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Take your Mat practice to the next level with this fun workout by Saul Choza. He starts right away with a nice flow that will progress into sequences that will challenge your strength, balance, and control. He includes creative combinations to exercises like Rolling like a Ball into Jack Knife and much more!
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Nov 20, 2019
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Hello everyone and welcome to our mat class. If you haven't seen our mat play from a previous recording, you have to check it out because I give you a lot of cues how to work the map quick. Today we're going to do an advanced workout and today we have Shonda, Jennifer, and Paula who's going to assist me. They're amazing and instructors and great executor's. So are we ready? Have you crossed the arms in front of you? Um, right or left leg in front. And now we're going to descend down to the forefront. Mary, please go into the middle of the mat and on your back.

We're going to move right into it. Hopefully we'll find a flow to our work length and those legs. With the inhale, reach the arms forward and head up as the legs levitate, two inches off the fore and start with 100 inhale and exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Really lengthen the back of the neck for me. Please imagine you have a tennis ball between your chin and the sternum and make sure that the base of the shoulder blades, it's still connected to the ground, right? If you can bring the toes that eye level, you should because that will continue to strengthen that lower powerhouse. And not only that, but also stretch your show us cause we really want to lengthen is to us as much as possible as we do this workout. We don't want to grip into it. Find that length the hips, good. Open that lower back or you breathe deep, breathe deeply and bring it down with control for me.

Please reach the arms over the head. We're only gonna do three per grade petitions with one breath and he'll roll up one vertebrae at a time and press into the four as you flexibility. Inhale, you seal any hailing and exhale, roll back down, navel deep into the spine and reach and again and come up. Inhale and reach forward. Reach, reach, reach, reach, reach and roll back down one for about a time. You don't point the feet until you finish your movement and length in the body. One more time. Here we go and screw up the abdominals. Flexibility.

Try to keep those legs together if possible, and roll back down one vertebrae at a time. Control, control. Reach the arms in a long stretch for the last time and press the hands down to your sides. And now we're going to go into rollover pointed feet and bring the legs over the head. As you touch the forb, press the heels back. Open the legs a little bit wider and then articulate for this spine one vertebrae at a time. Reach those legs longer again over their head. Open and flex one and flex to keep those legs as wide as possible and controlling. Try not to rush it and bring the legs over the head from a peace.

Good. Open the legs and press and press and with control. Articulate two more times. We're going to do that. Five repetitions. Lengthen those legs open and open. The reason why I want wider legs is because I want you to stay away from the hip flexors and more into the powerhouse last time. Bring the legs over the head open and press and bring it down with control.

Now let's reverse that position. Close the legs and over. Open the legs. Bring it over the head. Good. See if you can give me a chest expansion. Every time you bring those legs over the head and find a rhythm for you guys. I mean not for, yes, you guys find a rhythm. Really stay connected with each other because part of feeding the soul, which I said this last time, you feel each other. Yeah, you feel each other's spirit and move along with each other and I'm just going to follow and give you some cues to better your work.

Lengthen those legs. Good. And I believe this is the last time because I'm an awful counter. One last time over and close her legs and articulate for the spine. One vertebrae at a time. Let's bring one leg. They like that closer to me on the four and the other leg up to the ceiling.

Good and cross over the bottom like an accident to the nose. One and crossover too. Let's bring those arms closer to your body because they're going gonna be stoppers. So the pelvis doesn't move as much, but I still want full mobility of that leg and ax into the nose. Finish to the nose there. So there's a period. It's not a comma. There's a stop, a stop and change the legs for me please.

To the other side. Circle. Cross over the bottom like an action to the nose. One finish right in front of the nose and stop again. Finish and stop. Good. Can you give me a bigger circle? It is in advance. It's okay to open that hip even more now reversed one. I want to see that period too. Excellent. Three, four, and last time and release. Good.

And then bring the legs down for me please. And in one action, come up into a typo. You ready for roll? Like a ball. Okay, let's bring that forehead between the knees. Inhale, roll back and exhale. Come up. You're going to do that five times. But I want it to see the hips lifting up towards the ceiling and on top of your shoulders. Keep your heels connected to your glutes. Could, can I see more rhythm? Inhale into the back and little steps up higher. I want to see that suspension into the shoulder scent last time and hold for a second from me post. I'm going to take you there. I'm really gonna take you there.

You're going to go into a row like a ball and a shoulder stand because I need to see that lift. So here we go. Roll back and into our shoulder center and hold hips up, hips up, up, up. Bend the knees into the chest and roll like a ball screw and again and go back. And I want to see those legs lifted. Good. And bring it down to good. Before you roll down, bring those knees into the chest. One more time.

