape the abdominals, find that pectoral muscle and down and around one. Find the back to keep those legs. Leg. Give me a little bit of rotation.

NASA for the legs down and around one powerhouse to go deeper into the palace. Three. Now bring that belly button in, navel deep into the spine and release. Excellent. Great job. Off we go please breaststroke. [inaudible] breasts are gonna kick twice, one, two, and everything extends at the same time. And you're gonna go into this beautiful, um, back extension. I want three counts forward. One of two. Open three. So here we go.

Navel deep into the spine and kick one, two. Lengthen forward one, up to lift the sternum and round the upper body. Good. And again, and cake. One to scoop the abdominal stable deep into the spine. Control it from the pectoral muscles. And again, one, two. And lift up. Up, up, up, up. Lengthen. Now scoopy, abdominals, reach, reach, reach, and reverse. And kick. One, two. Open the arms at the sides. Lift. Now can you dive like a diver into the pool as you scrub the abdominals in again and kick one, two, and scope the anomalous end. Lift now reach long, long, long, long. One more time. Here we go. And kick one, two.

Open your arms and find your pecs like in the body. Lengthen and release. Come off the platform for me please, and you're ready for horseback. Let's do it. Nice that he's very nice skirt. Make sure that your legs are parallel, your feet are flex and your arms are along good. Again, find that connection. I set this last in our last workout a year ago.

Find that connection of the inner thighs into the obliques and scrub the abdominals. And up we go. Now give me a little mom movement up and down with the arms and up wa and scope the abdominals tube and weave into the left side a little bit more. Hold and sit down as you flex the feet. Want good again? Are you going to do small little circles in front of your core and scrub the abdominals from the back one from here to lengthen the neck. Finish it at the top and flexibility as you sit down now shaving, lift up length in the back of neck. Pull the lower abdominals and shave one.

Keep those inner thighs connected to lift the base of the rib cage even more. Reach, reach, reach two way stretch and bring it down with control. I'm going to give you guys a little break with your abdominal muscles. Come up and we're going to go into long straight stairs. Please set up your handles for shorts by massage.

Now you're going to bring the head rest up in a bring the your bar up and then you're going to come up and your carriage will be set up for you. All right hand, foot and foot. Sometimes your character, your handles can be a little slippery, so you're allowed to use the little pats whenever you can and foot and foot lengthen the body from the police. We're going to do through repetition, making sure that neck is nice and long. The bottom of the fibers of your glutes is connected and bring it in one. Again, lengthen the body and inhale and exhale to find that elongation in the neck. Yes, and now we're going to do single leg. Pick the right leg up off the Fort.

Push away. Don't lose that continuation and movement. Change the legs could be abdominals and push away and come back to center. Now you're going to bring the knees down to the four for me. Please press the heels into the shoulder rest and he'll impress the care chap and continue and lift the sternum up to the ceiling. Think of chest expansion. I want to see that lateral rotation of the shoulders.

Could one more time in here and reach the arms forward. Find that connection of the back of the body first. Give me a thigh stretch, lift out of that lower back and then from there lift up and over and see if we can grab onto the frame and they will even to this spine and fold yourself and halfways up on your toes. Three regular up stretch and three variations could be abdominals and lengthen that lower back. Remember, you're not pushing away from your legs. You're pushing away from that powerhouse. So lengthen that lower back and come forward and able to open to the spine.

Good. Drop that head down, navel deep and come forward. Careful not to jump into the hips. And now we're going into second variation in hip and open the chest. Lengthen up, up, up, up, and he'll go back and round the upper body from the powerhouse. Please, not the legs again. Inhale and actual inhale. I don't want to see that powerhouse. Lift, lift, lift, lift, and that should bring the carriage back in. One more time.

Navel deep into the spine. Rotate the shoulders. Lift, lift, lift, lift. Why in that Serita so you can connect better into the powerhouse. Bring the carriage all the way in and heels down for elephants. Jen, bring the feet just a little bit higher. Now your elephant doesn't start here. Your elephant starts out. Supports the character away from me. Please. Now dragging the heels and bring it in. What?

We're going to do that eight repetitions to find. That's radius three. Control it. I don't want to hear that carriage could slam now for Brianna. Let's bring that right hand next to your thigh and work on the scoliosis. Part one, two, and three.

Change the other side from a police navel deep into the spine. One, two, beautiful. And three. Now we're going to go into arabesque. Push. Push the carriage away. First heels down, lift that right leg up and drag in the heel one. And every time you push the carriage away, that leg gets higher and it gets higher. And bring the carriage all the way in. Put down, push the carriage away again from a place. Find that powerhouse and bring it in one high.

We're the leg too high. We're the leg three. Good. Now, high relevance. And again the same setup. You always want to start out and making sure that the neck is nice and long and bring it in one. Find that Serita's to find that wrapping of the arms. Three and keeping the hips square to the other side.