Scribbly abdominals and go back and shoulders that now bend the knees into the chest before you all down and then roll down. Now give me three roll like a boss again. Exactly what that same dynamic. Let's go be abdominals up. Yes. And done again. Soup and hold that. Yes. Now you don't do enroll like about one more time. Scoop and hold that position. Extend those legs in front of you. You know, reach the arms, your legs up into a teaser position, teaser position, lift, lift, lift and roll the upper body down with control and single leg.

Stretch and pull in one, two and change one, two and Paul Paul and breaths. Inhale and exhale. Inhale. Exhale, opposite hand to opposite knee every time. Now reverse the breathing. Inhale and exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Finish it to the other leg because you started with the other leg and release.

Double leg. Stretch from me please. Inhale, reach everything forward. Hold this position here, hold it, hold it, and with the XL, draw everything right back into center. Very nice. Again, reach those legs long for me please and bring it in. The reason why I want this exercise is because I want you continue. I want you to find that connection of your arms into the body. What I mean by that, one more time for me, please.

I want you to connect with your Patro muscles. You surveyed us your back and bring it back in. So when you do double leg, stretch the addition away, you already have that connection. Reach, reach, reach an extra, bring it in. Good for one more time. Find that two way stretch and exhale to good in him. Now open the arms out here for a second and then exhale. Bring it in. Good. One more time. Don't speed it up. Open the arms out an XO, XO, and re single leg. Stretch for me please. And pour. One, two, an excellent again, let's add a breath. Good.

Really stretch that leg longer for me, please. You don't just drop that leg that's closer to the you still lengthen it out and make sure the legs really stretch. Stretch, stretch from the base of the rib cage. Now change the breathing. Good LinkedIn, don't rush it. I want you to feel that length. Good. Two more sets for me please. And last time and released double straight leg stretch for me please. Length those legs up to the ceiling. Now inhale, bring the legs down. LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn, and XO. Bring it up. One. Let's go three counts down, one, two, three and quickly up now for one, two, three, four and quick. Now fives low, two, three, four, five N quick. [inaudible] we're going to do two more. Here we go. Six counts, two, three, four, five, six and quick.

And last time really get that length, seven counts, LinkedIn, even more. LinkedIn, LinkedIn, and just from the powerhouse lifted up. And Chris cross please Chris, cross to the front and hold that position. But I want to see a line that is in parallel to the midline with arm and leg and to the other side for me please. And hold two three. Keep your box. Try not to fall out of your box and again and hold two, three and last time and hold two, three.

And we skirt. And in one movement, sit up nice and top. Boom and open the legs out. Good spine, stretch forward. And the way I like to see spine stretch forward, I really want you to almost recreate, um, horseback. Yes. So I want the hands right on the fourth. And as you press the heels of the palms forward, you pull the belly button back and you go a little bit forward as you exhale to and scoop the abdominals as the extra three.

And with the N Hill you roll up and lengthen the body. So here we go. Scrape the abdominals, end Kimmy, elephant or horseback. Any of those exercises is exactly the position that I want for your spine. And roll up one for the by the time three stops as you go down. So [inaudible] X, so two X.

So three can you press into the four with your heels at the pond? Feel that elephant, feel that horseback and rolling up in one photo at a time. One more time. Here we go. And press into the four one and present to the four two and present to the four three and rolling up one vertebrae at a time. And with your powerhouse, lift the legs up and you're ready for open leg rocker. And he'll go back, lift those hips up and see if you can tie to the four. And next up one. Seem like a rolling like a ball. I want you to really go up onto your back, not your neck, so see if you can just touch the four and scrub the abdominals and hold closer legs for me. Please grab onto your toes or keep your hands on your ankles.

Whatever feels most comfortable in. He'll go back navel deep into the spine and come up and what? Even some rhythm in Hill and Africa to one more time. Inhale and hold that position. Reach the arm forward very gracefully and bring the upper body town with control and you're ready for corkscrew. Take the hands down to your size.

Chest expansion. Bring the legs up into a shoulder stand. Now take the legs to the corner. Yeah, front corner of the room and then circle the legs. Group the abdominals and all the way around and up to the ceiling. Up one good. Take the legs to the other side. Could be abdominals and me. Some dynamic flow. Yes.

Breathe into your movement and again and swing around and up. Good. Again, I want to see that mid back lengthening as you reach and up. Could one more set, keep the chest expansion. Keep the neck nice and long and last time. Here we go. Lengthen the body and up, up, up, up, up, and hold that position and with articulation toes over the eyesight and bring it down with control and in one movement, sit up nice and tall and you're ready for saw.

Weave into the thoracic and he'll twist the body to the front of the room. Good and exhale. Reach forward wide and reach forward to and reach forward. Three scoop the abdominals and roll up. Keep inhaling and twist the body the other way. Now Kimmy, that elephant position without letting that opposite hip come with you, really round the upper body forward and rolling up.

This is once again, aspire the spine and go to the other side and look behind you. Good this Palm. Press it up to the ceiling and in heel rolling up and keep twisting as you inhale and go to the other side. Ring it out and press long risks. Don't break the risks and come back to center on the inhale and continue that twist on the inhale and look behind you. And exhale, reach and exhale, reach and exhale. Reach and inhale. Rolling up. One more time. Here we go. And find that seeker in the upper thoracic.

Keeping the pelvis square. Yes. Pull that opposite hip back and come back to center and really skirt. Turn around for me please on your stomach. Head faced this way. Ladies. Office to the front. Beautiful. Open the arms out to the sides. Lengthen those legs and palms face up to the ceiling.

In my previous video I gave you a couple of setups and now the ladies are just going to go right into it. Turn the palms up towards the ceiling. With the inhale, lift the chest up for me please. And six one dives in. Forward one. Breathe into it. Two, three. Inhale to come up up one last time and really sit back on your heels. Squeeze and stretch it out. Very nice ladies. Good.

Come back onto your stomach for me please. I know we're going to do single leg kick [inaudible] legs as much as possible. Today we're going to try something different. We're going to have a palms up in a in a fist and your forearms parallel to one another. Almost think of dragging yourself forward. Yes. And keep the rib cage connected. Now on the inhale, you're going to lengthen those legs and lift them off the four [inaudible].

Kick the front leg twice to an inhale. As you extend out the other leg and kick to and inhale. You're still lifting up the chest though and continue lifting up the chest. Good. Keep going. One more set. Kick, kick and inhale. Last time, kick, kick and release. Bring the head down and double leg kick. This time as we, I think I last time we also kept that neck nice and long.

This is Joseph lit SA because lengthening the back of the neck will also force you to lengthen the lower back. Not only that, but it'll prevent you from rocking back and forth. So three kicks. Wait a second, let's start. Lengthen those legs from a place nice and long. Inhale, lift them off the floor and you're going to cave. Three counts. One, two, three and and he'll keep the legs off the floor as you open the chest, lift the chest up higher, higher, higher and bring it down with control. And again, and cake. One, two, three. And keep those legs off or four from the glutes and hamstrings, not from the lower back. And bring it down. Cure three more sets and kick one, two, three and stretch those legs longer. After four, open the chest, rotate the shoulders and bring it down again. One, two, three. And give me that more length up, up, up, up, and really skirts it back into a child pose.

Please scoop the abdominal scar, curl the toes underneath you and grab onto your arches. Sit onto your heels and give me that secret. Good script. The abdominals enabled deep into the spine and come back on. We'll do neck post please.

So swing the legs to the front. Good on your back for me please. Now I really, I'm more about connection than the execution of the exercise. So what I'm looking for in this particular exercise is the peeling of your spine. So if you need to use your hands and press him up against your body, do so. Obviously we know what our goal is. So here we go. Take the hands behind the neck for me please. Navel deep into the spine. Reach those heels forward on the inhale. Come up for me please.

And if you need to use your arms in place him on your thighs for better articulation. Do so and inhale. He'll roll up one for about a time. Lengthen the body length and like that. And I keep the body long and just without leaning back though, just keep the body long and start articulating from that pelvis without sinking into that pelvis. Yes. See there is that hug. There is that beautiful connection and one I'm going to ask you all to use your thighs. So here we go. Paul. First, pour that neck forward until you can't lift anymore. Find that connection. Place the answer your thighs and peel yourself off.

Yes isn't that much nice. Your take the hands behind the the neck and give me a couple of pulses right here and now you can use your hands to elongate that spine to center. Now you can go back exactly the way you did earlier. Don't sink long torso. Don't lean back again. Get long torso and let the pelvis go back and do a squeezing of the but just extension. Give me some elongation. Yes, yes. There we go.

And one more time for me please. Hands behind the neck first you find that connection. You find that serratus connection? Yes. And then you press the hands to your thighs. Now you can take the hands behind the neck and give yourself a leg like extra stretch. Can I see the elephant here? Please?

Can you try to see if you can touch the crown of the head to the fore and lift the rib cage up to the ceiling. Now roll up one vertebrae at a time. Now don't break. Keep the spine long and just let your articulation of the pelvis happen. Yes. Scrubby abdominals more, more, more. And if you do it right, three is enough.

Take the hands down to your sides for me please. For Jack nut, here we go. Legs add 90 degrees. You can appear the spine six degrees off for four and then shoot ever up to the ceiling, up to the ceiling, up right away and bring it down with control. Articulated bone, pro bone and two 90 degrees. No lower than 90 degrees. We don't want you to cheat. Here we go.

And six inches in up and bring it down with control. So do you guys know what I'm talking about when I say six inches? Literally your, your pelvis should come up six inches in chest. When it's six inches out of the four, then you go right into a check knife. So here we go.

They stay at 90 Oh one when they come up these six inches, they come over a little bit. Here we go, six inches off the four and then shoot up, up, up, not over. See that's where the, that's where the challenging is. This is the advanced workout. So we got to get to the next level. Scope of the abdominals enabled deep into this mine and release. Now we're ready for scissors from me. Please bring the legs over the head.