Push the carriage away from me please and bring it in one good. Make sure that powerhouse is what brings the carriage in and not your hip flexor high on your shoulder risks. Push the carriage away first. Pick the leg up, pick the leg up and bring it in one again. Pick it up two and pick it up, up, up, up, and change the leg. Push the carriage away near with.

You've been through the spine and we get in one. Hi, we're the leg, they're grunting. It's tough. Let me tell you. And really it's bring that foot down to the fog down to the floor and we go pretty secured. Long back. Stretch, squeeze. Yay. That was awesome. Good hand foot, hand, foot. Now on the previous video, we really worked on keeping that chest open. So I really want you to focus on that and not let the shoulders rotate in.

So tip the abdominals in one, Kimmy, like a S like a, uh, a flow of a wave. And reverse from me please out. Think of a way that just continuous, right? Keep the chest open. One more time and release. Off we go. Please set up for stomach massage. Now I don't mind if you put your, um, character in second gear.

Actually I recommend that because it's essential that your pelvis is in a neutral position. So if you use second year, please, by all means do, there's, Oh, there's no stuff. Okay. So first gear, you're in trouble. Now girl, here we go. Let's sit. Feet. Good. Now in this case, if there's, if you don't have 'em second year, you can always bring the butt a little bit further back. Yes, exactly. Now lift up in a word from a priest. Again. Let's get that secret happening on the upper thoracic. Your pelvis isn't that nice and neutral and push away.

He used down heels up and bring it in and every time you come back in, I want you to get longer. That C curve, that line of your seeker lengthens every time you're creating more and more space, good for more good and keep those elbows open. So you feel that openness of the upper back. Good. Careful with those ankles. It's everything counts. Every movement counts. Reach the arms up to the ceiling as as you finished changing. Yes, the Springs and lift up nice and tall. Now again, no tumping into the lower back. This is very important, so almost think of tilting that pelvis forward by reaching those obliques into the inner thighs. And every time you come forward, you tilt that pelvis even more good. The crown of the head gets longer. Four more times for me, please. To even to this point. Good and deeper.

And lift. Good energy. One more time and take another spring off. Good. Reach to my shoulders. Navel deep and touch my shoulders from one good and lengthen Chu and lengthen. Three. One more time, but there's some. Get tolerant. Now. Twist the body to the right and open the chest and exhale. Good. Look behind you for me please and make it more about your thoracic instead of your shoulders. Good. Can you see behind you? Yeah.

That's your goal without tilting that pelvis, that twist is happening in a thoracic, not in the lower back. One more time and since you guys are doing so great little circles right here. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. It gets taller. We verse two, three, four by six, seven, eight out to the side. Get taller. Find that Pat connection. Find that, that connection. Reverse and release. Good. Off we go please. Here's the moment of truth.

Yes. My intention with all these workouts, it's to create some stamina. I think we're w you know we've been working so slow, we got to bring that power, that energy, that politeness is all about. So here we go. Hand, foot, hand, foot. In our last video, you guys practice the preparation. Now you're going to go right into, it's could be abdominals. We're going to do five repetitions with both feet. Then you're going to cross it right for over the left three times and then to the other side. So Scooby abdominals and the accident is up.

I want you to feel a suspension at the top, a suspension at the top. Two more. Good. Don't let the carriage do the work for you one more time and hold and cross the right foot over the left and forward and up one and lift up higher to keeping the pelvis square and hold at the top and change the other side very smoothly and control. Don't let the carrots get away from you up one and up two and hold it at the top. Pull up, up, up, up. Keep the care chain. Drop the heel down and sit down for me please. Good short box.

Please bring the bar down. Yes, headrests down if you need that pad for your hips so you don't slide back and forth, make sure your stick is stays underneath your box for me please. Good. And it's between the headdress and Hutton. It's okay. So let's, let's come off again for me please. You place your foot on in the strap first before you sit down and grab onto the strap and place the foot, right foot. There you go. And you're ready to go. Good.

We're going to do three hugs for me please for bring your body into the this center. Open the upper part of the back, making sure you're still lifting like you did on stomach massage and let the pelvis take you back. You have to connect with your steak. Rum, so you are, you have stability. Grab onto your elbows and pulse. Three times one, two, three, bringing the hands onto your stomach. Serratus navel deep into the spine. Upper middle, lower. Very nice. You're still scoping as you were in stomach massage and let the pelvis go back again for me. Please stop magazine. Make sure your shoulders are anchoring into the back and this time place the hands on the floor. Now if you need some assistance with your hands, you can, you can place the hands on your thighs. So I see better articulation. Yes. If not of your BAS like Rihanna here, you can totally go deep into that connection. Good. One more time.