Now you can bring them parallel to the fore. Take the hands on underneath the waist, parallel to the floor. And now give me a split bottom leg down forward. Yes, forward, bottom leg forward over here towards, towards the center. Bottom leg towards the center. Good. A little bit closer down. Closer, closer, closer. Thank you. And change the legs. Basically you're doing an upside down split.

So I want to see that split upside down and change it and again and quick and change it again quick and one more set. Finish it to the other leg and both legs up to the ceiling and articulate for the spine. One for two by the time, articulate downtown downtown. And now we're going to go into bicycles, but I want those bicycles. Five fast, five one way and you're going to reverse that bicycle five the other way. So here we go. Bring it over the head and up to the ceiling. Take your hands underneath his waist and Quip bicycles. One, two, three, four, five. Now let's reverse that one, two, three, four, five without moving that pelvis and bring it down with control.

Navel deep into your spine. You can bring one leg at a time forward and buttocks off a four from me. Please take the hands underneath the buttocks, the front leg, kick it forward, pick it up and flex it down. One point up to point up and three, let's change the other side and really sweep that like up and over. Sweep the leg up and over and sweep and bring it down with control from me. Please take the hands down to your sides and articulate the spine. One vertebrae at a time. Good. And in one action.

Sit nice and tall and straighten the legs in one action. Sit up nice and tall. Open the arms out to the sides. Good palms down. Let's retrack the scapulas a little bit and soft in the elbows. Yes. Now inhale and twist to the front of the room and come back to center. Correct. And to be able to say, breathe into the exercise.

Get that expansion of your thoracic so you have more room to twists. Good and again, and one to three and center again. And one, two, three center. Are you looking behind you? You should be able to look behind you because of the spiral continues with the neck. We're going to have to do that one more time because I really want to see that whole spiral of the spine from the lower thoracic all the way to the base of the skull and really skirt. Let's roll onto your side for me please. And now we're ready for legs.

Okay, now we're the first one we're going to do chosen [inaudible]. You're going to take that top leg back about a foot and kicked to the front one, two and again to get to the back and two cakes to the front. One too. Good. One more time. One, two and bring the legs together. Now bring that leg forward about a foot forward and take it back and one, two, good. And back. One, two, one more time. One, two, and really skirt. Bring the legs together. Lengthen those legs as much as you can.

You lengthen them so much they started levitating, so lengthen and levitate, levitate, levitate, and bring it down with control. One of the things that Paula mentioned, continue for me please. Up, up, up, up. We're going to do four more repetitions and bring it down. Hold it up for three counts. That if you connect with your serratus in this position, all of a sudden you feel your obliques working so really fine. Nuts.

Raiders in this position. Yes to really connect with the body and down. One more time and lift and bottom leg tabs, the top one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and bring both legs down. Bend the top leg and going to place the foot flat foot in front of your thigh. Okay, bottom leg. Flex the foot for now cause I really want you to connect this whole line, that inner thigh connection. Lift the leg up and bring it down. One lift up and bring it down to lengthen that Lake even more.

Three could really stretch longer. Four and five. There's a glass of wine here. Don't spill it. Five circles to the front. One, two, three. You don't spill my wine. Four and five. Now reverse one, two, three, four, five and release. Good. Hot potato. We're going to start with five beats. The front, the high for the should not be higher than 45 degrees because that just how your hips work. So here we go. One, two, three, four, five and up. One, two, three, four. Hold one, two, three, four colds and find that inner thigh so you can really stop that beat. Yes. Remember it's hot potato, so you have to be quick, yes, shot and single to keep going. Three, four, come on. More energy last time.

Finish to the back and read this together. Scissors for me. Free front-end pack and one, two, three, four. If you can keep both hands behind the neck, that'd be wonderful. It's a great stability challenge. Could really stretch those legs long and bring those legs together and release big leg circle. Lead with your heel and take it around slowly town. I want you to feel that connection of that rotation and again, point the foot and bring it all the way aroundL , LinkedIn, LinkedIn to get that juice out of that rotation and legs together.

Now reverse back. Find the glute and rotate from the glute. Find the oblique connection. Really bring that leg from the oblique. As you bring it through last time, you're still elongating, elongating, logging in, logging and bicycle. Bringing that leg forward from me. Please bend the knee and keep the heel glue to the buttocks. And then from there extent good.

Make sure the top elbow is still pointing up to the ceiling. Yes, no waving with that top elbow, but you still want to find that cereus connection. Excellent. Good. And back and bent. Bring it forward. Really stretch that leg forward. See if you can touch your heel to the glutes and bring that knee closer into the chest. And then from there, extend one more time. Here we go. Another day. Another time from this position you would go into splits, but that'll be next time Lex together.