Navel deep into the spine. Make sure you have that sacred connection so you don't add pressure into the lower back. Grab underneath the frame and give yourself a stretch. And like Jennifer, she's going to bring her hands to your her thighs like she did earlier and then she's going to articulate one, two. So she really gets into that deep connection and she doesn't use her hip flexors. Good grandma to the state for me. Priests reach the arms slightly in front of you because I want that through ATUs connection. Now breathe into the lower back please.

This is not a back exercise again. You want to think that the pelvis tilts you back. So let the pelvis take you back and then the pelvis brings you up. As long as you nicely brace into the center, you can go as far back as you can. Yes, because you're stable and now side to side from me, please lift up and over and come back to center. You want to make sure that both sides of your waist are lifted.

Hold it here for a second. Can we tilt more from that pelvis? So think of reaching from that pelvis out, open that left side of the pelvis about 50 degrees and come back to center to the other side. Think of the pelvis opening up 15 degrees. God and kids are rip connection. One more set. Here we go. Breathe. Bring that to oxygen all the way down to that pelvic floor. One more time and come back to center. Twist and reach.

Inhale, inhale even more and reach longer. And just like I said earlier, this is not a lower or hip movement. Exercises the thoracic. So the more you breathe into your thoracic, the more expansion you have, the more mobility you have. Yes, and you can connect better. Good. So just let the pelvis tilt back evenly and let the pelvis bring you up. Good. Let's go fish. Remember you're not granting a fish, you're going fishing. So lengthen and reach that stick longer and it's a 20 pound fish.

As you come back up to center again, twist to the other side and grab that fish. 20 pound fish and lift it. Add. There we go. Now she's, she's in it. I love it. This has been taking us a long time to understand that, that that imagery, but we got it around the world for me please to the other side and lengthen, reach, reach, reach, reach. Long, long. Come back to center and release tree for me please. Right knee into your chest. Here we go.

Grab onto the back of the leg and extend the leg up to the ceiling. One. Extend the leg up to the ceiling too and climb up the leg. Flex endpoint foot. One, two, three. They're taking a break right now. They're really enjoying this break and reversed for me. Please. One, two, three. Now they're going to inhale and lift up, up, up, and bring the body to the leg. Find that leg and trunk connection and inhale, pull back, making sure the hips are narrow and you're going to climb down the tree without letting go of your tree. Now chin to the chest, navel deep into your spine and up we go.

Keeping the hips square where the shoulders lift out of the hips and round the upper body forward to go back navel deep. Find that connection of your sacrum into the box and this time we're going to do leg circles. Three leg circles. Here we go, and cross over one without moving the rest of the body too. And that bottom heel, which is three. Now reverse one. The bottom heel reaches even more. Yes. Now grab onto the back of the leg. Make sure your shoulders are square and the pelvis as well.

Now climb up like and pick the chair from the tree. Grab onto your toes for me. Please sit up as tallest possible. Now you're going to grab onto the end instead of the ankle with your right hand. Now don't take that leg out yet. Let the leg find its place. Tilt back for the pelvis and that leg is going to find its place.

As you do that rotation of that hip open, the sternum could navel deep into the spine and you're gonna come up. Good. Keep that leg out there. Now from here, we're going to go Rhonda shot. We're going to take that leg behind you. Lift out of that body and stretch the body forward. We did this in our last exercise. Okay.

Screw the abdominals navel deep into the spine. Now bend that knee for me please. Without dumping into that neck, you're going to bend and try to touch the forehead with the toe with the forehead. It's going to be abdominal and come back to center without moving the body much. Bring that leg around and this time we're going to cross it over to be auntie hunt. You lift up and over and stretch. Good. Make sure the pelvis is square.

Come back to center and a beautiful upright position and we'll go to the other side. Very nice. Do you see what I mean? I want to see you guys sweating in this and this workout. Everyone should be sweating and polite. If you don't sweat in Polonius, you're not doing politest quote me on that. Here we go. Externally up one X and the leg up to an X and a leg up. Three climb up a leg and flex and 0.1, two, three and really try to release the hip flexor so you can really lengthen that lower back as much as possible. Right?

Let the breath lift you up and ring the XO. The body forward climbed down one for about a time navel deep into the spine. This is a rollout, so I need to see the rollup coming up and I also need to see the roll down. When you go back in, he'll lift out of that lower back and extra. Stretch the body forward. Here's the roll-up again.

First you have to lead with a pelvis and then you articulate one bird about a time you can bring the hands on. The floor or underneath the frame and circle the leg. Cross over one cross over to cross over three. Now reverse that circle accent. One accent to an accent. Three crabbing out to the back of the leg, articulating the spine.

One vertebrae at a time. Lift up nice and long. Make sure you're on top of your sit bones. Pick the cherry from the tree so you get a nice stretch on the calf muscle and the hamstring. Good. Now grab onto your ankle for me please. Navel deep into the spine. Keep the pelvis square. Align the pelvis and the shoulders. Now as you take that hit back, that leg finds its way to its socket. Could be very Chantal in this exercise. Know your body, chin to the chest, navel deep into the spine.

If you're not ready for this exercise to find other exercises that you can recreate this so you can get better at it. Until you're strong and competent enough to do this exercise, press into the box and reach the body forward for me. Please. Good. Now lengthen the body forward so you already have that elongation to touch the forehead with your toe. Press into it could lift, lift, lift, lift, gorgeous. Good. Now lengthen that leg behind you from me. Please come back to center and bring that leg around with that. Be in that body that much and you're crossing and take the RMC hunt.

You lift out of that lower back stretch and come back to center. Change the legs for me please. I hate to do this to you, but you're going to do sights, sit up, skirt. And last time we did three repetitions with the hands behind the neck. This time let's challenge you a little bit more. You can extend the arms over the head and instead of doing three, we're going to do four. Hey, four is a good number here.

We got lengthen the body out of the hips. We come back to center. Let's, let's start all over again. Let's, let's do a good set. Jen, come up for me please. Let's do a get a good setup. Reach the arms up to the ceiling. Reach them up, up as high as possible. You really reach up and over and then from there go over LinkedIn body and come up one could again LinkedIn and find that two way stretch as you reach that top leg out. Good. End lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Good. One more time. Lengthen the body. And I like to be consistent with my [inaudible]. With my exercises. I'll just go down, grab onto the frame of the body so you have a get a nice stretch cause you guys experienced this last time. I can pull this away from you guys. Yeah, especially with such a hard work.

Now find your core lift up and now we'll go to the other side. Minimum movement flow to the other side, the abdominals now hence up to the ceiling. Really get that nice lift up and over again and from there lengthen the body without dumping into the lower part of the body. And lift. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Again, reach the body longer, reached longer, longer, longer, yes. And come up to two more. Lengthen and reach and come up a little bit more. Dynamic. Could last son, scribbly abdominals and stay. Long lift, lift.

And really surround the upper body forward. Find that beautiful long stretch, scoop the abdominals, and really secure. Off we go. Good. Put the box away. And so since you guys just said you guys did such an amazing job, we're going to go into um, short supply massage please. And let's set up also since you're going to do semicircles afterwards, let's set you up already.

Okay, here we go. Now remember, you don't move with the carriage to set yourself up. You bring the legs to the straps, not the straps to the legs. Okay. Scoop your abdominals and bring your town. Now this, this exercise is so important to do it right, especially with someone that has issues with this secret alien. [inaudible]. Um, and Brianna is one of my students and we've been working on this. So check it out. Lengthen and reach nice and long. So when you articulate, you articulate through the thoracic, you keep that lower back, nice and long.

You don't dump into that lower back. You bend the knees, you're still keeping that Lombard nice and long and you melt into that sternum and articulate through that part of the spine without collapsing into that lower back. How was that again? Lengthen and reach nice and long. Narrow the hips. Find the obliques and keep that lower back. Nice and long. Soft in the nice, good and articulate for this spine. Sternum, sternum. Melt this Turner more, more, more. Keep that lower back, longer, longer, longer. Find the obliques and this is too good. Again, stretch those legs longer. Flying the narrowing of the hips. Roll down one vertebrae at a time for me please. Anyway, go to lengthen and reach those legs long and this time we're going to do high fries. Where to do three high frogs for me please and press up one and lengthen.

Press up to N length up. Press up three and bring the legs over there. Fred for me, prescribed the abdominals and wrote down in one for about a time and they were deep into the spine. Let's remove the handles from the strap for me please. Navel deep into your spine and semi circles. Lift the hip, hip, pelvis off the Fort and select yourself for me.

Please make sure your shoulders are squared right and the hands. This is very important. Um, have to be a little bit higher. Why? Because that way you can connect with your serratus and the articulation is easier on the spine. Good. Open the front of the hips and melt the sternum down for me please. One vertebrae at a time, making sure that pelvis stays square and this is where I can see the imbalances and lift the hips up for me please. Without curling that tailbone, you've got a length in that lower back and bring it down with control. Again, the articulation is happening in the thoracic Naval deep into the swine.

Keep that lower back nice and long cause you don't want to dump into that lower back special when you have a two Springs on you. Yeah. You want to make sure that that lower back is constantly protected. Yes. So lengthen that lower back. You can still try to bring that butt all the way down to the floor. But the connection of your obliques supporting that lower back is essential.

Reverse for me please. Snail, deep, deep, deep, deep, navel deep. Now drop that. Get Lincoln that lower back even more. See if we can drop it even more without crunching that lower back. Good. And again, reach good. I want to see that articulation of that thoracic without moving the carriage.