Swing the legs to the other side for me please. And we go to the other side. One of the things that I, I missed queuing you guys is that you want to imagine there's space between the ground and your trunk. Um, there's the legendary [inaudible] used to say, make some room for the mass so you get a lift. This right? So you're not sinking into the shortest both hands behind the neck. Yep. Place the therms along the neck and both hands behind the neck and really lengthen that neck for me please. So here we go. Chosen politely style. Take the leg back about a foot back and then kick forward one, two and take it back. Good again. One too.

Can I see more dynamic and one to end legs together from me please. Now take that leg forward and to the back. One, two, good without moving the rest of the body. Good. One more time. And re this length loss like so much legs lifted and hold two, three and bring it down one. Can I see more elongation? And you hold it up there for three counts. And when you bring him down, you eat along with those lakes and again, burritos, lakes longer reach, reach and bring him down. You know, hold it up there for three counts. Point the feet long arches and bring it down to more.

Lengthen and stretch. Reach, reach and TN. One more time. Really get those legs to a long game. Now, bottom leg beats like beats, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight legs together and gently they come down when the top leg and place the top foot in front of your bottom thought flex to the bottom foot. Now I want to see not only you connecting with your inner thigh, but also reach that back line. As I said before, you can even imagine a juice, a yummy chews on the on the heel. Don't drop it, lift it up and hold two, three and bring it down one again and lift up, up, up, up, and to really feel that resistance in up three, two more for me, please really get that depressing up and find that inner thigh. Now you feel it right now from here, circle the Lake. Five counts. One, two with that same intensity, three, four, five and reverse. One, two, three, four, five and bring it down. Good. Hot potato, five counts in the front and five counts in the back.

And then slowly you descend. Here we go. And cake. One, two, three, four, five, up. One, two, three, four, five. Now four, one, two, three, four. One, two, three, four, two, three, one, two, three. It's a hot potato, so make it quick. It's burning your feet if you hang out on the bottom too long and excellent. Good maintenance legs for me please. And scissors. Here we go. And quick.

One, two, three, faster. Three faster, four faster, five faster, six and for release. Excellent. Good. Let's extend those legs long for me please. And from this position, big leg circle, but I want you to get that juice out of that hip rotation as you bring it around. Good. Bring it forward, find the obliques and get that juice out of the glute. One last time. Good. And that top elbows pointing up to the ceiling. Reverse. And what happened to the hole for the mouse? Yes, it's collapsing. Try not to collapse the upper part of the button.

It's very important that your whole system is activated at all times. Bicycle for me, please bring your leg forward and touch the heel. The Biotics now open the front of the hip and take it forward again. Touch the heel to the buttocks and reach back, back, back, and to one more time. Navel deep into your spine and reach longer and the legs come together, reverse back, bend the knee, scrape the abdominals, end stretch.

Good again, lengthen. And one more time. Really open the front of the hips, the long leg. Bring it forward and those legs come together. Then Paula swing the body to the front and everybody sit up and you are ready for teaser. Now as you know, I like teaser to begin from a sitting position. Okay? Why? Because it's easier to find that lower abdominal connection so I haven't set then from the powerhouse unit, elevate those legs off the floor and find that position of your hands parallel to the four first you're going to bring the sacrum down to the ground and then with your powerhouse, bring it up one.

Now you're going to bring that mid-thoracic down to the FOI script, the abdominals, and bring it up to now this time you're going to come all the way down to the four and go head all the way down to the ball. Reach the arm so therefore don't drop the legs. We're still doing teaser three and SPI, Scooby abdominals and come up now reach his arms out to the ceiling. Lift lifted turnips, arms and legs, up and down, one lakes up and down. To find that lower AB three and everything lengthens the end. Stretch.

As long as everything comes right back up and reach the arms over the head and again, length and everything at the same time, everything goes down. We're doing Tisa three right into it and come up one last time. Reach everything. Opposite direction, reach. Everything goes down. Good. This time you're going to come up and now we're going into hip circles. Good. Bend the elbows. Take the arms behind you, please.

Can you open the chest even more? Could lift those legs up higher and take the legs to the front of the room and circle the rum around and center. Now to the other side. Scope the abdominals and up. We're almost there. You guys come on and scoop and bring it up. Good and around last set left and make sure it comes more from your powerhouse instead of the hip flexors. And stay. Bend the knees for me please. Good.

Can can. Yeah, you can take the legs to the center of the room. It's the asset center and extend the legs out and a little bit more dynamic. And go click, click, click extent again and click, click. Extend. Good. But careful that you use your powerhouse. If you're slowly creeping forward, that means your powerhouse is totally disengaging. One last time. Yes. And bring those legs to the center and release. Good.

Suing onto your stomach for me please. Palestinian the body around and now we're ready for swimming. Really stretch those legs long as possible for me. Please reach the arms forward and levitate the arms and legs. Offer for the height of the arm should be the high for the leg. So here we go.