Bring that butt all the way down to the four. And we're going to do that one more time for me. Please lengthen those legs. Reach, reach longer, lower, lower, lower there and come back in. Naval tip into the spine. Reach the quiets here. Knees grab onto your ankles for me. Please. Open the chest, open the chest, but keep your connection of your lower back and tact. Good.

Pull yourself back in. And we're ready for chest expansions to Springs. Right? So the reason why these pets are so important. Yes. You want to make sure that you protect yourself. Yeah. Um, with the spring special, when you go into a backbend, you, you don't want to hit your head on, on the carriage or the frame of the apparatus. Crown of the head nice and long from me please. I want the front of the hips open. I want that lower back to elongate.

I want your lateral rotators to connect and the crown of the head nice and long in. He'll go back from me please and look to your right. Look to the left center and bring it in with control again. Keep me that shorter rotation. CV can keep the openness of your scapulas as take your arms back. Yeah, it's more of your lateral rotators then between your scapulas good.

Now hold onto the air and look again for me please. Good. And to the other side and center. Good. Now hold onto that. Even though your arms are in this position, hold on to that connection connection at another spring for me. Please hold on to that connection. For the thigh stretch. It's very important because when you connect your shoulders, yes, your lateral rotators here, you're going to start activating that whole backside of the body.

So here we go in. He'll take the body back and do not disconnect with your rotators and lift up up one could. Can I have more lower back elongation and lengthen. Go, go, go, go and up one. So the extension happens as you rotate their shoulders back. So Lincoln opened the chest for me. Please. Open, open, open, open, good. Find that powerhouse, LinkedIn that lower back and come back to center and release. Good. Off we go.

Take two outside Springs and we are ready for arm circles. These ladies are powerful. They're so powerful. We're going to do the bicep curls, the men's bicep curls in this series. Make sure that your headdress is suffering. Perfect. Okay, longer.

Here we go. Long torso now from the pectoral muscles, reach the arms up to the ceiling. Let the scapulas move with the arms and open one. Good. Keep the front of the hips open and reach. Reach, reach, reach to good. Allow the scapulars to rotate up and open. Now reverse out to the sides. Lift, lift, lift. Good.

Find the pectoral muscles as well and really connect. Yes. All the way to the center of the body. One more time. And this time you're going to keep the arms there and shaving for me please. Five repetitions. One inhale. Allow the inhale to elongate the body even more. Good.

And give me a more rotation inward with the elbows so you can connect with your pectoral muscles as well. Try not to dump forward. Lift up. Yeah, there we go. And open the arms at the sides. Good bicep curls from a place. Reach the arms forward. Now you're going to turn the palms inward, bend the elbows even more and triceps and bring it down with control. Good. And again, reach the arms forward. Turn the palms inward, get this triceps to reach. Yes. Powerful. One more time. And here we go.

And bend and stretch and bring it down with control and release. Excellent. Good. Corkscrews please. Oh, I'm sorry. No snake and twists. You value you guys who are going to get away from it. How dare you? We're going to do one snake and one twist. Okay, excellent. Hand, foot, hand, foot. Now fold yourself in half. Good. Just like an elephant.

This has to be lifting up and over. And then from here, lengthen the body and I want to see the shoulders rotate back so you can open up the chest, drop the head down and fold yourself from the base of the rib cage and drop that table and down more and more and more. Now from here, script the abdominals and gimme a rotation from the shoulders. Good, more thoracic, more thoracic. Now fold yourself up from that powerhouse navel deep into the spine and lift, lift, lift and release. Good. And make sure the characters in when you come off control to the other side for me please. Traffic control. Here we go. Hand, foot, hand, foot, scoop the abdominals. Navel deep into the spine. Good. Lift the rib cage and here we go.

Give the rib cage connected. Now just rotate from the shoulders without dumping into the lower back. Navel deep into the spine and up we go for me please. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Now give me that rotation. Push away and for more of rotation from a thoracic, drop the hips down even more. Look over the shoulder. Look up the shoulder and fold yourself up. Navel deep, deep, deep.

Now don't move the character as you remove the foot and release. Excellent. Good. And now we're ready for corkscrew, but set up your handles for the second box for me please. Second long ball. So they're there for you when you come back to the next exercise. Good on your back. Place. Navel deep into the spine. Good. Lengthen. Those legs were moving. Removing [inaudible]. Lengthen. Here we go.

And inhale. Exhale. Come up. Scrape the abdominals. Take the legs to the corner of your apparatus and lift up. Up, up. Now can you bring those legs to this corner of your apparatus right there? Yeah. Just a bull lady said you want to ring out your internal organs as you lengthen and come up good. Bring him to the corner of your apparatus. Good and right away. Go into a shoulder, stand up, take them to the corner. Could find that connection and careful right here.

Again, you want to make sure that you lengthen the body. Let's do that one more set. Lengthen the body right here as you reached his legs long Chen and lengthen. Lengthen last time. Navel deep into the spine and come around. Finish at the top. Now use your arms.

Pull with your arms in articulate for the spine, one for the by the time. Fear that articulation and take talk please. Here we go. Open and to the right. One, two, and come up. As you twist to the left, you look to the right. Good. And your goal is for those legs to come parallel to the floor.

And where are you moving from? Your again, you're twisting from the thoracic, not your lower back or your hips. So that means that your heels have to stay connected at all times. Could one more time navel deep into the spine and really connect and the base of the rib and release. I'll be ready for balance. Control. Let's do it. Yes. Take a measurement of your worth over your arms. Now screw the abdominals and lift the legs up to the ceiling.

Take that right leg to the outside of the frame and bring it up. Take the other leg to the outside of the frame and bring it up. Yeah, scoop the abdominals and bring it up. And now place one hand on the shoulder rest and find your balance. Open the chest long, torso long back then the standing leg and relevant one. Good. Bend the standing leg and Relevate to could one more time.

Place that arm down and lift up on relevant now fine your shoulder rest. Scoop the abdominals. Drop the head down. Scoop, scoop, scoop. Make sure your shoulder is on the platform and to the other side. Bring it over. Roll over onto the shoulder, not the neck. You go right into it by love and over right onto the neck.

Could find that connection navel deep into the spine. Bent and Relevate. What? Good. Find a place where you can spot and hold on to that visual. Don't let go. Whatever you look at the speaker. Yes, and hold onto that. See up there navel deep into the spine. Find that connection shoulder, not your neck onto a platform. Screw be abdominous.

Lift up, up, up, and bring it down with controls. Glide yourself up a little bit for me please. And Africa. Second long marks, please. You guys are in trouble and now bring the box. Make sure your head dresses up. Now this is a tricky one and we've done this before. Yeah, you're going to place you here. I know Brianna always. He's like, great. How do we do this? Every time you know place the right foot hot yes into the strap and on the frame. Yes. You're going to hold onto the box and then you place the other foot.

Yes. Now what's very important. Hold on a second. Let's, let's do this right away. Don't send yet Tom. Stand on the yes. Bring it through. Don't stand on the, on the on the frame, just place the foot here. It's could be abdominal and come back onto your stomach from a police navel deep into the spine. Good. Your knees should be chest off the platform. Good. Come forward a little bit more. Please. Navel deep into the spine.

Press those arms to your face and to your front of the box. And let's pull in hold two, three and Naval in with control again and pull. See if you can open the front of the hips. Yes. And touch the buttocks with your heels. One more time and deep into the spine. And lengthen the neck for me please. End pour, pour, pour.

Now keep those knees bent and grab onto your ankles for me please. Good. Now give yourself a stretch in the quiet. So pull the hearsay robotics three times one, two, three. And we did this last time. We were just do the preparation. Now we're going to try to control the movement. So breathe. Pull one, two, three. Now you're going to breathe in Hill on the X.

Are you going to rock forward and back? Exhale and inhale. Exhale, inhale, exhale and hold and bring it down with control from increased. Good. Reach those legs behind you. Drop the straps and now you're ready for swimming. Don't move the body from where it is. This is where the challenge happens. Reach the arms in front of you. Make sure your rib cage is connected and swim. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Lengthen the back of the neck. Inhale. Exhale. We're going to do that one more time. Center moved from the center now from the extremities and really skirt. We're going to go into it. We're really going to do it this time. We're going to go into grasshopper. Okay.

We're going to lengthen those legs for me, please. Yes. If the carriage moves a little bit, it's okay, so because you might need a little bit of space, but the top of the forehead, you aim it for your bar for me, please. Now remember it's not a lower back exercise. Find the glutes and from the gluten. Lengthen the legs up to the ceiling. As you body comes forward, bend the knees, touch the forehead.

Lex up to the ceiling and beat one, two, three and again, lengthen, control, lift up, arch, arch, and one, two, three. Control at this time, find that powerhouse. It's not any different than when you do it on the chair on the one that chair, one, two, three, four, and release. Good. Off we go. Police. Let's take a box away and now we're ready for a long, long spine, straight face. The great thing is your, your handles are almost set up.