And swimming. Go. One, two, three for just lakes longer. Palo five six seven, eight, nine, 10 and release. Good. Sit back onto your heels please. This is like the 100 for your back muscles. Yeah. Excellent. Very nice. We're almost there. Turn around for me please. Oh, I'm sorry. My bed. Push up position.

Push up position. Good. Lengthen the body. Nice and loud. Give me some retraction of the scapula first and protraction. Good retraction and protraction. No. One more time. Retraction and protraction. Lengthen the back of the neck for me please. Navel deep into the spine. Good. Close the rib cage.

And now we're going to do leg pull up, but first I want you to point the feats and flex one again and two, one last time and three. Now as you pointed, picked the right leg off the four points and bring it down and change and bring it down and points and bring it down again. One more set. This is like long straight series, so you really lengthen the spine and release. Take that right leg, right leg underneath you and open or around. [inaudible]. Lift the hips up from me. Please kick that right leg up to the ceiling up and bring it down and lift the hips up the other leg up and lift the hips up. Now circle the leg up and around. Good and reverse to the other side. Reverse out to end around.

Good and up and really snap with your left leg. Stay up there. Bring that left leg underneath you and everybody faced the front. Good. What's very important in this, in this exercise that I see, two parallel lines, elbow to shoulder to show those, to bring that hand more underneath you for me please. Good. And the bat, the hand into the back of the head. Keep that some nice and long. Pelvis nice and long. And let's lift that leg up. One lift up to lift up. Three, four, five and hold. Now circle five circles. One, two, three, four, five and reversed. One, two, three, four, five with your powerhouse. Come up onto your knees.

Open the arms out and fall over to the other side. And place that left hand behind the neck. Good. Find the bottom glute from me please. Good. And giving those two parallel lines and pick the leg up one, pick it, two, three, four, five and hold that leg up. And five circles. One, two, three, four, five, reversed. One, two, three. Without moving the rest of the trunk for me please. Now up onto your knees.

Again, open the arms out, reach the arms forward and we're ready for chest expansion. In your reaches fingertips down and back. Now look to the right, look to the left center and exhale, reach forward. Inhale, open the chest and the rotators. Work them and now look the other way. Center and one more time for me. Please inhale and look to the right and look to the left and center and reach the arms forward into thigh. Stretch in here. I talked your NFS, as you go back and exhale to come up again.

Make sure your bottom or your buttocks is engaged, your abdominals are connected. And this time go back to not drop the neck. Rotate from the shoulders to end, give me a back bend. Okay. And come back to center and release. Good follow over to the right side for me priests. And we're ready for snake and twists.

I want the top leg to be slightly in front because you're going to go into a [inaudible] stance once you fold yourself in half upside down V. but what's very important is that you continue that elephant, you know the, the stomach massage position. So here we go. Scobey the abdominals enabled deep into the spine and drop the head. Yum. The head will lead you into a upside down V. now go into the snake, lift the chest up. Look up to the ceiling now. Fold yourself and have dropped the head down and bend the knees and come back down again. Round the upper body forward and fold yourself in half.

Keep the rib connection and come forward and open the chest. Open, open, open, and fold yourself. And have lived the rib cage. And bend the knees. Now we're going to go into this snake. Place that top arm next to your thigh. Now reach the arm over the head as you lengthen the body. Good. And now you're gonna give me an elephant around your upper body forward. Go up on your toes into a Pilati stance and go back into that sideline position.

Lengthen that arm nice and long. Close the rib cage and bend the knees and come back down. And once again, inhale length and reach the body longer. Now from the base of the rib cage, fold yourself in half and drop the head down from me. Please go ahead and come up into that sideline again without dropping that bottom side and squeeze the buttocks together and bring it down with control and in one movement, swing the legs to the other side and we're ready for the other side into the Snick. Here we go. Inhale, fold yourself up into a beautiful arch and exhale, come up and open the chest. Rotate the shoulders, good and and he'll come up and exhale. Bend the knees and down again.

Fold yourself and try to make it a little bit more organic for me. Please don't throw the movement. Reach long heels together, up on your toes and fold yourself and have and bring it down with control. Good. Now we go into the twists length in it and he'll give me, give me that side line, beautiful sideline, close the rib cage and the Biotics and then round the upper body forward. Drop the head down, find that Serita's and come back to that sideline. Lengthen the bar even longer. Bottom side, lift up, up, up, and bring it down with control. One more time. Here we go.

Scrub the abdominals and round the upper body forward. Prop the head down for me. Please find that pectoral muscle to connect to your body and open that arm. Sideline. Lengthen. Lengthen and come back to center. Script the abdominals and everybody turned to the center and we are ready for boomerang. Cross the right leg over the left. Good.