Now in this particular exercise, I'm going to allow you to hold onto the carriage because a lot of times it's almost impossible to find that connection, but if you have a little bit of assistance for the long spine stretch, you're going to have a better connection with your center, which I think is very important. You know, um, this is, I think, one of the hardest exercises in the system that if you don't do it right, you bypass the yumminess of the articulation of the spine. So here we go. You're going to grab onto this, to the top of your carriage, good elbows facing forward. Yes, you can also connect with your serratus. Now from this position, you're going to lengthen those legs and reach him up to this healing lead with the buttocks. Now open the legs and lead with your heels. Lengthen and find that articulation really LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn, and close again and bring it up. Remember, we want flow. Try to really enjoy and lengthen. Lengthen to. Nice.

Very nice and up. Yeah. Gimme that oblique connection. Give me that inner thigh connection and stretch. Stretch, stretch and reversed. Open and over. Good. Paint the ceiling with your toes. Can you paint the ceiling which even longer? Yes. Keep painting the ceiling. Paint the ceiling. Yes, and again, you can pick a color, whatever color you want to pay the ceiling with, but really stretch those legs nice and long. Good. One more time.

Stretch those legs long. LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn. Good. Bring the legs over the head from me please. Just drop the head. The handles. Yeah, just rough and both of them and come up. Nice stretches. I figure, make sure your head rest is up and two Springs. Here we go. Round the body from me. Priests. We've discussed this earlier in the previous exercise. I'm not going to, I'm not going to go through it, but I hope you guys can find that connection and push away with a battle.

Eggs and quick one and quick. Two, three. It's an even out and now that you guys have more advanced, it's that even in an outfit. Eight counts and release arch, navel deep into the spine. One good, two, three, open the chest. Four, five, six, seven and eight. Keep it down for a second. Find that secret without over-talking in the hips. Now from this position, push the character all the way out and we get in one. Bring it into open the upper pack. Three, four, five, six the knee. It should be as high as the height of your ankle and off we go.

Police running in place. Excellent you guys, we're almost finished. This is almost the end of our workout. This is exciting. You guys truly completed a an advanced workout running any place for me please. Navel deep into the spine. Lengthen the body and quickly one. Good. And as I said before, you want to make sure that the back of the legs is connecting to the platform because the back of the neck is long. Get it. Your lower back is elongated.

Yes, connect with control and both heels up and bring it down. Second position for me. Please script the abdominals and lift the pelvis off and push away and bring it in and lengthen and move. Good. Let it flow. We're almost there. Isn't this exciting and keep moving. Good. Excellent. Remember it's the thoracic that is, yeah, rounded your lower back. Keep it nice. Any long gated, find the obliques. One more time for me please.

And release. Roll down and off we go. Let's go into site splits. You can use one spring or two Springs depending on your ability. Yes. You want to make sure that your pad is connected to your bar so it doesn't slip one spring or two Springs. Take pic ready to go. Stand up on the platform with elegance and control. Bring that left foot on the pad and going to slide the other foot out.

Open the arms out to the sides for me please. Yeah, there's either ballet or flat arms. I like those flat arms so you can connect front and back of the body and push the character away. One, two, three and bring it in one, two, three and lift the organs up as you push away. And keep lifting as you come back in. One more time and hold it there for me. Please drop the head down. Navel deep into the spine. Reach beyond the frame for me please. Be on the frame. Yes.

Pick the flowers from the middle and then roll up one vertebrae at a time. Now going to reach the arms forward and you're gonna spill the flowers. Yeah, they just picked up. Lift up and over and open the arms out to the sec. Find that pelvic floor in reach and round the upper body forward. Articulate. Reach beyond the frame for me please. Good length in the body. Good. Make sure your hips are over your ankles and roll up one vertebrae at a time and able deep into the spine and open lift, lift, lift.

Open the arms out to the side. Slide that right foot in for me please, without making any notes. Step on the platform. Turn towards me and now we go to the other side. Place the foot in front. This time could open the arms out to the side, navel deep into the spine. Good. And press out. One, two, three and out. Two, three and open one, two, three and into three. Careful, make sure that the pelvic floor lifts you up. Stay there and twist the body to the right. Scoop the abdominals and reach beyond the toe without moving the carriage or tilting back with the pelvis and roll up one provider at a time for me.

Please keep your pelvis in alignment with the heels and to the other side. Navel deep into the spine and reach, reach, reach and scope the abdominals and from that powerhouse roll out. Squeeze those inner thigh sketches in. Now twist the other side. Lift careful not to dump into your hips. Lift out of those hips as you roll up and ring up from that thoracic and keep the pelvis squares if possible, pull that right hip back for me please.

And rolling up one vertebrae at a time and able to deep into the spine. Bring that leg in for me please. And stand on the platform first. And with elegance in control, you come off your platform, front splits. Place two Springs still in a place, two pets or one pad. How many pets we have today. Good. Excellent. Here I have the other one for you. Yep.