Just like in teaser. I want you to start from an upright position first. Here we go, and in this position, Scooby abdominals, and bring the legs over the head. Quickly change and come back like a boomerang. Bend the elbows behind you. Extend the arms up and over. Find that connection and again, script the abdominals and go over it and change it quick and bring it now. Bend the elbows into the body.

Find that stop or find that abdominal connection and reach over. Good and against the abdominals and change. Find that two way stretch. Pull the rib cage even deeper into your back. Then the Elvis and take those arms back up and over. Good. We're going to do this two more times that I really want to see you really skipped. So here we go. Up in over change and change and come up.

Now stay here for a second. You're going to take the arms behind you to not drop the legs. You're going to reach the arms over the head. Don't drop the legs, reach the arms over, over, over, and then come back down. Yes. Very nice. One more time. Here we go. Navel deep into the spine and we get over the head. Quickly change and scoop the abdominals. Find that teaser position.

Pin the ELOs behind you. Now don't drop the legs long arches, lift, arms up and over. Don't drop the leg. Scoop the abdominals. Lift the base of the rib cage and then bring it down and release. Excellent seal. Please clap. I really want to see that clap with your feet. Are you going to cloud three times one, two, three and just like in roll like a ball. I need to see that those hips lifting up. So here we go. Clap one, two, three and go back and lift the hips. One, two, three.

But don't let go of your powerhouse. Good. Up in over. Cut three more times and give me a little bit more dynamic, actually alive four more times that this will be three. Here we go. Got be Donaldson up and quick. One, two, three. I can hear the clap. I literally, I want the bottom of the feet to clap like a C. there we go. One more time. Excellent and hauled. Good.

Cross the legs over for me please. And now you're ready for crap. But careful with it. Yeah. You don't want to dump into your lower back. There's barely any weight on the top of the crown of the head and you have to be very careful with this exercise. You have to have a level of iffy proficiency to be able to execute this exercise because what's going to happen is just like we've talked in many of my classes, that powerhouse has to take you through. So lift the power's house up and over as you bring the crown of the head forward. Now check this up. You don't go up on your neck. You lift that up. Yes.

Now that there's like connection that you definitely have that connection, but really lift up. No, just go be abdominal. Then go back. And once you're on your shoulders quickly change and come up. Can I see that? Lift up, up, up, up. Don't sink. Lift up. Crown the head on the floor. Yes. And go back again and able to keep into the spine. Boom and up your lift. Up and over. Could lift it up.

Lift it up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. And here we go. Three more times quickly change. Yes. In, up, up, up, up, up. Let me see that lift. You really have to use your inner thighs to be able to go through again. Paul, here we go. And scoop and change. Change. Now lift. Basically the rib cage up. Up, up, up, up, up. Yes again. Here we go.

[inaudible] and lift up in, over, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Careful not to travel forward and scrape the Obama's go back. This time as you come forward, you just sit up and nice and long. Excellent. Beautiful. How has that feel? Good on the neck, right? Excellent. So now let's go into, I'm rocking from me please.

So straighten out the legs and just swing them around. Paula. Yeah, grab onto your ankles. Just a quick warmup for your quads. We've been doing a lot of, um, hip flexor exercises, so just pull your heels to the buttocks. Three times. One, two, three, end with your powerhouse. Press a feedback and lift. Lift. Lift up. A higher, higher, higher, higher. In this position you're going to inhale, take a deeper breath and rock forward. Six times. One, two, three, four, five, six. End. We did it. Awesome. Very good. Sit back on your heels. Squeeze and stretch it out. Huh? Summit ticket. Someone took a nice long breath. Good. Nice. Excellent. Good.

Back onto your stomach for me please. For balance control. [inaudible], LinkedIn, those legs. Here we go. Arms down to your side. Stretch those legs so they start levitating, and then bring him over the head from me. Please. Bring that front leg to the first. The front leg. The other leg. The other leg. Yeah. Grab onto your ankle for me please. And this foot, you'd wanna flex it, flex it, and pressing Tim. Really grab onto your ankle.

Yes. And press it. Press and change the legs for me please and reach this leg up higher, higher without going onto your neck necessarily yet more on the upper thoracic and change again. Good. It should feel delicious right after that. All that work that we just did, this exercise should feel very yummy again and change. We're going to do this one time for good measure. It just feels so good and I love it. Last time. Here we go.

Change script, the abdominals and in one switch that stand up and we'll face the other way from me please. Good turn around. Heels together. Arms up to this healing pushups. Here we go. Round the upper body forward. That same articulation that I've been asking for and step one, two, three and three pushups with the elbow close to the body and up one dynamic up to dynamic up three drop the head Tian and look at your belly. Look at your belly and roll up one for the right of time. Lift the arms up to the ceiling and open the arms head again.

Arms up to the ceiling around the upper body. Forward articulation of the spine and walk forward. One, two, three. Lengthen that right leg after four and three pushups. Quick one and quick two and quake three. Lift that leg up and walk back. Lift that leg up higher.