And the other pattern on the opposite side if you have slippery feet. Yeah, you're good. Yep. Okay. Stand on the platform for me please. Naval even to this spine. Good. We rehearsed it. We did and rehearse. We did this exercise in the previous class, so you should have no problem doing. I really want to see flow. So right foot on the bar from me please. Navel deep into the spine and slide the other foot out without moving the carriage. Here's that secret again.

We've been talking about this all this time and navel deep and push away two, three and come back to center. One, two, three and again, keep moving. Good. One more time. And now on the next coming through, you're going to reach the arms forward and take the hands behind the neck and continue pressing out and bring it back in again and lengthen and to narrow the hips and reach. And as you come forward, you know, reach the arms forward in a place that back knee on the mat and scoopy abdominals. And continue that flow. Don't let it die and keep moving. Don't let the movement, I live lift, lift and I get in here. Careful. Let it come more from the powerhouse and not from your extremities. Lengthen one more time and echo.

Now you're going to continue the arms and reach the arms forward. Turn the palms inward, long fingers and reach. Think of five, stretch first and then back. Then second, come back to center. Stand on your platform for me please. Always make sure that the secure foot goes on the ball first foot secured and then the other one glides without moving the correct length. Lengthen the body. I should be able to put my hand between your thigh and your your trunk and he'll go back navel deep into the spine and keep those hips square and one again.

Inhale and exhale. Where's my upper abdominals, right, who get those up to upper abdominals and from here reach the arms forward and hands behind the neck and in. He'll go back. You should at least have a right angle of the front leg every time you come back in. And that heel should stay up at all times. And this time you reach the body forward with elegance and control and bring that neat young in help to go back first. Drop the head TM. Now lengthen the body. And I want to see that expansion of the chest open, open, open, open, and again from the powerhouse. You round the upper body forward and you come forward and you open, open, open, open, open. One more time. And Scooby abdominals.

Make sure you stay on both legs please and come up and continue that extension with the arms and reach back. Lengthen the body, reach arms next to the ears. Come back to center. And off we go please. And this is our last exercise. Russian splits. Here we go. Let's do it. Woo. Stand on the platform from me, priests, navel deep into the spine. These, I like them better here just because it gives you more security. Okay, let's bring the secure foot first, which means it's the foot on the bar. Let's bring that right foot on the VAR police navel deep into the spine.

You want to make sure that the heels is connected to the by navel deep into the spine and drop the head down. And again, I should have some space here and bring it in one and bring it in two and three just like earlier. Reach the arms forward and take the hands behind the neck and reach one LinkedIn and see if we can go a little bit further down too. And LinkedIn and see if you can go a little bit further at three and when the need for me, please place the hands on the shoulder rest straight leg and bring the carriage all the way in first. And this is where you slide the foot forward. Good. Keeping the pelvis square navel deep into the spine. Go down. Can you look over to your left shoulder, still lengthening the back of the neck and bring the carriage and one and continue and reach and don't let the movement die and bring it into length in the neck of the rib cage. And one more time for me, please. Reach, reach, reach and scope the abdominals nailed even to the spine.

Since you guys are advanced, you know, scoop the abdominals, you're going to pick the front leg back, place it on the bike and bring the other leg forward. Drop the head down, navel deep into the spine, push the carriage away and bend the knee in one. And let's keep flow and two, don't rush it. Just move gracefully. Good. And bend the knee and reach the arms forward. Hands behind the neck and lengthen that leg one. Give me a little bit of rotation and two and lengthen even more. Three, bend the knee and reach the arms forward around the upper body and bring the carriage and first.

Then you bring that foot slightly higher onto the headdress and with control navel deep into the spine. Pull that right hip back so the pelvis is square and bring it in and again and keep moving. Lengthen and two beautiful. One more time. Stretch, reach, reach, reach, keeping the hips narrow, navel deep into the spine. Good. And let's bring that front foot to the center and let's bring the other foot here off with a leg and roll up. Okay. Take a deep breath for me please.

Let's bring our bodies back to center. Yes. Heels together. Toes apart. Come back again with one more breath and center. And you are finished. You just completed an advanced reformer. Thank you very much.

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Slick class!
Even better the 2nd time! Xx
I always thought that in the first exercise of stomach massage the pelvis should be in a slight posterior tilt but you mentioned neutral.
Andrew Andrew Thank you! 
Jennifer thank Jen! 
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Connie Hi Connie! In classical yes, we learned the 1st exercise in a posterior tilt of the pelvis,  but I find it very challenging for my students to do the second exercise flat back when the pelvis has been locked in a posterior tilt. Also, I never want the lower back to collapse. Neutralizing the pelvis, you can lengthen the lower back, get deeper into the powerhouse, and create the “C” in the thoracic, which is better for the spine.  
SO good! Thank you.
Jennifer thank you!
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So deep and powerful! Loved doing it! Thanks.
Chelsi Thank you! I love those words to describe my workout. 
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