Hold this position for a second. Don't go anywhere. Stabilize the standing leg and go into a tabletop. I want to see tabletop before anything else. Reach that leg longer, soft in that knee a little bit more. We talked the leg longer. Now lift the upper body up. Don't drop the leg if the arms up higher up, up, up, close the legs. Lift the chest up and round the upper body forward again. Here we go. Arms up to the ceiling and round the upper body folk. Walk forward.

One, two, three, the other leg and push up. One, two, three, Scooby abdominals. Don't drop the leg. Keep that leg nice and long. Nailed even to the spine. Good. And now soft in that standing leg and find your tabletop. Can you reach that back? Lick longer, point the foot longer with that leg. Yes. Keep length in mat leg and not come up. Arms up to the ceiling, up, up, up, up, up. Don't drop the leg yet. Leg is up. Bring the legs together.

Open the arms out to the ceiling and reach the arms up to the ceiling again around the upper body. Forward. And now we're ready for elephant. Drop the head down. Walk forward. Three steps with the hands. Just right there like an elephant position. Now can I see that lift on sink into your shoulders for me please. From the base of the rib cage. Now what Paul did the your feet. One, two, three.

And walk with the hands again. One, two, three. Good. And walk forward. One, two, three. Go. One more time. Walk forward with your hands and walk forward with your feet. Good. I want to see that elephant position. Connect your serratus into the body. Now articulating for the spine. One per divided time, navel deep into the spine. Lift the arms up to the ceiling. One last time. Good.

Now let's face the front. Open that right leg out to the side, and we're going for this disk. Here we go. Arms up to the ceiling. High on your toes. Lengthen the body. Now from this position, twist the body to the right. Keep twisting, keep twisting, getting longer, longer, longer, longer. And now you know around the upper body, forward, roll onto your back foot. Grab onto toe and ankle. That front leg is bent. Now you're going to reach those arms out of the body. Nice and long reach retreat. I'm going to go up on your toes. Lengthen the body nice and long, good. And to the other side. Twist, twist, twist, twist, twist.

And let's say thank you to the son who gave us such an amazing experience and hold her up all the way around. We're experiencing amazing sun sunset right now and open the arms out to the side and bring it down. Breathing exercises. So here we go. Bring the legs together and I'm going to come up and say yes. Can see. Yeah, he used together, toes apart. This is the traditional breathing exercises of Joseph ladies, which I think are very important in heal and give me a FIS.

Now look to the right now. Look to the left look, center with your arms up and release the air again. Look to the left, make a tight bicep curl and reach the arms up to the ceiling and let the air out. Again, give me a nice bicep curl. Really squeeze and look to the right. Look to the left center. Inhale, reach the arms up to the ceiling and bring it down. Now you're going to open the legs out to the side. Inhale, reach.

Use the whole room, NX. Sh inhale, and exhale again. Exhale. Inhale, exhale. One more time and press Oh the air out of your system in here and bring it down. Let's bring the legs together. Now we're going to do two quick exhales. Inhale and open the chest. Exhale, inhale and bring it down. Good again in here and open the chest. It's like chest expansion. And one more time. Here we go.

Inhale and release. This is the challenging one and you're going to reach the arms up to the singular, bend the knees and exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale and bring it down. So here we go. [inaudible] again, one more time. Correct. Now we're going to go down the elevator. Take the arms out to the sides, hands behind the neck, and I'm going to sub at every floor for five floors. One, two, three, four, five, and up. One, two, three, four, five. Again, one, two, three, four, five, up. One, two, three, four, five. One more time. One, two, three, four, five, up to three, four, and five. Good.

Open the legs out for me. Please. Drop the head down and a couple of just breathing exercise. Inhale one again. Now we're going to add two Johns. Jump up again. Jump up one more time. Jump up and meltdown. God. Take a deep breath. Come back to center. Good.

Fill up the lines and aim to the lungs. Skip. Expand the chest, expand the back one more time. Come back to center and be in your body and you are finished. Thank you. Thank you ladies. Thank you. [inaudible].

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Amazing!!! I Love the last exercises!!! 🤩
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Challenging but so much fun! So glad you are back at PA with more classes. Your cues and directions are so helpful with form and what I should be feeling.  Thank you!
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Great class! Thank you
Laurie C
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Love this class! Hope to see more mat advance classes. Thames you, Saul,👏🏻💪🏻
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Great class, thanks so much! Love those Amazon warriors in your class, their strength and grace is so inspiring.
Paraluman G
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Love love love. I get a workout just watching this ! Thank you ! 
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Michelle thank you love. I do enjoy that exercise myself. I like to do it for a longer period of time to flow into a rhythm. 
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Cindy thank you! I always tell my students, if you are not being  physically challenged the body will not change. 
Andrew thank you! 
Laurie my pleasure! 
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